How to Immortalize Your Trip Based on Your Passion

It is true that a trip can be a good medicine for fatigue, stress, or boredom. Visiting new places to escape momentarily from your real life is a good thing to do. Distracting yourself to regain more positive energy is better than trying to survive with distressed mind and body. Taking a trip for few days is a good medicine so you can recharge your energy. Thus, you will be more motivated when you return. A trip is not something to forget about. It is something you need to remember because it holds many memories. That’s why you need to find the best thing to immortalize your memories during your trip and you can do it your way.

Use your passion to immortalize your trip

When you decide to take a trip, it means you are ready to make some memories. Those will be saved for later so you have something to remind you when you forget. Travelling to many interesting places needs to be immortalized. However, you can do it based on your own passion and interest.

If your passion is photography, you can immortalize your vacation with your camera. It doesn’t matter whether you use camera phone or professional camera. The point is, you immortalize the places, people, or things you find interesting during your trip through camera lens. Every experiences will be morphed into beautiful pictures or videos you can save. It is even better if you make it aesthetically pleasing so your pictures or videos will be album-worthy. You can set the mood yourself while taking the pictures so you can truly deliver the message. For example, you can play with the lighting, angle, saturation and all to create certain mood so the pictures can speak themselves.

How to Immortalize Your Trip Based on Your Passion

If your passion lies on writing, you can immortalize your travel experience using journal. You can use physical journal like pocket book or use digital journal on your phone or PC. When visiting interesting places or meet interesting people, you can write them right away on your journal so you won’t forget the memories even years later. You can also set the mood differently. You should use your writing style to make it truly you. You can spend some time to write during your trip such as before going to bed or when you enjoy the scenery.

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You can immortalize your travel experience to raw sketches if your passion is drawing, painting or sketching. You see, there is something beautiful about sketching, drawing, or painting spontaneously on the spots once you feel the mood. It can happen during your trip because you will encounter many interesting thing that can motivate you to draw. Therefore, don’t forget to bring your sketchbooks when you are going to travel so you can immortalize every beautiful memories throughout your trip. There are many things you can immortalize into drawing, be it people, scenery, or even your feel at the moment. Choose your own passion to immortalize your travel experience to make it more personal and unique.

Is Komodo Diving Liveaboard Trip Right For You?

The Komodo National Park, famous for its Jurassic-esque Komodo Dragons, barren undulating islands, and being one of the New 7 Wonder of Nature, has successfully draw million travelers from all around the world to embark on wild exploration. However, Komodo has other secrets that appeal to the most adventurous travelers; the rich, teeming marine life underneath its brilliant water. Komodo diving liveaboard emerge as one of the most popular belle among luxury yachts and tour-sailing boats in this frontier. With more than 30 dive sites to explore, the Komodo National Park is diver’s playground. If you are a diver, what’s the better way on exploring this  diving mecca of Indonesia than by spending a few days sailing in diving liveaboard?

Signs That Komodo Diving Liveaboard Suits Your Holiday Style

Before embarking the sailing trip, have you ever wondered whether the Komodo diving liveaboard is the right thing for you? Will it really give you the experience that you would appreciate?  

Is Komodo Diving Liveaboard Trip Right For You?

You Are Highly Experienced in Diving

We re sorry to break the news but diving in Komodo, albeit of its sous-marine beauty, is really high level. The aquatic richness is the result of the meeting of two currents, impacting on strong and unpredictable currents that could drag you hundred of miles away from your dive point. Resisting the currents also drain a lot of energy, which could be dangerous for any diver. Most of Komodo diving liveaboard will ask your certification before the embarkation—minimal Open Water certificate. Some of them apply minimum number or dive requirement to join onboard. If you have more than 30 dives under your belt, this shouldn’t be a problem.

You Have No Problem for Taking Shower Once A Day

Being in the middle of the sea, your life might not get as comfort as you would be back on the land. A few of the best Komodo liveaboard in the area do feature hotel-standard facility, but sometimes you need to sacrifice a few comfort. Like the opportunity to take a bath twice a day.

First, if your cabin is not an en-suite, you would have people lined up waiting for their turn to take a bath. You need to wait until your turn comes, and when it does, you can’t take long satisfying shower as other passengers are waiting behind. Given the availability of the fresh water and tight schedule, you might only able to take just once shower per day.

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You Don’t Mind Eating Indonesian Delicacy

During the whole sailing trip, the crews would take full responsibility for your entire meals. That means you would be having breakfast, lunch,  and dinner all in the Komodo diving liveaboard. Sometimes they would cook western food, but Indonesian delicacy would appear or most meal time. We hope you don’t really have issues with Indonesian food—or you’re going to have a bad time.

Common Problems When Travelling in Big Group

Travelling solo can be lonely sometime because you don’t have someone to talk to when you are on flight. There is no company when you eat which can make you feel even lonelier.

How to solve problems when travelling in big group

Thus, planning to have a trip with group of friends, families, or coworkers is good idea. You see, the more the merrier. Travelling in big group also has its perks such as constant happiness and contagious laughter throughout the journey. Thus, the trip will be lively and interesting.

Of course, travelling in big group also has its disadvantages. However, you can always find solution.

Potential problems when travelling in group

Travelling in group means you have constant companies. You also have others you can rely on. If anything happens, you have people ready at your back. Thus, you will feel safer throughout the trip. However, there are also potential problems you may encounter when travelling in big group. Now, let me tell you some of them and how to solve them.

Clashes in opinions are guaranteed when you travel in group because it consists of different people with different head and different wants. Clashing opinions are the most common problems of group travel.

To solve this, you can point a leader so whenever this thing happens, there is leader who can initiate the solution and decide wise decision. You can also use voting system to decide any decision regarding to the trip.

The needs of proper accommodation can be a hassle as well. That’s why it is highly suggested to book everything in advance when you are planning to travel in big group. You need to make sure that the hotel you are going to book can provide your group properly.

If you book everything on the spot, the process will take longer. You will only waste time. It is also good idea to rent an apartment or house for your vacation with your group. Thus, everything will be easier to organise. Not to mention that it is more cost-efficient than booking hotel rooms.

Travelling with big group of people will really test your patience. If you are more likely an impatient person, you will need to work harder with your tolerance and patience.

Every individual in your group travel has different personalities and tendencies. It will be challenging to tolerate other’s mistakes or be patient with their antics. The solution for this potential problem is to learn how to build patience and be more tolerable.

When you face others stubbornly, it will only leads to confrontation which can ruin the trip itself.

Constant noise is also one of the most common problems when travelling in big group. There must be some people in your group who like chatting all the time. You can deal with it by reminding them that you need to rest or tell them to turn down their volume of speaking.

Make sure to remind everyone in your group to respect each other. With mutual understanding, the more problems can be avoided so the trip will be more enjoyable for everyone.

Finding Surf School Portugal Base on Your Surfing Ability

One of the recommended country for spending the surfing holidays is Portugal. Its popular beaches and stunning waves for surfing have been attracting many beginners as well as the professional surfers in the world. And you know what, don’t you think that there will also many people especially the businessmen who are thinking that offering the surf school course in Portugal will also be the best choice for their living?

This October of 2019 itself, there will be a “Big Wave Tour Event” located at Portugal after the 2019’s “Longboard Pro Espinho” in the last 5-7 April ago. We have more reasons to make Portugal as one of the best place for surfing activities which those reasons will also be the best reasons why you have to find the surf school at Portugal.

How important the surf school at Portugal that teach you base on your surfing level

It is our nature that everyone of us is special and unique. In surfing itself—just like the level ability in any other fields—surely there will always be the first timers (beginner surfers). Just imagine if you are the kids and you have been told to drive a Lamborghini to somewhere. At first, it may sounds interesting and challenging, but you know what? It is actually sounds dangerous for you and the others.

So does the surf school at Portugal, you will need to finds one that will check or test your surfing level ability so you can really start learning surfing from the right level and the right lessons. That’s how the professionals were doing before and that’s why they are as the pros now. That’s how important it is.

Find a surf camp at Portugal that check and test your surf level

Besides that, each person have also the different weight and height, and that can be starts on how to surfing properly using the right wetsuit and surfboard (equipment).

All of it is to ensure that you aren’t learning to surf through too advanced equipment where that will be an obstacle in mastering the surfing and I am afraid that they will contribute in slowing down your progression. So that, make sure that you are going to ask the surf school Portugal whether or not the surf class provider is checking and testing your ability level.

A short intro to “what is my surf level?”

Mostly, there are 3 main levels in surfing which are the beginner, intermediate and advanced (pro). But the funny thing is, even the beginner level have some other sub-levels such as;

  1. Totally a beginner surfer where you are even will be introduced to the basic surfing equipment, paddling techniques, surf etiquette, and all the basic lessons.
  2. Beginner with not so many or limited experiences where you will be reviewed how your progression in the first level above and how to improve more of your skills. This level is basically telling yourself that you have been learning and trying to surf before some couple of times but until now you are still struggling in (for example) paddling, etc.
  3. Have you been heard about the beginner with experiences before? This level is for real. You are still being a beginner. But, you have more decent control on the surfboard and the waves. The thing is that, you will still need more experiences because if you are in this level, then you have some useful experiences but still need a help of an assistance just to stand up and go riding the wave.

The above beginner surfer levels are existing and they can tell you in what level of surfing are you if you are the first timer.

But, the above 3 levels won’t work on intermediate and advanced level. Both are simply just the way they have been called. No sub levels at all so far except the transition from being an intermediate surfer to be the advanced one. I am telling you this so you won’t be misguided by the surf school at Portugal that don’t care at all about your level where in the other hands it is so important for you.

Want to Get a Tattoo in Paradise Island? Think Again

A lot of people have made it a point to fly to Bali for their vacation especially to get a tattoo. The price difference compared to prices back home is one of the deciding factors why those people loved getting inked in the paradise island.

Is your decision planned and well-informed?

If you’ve only thought about getting a tattoo only in the last 24 hours, then don’t. Finding out how cheap it is getting a tattoo in Bali compared to back home may tempt you greatly. However, this would usually lead to regrets. So much regrets during what is supposed to be a good time in one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Almost everything in Bali is extremely cheap, but what is too cheap?

The exchange rate to most Western currencies automatically makes Bali one of the cheapest destinations in Asia, if not in the world. This also applies to the Bali tattoo scene. While tattoo services in Bali may cost you a mere fraction of your fortune, that does not mean walking into just any other tattoo parlor in Bali is a good decision.

Get to know reputable tattoo parlor or tattoo studio. Find out several of those reputable places and compare their prices. Get into one of those shady tattoo places at the corner of the street in Kuta, if you so wished, and asked for their pricing as well. Knowing the price range would contribute to your choices better and give you peace of mind.

Tons of tattoo parlors lining up the tourist streets

The tattoo market in Bali emerged together along with the tourism industry. Tattoos are not a part of Balinese nor Hinduism traditional culture, nor is it Indonesian that have a majority of the Muslim population. Although it is arguably not the case, many Indonesian locals do think that tattoos are one of the so-called “Western influence”.

As such, most of the tattoo parlors you’ll see are located at the busiest tourist areas. Kuta and Legian are the obvious ones. You can also find quite a few tattoo shops in Seminyak. And even the quieter Sanur area, spotting several tattoo shops here and it isn’t rare.

Prior research will pay off

Tattooing without any prior research is a one-way ticket guaranteed to get you one of your regrets of a lifetime. People know that tattoos are permanent—they’re going to stay for good on your skin and there is no way to get it off without perhaps taking your skin off—and yet there are rash decisions all the time.

Know what you want, then plan, and plan some more

For something that would stay on your skin for the rest of your life, there is no such thing as over-planning. Getting a tattoo is something that should be well-thought. Firstly, why did you decide to get a tattoo? Are you prepared to face the consequences of getting a tattoo during your Bali vacation? Spoilers: this means you will not be able to swim.

Medical Check Up And Scuba Diving Bali

There are many unwanted events in the world of diving. Some events such as divers who disappear, decompression sickness to those who die of congenital disease. This is important and needs to be highlighted that all divers, both those who will start training and professional divers, must have a special medical exam. Medical check-ups need to be done regularly for professional divers who often do dives. In some countries such as Australia, medical check-ups are mandatory and the requirements for taking diving training. How about in Bali?

Check Up Before Do Scuba Diving Bali

Basically the requirements for being able to get a certificate are the same, according to the requirements of the world diving organization. Although in the end, many diving training institutions took the middle way in the form of a questionnaire with a statement “Yes” from the doctor. This still requires a diving permit from the results of the consultation and medical check-up from your personal doctor.

Based on a survey many scuba diving Bali participants did not fill out questionnaires regarding medical care and felt that they did not need a doctor’s permission. In fact more than 25% of divers are injured and even more serious are deaths.

Diving means you are in a condition that is different from the normal temperature on land. When our body is accustomed because it has air pressure from normal conditions and then enters different temperatures, it allows many unwanted events related to the health of divers. Changes in pressure at depth will affect the body. But this will have a very small impact on the body of a healthy diver. For divers with certain diseases and conditions, it will worsen when the body responds to these changes.

Who Not Allowed to Do Scuba Diving in Bali?

Medical studies have determined the condition of prospective divers who are not allowed to do dives. Or, a treatment that needs to be done if there are professional divers who in the process have certain diseases. Some diseases are considered to be at serious risk and require a doctor’s permission to do dives.

  • Heart surgery
  • Drugs addicted
  • Diabetes that requires insulin
  • Lung disease
  • Asthma
  • Epilepsy and seizures

Some conditions that can disqualify you from training until the next medical examination

  • Mental or psychological problems
  • Obesity
  • Past decompression
  • High blood pressure or taking medication to control it
  • Sinus surgery
  • Frequent colds, fever or allergies
  • Aneurysm

Many scuba diving Bali participants do not pay attention to health conditions and many dive operators who do not care about regulations that should be obeyed. Don’t be afraid to do a medical check-up because in many cases it allows doctors to give permission to dive. Scuba diving Bali is not only about fun and stressful activities but also how divers know health conditions for diving safety.

Should You Use Translation Apps for Traveling Abroad?

Traveling to foreign country can be challenging in so many ways. Of course it is an exciting experience especially for first-timer. However, it can be quite intimidating especially if you are going to a country where English is not their primary or secondary language at all. However, you should be glad because technology has graced us useful invention.

Recommended translation apps when traveling abroad

No need to name high-tech device. You see, translation apps are really helpful for so many reasons. They are simple but helpful. They are also efficient to use because all you need is to download the app and type the word then the translation comes out.

Translation apps and traveling to foreign country

Some experienced travelers always suggest to learn the basic language first of the place you are going to visit so that you are not that helpless when language barrier happens. But what if you had not much time to learn about it? That’s when translation apps come to the rescue.

Translation apps vs language barriers

You see, traveling to foreign language where English is also foreign for the locals is quite challenging. It may be less hassled if you are traveling with companion who can speak language like the locals use. However, it can be troublesome when you are traveling alone.

Sure you are independent and all. However, it can’t be denied that for some reason you will need to communicate and interact with the locals. That’s why you need to at least know the basic. There is also possibility that you are involved in some emergencies.

If you don’t know the language of the local use then you will have difficulty asking for help. Thus, translation apps can actually help you in that kind of situation.

Translation apps vs learning new language

Of course, translation apps cannot be the replacement of actual language learning. However, translation apps are not bad idea either. They are useful and efficient to use. They can even be used even when you are in offline mode.

Learning language directly through courses or other conventional learning is good but it takes time. Using translation apps can be an effective solution.

Using translation apps, you can look for some basic expression in the local’s language. Even if you cannot really pronounce them, you can show the translation to the locals and they will grasp what you are trying to deliver. This is not the best but surely useful.

Recommended translation apps to use

There are so many translation apps you can download for free. For universal translation app, you can use Google Translate. This is the basic of translation tool that is also Google’s browser-based.

Thus, it can be accessed for android or iPhone users as long as you have internet connection. Of course, you can also still use it offline. However, online access gives you more features and accuracy of the translation. Other most used translation apps include iTranslate Voice, Translate Pro, and Microsoft Translator.

So it can be concluded that translation apps are important to use for traveling to foreign country.

Essential Roles of Web Agency Bali in Helping Tourism Businesses

In term of digital marketing era, building a website and using it to market a business has been a common thing you can see and find everyday including in Bali. Websites can even be the main platform in promoting tourism of an island or even a country. It really plays the important roles in many imaginable aspects of business. If so, don’t you think that the web agency is also playing the essential roles for the development of tourism in Bali?

You may be wondering how does the web agency Bali is playing the important roles in helping the island’s tourism itself. It is an agency and it surely a business. It get money when there will be people are ordering to make them a website for their business or organization.

But in another side, I am claiming that the web agency is taking important roles in Bali’s tourism? How can it be possible?

How web agency in Bali helping tourism business?

One first thing I need to remind you about the business world in any kind of industries you are involving in is that the businesses are actually helping and need each other. If you are going to make your own online hotel reservation in Bali, then you will need a team to design and develop the site because I am sorry if you can’t really do that.

How web agency in Bali helping tourism businesses

But for the short better way most of the businessmen will be doing is to find where the best web agency around. It is the proven way to get a professional website design and development that will help your site growing and performing well in the future.

As every businesses are helping each other, the web agency in Bali is providing the better web design and development that can ensure that it will be representing how beautiful the travel destinations are in Bali.

The better web design is also affecting how the contents are distributed online. If the site will be designed without any professional team and plans, no matter how important the contents are, they will only get less audiences they should have. So does the otherwise. Even you could only publish the thin and short contents, many people may keep on reading them since the contents are displayed professionally. Now, what if your business have been got a valuable contents and are displayed in a professional and well-designed site? Then you should have been gaining more traffics that are creating many leads.

Since Bali is keep being a popular island for traveling in the world, it is also the reason why Bali is attracting many businessmen from various country. Then, as you may have guessed, they are building their business empire in Bali and to get the more affordable website design and development services, surely that the professional local team or the existing web agency will be hired and paid for cheaper charge than what you may found in USA or any other developed countries.

Specially for foreigner businessmen in Bali, hiring the web agency located in the same province or even city can be beneficial in many aspects including to make revisions if there will be things to be changed. The more people will be knowing about what’s are happening in Bali, the better it can helps distributing the tourism information and government must have been glad with that since they may not need a lot of work to do.

Travel to South Korea

What is the first thing that you think when you heard about South Korea? K-dramas, Boybands, Girl bands, military service, amazing foods, rich culture, amazing sceneries, Jeju island, and many more. Just like Japan, South Korea is also one of the countries which always appear on the travelers’ list. Not only they want to know more about South Korea, but most of the travelers or tourists want to see their idols. That is why South Korea is packed with tourists most of the time and it is not weird to see one or two South Korean citizens marry foreigners. If you happen to want to travel to Korea but this is your first time and you do not want to mess things up, then you might want to keep on reading this article. We will be giving some helpful tips for you to follow.

Use Public Transportations

The first thing that you need to remember when you arrive in South Korea is that instead of using private ride such as taxis, you can take buses. The bus will drop you off at most of the major hotels so you do not have to worry about being lost. Not only that but the buses also cost less than a taxi. The bus will only cost you around USD 15 while the taxi will cost you around USD 100. Do not worry about the quality of public transportation, because it is very clean and convenient. If you must ride a taxi, you need to be clear where do you want to go and take the orange one.

Try Some Local Foods

The next thing which you can do when you travel to South Korea is that you must try some local foods. South Korea is famous for its amazing and unique foods so you definitely need to try those foods. Do not be afraid and hesitate to try new flavors. For your information, when you order the main course in a Korean restaurant, you will also be given Kimchi, the traditional fermented Korean side dish which is made from vegetables.

Do Not Leave a Tip

The next thing which you cannot do in South Korea is giving a tip after you eat in a restaurant. It will even be considered offensive to leave a tip.

Always Check the Fish Market

The next thing which you can do while you are in South Korea is that you must always check the fish market. South Korea is famous for fresh foods and that is why you need to go to their fish market. You can go to Noryangjin Fish Market which is an extensive farmers fish market. You can go to this fish market at 4.00 am and see the live fish auction. Not only that, but you can also enjoy fresh sashimi for breakfast at 4.00 am.

Those are some helpful tips which you can follow when you travel to South Korea. The most important thing is that you need to always stay focus and pay attention to your belongings.

Reason Why Bali Villas Seminyak Best Accommodation Options

Who doesn’t know Seminyak? The prestigious area is filled with international standard hotels, villas, resorts, bars, restaurants, and nightlife. Seminyak is in one location in Bali, called the Island of the Gods, which is, in fact, a small island in the middle of Indonesia. The great thing about the island of gods is the fulfillment of the facilities, services, and luxury of international standard accommodation that provides a pleasant stay. When you talk to people who have visited Bali, you will find many reasons why people from various parts of the world crowded Bali. Each has different reasons for why they love the Island of God so much.

Bali Villas Seminyak With Remarkable View

Luxury, classy and affordable accommodation is one reason tourists often come to Bali many times. Especially those interested in Seminyak villas are very high and the majority are foreign tourists. Various offers of Bali villas in Seminyak provide extraordinary views. Rice field views are very common for tourists who often occupy villas. If you are planning a trip to Bali with your family, then Bali Villas Seminyak is a smart accommodation solution.

Low Budget For Family Accommodation

Have you ever calculated the budget for hotel accommodation during your vacation in Bali? Surely the price is shocking. Compare with the budget villa you rent a villa, let alone rent in the popular area of Bali villas Seminyak. In fact, you will spend cheaper accommodation costs. The facilities obtained from the villa are no less luxurious and complete compared to a hotel. Your privacy is more secure and the ease of monitoring children when they enjoy swimming pool facilities.

Easy To Reach Tourist Destinations

This is another advantage if you decide to stay at Bali Villas Seminyak. It’s easy to reach the beach. You just have to walk and you don’t need to spend a budget on transportation. Rows of boutiques that sell fashion up to date are ready to make you look more beautiful and attractive.

Unique Culture

Bali is not just fun. Bali is an opportunity to learn about uniqueness for a memorable experience. When you get the chance to stay in Bali villas Seminyak, you will get the chance to get to know the local culture. Given that Bali is dominated by Hinduism with the influence of Buddhism, it is different from what is followed in India. Hindus in Bali are very ritualistic, especially cremation ceremonies that look very complicated.