How To Stay Digitally Connected While Travelling

Travelling is something fun that you can do by yourself or with other companions such as friends, families, or lovers. There are travel styles you can choose that suits to your liking. One of the most fun about travelling is when you can see many beautiful things and share it with your loved ones. Travelling doesn’t have to keep you away from your loved ones at home. In fact, you can stay connected via various digital technologies you can use during travel. 

Staying digitally connected with your loved ones during travel

Sometimes, you want or have to travel alone and leave your dear friends or families at home. However, you can keep in touch with each other  by having regular video calls, phone calls, text messages, emails, etc. However, sometimes it is difficult for you to stay connected with them for various reasons such as lack of internet access. And here are some of useful tips for you to stay digitally connected with your loved ones at home while travelling around world:

Free WiFi

Today, internet access is not rare anymore. Almost every big city has WiFi available to be used by public for free. When you visit restaurants, public libraries, hotels, shops, cafes, they usually provide free WiFi for the guests. Hence, you can use free WiFi to stay connected with your family at home. There are also private companies who offer free wireless internet. You can compensate them by a purchase or drop some coins in a tip jar. 

However, it is also strongly suggested that you are being careful when using browser or anything with free WiFi. If you have private information, make sure to secure it before accessing free WiFi so there won’t be no one who can access your personal information. 

Use tethering from phone

If you travel with a group of people or with a travel companion, you can share internet connection with each other. It can save alot of money because you no longer have to pay extra expense for internet data. If you need to use your laptop and need internet connection, you can turn on the hotspot or tethering option from your phone. This is more efficient and money-saving. If you plan to use your phone for tethering, make sure to set the password first so it cannot be easily accessed by other people you don’t want to share with. To prevent excessive use of your own internet data, turn on Airplane Mode when you are not using your phone. 

Use Google Maps to find nearby networks

If you are exploring new places and unfamiliar with your surroundings, you can always rely on your Google Maps. If you have limited internet data left, you can use your Google Maps to detect nearby networks such as free WiFi. Hence, you can find solution for your network problem. Once you find the access for internet data, you can turn off your mobile data and use WiFi. Then, you can do everything you need to stay connected with your loved.

Closer to Asmat Papua and Its Civilization

Asmat, the name of the tribe in Papua and is the name of one of the districts in Papua Province. This district has an area of 23,746 km2 with a population of 110,105 people in 2020. The Asmat Papua are indigenous people who live on the coast and inland. People on the coast and inland have different ways of life, social structures, and rituals.

The discovery of the Papuan Asmat

In 1770, British explorer James Cook landed in a bay in Asmat. Suddenly hundreds of black men appeared who were smeared with white, red, and black colors and then attacked and killed several of James Cook’s men.

In 1904, this event took place again, but this time there was communication between the two parties. Using sign language, they exchanged goods and from now on people began to flock to the area that became known as Asmat.

Stories About Asmat Papua

The Asmat tribe is one of the largest tribes in Papua. The Asmat Papua people believe that they come from the creator (Fumeripits). According to their belief, Fumeripits washed up on the beach dying and was rescued by a flock of birds.

Feeling lonely, Fumeripits built a house and filled it with wooden statues of his own carved wood. Then Fumeripits beats tifa every day and suddenly the statues move to the rhythm of tifa, and turn into humans. Since then, Fumeripits wandered and built long houses and made humans into the Asmat tribe as they are today.

Papuan Asmat and Death Rituals

According to the Asmat Papua tribe, the death of a person is not natural but there is an evil spirit that interferes with it. It is believed that when their relatives are sick, a fence must be made of palm tree branches so that evil spirits cannot approach. When the sick person died, they would scramble to hug his body and roll his body into the mud.

The body is then placed on woven bamboo until it rots. They put their bones on a wooden tree, while their skulls were used as pillows as a symbol of affection for deceased relatives. They also make measurements of people who died, which they call mbis.

Sago Caterpillar Satay

If you go to Papua to meet the Asmat tribe, you must try a unique culinary, namely sago caterpillar satay. The Asmat tribe wraps sago caterpillars using palm leaves, then they are sprinkled with sago and baked. Sago caterpillar satay is a combination of salty, savory, and sweet with a hard outside texture and soft inside.

Can you Make Business Trip Taste Like A Vacation?

Most of the time, business trip is not something about having business party, exclusive dinner at high-end restaurant, or luxurious hotel suites. What many business travelers think about the trip is exhaustion, fatigue, and stress. Many business travelers are unable to enjoy the trip more comfortable due to demanding schedule and the goals of meeting deadlines. However, it is also possible that you have a business trip that taste like a vacation. 

Business trip taste like a vacation

Most people are envious to those who can travel frequently because the opportunity of visiting new places and finding many exciting, new things. However, business travel is more about spending time in conference rooms and airports rather than exploring historical museums or sunbathing on an exotic beach. But you can make your business trip feels a lot more like a vacation to make it more enjoyable, meaningful, and memorable by following these useful tips for your next travel plan:

Set a schedule to fully enjoy your day for leisure trip

At the front or the back of your demanding business schedule, put a schedule where you can spend the rest of the day resting, exploring the city, or simply enjoying your time with relaxing activities. If you put it at the front, it means you have to schedule your trip earlier. If you put it at the end of your business trip, you can treat is a reward for your hardwork meeting deadlines. Vow yourself that you would do something fun every time you go for a business travel. This can help you feel more motivated to finish your work. 

Take a break

No matter how demanding your schedule is, taking a break from time to time is important. Having a marathon schedule for a day can be so dreadful, making you more stress about facing tomorrow and the rest of your business trip. Hence, always allow break during your busy schedule by doing simple things that makes you relax. You can just step out of the meeting room and see beautiful view of the cities from the balcony. Or, take a break from business talk and fully enjoy the meals in front of you. If you have few hours break, you may also consider visiting a bookshop, or any other places that can lift up your mood. 

Make the most of hotel amenities 

Choose a hotel that provide various amenities you can enjoy to the fullest. There are many hotels offering amenities that can make their guests feel like they are on a vacation even if they don’t leave the hotel. This kind of accommodation will be helpful  alot in relieving your stress during business trip, enabling you to enjoy other activities that you love even without taking hours to drive somewhere far from where you stay. You deserve a break from time to time and you can make the most of business trip to meet deadlines and pamper yourself. If you can get both during a business trip then why not?

Best Dive Trip With Liveaboard Indonesia

Navigating the sea by fast boat or ferry is common. How about exploring the Indonesian archipelago on a luxury phinisi boat? Liveaboard Indonesia is designed to be very great, such as moving five-star hotel facilities onto a ship. The thrill of sailing on a luxury phinisi ship takes you to discover the ocean and spectacular views.

Lamima Liveaboard Indonesia - yoga on board activity

Dive Cruise Liveaboard Indonesia

There are no doubts about Indonesia’s dive spots, from Komodo National Park to Papua Raja Ampat. The most popular and easily accessible liveaboard Indonesian route with a trip time of 4-5 days is exploring the Komodo National Park. The dive cruise Indonesia route to Komodo National Park is actually quite popular among foreign tourists, especially European tourists.

Dive cruise liveaboard Indonesia enthusiasts are not only backpackers but also groups or families. Actually, many liveaboard operators offer dive packages to several points on the island of Komodo. When you reach Labuan Bajo you can look for dive cruise package information.

Luxury Liveaboard Indonesia

liveaboard indonesia facility - main cabin

There are many advantages to deciding to dive using an Indonesian dive cruise. One of them, you don’t have to worry about renting a boat to get to the dive spot. There is also no need to bother looking for lodging during your dive trip. Luxury liveaboard Indonesia provides all the necessities for the comfort of your dive cruise.

Cruises are always selling well for diving lovers and adventurers. Passengers get a classy meal cooked directly on board. There are even several Indonesian luxury liveaboards that provide spa and massage services.

The phinisi boat will take you to dive spots with spectacular views. If you go on a cruise with a group or family, you can choose at any time to do the cruise.

Dive Cruise Budget

Liveaboard Indonesia prices vary widely according to the facilities and length of your dive cruise. The dive liveaboard prices range from $2000 – $4000 and maybe more expensive at the end of the year.  Choose a phinisi boat that suits the number of passengers who will be on vacation and the facilities that you think are comfortable enough for your diving trip.

Vacations with friends or family and staying onboard offer a very memorable vacation and adventure sensation. Your trip will be more private when you decide to rent a phinisi boat. Liveaboard Indonesia brings you to discover many dive spots and many diverse underwater animals.

What Kind Of Shoes That Are Good For Travel?

What Kind Of Shoes That Are Good For Travel

Basically, choosing shoes for your daily use needs more considerations. Some people sometime choose style over comfort when buying their shoes. However, wearing the wrong shoes for a long time can damage our health. As for travel, you need to be even more considerate especially when you don’t really know the condition of your destination. During travel, you have more opportunity to walk so packing the right pair is necessary. 

Shoes that good for travel

When it comes to travel, many people want to look fit, stylish, and fresh. Some of travelers even pack several pair of shoes so they can always look attractive. However, it is okay if you pack only one pair or two of your shoes if they can protect and support your feet. 


According to physician and pediatric, the bets travel shoes for travel should have arch support, thicker sole, and shock absorption. It is even better if the fabric is breathable. These are criteria of ideal shows for daily including for travelling. Sneakers can be a good choice for travelling because they fit the criteria. You can just pack a pair of your casual sneaker. Those will make your walk more enjoyable because your feet won’t get sore so easily. 

Open toe sandals

Open toe sandals

If you are not really a fan of shoes, you can choose the one with open toe. However, it is recommended to avoid flip flops because they are not supportive to your feet. Instead, you can pack a pair of supportive sandal. It should be something thicker with arch support and a depression in the heel. It will be comfortable to wear during your leisure walk down to the beach. 

Flexible shoes

If you don’t think you have the right kind of shoes for travelling now, you can start your searching. There are several factors you need to consider such as choosing shoes that cannot be folded completely in half. It is important to choose shoes with flexibility in the toes but don’t choose the one whose the front of the shoe touch the back of the shoe. The heel cup of good shoes for travel should be firm and not collapse when you squeeze it. It is even better if you can buy a pair of shoes with removable arch support. This kind of shoe allows you to slide your additional arch support in when needed. 

Shoes with slight curvature

The very basic factor when it comes to choosing the best shoes is comfort and adequate support. It is best to choose shoes that are light enough so not to weigh down your feet while walking but still provide great support and cushioning. Shoes with slight curvature in the front and back help a lot in taking some stress off of the middle of the foot when you walk for long. 


If you don’t like packing too many shoes, pack one pair of adequate shoes and supportive sandal. They will be enough for you to go through the entire trip without feeling extreme sore feet. 

What Should You Expect for Staying in Bali Luxury Villas

What Should You Expect for Staying in Bali Luxury Villas

Renting a luxury vacation home is not a novel concept when you are travelling to Bali. Or to any other holiday destinations in the world. However, what distinguishes these vacation rentals from others — aside from the higher price tags — is that they emphasize not only more premium amenities. They also features variety of services that compete with the most luxurious of hotel accommodations. However, the term “luxury” may be used a little too loosely in the world of travel and hospitality. With so much advertising and commercialization, the constant attempts to capture your attention can be jarring. So, what can you actually expect if you want to stay at luxury villas in Bali? 

Features You Should See on Bali Luxury Villas 

Features You Should See on Bali Luxury Villas

A luxury villa should have a swimming pool, in-house staff, a spacious living area, an elegantly furnished dining area, and a fully equipped kitchen at the very least. These rooms should be designed and furnished with meticulous attention to detail. They also should be outfitted with every amenity and luxury expected of modern living. For example, you should see entertainment system and internet access (depending on location). 

Villas with a longer list of amenities are plentiful, with a wide range of different options. Higher end villas frequently include a dedicated cinema room for the private movie theater experience, entertainment & games rooms, on-site spa facilities, dedicated private gyms, liberally placed jacuzzis indoor and out, fully equipped offices for the business that can’t stop, kids areas with all the entertainment needed to keep the little ones occupied, tennis and basketball courts for the athletes aficionados, tennis and basketball courts for the sport aficionados.

A Staffed Villa with Top-Rated Services

Any Bali luxury villas is not truly luxurious unless it has a qualified and dedicated staff to run the facilities. They should create the environment of effortless relaxation that is the hallmark of a good guest experience. A top notch villa is staffed with maids and housekeepers, handymen, chefs, and the villa manager. The most luxurious usually have concierge to attend to personal needs and extra arrangements. Some even have extra personnel such as security, chauffeurs, spa therapists, personal trainers, and more.

To provide the best possible stay, the staff must be dedicated to the care of the villa as well as the satisfaction of the guests. While guests may not be able to interact with the entire staff, they must all be friendly and courteous to them, approachable in their communications, and vigilant in their work. They must also be fluent in English or the guest’s preferred language.

Designs that Speaks Luxury

Designs that Speaks Luxury

You don’t expect to see a luxury villas built in standard designs. All Bali luxury villas should present impressive designs and top-end execution that make it stand out from the rest. The overall design of any villa is one of the most interesting factors. In terms of architecture, it is the landscape design, interior decoration, furnishings, and so on. All of these forces come together to create the gorgeous visuals and experience of staying in a luxury villa. The best luxury villas are truly a sight to behold. Each with its own personality expressed in the overall aesthetic of the structure, its surrounding environment, and the decor. 

More Villa and Property Insights:

Thinking of Buying Seminyak Villas in Bali?

Benefit of Moving to Elite Property Bali

Location fo Bali Luxury Villas

A prime location is difficult to describe – it may be close to or far from the hustles of the city. Luxury holiday-makers have a number of different criteria for their ideal location of luxury villas in Bali. Some think of proximity to specific places, landscape preferences, and so on. However, the majority of guests are simply looking for a quiet place to stay and relax comfortably whenever they want. The most common locations are coastal areas and coastlines, or further but still close to the ocean with a view. Other prefers on elevated mountain regions, close to peaceful and beautiful rice fields, tucked almost on a hill or cliff side. But the main desirable location, however, is almost always in a nice, relatively secluded environment.

What To Do When Checking A Bag At The Airport

Checking your valuable items in your bag doesn’t guarantee they will be safe through the entire flight. There have been thousands cases of damaged or lost items file at various airports. Surprisingly, 40% of the files were denied. Checking a bag is crucial part when it comes to travel. There are many pitfalls that might happen to you when checking your bag so you need to make sure your luggage arrive in one piece. 

What To Do When Checking A Bag At The Airport

How to ensure your bag will arrive safely in one piece?

The very obvious thing to do is to not pack your valuables in your checked bag. There have been many travelers who still keep their valuables in their checked bags such as watches, cameras, golden rings, iPads, etc. Those are expensive and have been reported being stolen from traveler’s luggage. Hence, do not pack them in your checked bag but in your carry-on or backpack. If you buy pricey souvenirs from your trip, pack them in your carry-on or ship them if they are too large or heavy. 

Do not pack items that are on the list of prohibited items on the TSA. It is important what items you should and should not pack in your bag be it carry-on or suitcase. For example, lithium batteries used in cameras should be packed in your carry-on. To ensure that you pack properly, double-check the TSA’s list of prohibited items before checking your bag. 

Use only TSA-approved lock to secure your bag. If you use non-TSA approved one then it will be ripped off your bag. It is as simple as that so make sure to follow the rule. It is easy to find lock that is approved by TSA. Therefore, it will be easier for the security officers to open the lock with their master key. It makes checking process goes smoothly as well. 

Avoid getting your belonging spilled or leaked from your checked bag. Always double-check your bag from home and when it is going to be checked at the airport security. Also, do not put liquid in a bad spot. At least cushion your liquids to avoid leak or spill incidents. Make sure every pocket and compartment is zipped and fastened securely. It is strongly suggested to not leave anything hanging outside of your bag. Dangling items can get caught easily on the conveyor belt at the airport. It can end up with your bag damaged or your items lost. 

It is best to avoid booking  a tight connecting flight. It is too risky because with such short time, there is bigger chance your bag won’t make it to the final destination with you. Shorter layover can cause you anxiety because you keep worrying whether or not your bag will make it. Hence, it is best to avoid booking tight connection. At least book connecting flights with two hours transfer period. This way you can reclaim and recheck your bag before getting into your next flight without hassle.  

Best Places To Visit For An Epic Komodo Tour

If you’re looking for a beautiful tropical paradise with a chilled-out island vibe, then look no further than Komodo Island. The island has an exceptional climate with warm and sunny days year-round. Komodo Island is full of entertainment from the giant lizard, unique history, and more. Not to mention the jaw-dropping islands nearby and beautiful beaches and will make you instantly want to add this island to your Komodo tour itinerary. Whether you are backpacking, young people who love adventures, or families with children. Komodo Island is a real travel highlight and offers something unique for everyone. Let’s discover the must see sight in Komodo Island that’s unique and will make your holiday unforgettable.

Komodo tour, the five best places to visit!

Komodo tour - Trekking in Padar Island | Hello Flores

Padar Island 

One of the best things to do on Komodo is a visit to Padar Island. The idyllic scenery on Padar Island is second to none. Padar Island is the perfect place for a scenic hike.  A hike up the main peak of this mountain will approximately take about 2 hours. Once you reach the top, you can see some of the most incredible landscapes in the world. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and apply some sunscreen because the sun can be very hot.

Join komodo tour and watch manta rays at manta point | Hello Flores

See manta rays at manta point

On Komodo Island, exploring the underwater world is a must. Moreover, swimming with manta rays in the wild is one of the popular things to do on the Island.  Manta Point is the perfect place to see manta rays in their real habitat. If you jump in, you can swim with the manta and also spot some of the stunning corals that have made the diving spots here famous. A fantastic experience to do in Komodo!

Visit pink beach | Komodo tour | Hello Flores

Pink beach 

There are dozens of beautiful beaches on Komodo Island, but Pink beach is an incredibly beautiful place to visit on Komodo Island.  Apart from its striking color, Pink beach offers a serene ambiance and a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. The panoramic views of the lush green hills, pink sand, pristine turquoise waters, and blue skies will surely take your breath away. Pink beach is also home to hundreds of species of hard and soft corals with various species of marine life.

Gili Lawa Darat is the most photogenic spot on Komodo Island | Hello Flores

Gili Lawa Darat

Gili Lawa Darat is the most photogenic spot on Komodo Island.  The main attraction of this place is the beautiful scenic view that awaits travelers as they trek and reach the peak. Its strategic location is perfect for capturing stunning beaches or light-emitting hills.

The Komodo Tour to Komodo Island National Park | Hello Flores

The Komodo Tour to Komodo Island National Park is a must!

A visit to Komodo National Park is almost a must on every Komodo tour. The National Park is the only place in the world where you can see the unique and rare Komodo Dragons up close in the wild. No trip to Komodo Island would really be complete without seeing the massive reptiles. Besides the dragons, the seas around the national park offer vibrant colors of coral reefs and beautiful marine life.

Urban Attractions And Landmarks In Seoul Worth Traveling For

Seoul, South Korea is one of the top lists when it comes to dazzling city around the world. It has various skylines with impressive height. There is a wide range of contemporary and modern architecture. Also, it is hard to get bored when you visit Seoul. Through Seoul, you can actually feel the culture of South Korea. Seoul is where nature and tradition is still embraced strongly while letting the futuristic elements blend into the landscape. 

Where to go when you visit Seoul

There are many things to see when you visit Seoul. Of course, you are not going to just see but fully enjoy the experience of visiting various landmarks and attractions if you come to Seoul. K-pop or K-drama are not the only things you get to explore when it comes to Seoul because the city is beyond. And here are several amazing places worth traveling for:

N Seoul Tower is said to be the place for romance. This iconic landmark is like a must-visit place. It stands atop the scenic Nam Mountain. It was originally built for broadcasting tower but then opened for public too. On the tower, you will get to see the mountain and clouds in 360 degree view. It is highly recommended to come to this tower towards late afternoon to catch beautiful sunset. 

Lotte World Tower is the tallest building in South Korea while fifth place in the world. It stands on 1,800 feet with 123 floors. The most interesting part about its design is that it looks like a rocket ready to launch to the sky. The inside is like the embodiment of paradise. There are many things such as apartments, five start hotel, corporate offices, mall complex, museum, and many more. There is also Seoul Sky, the observation deck of the building where you get to see the best panorama on a glass skywalk. 

Seocho Garak Tower East has one of the most impressive design. When you look at it during the day, it looks like  wave of liquid metal dancing towards the blue sky. It is a very eye-catching tower located in Gangnam district. It is said that the design was inspired by the delicate shape prevalent in Korean pottery. The glass panels themselves provide solar electricity and insulation. 

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art is also an urban landmark you should not miss when visit Seoul. It is located in Itaewon neighborhood. There are three building complex. The first one is museum full of traditional Korean art, the second is for contemporary and modern art, and the third is for education centre. The spiral staircase in the Museum 1 catches the eye the most. 

Dongdaemun Design Plaza is a cultural complex featuring Neo-futuristic style with sleek aluminum facade and eccentric shape. The interiors are experimental and diverse. More interestingly, the building transform into an animated light show at night. This building serves various purpose such as conferences, exhibitions, and fashion shows. The retail stores open for 24 hours and you can also explore design-centric museums and rooftop parks.  

Capture Your Romantic Experience at Villa Ubud

Have you experienced the magical romantic of Ubud? Ubud is pretty much without question one of the most romantic places in Bali. There is so much to see and experience in Ubud. A magical blend of people, nature, nightlife, weather, culinary delights, and beautiful accommodations. When looking for your perfect romantic holiday, be sure to include a few night’s stays in Villa Ubud. You can’t leave Bali without living the magical experience of Ubud. So, what is special about staying in Ubud villa?

Villa Ubud KClub The smart choice to invest

A romantic vibe in villa Ubud

If you want to chill and relax in the authentic romantic atmosphere of Ubud, Villa Ubud is a lovely home for you. Having your own Ubud villa on holiday allows you to retreat from crowds after a full day of exploring the Ubud and enjoy your own personal space. You can look for a private villa with one bedroom so that it is comfortable as long as you stay. Most Ubud villas offer great amenities from a private bar, jaw-dropping decor, 24 hours butler services, and an alluring outdoor bathtub. You can spend your romantic holiday lazing together in a private pool. Soak up the sun on the pool chairs. Go for a swim in the morning and everything is just perfect!

What to do when staying in a villa?

Indulge in a relaxing spa massage

Drench yourself in an array of spa massage at your villa. To add up to the romantic experience, having a massage at your villa by the pool is definitely unbeatable. With the natural landscape surrounding and the ultimate privacy, massage treatment will give one incredible relaxation. Booking a spa treatment is a great way to get back your energy. It is also great to calm yourself from the overwhelming feeling of traveling to these great places. After that, you can choose to have a flower bath.

Yoga retreat

Ubud is yogi heaven in Bali. Starting your day in the morning with a yoga class is a great way to get into the relaxed. This is more than just dining or watching good movies. A yoga retreat is a different kind of romantic holiday that you’ll both be talking about for years. Enrich your body, mind, and soul, make your romantic holiday unforgettable. So, increase your flexibility and well-being on this unique holiday and return home feeling completely re-energized.

Romantic Dinner

Don’t pass your holiday in villa Ubud by having a romantic dinner. Surprise your partner with a magical romantic dinner.  Let’s celebrate your romantic getaway with beautiful decorations around your table. Dine surrounded by flowers and candles at the poolside under a million stars during your romantic dinner. Feel the light air and nature’s symphony of chirping crickets underneath the starlight while enjoying the delicious menus!