Things to See When You’re in Netherlands!

The Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe renowned for its flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycle paths. Amsterdam, the capital, is home to the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the house in which Anne Frank lived clandestinely and wrote her diary during World War II. The mansions along the canals and the many works of artists such as Rembrandt and Vermeer are remnants of the city’s “golden age” in the 1600s. We’ll find out which favorable destinations to visit in the Netherlands!


Things to See When You're in Netherlands!

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, more commonly abbreviated as Rijksmuseum, is a Dutch national museum, located in the capital Amsterdam and devoted to the fine arts, crafts and history of the country. One of his paintings called Nachtwach is an extraordinary work. This is due to the sale value of the work which is higher than the Dutch financial assets.

The canals of Amsterdam

Things to See When You're in Netherlands!

Amsterdam’s canals stretch for a total of more than one hundred kilometers, with some 1,500 bridges crossing them, connecting around 90 islands. The four main canals are the Herengracht, the Prinsengracht, and the Keizersgracht and the Monkey. Amsterdam has a lot of canals. This country is said to be located below sea level. All of Amsterdam’s canals can be up to 100 kilometers long, with the number of bridges reaching 1500. The location of the bridge and its surroundings are widely used as objects of photography by photographers.


Things to See When You're in Netherlands!

The Vondelpark is a Dutch public garden located in Amsterdam, in the southern district. Built in 1864 with a stage in the middle called the Open Lucht Theater. Numerous opera and music performances are presented on this stage. This 47 hectare park, besides having a stage, also has other facilities in the form of a playground and a restaurant. Initially, the park was called Nieuwe Park, which was later renamed Vondelpark. Here too we can see that there are rose gardens and statues, one of which is the work of a famous artist called Pablo Picaso.

The De Gooyer Mill

Things to See When You're in Netherlands!

The De Gooyer mill is the name of a gallery mill located in Amsterdam between the Sarphatistraat and the Singelgracht on the Funen quay. The wingspan of the mill is 26.6 m. This wheel is the tallest in the Netherlands and is made of wood. De Gooyer is very popular and exists between Funenkade and Zeeburgerstraat.

De Gooyer is also a national monument, built since the 16th century and did not have the name De Gooyer, but The Funen Molen / Le moulin de Funen, then the name was changed to De Gooyer by the city government. Unfortunately, De Gooyer is not open to the public. So for tourists and visitors, one can only look at the beauty of the wheel from the outside. There are still plenty of interesting destinations in the Netherlands!

Four Things to Inspect When You Come to Home Décor Stores

Four Things to Inspect When You Come to Home Décor Stores

Filling a home with furniture the one of the most exciting parts of having home. With just few touch here and there, finally your brand new house will start to look like an actual home—that’s actually meant for living. Now, everyone has their own taste when it comes to decorating their homes and we cannot really intervene when it comes to preference. But we know one thing for certain; good quality furniture makes a good home, no matter whether you are an urban modernist or if you’re inclined more to Victorian gothic. Here’s some key notice you should do every time you walk into any home décor stores. Pen’s out, it’s time to jot down all the key information.

Prioritise Furnitures on Home Décor Stores that Suits Your Lifestyle

It’s easy to get distracted by beautiful cushions, lamps, and drawers of all shapes and colours when you get inside home décor stores. This is why you should have identified your lifestyle even before you pick a furniture. Get a concept of living and buy furniture that match. Do you love to roll up in the warmth of fluffy sofa in front of your TV? Do you travel a lot and need something that won’t easily catch mould?

Four Things to Inspect When You Come to Home Décor Stores

Also, buy a furniture that can last the dwellers of the house. White carpet or couch with pure cotton fabric is probably not the best when you have little children. Consider pets as well—furniture lined with suede, silk, velvet, or loose  weave fabrics would probably just last a day in a home with active dogs or cats.

Know the Woods You Want to Use

So here comes the wood. The basic of all furniture. Now, any furniture hunter should know three basic categories of wood.

  • Solid wood: Very durable, looks good, can last for more than a decade, but typically is more expensive and susceptible to scratches.
  • Veneers: Environmentally friendly, typically Is more affordable, generally more stable, and look more expensive than it is. However, it’s not of the best quality as solid is.
  • Composite wood: The cheapest and most lightweight wood, but not very sturdy nor durable.

Now, most people would say that solid wood is the best, but it can really depend on the usage. If you live in a rental apartment and don’t plan to use the furniture in a very long term, veneers and composite wood can actually make a decent furniture. For more heavy-duty item like wardrobe and dining table, you would want it made by strong and durable materials like a good quality solid wood.

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Are the Cabinets and Drawers on Home Decor Stores Sturdy?

Four Things to Inspect When You Come to Home Décor Stores

You want your furniture to function normally when you use it. When it’s time to buy drawers or cabinet from home décor store, please check them thoroughly. Make sure the doors open and close smoothly, the drawers pull all the way out, and everything latches and shuts properly. See if the handles and knobs are in tight fits.

Avoid Wood Glue and Nails

Another thing you should do when inspecting your future furniture in a home décor stores is how it’s assembled. You want all woods jointed to the frame of the furniture, not glued or nailed in. Jointed pieces are studier and can take more weights, while glued or nailed one are more susceptible to break.

Visit the Lusophone Country of Southeast Asia

Visit the Lusophone Country in Southeast Asia

If you speak Portuguese fluently but you live in an Asian country, you are probably in East Timor or Timor Leste, a country that officially decided to separate from the Republic of Indonesia in 1999. East Timor, or Timor-Leste, is a country in Southeast Asia occupying half of the island of Timor. It is surrounded by coral reefs teeming with underwater species. The monuments of Dili, its capital, recall the struggles waged by the country to obtain its independence from Portugal in 1975, then from Indonesia in 2002. The emblematic statue of Dili, the Cristo Rei, measures 27 meters height. It is perched on the top of a hill overlooking the city, with unobstructed views of the bay that surrounds it. Due to the colonization of Portugal, the inhabitants of this country communicate using the Portuguese language as their mother tongue and half of the inhabitants are still able to speak the Indonesian language. Then we will show the tourist sites in Timor Leste so that you have suggestions before making the holidays to this beautiful country!

One Dollar Beach – Dili

Visit the Lusophone Country in Southeast Asia

As the capital of Timor Leste, Dili offers such vast and vibrant tourist destinations, one of which is “One Dollar Beach”, a beach with a view of white sand and vast expanses of land. To make this place attractive because of its clean and charming landscapes and places, you can notably bathe and swim with your family, friends, fiancé (e) etc.

Tais Market – Dili

A market so full for souvenirs in this city. There are many Timorese woven fabrics which are beautiful and which are still traditionally made and which are certainly interesting to use as souvenirs when you arrive in the country.

Cristo Rei – Dili

Cristo Rei is a 27-meter tall statue of Christ the King in Dili, East Timor. A place with the beauty of a beautiful monument and you can enjoy the beauty of the hill which is very charming. You can see and walk by taking photos at each corner and exploring the nature around the location.

Nino Konis Santana National Park

Visit the Lusophone Country in Southeast Asia

Nino Konis Santana National Park is the first national park in East Timor, created on August 3, 2007. It is located in the far east of the country. This park is actually an island becoming a tourist destination like a national park, some of you who love outdoor tourism with a variety of very suitable lives are recommended to visit there because this park is very natural and surrounded by beautiful forests. You can see the types of plants and animals that still live in the wild in the forest area.

The City of Baucau

Cathedral of Saint Anthony is famous for its religious destination in Baucau. So you can enjoy religious tourism and see the beauty of unique buildings.

There are a lot of things you can do here, including taking photos and exploring every corner of the building and its surroundings.

Honeymoon on Komodo Cruise: Pro and Cons!

As Komodo’s notoriety getting progressively well known among explorers, numerous couples has just put Komodo cruise trip in their special first night goal records. How might you deny a sentimental cruising trip in Komodo? The splendid blue water, rich marine life, brilliant white line of sea shores, and, in particular, the charming state of mind hanging in this totally remote bit of earth is completely compelling. While honeymoon on Komodo can be a relaxing time after the wedding, it accompanies the two upsides and downsides that you’d want to know before choosing to set out. 


Trip on Komodo Cruise is Very Efficient 

A Romantic Wedding Holiday on Komodo Cruise: Pro and Cons!

Consider what you have to get ready when you are making arrangements for honeymoon trip. Planning destinations, transportation you gonna need to take, and lodgings are just some of the complication of holiday planning. You need to think the details like; do you need to rent a car to get around? Will train do just good to reach the attractions you want to visit? Do you need to move hotels to get nearer with the destination? What for lunch and where you want to have dinner? You are might not aware of this, but honeymoon planning can be so complicated!

However, trip with Komodo cruise is could be the easiest holiday you ever have. It’s one sort of excursion where you get everything on one bundle. Liveaboard gives most part the of holiday essentials—lodges where you rest, boat to convey you to all destination islands, and dinners for each feast time. All you have to do is simply reserving the liveaboard excursion and let the visit organization wrap up. 

Pack for One Time and Done

Since there’s no compelling reason to proceed onward one inns to another for remaining nearer to trip goal, you simply need to unload once for the entire special first night trip. Furthermore, we are know the issue that accompanies two emptied bags. 

A Budgeted Trip 

The biggest temptation of going on a trip: uncontrollable shopping! It’s so easy to get into a shop and buy some knick-knacks when you are on the way on a trip. In Komodo cruise trip, that’s not gonna happen. Or at least, your spending will be much controllable when you are on the boat. There won’t be any impulsive trips to nearby shops on a sailing trip. Also, you already know the cost of your excursion and the planes—and that makes budgeting a lot more easier. 

Komodo Cruise is the Best Place to Chill

A Romantic Wedding Holiday on Komodo Cruise: Pro and Cons!

The liveaboard wont just be your vessel. During the outing, you can simply chill and unwind with your other half in the deck, relaxing and getting a charge out of the all encompassing scene while hanging tight for the following goal. That is the thing that we call as important quality time! 

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Restricted Dining Choice on Komodo Cruise

Having a honeymoon holiday without thinking about what to eat for lunch and dinner? That would save so much time and energy! Unfortunately, however, this could also means limitation of dining option. You will be stuck with whatever the liveaboard crew cooks for you. 

No Time to Soak Up on Local Culture 

A Romantic Wedding Holiday on Komodo Cruise: Pro and Cons!

Most Komodo cruise trip just docks for not many hours in an island, so there’s likely not sufficient opportunity to absorb on Flores’ neighborhood culture. On the opposite side of the coin, be that as it may, most islands in the National Park are bone-dry from civilisation—so there’s not so much things to miss. 

The Probability of Getting Seasick 

Goodness, the gathering pooper of cruising trip! It’s actually a killjoy to get nausea assault you or your accomplice, when all that you need to do is simply chill and ingest the magnificent landscape. Make certain to get together nausea groups or medication to counter the sickness.

Awesome Countries Not to Miss on Winter Holiday!

For tourists coming from tropical countries like Asia, Africa or Central America, winter is like a magnificent holiday season since the snow covers the buildings, the streets where they all look like are beautiful and white. Despite the average temperature in winter is 7 ° C or extremely down to -10 ° C, tourists from tropical countries are always fun to do the activities. For reference, this article will turn out to be favorite countries for the winter holidays!


Awesome Countries Not to Miss on Winter Holiday!

Switzerland is a country on the border of Germany, France, Italy and Austria, in which you will find cities and natural landscapes famous for being on the slopes of the Alps, famous for their beauty. It is therefore not surprising that the snow that falls when the winter becomes beautiful! It looks like “frozen joux lake” or each winter, we are normally delighted to see the Lac de Joux transforming into a natural ice rink. And if artistic figures do not tempt you, go for the treasure hunt followed by a chocolate fondue! In addition, you can visit “the frozen Champex lake” at the foot of the Mont-Blanc massif, sits a pretty alpine lake bordered by the Champex-Lac station. This “little Swiss Canada” makes skaters happy, sometimes until April.


Awesome Countries Not to Miss on Winter Holiday!

Canada is a country on the mainland of America lying just north, straddling the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in the Davis Strait. Hiking is a favorite activity during winter, Canadians do it when winter comes. The most popular spots are at Maligne Canyon and Johnston Canyon in the Rockies. To visit these canyons, you will follow an experienced guide and be equipped with special shoes, then you will walk through the frozen canyon.

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Awesome Countries Not to Miss on Winter Holiday!

Iceland is a country largely covered with snow. The country is located near Greenland in the North Atlantic Ocean. Many unique places due to natural processes. Like glaciers, geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes, rafting, whales and other surprises await you in Iceland. The Vatnajökull and Snæfellsjökull national parks have huge protected glaciers. Most Icelanders live in the capital, Reykjavik, which is powered by geothermal energy. It houses the National Museum and the Sagas Museum, which retrace the Viking history of the country.

New Zealand

Awesome Countries Not to Miss on Winter Holiday!

Among the previously mentioned countries where the snow is best, only New Zealand is in the southern part of the earth where the country’s climate is subtropical. In this country, you will have a magnificent view of the stretching mountain. The best season to visit a tourist site such as the Fiordlands on the South Island, and in particular Milford and Doubtful Sound, is in winter, when rain showers are more frequent. The waterfalls and waterfalls then become truly impressive.

Here ! Which country do you choose for winter vacations? share your choice!

Padar Island: Between the Jaggy Hills and Savannah Fields

Five years back, Padar island was only one minuscule remote island in Indonesian outskirts. Presently, it’s an a movement sensation—and will take your breath away. It’s difficult to not be stricken by Padar’s extraordinary appeal. Behind the tough slopes and profound bayous, Padar shrouds an awesome view that make any voyagers return for additional. It’s one of the uncommon spot on earth where its genuine scene is obviously better than any photograph altering stunt can do. 

Padar Island: Between the Jaggy Hills and Savannah Fields

Padar Island Adventure to Rugged Hills and Dazzling Water 

Padar sits directly in the center of Komodo and Rinca and is the third biggest terrain in Komodo National Park after the two. It was before a home to UNESCO-ensured Komodo Dragons also, however now it’s totally without winged serpents. The reptiles had since a long time ago left the small Padar as they came up short on food, proceeded onward to the local where the islands are greater and food are bounty. Fortunate for us voyager, we can appreciate the awesome Padar without getting followed by the mythical beasts. 

A Mini Guide to the Padar Island

The most effective method to get to the phenomenal Padar

Padar Island: Between the Jaggy Hills and Savannah Fields

Much as the same as some other destinations in Komodo National Park, you can just reach Padar by the liveaboard phinisi ship from the Labuan Bajo. There are commonly three method of adventures in Labuan Bajo. You can book a private boat and sail independently. With the crew operating the boat and serve you onboard, of course. Though dates of sailing are usually predetermined by the company, you have the freedom to choose destinations around Padar Island and Komodo to visit. Second is joining a liveaboard open trip. You will be assigned a bed (or two, depend on how many slots you booked) in the liveaboard. On this trip, you will be sharing the boat with other travelers and follow a fixed itinerary. Third is going by a speedboat. This means you will not sleep in the phinisi boat as it is on liveaboard. You will go to Padar and probably couple other island during the day and back to Labuan Bajo to spend the night. The island itself is located around 30km from Labuan Bajo, taking roughly 1.5 hours by vessel. 

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What’s In There 

Padar island is not like anything you’ve seen previously; where emotional scene gently mixes with feeling of remoteness and serenity. The exceptional spiked caramel slopes overwhelming the island will catch your consideration minutes before drawing closer. Your principle goal is the place the slopes toughly grade to tops. You will have an hour of climb to arrive at these top to get the most crazy all encompassing perspective ever.

Padar Island: Between the Jaggy Hills and Savannah Fields

This is the place the island uncovers it’s extraordinary excellence. A perspective in general islands, with three individual sounds lay tucked away among the savannah slopes. Every inlet lined by various shade of sea shore—pink, dark, and white—conversely with the profound turquoise sea. When you arrive, it’s difficult to return down. 

Best Time to Visit Padar 

Dusks and dawn are the best an ideal opportunity to climb into this epic spot. During this time, the sun is excusing and the warmth is tolerable. It’s the second when the sun allows its best to best, transforming the brilliant island into a much increasingly dreamlike dreamscape. Perceive how brilliant lights of the sun touch the fresh savannah, enlightening the entire island with unbelievable sparkle. 

Visiting Padar Island in April-June will give you a perspective on green-covered terrain. It’s the season when the island is the greenest, standing brilliantly against the blueness of the ocean. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to see the island in coppery savannah, come around August-September. It may be dry and sandy, yet the browny landscape will reveal a totally unique appeal of Indonesia. 

Upbeat voyaging! Remember to bring a decent game shoes and have a great climb!

La Baule, A Little Paradise in the West of France

La Baule-Escoublac is a commune in western France, in the Loire-Atlantique department, in the Pays de la Loire region. Located on the Atlantic coast, it is part of the Côte d’Amour, between Le Pouliguen and Pornichet. Travelers do not know exactly that La Baule is a must-see destination for those who wish to do activities during the holidays, including the beaches at La Baule can affect having good feelings during your stays in France. While this article will reveal other real sites in La Baule, we will discover them!

One of the most beautiful bays in the world

La Baule, A Little Paradise in the West of France

Admission conditions are particularly strict, because each bay must present at least two criteria recognized by UNESCO, in two categories: cultural property and natural property. The bay of La Baule which also includes Pornichet and the Pouliguen member since 2011, in particular thanks to the desire to preserve its architectural heritage made up of several thousand villas of character, its constant commitment for 20 years to protect and enhance the emblematic pine forest of La Baule, but also by its location in the heart of the exceptional territory of the Guérande peninsula made up in particular of the Marais Salants, Brière Regional Natural Park and 90 km of wild coast.

The recognition, granted by the Club of the most beautiful bays in the world, represents a tremendous opportunity for the resorts of La Baule, Pouliguen and Pornichet as well as for local economic actors in their international development projects. Facing the largest bay in Europe, idleness, leisure, and nautical pleasures are very real. You can also enjoy a wide choice of waterfront activities without moderation.

Sea Fishing in La Baule

La Baule, A Little Paradise in the West of France

Fishing gear authorized on board registered vessels to comply with. Line held by the rigged edge for the whole in a maximum of 12 hooks, 2 longlines each provided with a maximum of 30 hooks of shellfish, 1 spear, 1 landing net or salabre, 1 trammel of 50 m long maximum and a height maximum 2 m, 1 plaice per ship, 3 scales per person on board. In addition, on board vessels and pleasure craft, it is forbidden to hold and use any tacker, net tackle, winch, mechanized jib or electric or hydraulic assistance mechanism allowing to go up fishing lines or fishing gear on board. For all fish caught, meshed, it is compulsory to cut the caudal fin. If you are interested in doing so, be careful with the time of the tide before leaving. You are suggested to take specific cues that will allow you to return easily.

La Baule Seaside Villas

La Baule, A Little Paradise in the West of France

Land for wealthy vacationers: seaside tourism was booming, these entrepreneurs sold the land to wealthy vacationers who gave free rein to architects to build villas.

The villas in Baule are always luxury with a great view of the sea of ​​La Baule, do you wish to have them? we can give you credible agencies for you! These are great sites in La Baule!

Bali Houses for Sale Make People Investing in Property

Just when you couldn’t get enough of Bali’s beautiful paradise, this beautiful island also offers fancy and exotic residence aside from tourist attractions. From house to villas, owning a property in Bali is definitely a good investment considering the island is the center of tourism in Indonesia. Many Bali houses for sale promoted by real estate agents to help clients purchasing their dream house.

Bali houses for sale with a private swimming pool view

Investing in property has been popular among the people even those who have never invested before. The reason being is that property is one of the investments that guaranteed to have increased value over time, due to our population keep increasing and so is the demand for lands.

New investors in property often search Bali houses for sale to gain profit

Aside from that, properties also more transparent compared to invest in other things like business or stocks. If you invest in a business, there’s no guarantee the said business would be thriving even though it looks good on paper. A business with a good concept, great team and well-funded by investors can be failed as well if the market doesn’t’ desire the product.

The same case with stocks, even though nowadays there’s a lot of courses or lessons for being an expert in the world of Wall Street, to be good at investing in it you have to be experienced in reading the market. Even veterans would make a mistake and take a huge loss from time to time, so it’s not really something that normal people would start with unless you’re really taking an interest in it.   

Investing in business and stocks requires experience and luck, unlike property

Back to property, even though most property will cost you a great fortune especially in a well-located place like beachside, investing in one will have an easier profit. When people bought a house, they get exactly what they wanted based on what we offer. That’s exactly what I mean by its more transparent, because you can predict it unlike investing in the digital world.

Now, Bali itself has many beautiful lands located close to nature. This makes a suitable area for building a comfortable and luxurious property far from the crowd, so that’s exactly why there’s more demand for residence around Bali area in general.

To attract more customers, real estate owners often offer Bali houses for sale around each popular areas like Jimbaran or Ubud with competing prices.

Nothing more appealing than getting your own property with a discounted price! 

So, after reading that do you also interested to invest in a property in Bali? Try your luck in some of the real estate agents and contact them if you wanted to know better! Good luck and have a nice day!       

Precautions To Take For Travelling During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most precious moments in life. However, it often limit you from doing activities you are used to especially the one that is at risk for straining your body. One of demanding activity is travel. Whether you travel by car, train or plane, doing it during your pregnancy have potential to put your health and safety at risk. Therefore, it is important for you to know everything about travelling during pregnancy to ensure that your body and your baby are safe. 

Precautions To Take For Travelling During Pregnancy

Travel and pregnancy

Every women experience differently during their pregnancy. Some women tend to feel weaker than they used to. Some others may experience no difference and can stay active during their pregnancy. The risk of pregnancy for every woman is also different. Other personal health condition may cause complication and such. Travelling may increase the risk so it is highly suggested to find out more information before travelling wile you are pregnant. 

Check with your doctor

First thing first, you have to check your health to your doctor to find out whether or not you are allowed to travel. If the doctor suggests you to avoid any kind of travelling especially travel between cities or countries, then you have to follow them. Doctor may suggest you to travel during second semester since it is the most stable condition during pregnancy. During first and third semester, the risk is too high so you will be most likely not being permitted to go travelling. 

Safety is priority

Precautions To Take For Travelling During Pregnancy

Always prioritize your safety during the trip. Keep in mind that you cannot be selfish because you are keeping your baby inside your body. If you travel by car, always buckle up. Lap and shoulder belts are essential to use. They give maximum protection for you and your baby. Travel by train can be more comfortable since you have more room to move and stretch every once in a while. However, make sure o hold on to something if you need to go to the restroom. Travelling by plane can be more challenging especially with the potential turbulence. 

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Try travelling by sea

Travelling by sea during pregnancy is also possible. If you have made sure that you are good to go and gain your doctor’s permission, you have to do other homework. You should check with the cruise line if there is health care provider on board ready to be called 24 hours. There is also another risk of travelling by sea such as seasickness. If you have to take seasickness medication, make sure that you take the ones that are safe for pregnant women. 

Bring companion for your travel plan

Travelling alone during pregnancy is not recommended because you are out of sight. Your safety is at risk if you travel alone especially to foreign country. It is highly suggested to bring a companion who knows your condition and can help you to stay safe and comfortable. It is also essential to stay hydrated during the trip. Dehydration can cause serious discomfort and fatigue to your body. Bring your own bottled water to ensure it’s safe. 

What to Do If You Plan for Diving in Komodo

So you have heard about the exceptional beauty of Komodo National Park and its otherworldly diving sites. The Komodo, which gets famous for its gigantic terrestrial predator the Komodo Dragons, might seems dry and rugged on its surface. However, the everything changes to blooms of shapes and colours once you submerge into the underwater. The ocean floor is bursting with life—hard and soft sponges competes for spaces, colourful anemones and sea fans swaying with the currents, and million of fishes darting round and about. The Komodo lies conveniently at meeting points between two currents, driving plenty of planktons which the marine life feeds and thrives. Komodo diving is very popular among visitors—lots of professional divers and diving enthusiast purposefully embark to a trip to this remote destination just to relish on its underwater showcase. Here are five safety tips you should follow if you plan to visit this lovely destination in your next holiday. 

What to Do If You Plan for Diving in Komodo

Make Sure You Book Diving Tour in Komodo

Here’s the thing. There is basically three types of trip to Komodo. The non diving trip, the exclusively diving trip, and the hybrid of both. If you have diving as the main intention, make to book a diving tour company in Komodo. Decide how much you want to dive. Do you want to spend the whole trip exploring the nooks and cranny of the remotest dive sites in Komodo? Or do you want to visit some of the phenomenal islands around the park? Book the trip according to your need. 

Make Sure You are Qualified to Dive in Komodo

What to Do If You Plan for Diving in Komodo

Despite of its exceptional underwater beauty, Komodo is not exactly available for all divers. Most dive sites lie at 20m depth and sometimes deeper. The currents are often strong and should be handled only by trained and experienced divers. Some sites are shallow and have weak current which suits beginners, such as Siaba Besar and Manta Alley. Before you go, check the requirement for diving in Komodo and make sure your license qualify yourself for it. 

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Check the Diving Rental Equipments on Board 

As a diver, you should be trained to check diving equipments anytime before you dive. As you would likely diving with diving liveaboard in Komodo and rent the gear from the boat, you shouldn’t forget the basic equipment check. Inspect the age and maintenance status. Don’t take old-looking equipments that seems to break anytime. Make sure their equipment merge smoothly with your own. And lastly, don’t skip equipment check on your own private gears, too. 

Choose Diving Site Komodo that Suits Your Comfort Level 

If you have the money to charter your own boat, you have the liberty to arrange your own diving itinerary. Do a thorough research of each dive sites in Komodo and its characteristic. List which one you want to dive and are qualified to do so, and which one you don’t. If you are joining an open trip, consult with the dive instructor about which sites you join to visit. Decide what to do in sites you can’t dive or look for alternatives. You should not forget that diving is basically an extreme and risky sport. Know your limit. Don’t push yourself in areas you haven’t been trained before.