Improving Company Culture Effectively

Company culture is not only about having lavish office for you and your team. It is more about how the company operates. It is also about creating healthy work environment regardless of where the office is located. Especially with the current situation that force many businesses to work from home, company culture is more important than ever. Working remotely means there are no fun perks your teams usually find in the office to keep them engaged and motivated. 

Company Culture

How to improve company culture for the better

It is possible to change the culture at work regardless of the location. The way you and your team operate need to be as effective and efficient as possible especially during difficult times like now. However, changing the culture is not so easy because you need to understand what it is that needs to be changed first. 

It will helpful for you to change company culture by tackling down detrimental issues first. You can do it by having a tough conversation with your teams and staffs. Do not shy away from talking about the big issues in the workplace. This detrimental issues are harder to find during remote work. However, the issues are still needed to be voiced. Once you know the issue, you can make plan on how to take the best action to rectify it. Direct conversation like this can be uncomfortable because not everyone is able to speak openly. However, it is important to be able to address the issue. 

Find a way to connect with each other. When in the office, you can build and maintain connection within team members quite easily because you see each other almost everyday. Remote work can create disconnection which can result in misunderstanding and failed teamwork. Create casual setting where your teams can reconnect so everyone can blow of a little steam. It doesn’t have to be extraordinary activities. You can just open zoom for 15 minutes and let your teams have casual conversations outside work matters. 

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Always encourage everyone of your team to speak up and voice their thoughts. You should give the same opportunity for everyone to share their ideas and opinions. You can try many things to spark their courage to speak up such as making a special section to let your team members give their feedback, or, you can hold a 15 minutes conference to have a chat with your teams. Next, you can also provide an open line for your team members to share their thoughts with you privately. 

Company culture can be changed and improved effectively if the leaders lead by example. It means that you need to model the practices you want to see. Company culture should act according to the standard they expect from their team members. If you ask your team to follow the standards you make but you yourself don’t, they won’t see you as a good leader. And of course, company culture will be even harder to improve because it needs everyone’s participation and commitment.

Benefit of Moving to Elite Property Bali

Elite Property Bali is a well-known trendsetter. The real estate industry trend in Bali is distinctively upward with rents and vacancies soaring. According to a report in 2019, theres a significant increasement property making until the end of the year. The more property being built in the region means the price are becoming more competitive.

Elite Property in Bali

Elite Property Bali outbound trend is to suburbs region like Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud, and Jimbaran. The trend currently hit heavily with COVID-19 pandemic and its expected not to recover soon in those major cities. Meanwhile, it’s great opportunity that created by widespread ability to moving into dream property. But let’s look the many benefits offer with moving to Bali Property.

More Space in the Region

More Balinese people are trading their own lands and property for investment purpose. These means there are more spaces available for moving with unlimited option in the market. More space also means more privacy for the buyer which prefer to own the unit in serene environment and avoiding crowds.

Elite Property in Bali Lounge Ocean View

Furthermore, Elite Property Bali are known for its spacious indoors and outdoor concept. Family can settle their own rooms and space with their own taste. You may even notice theres some unused space in elite property that you could use for any agenda.

Elite Property Bali Can be the Right Mix

Bali property lie between each region and its strong local communities. For many people, this is a great factor to take the most of amenities of both. Within the elite property community, people could walk around and easily access public facilities like parks, school, and others. Most of the facilities are usually being part of people’s normal routines.

Elite complex also keep you close to nearest attraction, shopping center and cultural venues. Moreover, the region mostly offering less expensive shopping center for different segment market. Otherwise, if you not working from home, theres less of public transportation go straight to your job, especially when theres a big traffic going on.

Charming Elite Villa For Leasehold

Whenever you have acknowledge the benefit of moving to elite property bali. You should indicate which type of villa offers all of those benefit for you in future. For instance, this charming villa with a cinematic ocean view in Bali. The word of elite is close described by every aspect of this villa.

Elite Property in Bali Bedroom

This exceptional elite villa features 3 spacious bedroom and 3 cozy bathroom. Made of fully furnish and decoration in every corner with valuable material. These are all nothing but a luxurious and comforting quality and elite living.

Moreover generously offers huge maid room, 3 levels house, 9 air conditioner, 2 elite living areas, intimate dining area, 2 kitchens, excellent swimming pool and gazebo. Enquire this elite property now for the best deal and ideal price.

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Is It Safe To Stay At Hotel Right Now?

Travelling is not ideal following the situation COVID-19. travelling overseas also increase the risk of exposure to the virus. However, domestic travel is now allowed with some guidelines and measurements from authorities to follow. Travel means you most likely to stay at hotels or any other vacation stays. However, it also means you are in place with other people you don’t know. Hotels now take strict regulations and policies to ensure the safety of their guests. Still, you need to take precautions yourself.

Staying at hotel during travel

If you have to stay in the hotel during your trip due to the length of it, you have to take some considerations and preparations prior. 

Many hotels have outlined their new policies in order to minimize the risk of virus spreading. Cleaning and sanitizing the room has now become the top priority. However, it is still possible for every hotel or provider to deliver different standards in cleaning policies. Therefore, it is essential for you to ask any information you need to ensure your safety for your stay later. You have the right to ask any information so do not hesitate especially if you are planning to bring your kids. 

Stay in Hotel
Photo by xavier summer

Some major hotel groups even upgrade their cleaning procedures to another level such as by using ultraviolet light technology to ensure the cleanliness of every surface in hotel spaces. Some even use electrostatic sprayers as disinfectant to sanitize the place. Many people are a bit worried because extra measurements usually means extra fee to pay. This issue however is still unclear. Cleaning policy is priority now for every hotel groups not only to attract more guests but also to ensure the safety of everyone. 

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Staying at hotel during pandemic might not be ideal but some precautions have been made. For example, hotels now provide extra amenity kits such as hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes at public spaces within the hotel. Also, there are markings made in an area where guests should get in line such as at front desks. Therefore, you have to follow the rules of social distancing and other measurements taken by the hotel if you are planning to stay there during your trip.

Hotels now also limit the number of people inside the elevator. The suggested number is less than four guests. Also, hotels perform temperature screenings for guests and employees to detect any possible infection. Thermal scanners are used in every entry point. They also encourage guests to wear a mask before entering hotel area. 

There are some changes to the services delivered in hotels right now that may leave you surprised. For example, cleaning policy is now stricter and the service delivered in particular standard. Hotels must want to be in more control in who touches what. Also, buffets are now unavailable in hotel because it increase the risk of people stuck together in one place which makes it hard to maintain social distancing. Guests’ optimum well-being is prioritized by hotel provider now.

Alikai Liveaboard – Packing Guide on Your First Trip

Whenever we imagine about Liveaboard, all goosebumps and excitement are coming to our nerves. Going on a Liveaboard is one of ultimate list on having a dream vacation.

But planning for a liveaboard trip is not that simple. We need to consider and do research of any itinerary. Often its time consuming for us on preparing several aspect. Those aspect including budgeting, Alikai Liveaboard booking, destination, insurance, gear rental and of course your packing

Packing for Alikai Liveaboard
Photo by Anete Lūsiņa

Packing during a Alikai liveaboard trip is essential to make sure you are fulfilled with your needs. Sometimes it left us puzzled as a first-timer and we have no idea what would happen. If you happen to carry a lot of luggage, you will cost a lot of energy. Meanwhile, if you go on lightweight packing, you might miss something important.

So here are several simple packing that can guide you on your first Alikai liveaboard trip.

Determine the activities

Packing before any outdoor activities must be based on several aspects. Not recommend to put things in a backpack directly, it will be more wise to first determine your intention. Note every activity you plan during the travel and align with any itinerary needed. With a clear plan and schedule, your getaway will be more fun and easier.

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Prepare your staple item

Just like living on a normal day, we always have tendencies on staple items to our day going. Staple item refer to any basic necessary item for your individual or group needs. 

Whatever the destination, you will always need to bring it close to you. Some staple items you will need are your additional food, medicine, toiletries, extra shirt, documentation gear, etc.

Gear up your equipment

There are lots of activity to do during an Alikai liveaboard trip. Cast away to an unfamiliar landscape will leave us curious of new sightseeing and experiences. For instance Alikai Boat Indonesia, they provide activities from kayaking, diving, snorkeling, trekking and birdwatching. All of the list are considered to be the complete one amongst the other with Alikai Indonesia.

Alikai Liveaboard
Source: Alikai Liveaboard

To make those activities more fun and memorable, you will need additional gear and equipment. Either you may rent these gear elsewhere or if it’s included in your trip package. But with Alikai Cruise Indonesia, they have provided these equipment for cutomer’s better experience.

Don’t overpack things

Pack responsibly. As first-timers who get excited to new experiences, they tend to put everything as if it was necessary. Its the kind of mistake we want to avoid. All of the sudden you will realize that half of the luggage are untouched. So its best to pack only the necessary to you or groups

Communicate with liveaboard cruise crew

You have the time in the world to communicate with the Cruise Indonesia crew. Some useful information and guidance may be provided. To mention Alikai Cruise Indonesia, they have 12 dedicated and highly experienced crew ready to help match your expectations. Led by professional expedition leader, his extensive experience will narrate your liveaboard story more special.

Alikai Liveaboard
Source: Alikai Liveaboard

Further having communication before you sail doesn’t do any harm. Its always good to crosscheck any necessary point so your group will have clear information.

Safety Tips To Choose Transportation For A Trip

Safety Tips To Choose Transportation For A Trip

The global pandemic has brought some major changes to how we travel now. It is impossible to get back to how it was before the pandemic. The future will be different as well. Choosing transportation that provide safety for every passenger is the main issue now. Public transportation are considered a risky place for being exposed to the virus. It is no longer about safely arrive at your destination and having comfortable ride but also about slowing the spread and protecting yourself as well as others of COVID-19. using transportation needs precautions and extra measurements now.

Choosing and using safe transportation to travel during pandemic

Some people may find it impossible to fully stay at home due to circumstances such as the nature of their work. It is important consider factors such as feasibility, practicality, and acceptability so the transportation you are planning to use meet your needs.

Always stick to the health protocols

Safety Tips To Choose Transportation For A Trip

It is essential to always stay up to date with information provided by your local authorities include information regarding to how to have safe travel. Using any type of transportation, it is important to stick to these measurements:

  • Wearing face mask throughout the entire trip.
  • Practicing hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette in public spaces.
  • Before leaving your home, washing your hand thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using soap and running water. Or, you can also apply hand-sanitizer containing 60% alcohol instead.
  • Taking hand-sanitizer with you so you can use it once you are inside the vehicle.
  • Upon your arrival at destination point, washing your hands again thoroughly.
  • During the trip, avoid touching your face, mouth, and nose carelessly.
  • Covering your sneezes or coughs either with a tissue or the inside of your elbow. Throw the tissue in the trash bin properly.

What you should remember when using transportation

During travel, it is critical to practice social distancing rules. If you have to get in line, keep the distance at least 6 feet with the others. Wearing a mask can also helps you for spreading or contacting the virus if the crowd is unavoidable. If you bring your kids, encourage them to do so unless they are under 2 years old. Also, it is not encouraged for people with trouble breathing to wear mask. Remember that wearing a mask is not to protect the wearer from being infected by the virus but to protect others just in case the wearer is already infected without showing any symptoms.

Don’t use transportation if you are sick

If you are sick, it is strongly advised to stay at home instead of travel and using transportation. If you really have to go travel to some places, bring adequate supplies such as pack some masks, travel-size hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes. When using transportation, avoid touching anything. If it is possible, use touchless payment.

Improve the ventilation whenever possible

If you take smaller transportation such as taxi, ask your driver to improve the ventilation inside. It is safer to use smaller transportation such as taxis instead of buses or trains because it reduce the risk of interacting with others. However, there is always risk due to the changes of passengers from time to time so always take necessary precautions and measurements.

What You Should Prepare for Wreck Diving in Bali

Do you need special certification for wreck diving in Bali?

This is probably the most popular wreck dive site on Bali when you visit the island, and it is one of the must-see dive sites – dive sites around the world. The USAT Liberty wreck is only a start, considering that it is the largest and most famous of all wrecks in Indonesia. This ship sank more than 60 years ago and has been a wreck dive site ever since a volcanic eruption in 1963 moved it from the beach to the water. Wreck diving in Bali is a totally different experience from a normal dive trip and requires experience, skill and coolness, as you can be in one place and do not have to travel to the reef for a routine dive. Wreck diving is fun and exciting, but it can also have serious health side effects, especially if you do not dive regularly prior to the dive holiday. So what are things you need to know before the wreck trip?

Do you need special certification for wreck diving in Bali?

Bali wreck diving should include this page in your list; it is an experience you should not miss when you travel to this exotic destination. However, like most wrecks in this island, they generally sit (or placed, as some are intentionally got sunken) in shallow waters.

What You Should Prepare for Wreck Diving in Bali

The phenomenal USAT Liberty wreck often become beginners’ very first open water diving destination in the end of their course. Amed’s Japanese ship wreck is even accessible for snorkelers! So, no. You are generally not required to have special wreck certification to dive the wrecks in Bali. Unless you want to dive the deeper part of the USAT Liberty that lies on 30 meters deep below the surface. For that, you will need to complete the Advanced Open Water certification and, if you want, take the wreck dive specialty course.

See what’s around the wreck

There are excellent dive sites in the northwest of Bali and although there are not many dive sites or dive operators, it is worth visiting Pemuteran Menjangan Island where it is located. One of the highlights for the locals in Candidasa is the Selang Sea, which comes from a small island directly off the coast, if you do not let the strong current disturb you. Also have a look at the liveaboard option, where you can see more of Indonesia’s diving. It might be harder to get there, but I’ve seen there are some good deals out there.

Bali is a great place for diving and snorkeling if you want to see species you will never see in America or Europe. Some of Bali’s best slugs can be found in front of the Biaha shark caves and you can also see a variety of other species of sharks, crabs and other marine life.

Getting to wreck diving sites in Bali

When is the best time to explore the sunken ships

Arranging transportation is vital when you are planning to have several wreck diving in Bali. Most of the diving resorts in Bali offer diving tours and day trips to most of the best dive sites and dive enthusiasts can arrange a day trip to the USAT Liberty Tulamben and other dive sites. Many dive operators in Bili will offer 2-3 dives per area for liveaboard safari and many more for day trips.

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When is the best time to explore the sunken ships?

Diving in Bali is possible all year round, but many tourists think that the best time to visit this incredibly idyllic area is between September and November. During the summer months Bali gets crowded and many of the most popular dive sites are at their best in the high season. The best time to dive in Bali is generally between December and February, as visibility is highest and the December to February is the rainy season, which can affect visibility at most dive sites. Besides the dry season, which takes place between April and September, dives in Bali can also take place during the rainy season, and then visibility can be high due to good weather conditions and visibility.

Virtual Tour To Enjoy Without Travelling

Virtual tour or vacations have become a trend now due to the situation regarding to the global pandemic. Travelling is still considered risky because the virus is still spreading no matter if it gets better in some places. Virtual tour is also a good alternative to spend you day. Aside from being entertained, you will get to learn more about arts, cultures, and other information throughout the tour. Besides, it is accessible experience as long as you have stable internet connection.

Options of virtual tours to spend your days at home

The current situation may have limited you from taking a flight. However, you don’t really have to travel so far to see places around the world. You can do it from your couch while having your favorite snacks. To help flatten the curve, you can stay at home and watch live-stream or webcams of many interesting places from your devices. Here are several options you can have:

Provided by You Visit

Options of virtual tours to spend your days at home

This service enables you can visit the citadel online through a 360-degree virtual tour and see Llamas at Machu Picchu. The cams will show you the Peruvian Andes mountains. It is known to be an ancient citadel built in 15th Century. You will get to see the view of the amazing mountains in 360 degree. Not to mention that you will get to see adorable Llamas in their habitat. Some older ruins will be highlighted through the cams as well.

You can also explore The Great Wall Of China through virtual tour. Located in the northern China, the fortification walls is one of the amazing wonders in the world. This is also known as one of the most impressive archaeological human feats in the history.

The National park System’s Website

Options of virtual tours to spend your days at home

You can also visit The National park System’s Website to have a virtual tour around national parks. You can view the Grand Canyon through 360 degree photographs. You can also see some archaeological sites through the cams. Another interesting part is that you can go on a virtual hikes to the Phantom Ranch as well. 

Provided by Samsung XL Online Tour

Virtual Tour To Enjoy Without Travelling

Via Samsung XL, you can also have virtual tour around Jerusalem. As you may have known this place is interesting because it is home to three big religions Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Through the cams, you will get to have a tour around beautiful places in Jerusalem including The Church of The Holy Sepulcher, Old City markets, the Western Hall, etc.

Google Arts and Cultures

Virtual Tour To Enjoy Without Travelling

Via Google Arts And Cultures, you get to have virtual tour around famous places in the world from museum to national parks. One of the most interesting tour is visiting the White House. This place is interesting for many people around the world. And you don’t have to come to The United State to know the inside of the building. Through this virtual tour, you will get to see various rooms in the White House including Eisenhower executive office building, the Secretary Of War Suite, the Vice President’s Ceremonial Office, etc. 

Exotic Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard Sailing

Imagine sailing to a remote destination, where the air is pristine and the water is fresh. A land where nature rules in its wildness and modern development were scarce. Uninhibited islands covered by rustic auburn grasses, colonized by the last Komodo dragons the world. Imagine waking up on your Komodo liveaboard; the boat is sailing across this beautiful frontier on a quiet morning. Upon you is vast blue sea, stretched out in all directions. The sounds of the waves lapping on the vessel’s body sounds very calming. There’s one thing left to do to complete the serene ambience; a morning yoga in the deck.

Exotic Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard Sailing

Yoga Holiday in Komodo Liveaboard

There are so many things to do in Komodo; walking with the dangerous and endangered Komodo Dragons, exploring the neighbouring islands, visiting empty beaches, diving the ultra-rich underwater, sunrise watching, surfing, kayaking, and thousands other things. From all things enjoyable to do in Komodo, yoga is definitely on the top of the list. Some take it as part of fun activities for the day. Some other, like those true yogini enthusiasts, dedicated the whole Komodo trip for a holistic yoga retreat. It’s easy to find Komodo liveaboard that have yoga session on their service or the one with a dedicated yoga pack on the trip.

Daily Sunrise and Sunset Yoga

Exotic Yoga Retreat in Komodo Liveaboard Sailing

Absorbing the first and last rays of the sun in meditation and relaxing yoga is the perfect way to both start and end a day. Picture this. You are lying down in the yoga mat, in top deck of the Komood liveaboard, a light breeze is caressing your skin. Now you can hear the sound of the sea while closing your eyes and focusing your mind to the breathing. You feel completely relaxed and deeply connected to all the elements of nature around…

Between the sunrise and sunset yoga, Komodo is spread unfolded for wild explorations. Take a walk with the dragons, dive the wonderfully rich underwater, snorkel in the clear water, kayak to secluded shore, or simply relaxing in one of Komodo’s empty beaches.

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Sailing for the Wellbeing in Komodo Liveaboard

It’s almost a sin to waste the unpolluted air on the remote Komodo. The true relaxation of this sailing holiday makes it a perfect destination for yoga. When was the last time you can have sun salutation in a fresh open air like this? Doing yoga in the middle of the sea, far from any modern civilization amplifies its benefit. Among its advantages are relaxed mind, better breath control, improved lung capacity, anxiety management, and gaining greater strength and flexibility.

Revel in the wholesomeness of yoga retreat in the far flung Komodo. Immerse in the sense of disconnectedness of all worldly worries and feel a new, purer connectivity with the earth. Find your cosmic balance within the peace of Komodo. 

Things to See When You’re in Netherlands!

The Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe renowned for its flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycle paths. Amsterdam, the capital, is home to the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the house in which Anne Frank lived clandestinely and wrote her diary during World War II. The mansions along the canals and the many works of artists such as Rembrandt and Vermeer are remnants of the city’s “golden age” in the 1600s. We’ll find out which favorable destinations to visit in the Netherlands!


Things to See When You're in Netherlands!

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, more commonly abbreviated as Rijksmuseum, is a Dutch national museum, located in the capital Amsterdam and devoted to the fine arts, crafts and history of the country. One of his paintings called Nachtwach is an extraordinary work. This is due to the sale value of the work which is higher than the Dutch financial assets.

The canals of Amsterdam

Things to See When You're in Netherlands!

Amsterdam’s canals stretch for a total of more than one hundred kilometers, with some 1,500 bridges crossing them, connecting around 90 islands. The four main canals are the Herengracht, the Prinsengracht, and the Keizersgracht and the Monkey. Amsterdam has a lot of canals. This country is said to be located below sea level. All of Amsterdam’s canals can be up to 100 kilometers long, with the number of bridges reaching 1500. The location of the bridge and its surroundings are widely used as objects of photography by photographers.


Things to See When You're in Netherlands!

The Vondelpark is a Dutch public garden located in Amsterdam, in the southern district. Built in 1864 with a stage in the middle called the Open Lucht Theater. Numerous opera and music performances are presented on this stage. This 47 hectare park, besides having a stage, also has other facilities in the form of a playground and a restaurant. Initially, the park was called Nieuwe Park, which was later renamed Vondelpark. Here too we can see that there are rose gardens and statues, one of which is the work of a famous artist called Pablo Picaso.

The De Gooyer Mill

Things to See When You're in Netherlands!

The De Gooyer mill is the name of a gallery mill located in Amsterdam between the Sarphatistraat and the Singelgracht on the Funen quay. The wingspan of the mill is 26.6 m. This wheel is the tallest in the Netherlands and is made of wood. De Gooyer is very popular and exists between Funenkade and Zeeburgerstraat.

De Gooyer is also a national monument, built since the 16th century and did not have the name De Gooyer, but The Funen Molen / Le moulin de Funen, then the name was changed to De Gooyer by the city government. Unfortunately, De Gooyer is not open to the public. So for tourists and visitors, one can only look at the beauty of the wheel from the outside. There are still plenty of interesting destinations in the Netherlands!

Four Things to Inspect When You Come to Home Décor Stores

Four Things to Inspect When You Come to Home Décor Stores

Filling a home with furniture the one of the most exciting parts of having home. With just few touch here and there, finally your brand new house will start to look like an actual home—that’s actually meant for living. Now, everyone has their own taste when it comes to decorating their homes and we cannot really intervene when it comes to preference. But we know one thing for certain; good quality furniture makes a good home, no matter whether you are an urban modernist or if you’re inclined more to Victorian gothic. Here’s some key notice you should do every time you walk into any home décor stores. Pen’s out, it’s time to jot down all the key information.

Prioritise Furnitures on Home Décor Stores that Suits Your Lifestyle

It’s easy to get distracted by beautiful cushions, lamps, and drawers of all shapes and colours when you get inside home décor stores. This is why you should have identified your lifestyle even before you pick a furniture. Get a concept of living and buy furniture that match. Do you love to roll up in the warmth of fluffy sofa in front of your TV? Do you travel a lot and need something that won’t easily catch mould?

Four Things to Inspect When You Come to Home Décor Stores

Also, buy a furniture that can last the dwellers of the house. White carpet or couch with pure cotton fabric is probably not the best when you have little children. Consider pets as well—furniture lined with suede, silk, velvet, or loose  weave fabrics would probably just last a day in a home with active dogs or cats.

Know the Woods You Want to Use

So here comes the wood. The basic of all furniture. Now, any furniture hunter should know three basic categories of wood.

  • Solid wood: Very durable, looks good, can last for more than a decade, but typically is more expensive and susceptible to scratches.
  • Veneers: Environmentally friendly, typically Is more affordable, generally more stable, and look more expensive than it is. However, it’s not of the best quality as solid is.
  • Composite wood: The cheapest and most lightweight wood, but not very sturdy nor durable.

Now, most people would say that solid wood is the best, but it can really depend on the usage. If you live in a rental apartment and don’t plan to use the furniture in a very long term, veneers and composite wood can actually make a decent furniture. For more heavy-duty item like wardrobe and dining table, you would want it made by strong and durable materials like a good quality solid wood.

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Are the Cabinets and Drawers on Home Decor Stores Sturdy?

Four Things to Inspect When You Come to Home Décor Stores

You want your furniture to function normally when you use it. When it’s time to buy drawers or cabinet from home décor store, please check them thoroughly. Make sure the doors open and close smoothly, the drawers pull all the way out, and everything latches and shuts properly. See if the handles and knobs are in tight fits.

Avoid Wood Glue and Nails

Another thing you should do when inspecting your future furniture in a home décor stores is how it’s assembled. You want all woods jointed to the frame of the furniture, not glued or nailed in. Jointed pieces are studier and can take more weights, while glued or nailed one are more susceptible to break.