Most Recommended Wellness Spots Around the World

Most Recommended Wellness Spots Around the World

Wellness retreats are one of the most desired travel types. It is because this kind of travel brings so much benefits. For example, you will receive healing properties both emotionally and physically. Hence, you feel refreshed and recharged after the trip instead of feeling exhausted. Splurging your money on your health and wellness is good form of self-care, which is important. Having a wellness retreat is like a good way to disconnect with the buzz and madness of your everyday life. It is time for you to reconnect with yourself.

Best places for wellness retreats

Wellness retreats usually include activities such as yoga, fitness and spa getaways, a visit to holistic treatment center, etc. Here are the most recommended places where you can get everything of the best wellness retreats:

Bali, Indonesia is probably one of the most desired wellness spots to visit by many people all around the world. It has everything you need for a well-deserved getaway. Bali is already known as a wellness haven for many travelers especially for novice yogis and serious practitioners alike. Bali has everything from lush jungle to exotic coastline. Not to mention that the locals are very friendly and welcoming to tourists. The culture in Bali is also very distinctive. Lots of sacred and quiet places you can visit during your trip.

India is such an underrated place for a great wellness spot. However, it is the birthplace of yoga and many spiritual practices. Thus, India is like the oasis for a wellness hunters. You can find tranquility in the southern beaches, and many more interesting places to visit. However, it is true that India is not that very easy country to deal with during a trip. You need to bring extra patience. It is best destination for adventure travelers who are devoted to seek out the worthy oasis for wellness.

Most Recommended Wellness Spots Around the World

California or often called Cali is also recommended spot for wellness seekers. It is because California is a hub for many modern day spiritual movements. In California, you will find yourself in relaxed-pace. Most of the people there are health-conscious, making it cozier for you to enjoy a luxury spa visit or yoga practice. In California, everything you need for your wellness such as nutrition, fitness, and spiritual energy are there to welcome you. Esalen in Big Sur is one of the most recommended places in California to seek a wellness retreat.

Morocco is located in Northern Africa and often becomes most desired place for a wellness getaway. It has many ideal spots for wellness from beaches to dessert. Lots of people who visit Morocco also love luxury Glamping. It brings new experience of camping in a luxurious way. For adventure seeker, Morocco offers surfing retreat as well. Morocco is also a great place for practicing yoga since there are so many beautiful spots to use. This place also have many wellness resorts you can book during your visit. Last but not least is Moroccan spa worth trying for. It is a spa that features ornate baths and argan oil treatments.

Discover Wildlife Along the Kri Island

Kri Island

Kri island is located in Meos Mansar District. The stunning island has always been known to its traditional owners as Little Mansuar. There are hundreds of lookouts and incredible viewpoints to explore this stunning island. The island has everything from beautiful lush rainforest, excellent coral reef, long white beaches with a vast abundance of marine biodiversity. Aside from the spectacular nature, the diversity of wildlife in Kri is extraordinary. Here, you have the chance to see many of the world’s most iconic birds and marine life. It’s no wonder Kri has is one of the most visited islands in Raja Ampat.

Kri Island Forest

Take a walk in the Kri Island jungle to spot wildlife. Amaze yourself by the wide variety of wildlife on land. The forest is swarming with exotic birdlife, fauna, and lush jungle foliage. Several species, including lorikeets, parrots, kingfishers, egrets, fish eagles, and pigeons. Birdwatching is an exciting activity to do on the island. Read more to find information about the ones that will make your ears rejoice. 

Paradise Kingfisher – Glossy-mantled Manucode is a species of bird in paradise with around 42 cm long. It is blue, green, and purple-black with a red iris, black bill, and long graduated tail. Flowers, worms, grasshoppers, beetles, caterpillars, snails, centipedes and fruits, and sometimes lizards are part of their diet. The birds used to move alone or in pairs, but not often, the birds in groups. It is easier to hear their high-pitched sounds than to observe these birds directly.

Kri Island

Willie Wagtail – The Willie Wagtail is not a common blackbird since it has white belly and whisker masks. Willie Wagtail has a white eyebrow that can expand to show its emotional condition, so the bird’s eyebrow changes from being almost invisible to being conspicuous. You can find the Willie in open habitats or around houses. They have many distinct and melodic sounds, but the most-recognized one seems an alarm call. Which it does to ward off potential threats.

Flying foxes – Flying foxes is one of the largest bats, with a body of about 40 and a wingspan up to 1.5 meters. Plants, insects, and other fruits are part of their diet.  Even though they are vulnerable to hunting in other places. The flying foxes assist in regenerating Kri forests via seed dispersal and help the ecosystems by pollinating plants, which positively affects humans and the earth.

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Marine life

Being part of the coral triangle, Kri Island possesses the richest stunning coral reef. You can find many bump head parrotfish traverse the coral reef and banging coral free bites as they feed. Schools of tuna can sometimes be so dense at Kri. Macro underwater enthusiasts often catch a glimpse of a pygmy seahorse in the strong current. Large fish species have also been sighted here, including giant groupers, napoleon wrasse, and whitetip reef sharks. These are scattered all over those diving sites so that you can explore them easily! 

What is Travel Etiquette and Why is it Important?

What is Travel Etiquette and Why is it Important?

There have been many reports about unruly behaviors of travelers. It has caused damaged to places and offended the locals. Many travelers think that they are free to do anything when visiting unknown place because nobody can recognize them. However, keep in mind that every country or place has its own rules. As a guest, you need to respect and follow them. Therefore, travel etiquette should be taken into account regardless of your destinations.

The importance of travel etiquette

Travel etiquette means rules and codes to behave or how to do different things in a proper way. The whole society accepted those behaviors and actions. Travel etiquette might be different from place to place. However, you can always follow the guidelines. It is highly advised for you to learn more about the travel etiquette applied in your travel destination prior the trip. Hence, you know what to do or what not to do when you are there.

Learning more about the place you are going to visit will help you a lot in understanding them or why certain codes or rules are applied. Also, you will be able to show your respect in proper way. Sometimes, you are not aware that you offend the locals by some gestures you have already considered respectful in your own culture. Differences in cultures are common. However, misunderstanding can happen if you are not careful.

What is Travel Etiquette and Why is it Important?

Travel etiquette is important because then you know how important certain construction or landmarks are. You won’t dare to touch, let alone cause any damage just for the sake of curiosity. Some places are sacred and sometimes visitors are not allowed to touch any items. When there is is this type of rule, make sure to follow it to respect the local culture and customs. Instead of touching forbidden things, you can ask the locals so you know the importance of the items or places for them.

Even if you don’t really have time to learn all the travel etiquette of the place you are going to visit, always stick to respectful manners. Always treat the others with respect even if their beliefs are different from yours. If the people you meet cannot understand you, don’t blame them or complain. For example, when you speak in English but the locals cannot understand what you are saying then just don’t put the blame on them. Even though English is widely spoken language, not everyone in the world speak English. Try using gestures and body language since it is more universal language.

Staying safe and sound during travel is important. Part of it is to prepare yourself to know what is correct or not. Locals rules and behaviors are meant to follow. Even if you disagree with how things work in your travel destination, do not offend the locals by disrespecting them. When you are ignorance to travel etiquette, you put your own safety at risk. You don’t want to cause troubles in an unknown place.

Intimate Wedding on a Labuan Bajo Liveaboard

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard

When we plan sweet weddings, we are looking for absolute perfection for our special day. We are careful in choosing the venue, foods, destination, the seating chart and decoration. Garden decorated with beautiful tulips looks amazing, but if you want something different, you should have your wedding on a boat. If you’re going to set the perfect tone for the special event of your life, Labuan Bajo Liveaboard can help achieve those goals. Getting married on the water is lovely, it not only a spirit of adventure but hosting a wedding ceremony aboard automatically imbues an elevated sense of style, elegance, and luxuriousness. But are you still not convinced? No worries, here are the top excellent reasons why saying “I do” getting a wedding on the water is second to none.

The adventurous wedding destination

Getting married on a Labuan Bajo Liveaboard can be far from regular and that’s the surprising thing that everyone wants to make come true. Many people are used to traditional weddings in gardens or halls, but planning getting married on a boat around Labuan Bajo can bring adventure. Labuan Bajo is one of the small towns on the westernmost tip of the island of Flores, Indonesia. The small village sits peacefully, calm, and beautiful, with many wonders waiting for you to explore.

The view from Labuan Bajo Liveaboard

For a lot of people celebrate special day with a magical waterfront view is a must. But why do you need to get married near the waterfront, while you can get married on the water? Words can’t describe this fantastic Labuan Bajo’s view! Just imagine saying your vows on a particular day at the bow of a stately aboard. Surrounded by the crystal-clear blue sea and the beautiful island. You family and friends will enjoy the breeze and the perfect sunset!

Labuan Bajo Liveaboard

The perfect venue for your entire event

Your entire special day can take place on board. So you don’t have to worry about the extra expense of transporting the guests from the wedding ceremony site to the reception. Don’t forget to prepare a sweet playlist for your wedding onboard. Play some lively music during the day. Some slow and melodic love tunes during the night while your guests dance under the stars. It is so perfect and romantic!

All-inclusive wedding packages

Getting a wedding on the water is a cost-effective way to tie the knot. Many boats offer a variety of wedding package options to fit your budget. They offer all-inclusive packages with everything from an on-site wedding venue to the catering, cake, and decorations.

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The perfect wedding photos on Labuan Bajo Liveaboard

Everybody wants the perfect wedding photos. After all, you maybe plan to show the beautiful pictures to your kids someday. Those photos will be lifelong memories. So imagine all the beautiful images you can take from a wedding liveaboard with the warm sunlight, blue sky, and the sunshine on the faces.

Top 5 Indonesian Food You Must Eat

Top 5 Indonesian Food You Must Eat

Indonesian dishes appreciated by many people in the diversity of Indonesian culture also gives rise to a variety of Indonesian specialties. Each region has its own characteristics and makes the culinary richness of the country more colorful and known to many people, not only in the country but also abroad. Indonesian cuisine has even become global. Many foreigners also love Indonesian cuisine because of its rich and spicy taste. In fact, some of them have been used as business models for some people. So here below are the typical Indonesian dishes that you can taste during your visit to Indonesia.

Rendang (Beef with spices)

In recent years, the world has designated rendang as the most delicious food in the world. This meat dish rich in spices has managed to make everyone fall in love with it. In fact, its flavor is also recognized by people all over the world. Rendang is a dish that originated from the Minangkabau ethnic group in Indonesia and is now consumed throughout the country and in Malaysia

Mixed vegetables with peanut sauce (Gado – gado)

This food, which is known for its variety of vegetables and a touch of tasty peanut sauce, once made Indonesia famous abroad. The reason is that this food won the international cooking competition held in Naples in 2010. At that time, Paula Astrid Unu was named the first winner in the category of serving displays with her messy kitchen. The popularity of the hodgepodge has also traveled everywhere, including several countries around the world such as the United States, France, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. In general, this food is sold by typical Indonesian culinary restaurants. Gado-gado is an Indonesian culinary specialty, consisting of a salad of crisp vegetables topped with a peanut sauce.

Chicken of Satay (Sate ayam)

This chicken satay snack wrapped in peanut sauce has been around for a long time. Its flavour has even been recognized by many people around the world. It is a dish that originated in Sumatra and Java, Indonesia, and is also very popular in other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand, as well as in China, the Netherlands, due to the Dutch colonies.

Beef soup (Sop buntut)

In addition to being enjoyed by most Indonesians, oxtail soup is also popular with Spaniards! They have loved this food since the first time the Indonesian embassy in Italy introduced the diversity of our specialties, the Spaniards love beef dishes with this oxtail soup.


This food made from young jackfruit cooked with coconut milk has attracted the attention of Indonesians, even in international circles. The reason for this is that many countries want to import it in canned form. So after we know the list of Indonesian cuisine, which dish do you like?

Triton Bay: Let’s Swim with Whale Sharks!

Triton Bay

Triton Bay is known for its incredible colorful corals and marine life. There are more than 600 different types of soft corals, 1711 species of reef fish and 17 species of whales known in this area. One of the bay’s biggest draws are the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. With an average length of around 32 feet or 12.5 meters, whale sharks are majestic giants of the ocean. The Whale Sharks are impossibly beautiful with their flattened head and dark blue skin scattered with a constellation of bright white spots.  They are present all year round in locations where the begans operate. It can be an extremely fantastic experience to get in the water and swim with these beautiful and gentle whale sharks. The landscape and marine biodiversity of the Bay is one of the most spectacular in South East Asia.

How to reach Triton Bay

Triton Bay can be perfectly experienced on a liveaboard from Raja Ampat towards the west Coast of Papua. Join the itinerary aboard Papua Liveaboard with “Hello Papua” and experience the wonderful of the Bay, whether you’d like to sail in small groups, charter for just two or large groups.

Should you be afraid of Whale Sharks in Triton Bay?

If you’re wondering whether swimming with whale sharks is safe for you? let this article reassure you right now. Encountering a whale shark under water is the dream of every underwater lover. Probably the most common question asked about swimming with these majestic whale sharks is “will whale sharks bite humans and it is safe? and the answer is big no, swimming with whale sharks is safe! Unlike most species of sharks on the earth, the whale sharks are filter feeders not a hunter. They have 300-350 teeth, but the tests are teeny tiny and not used for biting on food. The whale shark’s food of choice is plankton, krill, larvae, eggs or small fish. In fact, the whale sharks will swim with you harmlessly like the other dolphins. Here, you have the opportunity to be submerged 3m underwater with whale sharks. Sometimes, you can find dolphins below the whale shark and you also can hear their high-pitched squeaks. While this bay gives you the best experience to swim with the sharks, you need to remember that this bay is a protected area. Be a good swimmer without disturbing and touching the whale sharks in any way. So, it is time to swim with whale sharks!

When is the best time to swim with whale sharks?

The best time to swim with whale sharks is generally during the dry season around October to March, when the days are sunny, the visibility is great and the sea is calm. Unlike other whale shark sites, this bay let you swim with the whale sharks for hours. Of course, you will be able to take a lot of unique pictures of them.

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Finding The Right Channel For Digital Marketing Your Business

During this remote climate in business, you still have to ensure that you can reach out to your potential customers and make sure that you have the easiest access available for customers to find your business as well.

One of the most effective strategies to be applied to achieve these goals during this remote climate is digital marketing through the right channels. There are different digital channels so it is important to find the right one for your business.

Digital marketing your business through the right channels

Different channels serve different purpose that can help you accomplish your goals. Every aspect has impact to your sales as well as brand awareness. 

Finding the right channels doesn’t mean you only have to choose one. It is possible for you to choose more than one channels to apply digital marketing strategy so your business will flourish. For example, you use email marketing, online store, and Twitter and start small. You can add more channels once your business is growing steadily. 

Online store is one of the most common used channels for business especially e-commerce. It deliver easy access for everyone. It is easy for customer to find your online store. It also gives you credibility as well as build SEO for your business to grow significantly. You can also display your products or service in an online store in more interesting ways, take your payments securely, and acquire necessary data to grow your business. Also, online store is easy to set up even if you don’t really have technical skills. 

Blog is channel where you can share your expertise and build a trusted, credible brand. Blog can be used to deliver educational, informative contents. Hence, you can choose blog as a channel for branding. Through your blog, you can share ideas, tips, information, and everything related to the topics related to the interest of your audience but still have relevancy with what you are selling as well. You can also make a blog on the same website as your online store to drive the SEO. 

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Social media is interesting online platforms most people used nowadays. It provides access for fun and direct communication with your potential customers. It can also help you to raise brand awareness. You can share a post that will reach broader audience. If you choose social media, make sure to not only post about your products and service but share information that will interest your audience. Use social media as a channel to engage more with your audience. Connect your social media channels with your online store to drive more engagement as well.

Email is is also great channel for digital marketing and it has the level of dependency the other channels might not have. You can directly connect to your customers. You can send information directly to them. Also, you have more control to the interaction or engagement you want to build. You can control the messaging, timing, and format. Choose email marketing strategies to optimize the use of this channel.

Bali Houses for Sale Best Advice in 2021

Seeking for Bali Houses for Sale is one of your big objection in life. It’s will be a massive target that would define you’ve spent your time, money and big energy to save a deposit and finally gets an outcome on a bali real estate. Moreover, it means a more security in your life, especially if you currently age of 20-30 years old.

Bali Houses for Sale Front Interior

However, it’s not an easy task to do, and theres a lot of things uncovered behind it. Soon you will need to know when making the purchase. Perhaps you’ll not encounter the very best advice from your surrounding, maybe because they dont want to drop your excitement. Meanwhile, it would be more wise to prepare and get the best advice out there.

In addition, here are some of the best advice on purchasing Bali Houses for Sale in 2020:

No Need to Over-Budget on Bali Houses for Sale

The one thing that’s barely mentioned is the fact that buyer should not spend much until the last dime. Its not a new story that we hear a story of people spend all savings in their first bali property. Yet they dont calculate any expense that happen after it. In case the buyer have qualified for mortgage request, doesn’t mean that they have to make a deal on over-budgetly bali houses for sale.

Bali Houses for Sale Living Room

Its preferably to spend a little amount on monthly mortgage expense and keep rest of your saving. Instead of demanding the maximum amount of mortgage, take a look at your needs and the homes in your area. Only borrow what you need to secure the right place for you. Even if it is cheaper than you could absolutely afford.

Dont Bite All of the Realtor Advice

Obviously, most realtors possess as expert in real estate market and they seems wouldnt lie or give a false statement about to their buyer.  Moreover with little knowledge of real estate market, you will expect to get insight from them. But mind to keep the distance and dont bite all of the advice, since there will be few bad apples to drop.

In addition, there still a lot realtor who you can trust with your enquiries. Its someone or agency who will right by your side with sole aim of getting you the ideal bali houses for sale. They’ll help you provide the detail information of property and try negotiate an ideal price for you. Furthermore, the chances are you’ll definitely get more ideal deal rather than without their help, especially as a first-time buyer.

To keep in touch with the best ones, we suggest to approach They are the leading realtor and property agency in bali.

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There Might A Few Hidden Expense

When you purchase your first bali houses for sale , you may be unaware of few hidden expense that cover within the property. For instance, a lot of new family are obligated to apply on mortgage insurance because their first deposits are below 20 percent of the unit’s value.

Bali Houses for Sale Exquisite Bathroom

While calculating, this number can project to as much as few percent of their new unit value annually, which consider massive. Then, they will face property taxes, repairment, pest control, home owner association, and many much more on the list. All these list can add up to a massive expense that might strangle buyer or new family in near future. So its best to settle a cold money saving that prepare for those occassion.

Improving Company Culture Effectively

Company culture is not only about having lavish office for you and your team. It is more about how the company operates. It is also about creating healthy work environment regardless of where the office is located. Especially with the current situation that force many businesses to work from home, company culture is more important than ever. Working remotely means there are no fun perks your teams usually find in the office to keep them engaged and motivated. 

Company Culture

How to improve company culture for the better

It is possible to change the culture at work regardless of the location. The way you and your team operate need to be as effective and efficient as possible especially during difficult times like now. However, changing the culture is not so easy because you need to understand what it is that needs to be changed first. 

It will helpful for you to change company culture by tackling down detrimental issues first. You can do it by having a tough conversation with your teams and staffs. Do not shy away from talking about the big issues in the workplace. This detrimental issues are harder to find during remote work. However, the issues are still needed to be voiced. Once you know the issue, you can make plan on how to take the best action to rectify it. Direct conversation like this can be uncomfortable because not everyone is able to speak openly. However, it is important to be able to address the issue. 

Find a way to connect with each other. When in the office, you can build and maintain connection within team members quite easily because you see each other almost everyday. Remote work can create disconnection which can result in misunderstanding and failed teamwork. Create casual setting where your teams can reconnect so everyone can blow of a little steam. It doesn’t have to be extraordinary activities. You can just open zoom for 15 minutes and let your teams have casual conversations outside work matters. 

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Always encourage everyone of your team to speak up and voice their thoughts. You should give the same opportunity for everyone to share their ideas and opinions. You can try many things to spark their courage to speak up such as making a special section to let your team members give their feedback, or, you can hold a 15 minutes conference to have a chat with your teams. Next, you can also provide an open line for your team members to share their thoughts with you privately. 

Company culture can be changed and improved effectively if the leaders lead by example. It means that you need to model the practices you want to see. Company culture should act according to the standard they expect from their team members. If you ask your team to follow the standards you make but you yourself don’t, they won’t see you as a good leader. And of course, company culture will be even harder to improve because it needs everyone’s participation and commitment.

Benefit of Moving to Elite Property Bali

Elite Property Bali is a well-known trendsetter. The real estate industry trend in Bali is distinctively upward with rents and vacancies soaring. According to a report in 2019, theres a significant increasement property making until the end of the year. The more property being built in the region means the price are becoming more competitive.

Elite Property in Bali

Elite Property Bali outbound trend is to suburbs region like Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud, and Jimbaran. The trend currently hit heavily with COVID-19 pandemic and its expected not to recover soon in those major cities. Meanwhile, it’s great opportunity that created by widespread ability to moving into dream property. But let’s look the many benefits offer with moving to Bali Property.

More Space in the Region

More Balinese people are trading their own lands and property for investment purpose. These means there are more spaces available for moving with unlimited option in the market. More space also means more privacy for the buyer which prefer to own the unit in serene environment and avoiding crowds.

Elite Property in Bali Lounge Ocean View

Furthermore, Elite Property Bali are known for its spacious indoors and outdoor concept. Family can settle their own rooms and space with their own taste. You may even notice theres some unused space in elite property that you could use for any agenda.

Elite Property Bali Can be the Right Mix

Bali property lie between each region and its strong local communities. For many people, this is a great factor to take the most of amenities of both. Within the elite property community, people could walk around and easily access public facilities like parks, school, and others. Most of the facilities are usually being part of people’s normal routines.

Elite complex also keep you close to nearest attraction, shopping center and cultural venues. Moreover, the region mostly offering less expensive shopping center for different segment market. Otherwise, if you not working from home, theres less of public transportation go straight to your job, especially when theres a big traffic going on.

Charming Elite Villa For Leasehold

Whenever you have acknowledge the benefit of moving to elite property bali. You should indicate which type of villa offers all of those benefit for you in future. For instance, this charming villa with a cinematic ocean view in Bali. The word of elite is close described by every aspect of this villa.

Elite Property in Bali Bedroom

This exceptional elite villa features 3 spacious bedroom and 3 cozy bathroom. Made of fully furnish and decoration in every corner with valuable material. These are all nothing but a luxurious and comforting quality and elite living.

Moreover generously offers huge maid room, 3 levels house, 9 air conditioner, 2 elite living areas, intimate dining area, 2 kitchens, excellent swimming pool and gazebo. Enquire this elite property now for the best deal and ideal price.

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