Seminyak Villas for your Affordable Luxury Vacation

As one of Bali’s most popular destinations for numerous voyagers, Seminyak offers a splendid ambiance through its diverse attractions. You can start the day in Seminyak by having a nice breakfast after yoga, and then shopping at Jalan Laksmana or visiting art galleries, going to a relaxing spa and enjoying the sunset at La Plancha. Last but not least, exploring the nightlife in Seminyak is something you should not miss.

Seminyak Villas

It is always a pleasant experience to hang out in Seminyak. But why not decide to stay there? Seminyak is also well-known for its fine villas, right? Unfortunately, the fact that Seminyak is the most stylish and upscale beach resort area in Bali, will only desperate you. Seminyak is the home for hordes of the island’s expats to live in. When you, as a low-budget traveler, see this kind of villa in Seminyak, you probably wouldn’t even want to know the rate.

That is somehow wise because this one costs the US $440 per night. Indeed, Seminyak Villas is always associated with luxury and high price. Don’t give up just yet! You can still have a fashionable villa experience in Seminyak with less money spent.

Find the modest Seminyak Villas

First and foremost, you should bear in mind that an affordable villa won’t exactly be the same as the expensive one. In the same way as any other accommodation, the option is ranging from the simplest to the most luxurious. If you can find a cheap hotel in Seminyak, then there is no exception to find a cheap villa, too! But, it will be a big mistake if you compare the prices of hostels and villas since both of them have some contrasts.

Why should you prefer a villa?

Even though a cheap villa is still twice the price of a cheap hotel, you can eliminate some other costs by living in Bali Villas Seminyak. Since there is a washing machine provided by most of Seminyak Villas owner, there is no need to pay the laundry while staying at a hotel anymore. In addition, you can also go get some fresh ingredients from the local market and cook in the kitchen. Most importantly, if you stay in a villa, you will get maximum privacy you can’t have in a hotel.

Advance booking

Whenever you decide to come to Seminyak and are planning to stay in a villa, you can turn to book website to check out plenty of customer’s reviews on Seminyak Villas. Besides, you can directly visit the booking platforms like Airbnb, Agoda, and

There are actually quite a lot of best deals available if you subscribe to the newsletter from these travel companies. You can otherwise check out some coupons or promo codes to get a discount. All you need to do is a little more effort to perceive your “travel in style” experience.

As Paul Brodie puts it, “One of the biggest challenges about going on vacation is planning the trip.”

Best Travel Destinations to Enjoy The Best Street Arts

Street arts can be found almost everywhere. They are magnetic which can pull everyone’s attention somehow. If you are street arts enthusiast, there must be a desire inside to travel to places with the best street arts. This is not hard to realize because those places are there.

street art destinations

You can go to those places and enjoy the richness of street arts. Besides, every country usually has different style of street arts even the terms are same. This type of travel will also helpful if you are an artist yourself. This can give you some sort of inspiration.

By looking at other artists’ masterpieces, you will gain different perspective which can help opening your mind.

Travel destinations with the best street arts

There are various types of street arts. Some people misunderstand graffiti as the only street art exist.

However, it is not true and graffiti is only one of them. Aside from expressing creativity, street arts are what attract tourism in some way because there are the places where people like to flock around. If you are one street arts lover, consider these places to travel to:

London is one of the most visited travel destinations in the world. Most people visit this city to enjoy the peaceful vibe or artistic value of architecture. However, this place is also a good spot to enjoy street arts. There are many stunning murals you can enjoy for free. Aside from murals, there are also various statues such as the giant blue rooster in Trafalgar Square.

Mexico City is quite wild travel destination. This is where you can see various street arts such as murals and graffiti arts. It is not a secret that some murals in this city has historical significance which make the more special in some ways. Those street arts has been part of the city landscape for many years indeed. One of the biggest masterpieces is All City Canvas. It is a legal graffiti art project involving 9 artists in the making. You can have a street arts tour to truly enjoy the masterpiece.

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Cape Town in South Africa is also one of the best destinations if you want to have a street arts tour. In fact, street art is already a regular form of expression throughout the city. You can find various forms of street arts throughout the street for free. If you are an artist, you will understand about the passion and devotion the artists pit into their arts through how detailed they are.

New York City is also a great place to enjoy the best street arts. This busy city is already one of the most visited travel destinations. If you are planning to visit the city to specifically see the street arts, you won’t regret it. Some unique street arts can be found throughout the city. Not only are they beautiful but they are also full of cultural and historical values. Explore the city to find various works of street arts by well-known artists such as Buff Monster.

Social Media Campaign: What to Prepare Before?

There will be time when you are operating an online business, you will use what other internet marketers are calling it as the social media campaign.

And while we are talking about it, I am going to remind you that any kind of activities you are doing on social media can give you the three results which are the best one, the worst, or nothing.

It all depending of what you are going to do and for only sometimes, it is also depending on how much your budget is to involving in a Social Media Optimization so your business will get more chances to be found by those who are interesting about your offers.

Important preparation before running your social media campaign

If you are confusing about what the social media campaign is, it is simply the ways, tools and other digital assets your business have had to start utilizing social media platforms for spreading your business information.

social media campaign

Some digital assets are really important as well as the strategy that they will be required to be available before running the campaign (activities) to support the online present of the business itself. And you will know about those important aspects in just a second away.

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1. Professional logo design and cover image

As businesses are required to be displayed professionally, many of them are competing to have a professional and unique logo as one of their identity. And to be honest, you will also do the same for yours.

Mostly, it will be used as profile picture even though some big other businesses are sometimes changing it with their brand ambassador images. So does the cover image where it is also important for some popular social media platforms to encourage the others to think that your business is truly professional.

2. Consistency in writing the NAP of all your business social media accounts

If you are asking what NAP is, you are actually have been known it already. It is an acronym of:

  1. Name of your business (mostly the brand)
  2. Address (where is at?)
  3. Phone numbers

If you are thinking that it is not important at all, then it is actually a way of saying that your business is not consistent.

To deal with NAP, all you have to do is that providing the same format of writing about the NAP. If you are writing address, for example the “Street” to be “St.” on your website, then keep on doing the same thing at all your business social media accounts as well. So does choosing the way to display your phone numbers, will they be started with “+” sign and country code or not and so on.

Besides it will help your social media audiences to navigate through your social media profiles, it is also affecting your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.

3. Ads resources for social media ads networks

If you tend to put ads on Facebook, then you will need to think about whether the ads will displayed with image or video and else. Even, as one of the most popular social media ads network, Facebook itself have various way to display the images in an ads.

And if you are interesting to start your first social media ads campaign on Facebook, other things you will need to do and have are:

  • Ads description and copywriting.
  • Plan for how much budget to spend daily and how long will it be running.
  • Dealing with the engagements when someone are posting their comment on your ads or even in your status on social media business page.
  • Monitoring, evaluating and re-planning the running ads and more

For the new businesses that have not been known by social media audiences, it is one of the faster way to promote your business on social media through the ads campaign.

4. What to post and when?

Next, you must be required to have more and more audiences or followers on your social media pages, right? And you have known that people are coming, interacting, and recommending the others about what your business is because of the interesting contents you have been shared.

Later, you will keep on dealing with the content production to make sure that you are not losing the followers (customers). So they will keep on getting in touch with your business through your social media campaign.

And to do that, you will need to know what interesting status or images to share, what videos making them spending more times on your social media and others.

You will also need to know that posting every single day may a bit hard for the beginners businessmen. Therefore, you’d better planning about which contents to post and when the best time to post them.

If you think that doing all the above things is hard for you, there is an agency that offering the best social media bali services you can pay and use especially for the businessmen that are thinking that 24 hours a day to run business is not enough at all.

5. Know the objective of running social media campaign

I think, this is the most important one that I should put it on above first point. If you are operating an online business and utilizing social media to help you with that, you need to know some of the objectives in getting and utilizing the followers as well.

New social media accounts will surely best to promote it to find people who will like the page or follow the account. But for the ole business that have been known everywhere, most of the times the objective is not only to get more sales but to keep on building the brand since it is one of the endless activity for all kind of businesses.

How Travelling Can Improve Your Skills In Design

Design is related strongly to creativity. However, it is often that we get stuck in a situation when it is so hard to find any idea and create any design that you think can be appealing or artistic. It is not something new to experience a rut. Every artist and designer must have had experience this kind of situation in their life. However, it is not something unfixable though. You can always try to refresh your mind so ideas and inspiration won’t be that hard to come by. 

Improving your skills in design by travelling

Every individual may have different approach to solve their problem. As for the problem of having difficulty to be creative in creating design, you can go travelling as the solution. It is because travelling can generate creative benefits. It is not the travel only that can get you immersed but also the whole experience including the culture you learn, the people you meet, and the different language you encounter. So how can travel improve your skills in design?

How Travelling Can Improve Your Skills In Design

New Perspective

New perspective is what can trigger your mind to open up. When you travel to new places, you will notice many new things. You will realize that with different culture, people resolve problems in different ways as well. In addition, there are aesthetics you will get to appreciate as they are new in your eyes. You may see common things in the place you visit. However, every one of those common things may have different design. Realizations will come as you are faced with new perspective from the place you visit. And keep in mind that you will only get new perspective when you experience new culture directly. 

Creativity Triggers

Through travel, your creativity will be enhanced. Throughout your journey, you will experience many new things in different perspective. You will realize that differences are not bad things. It is about perspective. You will also learn many things that can enhance your senses through new smell, sounds, tastes, languages, and many other elements. Those experiences will increase a cognitive flexibility. Thus, it will results in more creative mind because your brain will be able to jump from one ideas to another. You will also be able to make connections that you may have never thought before. 

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Engage, Immerse, Adapt

The key of travelling that can help improving your skills in design is how you can engage, immerse, and adapt. When you travel, try to engage in many new experiences. You can try interacting with the locals more and learn new things about their culture. You also need to let yourself immerse those new knowledge and experiences. Let your mind open up and absorb anything you find throughout your travel. Gradually, your mind will be able to adapt those new things through many things. As the result, you will be able to make some connection and associate what you find into something more imaginable in your mind. This will help your mind to function creatively. Therefore, travelling is a great way to refresh your mind and get your design skills improved. 

Mistakes to Not Do on Komodo Liveaboard Sailing

Sailing with Komodo liveaboard embodies tropical vacation dream. On a wooden phinisi (Indonesian schooner), you are gong to sail across deep blue ocean, gradually graded to light turquoise around dozens of stunning islets. Line of soft sandy beaches encircle each undisturbed islands—some are starkly white, some are black, and few of them glisten in rare pink. From phinisi’s deck, you are going to see undulating hills of each small islands in the Komodo National Park carpeted by bright, yellowish savannah hills, radiating strong “Jurassic Park” vibe. With magnificent landscape all around and the comfort of hotel, your life in Komodo liveaboard could be perfect. Only if you don’t do these stupid mistakes. 

Mistakes to Not Do on Komodo Liveaboard Sailing

Going Cashless on Komodo Liveaboard

We know it. The modern cashless society and all the trouble within. Nobody could be brainless enough to go to Labuan Bajo without having a bulk of Indonesian Rupiah ready in cash. Remember, there’s very few international ATM in Labuan Bajo and fewer trusty money changer with good rate. And once you hop on Komodo liveaboard, you’ll practically be away from any ATM until the end of the journey.

Don’t take just “enough” money. Always go extra and have extra cash in case of unexpected things. Maybe your prearranged port transfer didn’t show up and you need to take a taxi to the port. Maybe you want to buy some souvenir in Komodo Island. Or maybe you want to buy something from the a la carte menu on the ship. We never knows.

Booking Plane with Tight Schedule

Once you make Komodo liveaboard booking, they will give you the schedule and itinerary details. They will tell you the departure schedule (mind you, it’s a rough estimation). Whatever you do, don’t book flights in tight schedule! Always have a night between the arrival of the plane with the departure, and vice versa. You won’t know if you’re going to miss the plane, got delayed, got moved to another flight, and (god forbid), got cancelled. The same apply for returning plane. What could ensure you that the ship would be back in the port exactly like the schedule? Who would guarantee your loss if you’re late to catch the returning flight? 

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Rushing on Ginger

Ginger is widely known as a natural health remedy for seasickness. Nobody want to get seasick in their Komodo cruise. Some prefer to manually cut and brew their ginger in hot water, while others opt for ginger candies. Be careful though—too many ginger could lead you to painful stomachache for the rest of the night! You could always try seasick pills, acupressure bands, or essential oils. 

Not Checking the Target Market of Komodo Liveaboard 

You might think that this is a trivial things, but joining the wrong boat tour could greatly decrease your mood for holiday. See, there’s huge difference between trips that intended for young travelers, families, and the elders. Family trip is where everything is design with child safety in mind, and activities are planned for the whole family to enjoy. The elder trip usually skip on challenging spots or the off beaten paths. It largely focus on sightseeing and souvenir shopping. If you are young and  loves to explore by your own, choose a liveaboard tour with high flexibility in their schedule. That way, you can be free to hike the secluded hills, finding new spots, snorkel on the gorgeous shore, and overall enjoying the Komodo on mostly your own pace. 

Travel Destinations for Chocolate Enthusiasts

It is hard to find people who dislike chocolate. It is like everyone’s favourite. It is there in our daily foods, drinks, and even in our skin care routine products. Chocolate is everywhere which makes it easier for you to enjoy it in different form.

Country destinations for chocolate enthusiasts

If you are chocolate lovers, might as well stat planning a travel to several destinations where chocolate is their main signature. Travelling with chocolate as the main theme of your journey will create unforgettable memories for you to keep.

Recommended places for chocolate lovers to travel to

It is time for you to travel driven by your passion. Chocolate drives people crazy as it is addictive in some ways. If you are craving on chocolate, might as well plan a travel to visit destinations where you can truly enjoy chocolate at its finest. Here are several recommended places you can put into your bucket list:

  • Turin, Italy – This city is famous for its chocolate especially because it has been ingrained deeply in the history of the city since the 17th Century. One of the most famous chocolate signature is hot chocolate called Bicerin. It is hot beverage combined with espresso and chocolate, as well as milk. The recipe is authentic and you can enjoy this special beverage in almost every café in this city. If you are planning to travel to Italy, don’t forget to pay this city a visit and try out the Bicerin so you can indulge your passion in high quality chocolate drink.
  • Switzerland – Well, this is one of the most iconic when it comes to chocolate. It is one of the top countries of producing the best chocolate in the world. Maison Cailler is the perfect example of Switzerland’s most renowned and oldest chocolate factory. This factory looks like a house from the outside surrounded by lush meadows. You will be able to witness the making of chocolate and you can even taste fresh-made chocolate.
  • Vienna, Austria – This is also highly recommended travel destination for chocolate lovers. The Vienna Hotel Sacher is one of the must-visit places if you are craving on chocolate. Sachertorte is the velvety chocolate cake you must try when you visit this city. This chocolate cake boasts an apricot jam filling. It is often served with whipped cream. This is one the most popular desserts. Vienna itself is one of the most visited travel destinations in the world. If you have this place already in your bucket list, might as well book a room in this hotel and order the velvety chocolate cake that will melt your mouth.
  • Costa Rica – Chocolate has or precisely cacao has such a long-standing history in this exotic travel destination. Cacao beans were used as their currency in Pre-Columbian times. High quality cacao mostly comes from Caribbean coast. If you are chocolate lover, you can visit a traditional chocolate plantation in the Tirimbina Biological Reserve. You will have an unforgettable adventure through a rainforest. Most importantly, you will get to know how the local treat cacao beans into fresh-made chocolate.

7 Questions Answered About Surf Camp Holidays

There are many things to know about the surf camp holidays. And even though many of us are only think that the top challenge we need to conquer is the wave, we’d better think again about it.

Questions answered about surf camp holidays

To start your own adventure through your surfboard especially when you are the beginners, let’s see if you have had the answers for the below questions.

1. Should you know how to swim to learn surfing?

Some people may are thinking that the question is the same to “should I need to know swimming for scuba diving?”

In fact, some of the surf camps are not really requiring you to to know how to swim for the shallow sea you are going to learn. But, surely that swimming can be the main skill you will need to know for doing things at the sea. It is for your own safety sake.

2. How long you need to be in a surf camp holidays to be pro surfer?

It is not like you will need to be in a surf camp travel package like forever. But, for the beginners, it is surely they will need to start the best surf lessons from professionals.

Some new surfers are started to know how to surf in their first week of being in a surf camp and some can even take months. You are the only one who can answer this question since each people have their own motivations, times to learn, etc.

And the only way to getting to know it is to start your professional surf training ASAP.

By the way, talking about being pro surfer will take years. But if you will only need to be know the best ways and techniques of controlling the waves and balancing yourself on the surfboard, 2 or 3 months of spending your time in a surf camp holidays should be work for that purpose.

3. Where else the surf lessons can be started?

If you think that the beach is the only place to go, you are wrong this time. To learn surfing, there are various place to visit. So do the professional lessons and instructors are.

If the surf camp holidays seem to be impossible for you at the moment, then try to find if you can visit the indoor surf training that will mostly using the flowboard, etc.

4. Is there any kind of “environmental friendly” things in a surf camp as well as the surfing itself?

It is believed that surfing can be one of the sustainable travel idea in the world. Still, we are human will surely be the main cause of environment’s degradation.

Therefore, find the surf camp that will at least care also about the nature. And to start knowing about it, you can ask the operator about the nature-friendly sunscreen you can apply before the lessons begin. There are many sunscreens today that can really harm our sea.

Surely that there will be more responsibilities and things you can do when talking about this.

5. How about the age requirement so you can be in a surf camp?

All of the surf operators are getting the different age requirements for this. It is because of the lessons are mainly for the adult, for children or kids, different purposes of the surf camp like for holidays or healing (therapy) and so on.

But mostly, those who can start to be in a surf camp and learning to surf is started around at 6 to even 65 years old. What can be interesting than that, right?

6. Is there a day surf lesson to try?

Yes, it is. Even though not all the surf companies have such program, but there are more actually that can help you with that. The benefit of starting a day surf lesson is to test whether you will really like the surf or not.

Being in a surf camps mean that you will spend days or even weeks learning to surf and that can be your best decision ever or worst. So, just gives it a try through a day of being coached by the pro instructor and see how is it going and how it will help you making the decision.

7. Will you need to exercise when you want to start the surf lessons?

Another surprising thing about surfing is that it is a sport that will requiring you to exercise with the other sports. Say it running, jogging, weight lifting, front squats, pushup, mobility drills and more.

Surfing is beautifully mixing so many kind of exercises to ensure that you will getting fit on the board. That’s what the “surf fitness” is all about.

Effective Hacks for Efficient Travels

You can make your travels either easy or complicated. However, it is everyone’s wish to have efficient travel where everything goes smoothly without so much hassles in the way. Perfect travel is impossible because the risk is still there. However, you can minimize the risk of being involved in troubles and hassles if you know the hacks. Travels no matter what the purpose is should be comfortable especially when it requires long haul flight due to far destination. Therefore, you need to find out what can you do to make your travel more efficient and you get more done.

How to have efficient travels

–        There is no use to fight traffic if public transportations are available. You can let someone else do the driving instead of fighting the traffic on your own. This way, you will have time to do somethings in your agenda such as checking emails, reviewing upcoming schedule, or just simply relaxing. Besides, public transportations today provide free Wi-Fi so you will always have access to finish your work.

One of the reasons why people travel is to escape from the hectic day so they have time off to be around responsibilities. However, it won’t do if you cannot get more done while travelling. You will be too busy to do and manage many things. Even if you have prepared your to-do list, you may end up expanding it. Here are some hacks to have efficient travels:

–        If you travel for business purpose and want it to make as productive as you want, use your downtime to engage your brain and increase your knowledge of the business you are involved in. This might sound stressful but nor for those who are running business. This is how business people can maintain their pace even when they are travelling.

–        Optimize your waiting time by doing productive things. Instead of hurrying your way to the airport, it is better to come early at least 60 minutes before your flight. This way, you don’t have to do everything in hurry. When you are in a rush, you can’t truly enjoy your travel and there is not much you can do. Instead, coming to the airport earlier can help you optimizing waiting time. You can catch up on your reading while relaxing or contacting your clients if necessary.

–        Believe in technology and let it help you make your job easier. Technology is there to use so you’d better make the most of it. Online tools are available so you can use them to your own benefits. You can even manage your travel using online tool so everything is well-organized.

–        If you travel while still have many works to get done, you can maximize the time by investing in efficient tools or devices. For example, you can bring your wireless keyboard so you can type your emails efficiently while waiting for your flight. If you don’t want your work to meddle with your travel, let your virtual assistance maintain your business back home.

Leasing Property In Bali And The Benefits

The world of real estate is growing rapidly. Businesses like this will always experience price increases and never suffer losses, except under certain conditions. Especially in Bali, the property is the target of investors as many expats and tourists decide to settle down. In fact, not a few of them are doing business and carrying along with their families so that Bali has automatically become a new home for them. Leasing property in Bali has always been a trending topic in the business world. Keep in mind that Bali does not need to sell because with all that Bali has to be able to promote its own area.

leasing property in bali

What Do You Need To Know Before Leasing Property In Bali?

Short visits on vacation to Bali that turn into monthly or even annual visits bring many foreign investors. The scenario is monthly visits and changing to annual means long-term accommodation needs. To rent a hotel room every time a foreigner arrives in Bali needs a large academic fee. What is possible is renting property, whether housing, apartment or villa.

What are the rules for leasing property in Bali for foreigners?

To obtain property ownership as a foreigner, especially in Bali is quite complex. Why? There are many policies and restrictions that have been implemented by the Indonesian government. Do foreigners have other alternatives? Leasing property is the simplest possibility to be able to use the property. There are benefits, of course, there are risks that will arise. Things like arranging agreements and signing agreements by the owner or tenant.

In this case, the rights and obligations of each party must be explained in detail and ready to be signed, even if you are a foreign citizen. The lease period for foreigners is a maximum of 25 years. According to the regulation, the lease period can be extended by 2x provided that foreigners still have permission to stay in Bali. If the residence permit has expired, foreigners must immediately transfer property to other parties.

What The Benefit of Leasing Property In Bali?

For investors, leasing property in Bali will bring many benefits in various ways. If you want more income, you can rent back your leasing property in Bali to tourists. Travelers are now clever in choosing the right accommodation for them. When coming on vacation with family or with a group, they will certainly enjoy the comfort and privacy of a villa. For expats who work in Bali, the possible choice of residence is a house or villa, and this depends on the budget of your residence while working. Many things and processes must be processed to be able to lease property in Bali, but after that, you can reap unlimited benefits.

Dolphin Watching in Bali: Things to Know

There is one of the black sandy beach in Bali that is popular for its beautiful and joyful sea animals, the dolphins. The beach is called as Lovina and it is located at the Buleleng Regnecy, Bali.

Since dolphin watching can’t be met anywhere you are heading to the beaches in Bali, Lovina beach then becoming the most popular destination to visit. And to be honest, there are so many travel packages that included dolphin watching as one of the main attractions and things to do when you are heading to Buleleng or when you are in Bali.

Dolphin watching in Lovina beach in Bali

Watching the dolphin is never been interesting. Moreover if you have not been experiencing it in the early morning while the sun is rising at the island of gods. Bali.

Things you need to know if you are interested about dolphin watching in Lovina Beach

Getting to Lovina beach is just like you are starting the journey from a corner a of a region to another one. If you are starting from the Ngurah Rai International airport that is part of northern Bali, then you will need to go south for the beach.

For the time you will need to reach the destination, it can be vary base on the traffics. But mostly, it takes around 3 to 4 hours on the road by car.

Knowing this, heading for a dolphin watching from the airport is not really recommended that you are using taxi since it will really cost you a lot. For short, it is better to rent a car with driver that will mostly take around IDR350,000 to IDR550,000 per day (10 to 12 hours).

Next, another thing to know is the best time to watch the dolphins of course. It will also answering about what time you will need to start from the airport or your hotel accommodation.

It is recommended that watching dolphins around Lovina beach is at 6 am to 7.30 am in the morning. Therefore, you will need at least to start from Denpasar since 2.30 am or 3 am before. But if you think that you will need to experience the destinations at Buleleng, you are surely possible to plan all the things you will need there.

From 6 to 7.30 am in the morning is the best time for the dolphins to getting out and playing and that will be the attraction you are going to see. Even, when the boat you are on is moving, some of the dolphins will following it along the way from behind, beside and in front of the boat.

Anyway, you will need to be at the beach at least at 5.30 am and you will also need to pay for the fisherman boat that will be used to reach the location where the dolphins can be met in the mid of the sea.

The price for the boat is around IDR150,000/person and that will allow the passengers to be on the boat and sea for 2 hours. And since watching dolphins is using the fisherman boat, max people will be included in a boat is around 5 person.

Another last thing you can do while you are in Lovina beach after seeing the dolphins is to snorkeling. Trust me it is worth-traveling and you will find some snorkel equipment rental around. Even, you can ask the captain if he will be possible to accompany you to find the best snorkel spots around Lovina beach area.

Is there something I have not been mentioned about what you will need to know when you are heading to Buleleng and enjoy how refreshing and joyful it is to see the dolphins in the morning?