Dealing With Air Travel Stressor

A trip can be exciting and stressing. Which one is more than another depends on individual. However, nobody can truly be freed from anxiety or wariness during travel because of various reasons. One of the most travel stress triggers is air travel. Lots of people are stress due to air travel for various reasons. Some people are stress because the feeling of being too high up in the sky. Some others are stress due to the cramp and packed situation in an airplane. Or, there are also those who are stress due to the airport situation when they have to involve in a long line.

How to deal with air travel stressor

Air travel is considered as the safest type of transportation. It is not only for a short commute but for a long haul journey as well. Most people take a flight for efficiency. However, there’s still a lot of people are afraid of air travel. Being trapped in a metal tube can trigger stress, headache, nausea, and other things for some people. If you are going to have a vacation using air travel, you need to deal with the stressor for a smooth flight. Here are some tips to reduce, if not remove air travel stress:

Find out the real reason of your air travel stress. Is it the feeling of being trapped? Is it security? Is it the food? Is it customs concerns? Those are some potential reason of anxiety experienced by some travelers when it comes to air travel. By knowing the cause, you will know better of what to do to deal with it.

Try to find a way to prevent the cause to happen. Or at least, try to find something that can distract you enough from those stressors. For example, if you feel like being suffocated during the flight, try to distract yourself by watching some movies, eating delicious foods, or wearing loose and comfortable outfits. Those at least can minimize the stress you have.

However, there are things which unavoidable like a line for security check, cramped space, etc. to deal with the inevitable, try to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Try to do something to help you relax such as inhaling aromatherapy oil, bringing your own pillow to sleep better, or enjoying the music you love the most.

Remember to pack your essentials and most valuable items in your carry-on. They include medication, important documents, money, IDs, etc. this can reduce the anxiety caused by the sense of safety of your belonging. This way, you will still have your essentials even if your luggage is lost or delayed. It gives you sense of security.

There is also air travel stress caused by the fear of flying. To deal with this stressor, you need to find out what makes you really afraid of flying. There are various possibilities include crashing, being trapped, germs, terrorist attack, etc. after finding out the real cause, try to find the solution to deal with it by doing your own research.

Open the Underwater World With Scuba Diving Holidays For Beginners

Scuba diving holidays are no longer a new thing in the diving world. Professional divers actually take advantage of the holiday time looking for undersea spots to explore. Diving is a fun and stressful and challenging activity. For those of you who have never done diving activities, need careful preparation and planning so that your scuba diving holidays for beginners do not become a nightmare. Mental preparation is the most important above all.

Once you decide on scuba diving holidays for beginners, you will automatically know how much your passion for diving. If for fun, you can join a fun dive. Of course, your underwater exploration will be very limited. But most people who try scuba diving holidays for beginners, 2 out of 5 participants are usually interested and pursue diving activities. Or at the very least, they complete beginner training with a diving depth level limit of 18 – 20 meters. At a depth of 20 meters, the underwater shows a more spectacular and extraordinary landscape.

Some people say scuba diving holidays for beginners can be found in Bali. Of course, there will be many pros and cons to enjoy diving holidays in Bali. Maybe all will die to everyone to choose a destination for scuba diving holidays for beginners. In fact, of course, Bali is famous for its amazing underwater scouts. Many spot scuba diving with clear visibility, warm water temperatures, and many marine life sites. This is very interesting for diving activities, whether scuba diving holidays for beginners or for experienced divers.

Scuba Diving Holidays For Beginners, Exploring Underwater Treasure

If you dive in many dive destinations, there will be many impressive underwater treasures. Starting from unique species, beautiful species even with giant size, up to the wrecks of relics of World War II. Most diving destinations save the underwater world so that life in it develops well.

For example in Bali, you will find and see closely rare species such as sunfish and manta rays. In some diving spots in Bali, you can find the ISAT Liberty wreck and shipwreck from Japan in World War II. To be able to reach and explore under the sea, training scuba diving for holidays for beginners must be at an advanced level. Where the depth of your dive can reach 18-30 meters.

When you enjoy the underwater scenery it will allow you to continue exploring the underwater in many diving destinations. Spectacular underwater scenery can only be found in Bali. Every diving destination has different underwater characters and diverse species. Scuba diving holidays for beginners is fun and the right way to open your eyes is to find amazing marine life.

Why You Should Try Fishing on A Canoe

I bet that fishing can’t be the popular travel idea for many travelers for now. That can be understood ever since many of us are staying away of where the fishes are living. For some others, fishing may too smell to be considered as the sport.

But no matter the pro and cons about going out for fishing, I will keep on doing it every time I got a chance and today, I will suggesting you to get your own fishes while paddling the canoe for some reasons.

Why you need to go out for fishing on a canoe

For the first reason you may not expected is that, fishing on a canoe has been my own routine since i was a kid. And for some reasons, that can also be as interested as your think.

But surely I won’t be that selfish just by telling you that. Paddling your canoe on the sea or at the river is recommended when fishing because of what I will tell you on below:

  1. It is good for your exercise especially the upper parts of your body. Paddling on a canoe will allow your upper parts to be moved. If you are doing it regularly, it can even be your self-program to make your body in shape. Fishing will then complete the rest parts of the body since it will really move almost all of your organs.
  2. Giving you new experiences. Paddling the canoe may not as special as the other activities while traveling. But you will never know that you may are seeing and thinking about things differently. Who knows you can get some positive ideas about works or your own life while fishing on it. Simply open your mind to many things. The famous gravity formula itself was inspired by someone who are resting under the apple tree. And you knew who was that, right?
  3. Take you deep to the untouchable spots. Fishing on the boat may are interesting. You can even feels safer on it. But, you have been realized that its size may not fit or too big when you are going to get to the mangrove forest at the sea or the river. But that won’t be happening when you are suing the canoe where you can reach more spots and area than the speed boat itself. It will possible for the new exploration and discovery then.
  4. It will be fun because you can even invite your kids. If you are thinking about the canoe, kayak and rafting, the possible boat that can be kids-friendly is the canoe itself. It has room where a child at least can sit or sleep in it. Rafting may do has the same thing, but surely that it will rarely be used at the sea and for fishing.
  5. Nowadays, the lightweight canoes have been available. Have you ever seen someone put a canoe on the shoulder while heading to the sea or beach? That will be the undeniable life proof that canoe can be took anywhere. It is just has a problem where you can folding it. That’s it.

Anyway, canoeing and fishing has been the great match of activity you can do and both are also things that have been doing for decades or even centuries.

What to Look For of 5 Bedroom Villas Seminyak – Petitenget, Bali?

As Seminyak and Petitenget in Bali has been popular among the local and foreign travelers, there are many accommodation options that are offered. It is even believed that both of the locations are dominated by the special villa offers where tourists can even get the 5 bedroom villas in both area.

If you have ever wondering about why people are renting the 5 bedroom villas at Seminyak, then the first answer for that is because there are more people are staying in. but you don’t actually need to wondering about how many bedrooms the villa can get, you can even find dozens of bedroom villas at both area ever since they are perfect for that.

I was even thinking that the best place to build the villa accommodations in Bali should learn how the Seminyak area has been developed.

What you will need when staying in 5 bedroom villas at Seminyak or Petitenget?

When the more people are residing in temporarily in a 5 bedroom villas at Seminyak, then they must be on a family vacation or simply just want to travel in a friends getaway experience. There might also be a chance for company’s outing but i think that will be the rare thing to meet.

What to look for when renting the 5 bedroom villas at Seminyak or Petitenget?

Ever since we are renting or reserving the accommodation not only for resting or sleeping in, we need to know the ins and outs what we are going to rent. It is because you are going to spend the money for not only to take a rest and a place to keep your travel’s luggage. You need more than that no matter how affordable the villas are and the other accommodations as the whole.

When you are going to rent the 5 bedroom villas Seminyak, there are some other things and aspects you have to find out first. Those are as below:

  1. How many beds are available and what about their sizes? Asking this question is important since you can then adjusting on how many people will stay in. The size of the beds are also important since there are many villas with only 1 King size bed and the rest are using the Queen size beds. Sometimes, the in a bedroom there will be two queen size beds for travelers if possible.
  2. Ask the management about the 5 bedroom villa’s facilities and amenities. Does the villa at Seminyak you will need to rent has a restaurant? What about the bar? Do they providing you free soaps? Wait! Is there a private pool inside?
  3. Cleaning service. Many accommodations are limiting their cleaning service by rooms. Many times, the swimming pool may get cleaned every single day in the morning but how about the kitchen or bathroom, etc? Knowing the information will be useful if you are staying for a week since it will be a long vacation or even more than that.
  4. Cost for the rooms upgrade. I am assuming that you will need more bedroom then what you have been reported before. What about the cost and what if there will be your new members staying there as long as you are there? And what if you want to change from the 5 bedroom villas to the 6 bedroom? or what if there will be a sudden event when you have to move to another available villa with the same number of bedrooms?
  5. Make sure that the villas are closer to the beach and surrounded by the business centers you might need. Seminyak and Petitenget are the seaside villages. You are doing it wrong when you are renting the villas away of the shoreline because you won’t experience the most of the tropical vibes of Bali. There are so many 5 bedroom villas at Seminyak and Petitenget where you can even get the beachfront view and surrounded by tasteful restaurants and bars, shopping centers and many more.

Keep Your Body Fit with Simple Exercise during Traveling!

Do you know kinds of simple exercise in traveling? Keeping your body fit while traveling is very important. Even though you are on vacation and having fun, it’s good to keep in shape.

Simple exercises during traveling to keep your body in shape

So that body shape is always maintained even though many enjoy culinary while on vacation. You can work around this by light exercise without the need to go to the fitness centre.

Here is a light exercise that you can do while traveling:


Lodging like hotels or villas usually has swimming pool facilities for guests to enjoy. Take the time of at least one hour in the morning before starting traveling with swimming in the available pool. If not, you can choose water tourism places such as beaches, water parks or spring pools.


Before starting traveling activities, there’s nothing wrong with taking the time to jog around the lodging area. Jogging for one hour can make you sweat and your body will be fresher.

If you stay at a large hotel, make good use of it for exercise. You can jog in the morning around the hotel while enjoying the scenery and breathing in the fresh air. If your hotel is not spacious enough, you can jog outside while looking around the hotel.

Who knows, you can find interesting places such as souvenir centres or good photo spots.


No need to rent a vehicle such as a car, motorbike, or horse when exploring tourist cities. You can choose to walk to enjoy the holiday atmosphere more. It also can be used as a time to waste calories after tasting many delicious menus typical of vacation spots.


Who doesn’t like cycling? Besides being fun, this activity is also healthy. You can use the services of bicycle renters in tourist attractions. Getting around the tourist sites and exercising can be done while cycling.

Push Up

Push up is a simple exercise that you can do anywhere, including in a hotel room. You can push up on the floor or use furniture around the room like a chair. Regular push up for 20-30 counts can provide many benefits for your body.

For example, it can form the muscles of the body, strengthening stomach muscles, helping the strength of bones, training the heart muscle, and others.

Squat Jump

Sports that are easy to do when traveling are squat jumps. You don’t need any tools to do this sport. Simply put both hands behind your head, then squat and swing your body while jumping and then crouch down again.

Jump squats on a regular basis can strengthen the leg and thigh muscles and increase and strengthen energy in the body. However, the squat jump should be done for a maximum of 5-10 minutes, so you don’t get injured.

Exercise on the hotel stairs

Furthermore, if you can use the stairs found in the hotel where you stay. Use an emergency ladder that is quiet and also does not disturb other people. You can run casually or up and down stairs. This sport is included in the type of cardio so it is very healthy for your heart.

That was the brief information simple exercise in traveling.

How a Strong Brand Identity is Important for Business?

In a world where most of the business you are running now has a high competition, how the possible ways do you think you can make your business stands out from the crowd?

An important of strong brand identity of a Lamborghini's business

The one ugly fact about business nowadays is you may are thinking that what you are offering is better, functional, tasteful, life-changing and many more great innovations you have put in your business. But the real thing is that, there will always someone out there that will have the same business as you do but bigger and even cheaper than what you might have offered.

Your services are great, but the same ones can be done by someone faster than you do. Your product might be the best the world could has, but the others are selling it cheaper than you may have thought. You won’t be surprised with that since you may are seeing that happen in every daily basis.

Yet, no matter those will be happening everyday, many businesses are still running and even getting bigger each years even though there’s always going to be the same new businesses duplicating it and offering it cheaper.

That’s how the strong brand identity is where the business is always has its own clear and undeniable perspective of what they are offering to the customers.

The important of a strong brand identity

The first time you are planning of a business, your thoughts may are as simple as selling things or introducing your services. In the other hands, marketing your business may not as easy as before but at least now you have had many online platforms that can help you with that.

You can make use of the website, social media, reach out for the influencers and might be some celebrities, etc. But your business strong brand identity itself is also truly important ever since it all will be about what your customers will be thinking when hearing about your services or when someone else will complaining about the product she just bought.

Brand identity is the image you have build through processes and it will be the results of all what you have done before until today.

In fact, because of its importance, many businesses today are investing their money in how to build and increase a strong brand identity. Even it has becomes one of the important thing to do while finishing the other parts of the business.

It is caused by the strong brand identity itself can be the secret recipe that will really contributes in separating your own business with the others especially your main competitors.

If you are wondering about how businessmen are building their brand identity, some are making use of the great graphic design for the business logo, flyer and all the assets including the good website design, social media engagement and their contents, packaging, and many more.

Doing that means that you are going to get the benefits of online marketing as well since you can’t really avoid that. Even though the Lamborghini itself has a so much rare of its appearance on tv ads, but I am sure that they will have a great optimised official website that has been designed so much well. Visiting their site can even gives me the first impression that the brand is so much exclusive that will only offered to the exclusive customers as well.

That’s how a strong brand identity is working for short and that’s why your business should take the same advantages as well if you are going to make yours stand out from the crowd. The last thing I want to tell you is that, the brand identity is also contributing in marketing your business. How’s that sounds?

Factors to Put You in Distress about Your Trip

Basically, a trip is what makes people get excited because they expect to have some fun along the way and get recharged afterward. However, sometimes travel can put you in distress instead. Thus, the trip doesn’t make them feel relaxed but quite the opposite. If you often feel that way, you need to start searching for the solution because as fun as it is to go on travelling, being in distress is not a pleasant thing to experience.

What makes you stress about the trip?

Basically, every individual has different trait. Some people are more carefree with things happen in their life. Some others are over-worrying almost everything even for minor things. As about stressful trip, lots of factors contributing to this situation. Of course, being anxious of something is common. However, being overly anxious to the point you are getting more stress than fun is disconcerting. A trip is supposed to give you some enjoyment at some points, right? Before dealing with stress over trip, it is better to find out first the factors that can cause it.

Financial related problems – This type of problem is quite common. Money is one of the most important supports you need to have comfortable and safe trip. If your trip requires lots of money, it is common to feel anxious. Travelers dealing with financial problems focus more on how to save up money for the trip instead of enjoying the trip itself.

High expectation – Lots of people travel thinking that it will somehow solve their problems. However, it is not true. A trip can make you stay away from your problem but it is only temporary. After a trip, your problem still exists. Travel is not a solution. With this high expectation of travel, people are stress when they find out the trip doesn’t make their problems go away.

Too much to plan – Planning is one of the most stressful part of travelling. Lots of people get stuck in planning their trip to make it as perfect as possible. The stress can lead to poor planning management. In the end, planning feels overwhelming rather than comforting. The purpose of planning is to reduce anxiety due to the lack of preparation not to add your stress.

Safety concern – Lots of people get stress because they worry about their safety especially when their destination has potential of terrorism, tourist kidnappings, or armed conflicts. It is important to have precaution over your own safety. However, there is no place that is totally free from potential danger.


There’s a lot more factors that can put you in a lot of stress about your trip. The best solution is to do your own research to decide safe destination. You also need to make sure that your travel plan fit your financial limit. It is better to have realistic expectation because sometimes your travel destination is not as romantic or enjoyable as you thought before. Then, instead of hoping the trip to solve your problem, you should enjoy the travel experience to the fullest.

Foolproof, Anti-Scam Guide for Online Komodo Liveaboard Booking

The Komodo National Park, home to the prehistoric, dinosaur-esque Komodo Dragons has been raised as one of traveler’s top destination in Asia. It’s a set of far flung islands where you can go back in time, see ancient dragons, dive on one of the best water in the world, and get lost in the middle of savannah fields. It’s one of the prides of Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism, a UNESCO’s World Heritage, and currently hold a place as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The National Park, made from three main islands—Komodo, Rinca, and Padar—and more than 20 surrounding islands is a perfect destination for a sailing trip. In fact, Komodo liveaboard, yachts, and boat charters are the main vessel to explore this little haven. 

Just like plane tickets and hotels, you would certainly wish to have online arrangements for everything in Labuan Bajo, Komodo. And certainly, that includes the liveaboard booking as well. But finding trusty liveaboard operators that match your preference and budget while you are thousands miles away could be challenging. Before you are keying your credit cards details to an obscure liveaboard website and put your life savings at risk, read this little guide first. Here, we have some tips to identify reliable Komodo liveaboard website that won’t steal your money for fake services. 

Foolproof, Anti-Scam Guide for Online Komodo Liveaboard Booking

Established, Maintained Komodo Liveaboard Websites

Do you know how pricy is it to maintain a good website, let along keeping it afloat on Google’s top pages search result? Eliminate your initial liveaboard candidates by picking websites that are enlisted on Google’s first (or at very least, second) page. With steady budget to maintain their website’s rank on Google, there’s a high chance that they are run by professional, profitable companies. 

Great Social Media Presence

Some of the best Komodo liveaboard boats and yachts that we knew a good, maintained social media. And they are not shy on replying comments and displaying their sailing programs on their feeds! This should goes by common rules; in this digital age, a serious business will take social media seriously to attract their market as well as maintaining their presence in public. The next time you find attractive liveaboard, go to Instagram and take a peek at their account!

Contact List That Really Works

After all, good websites and refined social media presence will mean nothing if the said liveaboard operator are not contactable at any form. Your potential Komodo liveaboard should have either; email address, phone number, or inquiry form. Their phone numbers should be working, and both of their email and inquiry from should reply your inquiry within 1-2 working days. 

Transparent Pricing 

Knowing the prices of their liveaboard straight away is a good indicator that the operator is indeed not a scam. Some operators lists all their prices and packages on the websites, while others prefer to send it to you by email. Either way, you should have their prices in your hand before making any down payment. Also, make sure that those payments are free from any hidden booking fees. 

Professional and Quick Email Reply 

How the operators communicate with you is a tell tale sign of a trusty / scam liveaboard service. If they took more than a three days to reply your every emails, leave. If they don’t make any effort to reply on basic professional English, leave. If your gut feelings tell you that they only want your money, leave. You’ll know instantly when you are dealing with true, trustable professionals whose purpose is to give you best Komodo experience. 

Hotel Criteria for Traveling With Parents

When inviting parents to travel, the first thing that is most important for you to do for them is finding the comfortable hotel criteria for traveling. What is the hotel like for parents, would you choose? Here are tips on choosing the right hotel for parents when traveling with them.

The first tips for choosing a hotel, you must know the needs that must be provided by the hotel

There are many facilities offered by the hotel for its guests. Your job is to find hotel facilities that fit your parents’ list of needs. Ask them what facilities they want.

For example, choose the size of the room and the wide bed. So, they are comfortable.

Choose hotels that are close to tourist destinations

You should choose a hotel that is close to tourist attractions in order that our parents do not feel tired when heading to these sights. Besides that, you can also minimize congestion. Stuck in traffic on the road makes our parents feel tired when they arrive at tourist destinations.

Pay attention to previous hotel guest reviews

Hotel reviews are things you need to pay attention to. How is the service or facility? You should know. Don’t let you choose a hotel with bad service because it can change the mood of your parents.

Look for lodging that is comfortable so they feel at home and enjoy

Most parents are not easy to adapt to a new place. Therefore it is better for you to choose a homy accommodation so that parents are comfortable while at the inn.

Choose hotels that are close to food stalls

Although the restaurant at the hotel provides a variety of foods, our parents prefer to leave the hotel to buy the food they like. So you better look for hotels that are close to restaurants or food courts.

Select the room on the ground floor

You must know the condition of your parents. Most parents are lazy to get a hotel room on the top floor. Try to choose a room on the ground floor or a maximum on the second floor.

Look for hotel locations that are close to the center of souvenirs

When we travel with parents, usually they will think more about other people at home. They will think of buying hands. There is nothing wrong if you choose a hotel that is close to the center of souvenirs.

Choose the location of the hotel that is not too crowded by vehicles passing by

Our parents need to rest and enjoy their holidays. So you must be smart to choose a hotel that is not too crowded with passing vehicles. The position of the hotel should not be located on the main road, try to find a hotel that is located a little in from the main road. Besides that, you also make sure that transportation access is easy to find.

What do you think of the hotel criteria for traveling above? You will not be confused if you invite parents to travel. You can use these tips on choosing a hotel as a guide, you know! So that parents feel comfortable when traveling with us.

Tips For Scuba Diving for beginners To Improve Your Dive Skills

Scuba diving is not just fun but must be done safely and know your limits. Knowledge and diving skills are not only for beginners because all divers can learn more. In scuba diving for beginners will find all the information you need starting from the basics of diving to the most frequently asked questions. As for professional divers, there will be a lot of training and skills that can be learned starting from diving equipment tips, diving tips from submarines, buoyancy control, to tips on diving with wildlife.

Where To Start Scuba Diving For Beginners?

The best way to start scuba diving for beginners is to find a destination that makes you comfortable and happy. Your mood condition will affect the difficulty or ease of your diving training. The fact is that studying scuba diving in the blue sea in a warm place is an amazing experience. If you are in cold waters, looking for a hot dive site is perfect. In some Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and others offer diving with amazing views.

If you decide to start diving far from where you live, then you have to get more training and the best additional support.

Low Budget Scuba Diving For Beginners?

The best way is to find a dive operator. Since you will move away from your place of residence, planning scuba diving for beginners is a must. Finding dive operators in diving destinations will be very easy. The hardest thing is finding a trusted and professional to help the process of progressing your diving skills. When you find the right dive operator, then you will see a budget for scuba diving for your beginners will be very low compared to doing it without a local diving club.

Scuba Diving For Beginners With Confidence

Confidence is important, not only when scuba diving for beginners, but when doing anything. Confidence plays an important role in the success of training your novice diver. Errors in diving in the outer sea can sometimes occur. But diving with confidence will make your dives successful and fun.

Build Diving Experience As Much As Possible

What happens when you are not used to greeting for a long time? Automatically you have to start again remembering basic skills. The way to improve your scuba diving skills for beginners is to dive frequently. Automatic, your skills will be trained and more confident. Also, do not hesitate to ask the dive instructor to find out the correct and wrong explanation. This will help get the pleasure of scuba diving for beginners.