The Essentials of Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners

Scuba diving is that kind of recreational sport that requires extensive training before you can even enjoy a slice of marine wonderland everyone is so excited about. You need to master a handful knowledge of basic diving skills and techniques that’s necessary to survive below the surface. But before you finally able to take the plunge, you need to take the basic certification to assert your mastery on diving techniques and correct diving equipment operation. It may seems overwhelming at first, but once you got grasps of the basic, it’s just a matter of time until you can master it ll. These are the fundamentals of basic things you need to learn on scuba diving lessons for beginners.

 The Essentials of Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners

The Pre-Dive Equipment and Safety Check

This initial stage is one of the most crucial step for every diver. It’s one of the most essential skills a scuba diver need to master before completing their scuba diving lessons for beginners. No diver should commence diving without having thoroughly checking their scuba gears. The pre-dive security check covers examinations on every diver’s life support equipment—from mask, regulator, to fins. A scuba diver need to be able to spot leaks, distinguish misbehaviour on equipments, and many things else. 

Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners on Five Point Descent

Following the equipment check is the pre-dive safety procedure, called as the Five Point Descent. This procedure is necessary to confirm the that all members on the dive team is ready to descend safely. Once all member are in the water, you will perform the five point descent—signals, orientation, regulator, time, and descend.

The Essentials of Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners

The signals is signified by making a thumbs down sign, indicating readiness to descent. Orientation means taking a fixed object on the shore (or the sun) as direct orientation for a diver to themselves. You will learn many ways divers can orient themselves on the scuba diving lessons for beginners. The third step is making sure everyone has a regulator on their mouth before commencing the descend. Time means checking timing device and diver’s bottom time which begins at the descend. The final step is descent; when a diver finally deflate their BCD and begin to descend. 

How to Control Your Descent

Another basic essentials to learn on your scuba diving lessons for beginners is the controlled descent. This is very important as it makes diving much more comfortable and less stressful. You will lear to control your descent drift, to no land on the reefs, and to not stir the ocean floor. A controllable decent also makes it easier to equalise your ears. 

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How to Clear Your Mask

Oh, the panicking moment of many beginners! At some point, water will leaks into your scuba mask and when that moment happens, you need to stay calm and handle it correctly. During the open water course on your scuba diving lessons for beginners. You will practice on how to clear your mask in seconds even without changing your swimming positions!

Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners on Hand Signals

Communication is important and it become more crucial under the water—where you cannot speak. You will learn a universal hand signals for divers to communicate everything during the dive. From pointing out an interesting mimic octopus on the ocean floor to conveying ear problems. 

Controlling Your Time Consumption To Reach More Success 

There are many factors that can help you reach success in running your own business. Aside from having skills and passion, the way you spend your time daily can also decides what kind of future you will have. Everyone choose their own way of how they spend hours a day. Some of them choose to be sitting in the sofa and watching favorite shows all day. Some of them choose to do what they are most passionate about in their life forgetting the time. There are also those who focus on their goals in life. You may fall into one of the categories. What you choose can help predict the future you are going to hold. 

Controlling time consumption for more success

It is easy to lose time scrolling down social media or new portals. Even if you plan to just spend a few minutes on your social media, it can end up in a few hours instead. Keeping up to dated to your community around you is good so that you are not left behind. This way, you know what is happening in the world. However, don’t let time control you. In fact, you should be the one who have the control. 

time management

Time management

It is highly suggested to be more efficient and wise in spending your time on daily basis. You can spend your time doing more productive things such as checking emails, following up your customers, posting informational content for your followers, etc. Those activities will earn you many benefits. Thus, the time you spend will not go to waste. In fact, it will result in you getting closer to the success you have planned. 

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Running your own business needs dedication and commitment. It is not easy to do because life is full of temptation and distraction. It is easy to get side-tracked. Dedicating your time and committed to the business you run needs self-discipline and control. You may be able to do it effortlessly when it becomes habit. Building positive habits needs time. It is not something instant. However, the result will truly benefit you. 


You can even start from simple things such as writing down your daily schedule from waking up to going to bed. It may look so complicated in the beginning. You may feel like you don’t need it since you are an adult. However, it is effective step for the starter. When you manage to make it as habits, you don’t really have to look into your schedule. Your body will know already what to do. 


Instead of scrolling mindlessly through social media for hours, it is more productive to create great article you can post on your professional website. Compelling great content is a skill and art you need to make impact on your audience. The more you do it, the better you will do. You may need to refresh every once in awhile from your work by looking for entertainment. However, make sure you have control over it.

Bali Tattoo History & Tattoos in Indonesia

Bali tattoo and its history remains one of the most fascinating to explore. As one of the most popular tattoo destinations in the world today, Bali has its own history of this body art. One of the most well-known sources of the tattoo art in Indonesia is from Mentawai of West Sumatra. The tribe is one of the most famous ones in Indonesia, and among the reasons is their art of tattooing. It was an indigenous tradition that mark one’s membership as people of Mentawai. However, the tradition of this tribe in Indonesia is an exception rather than a norm. And among this exception, Bali is one of them. 

tattoo in indonesia

Bali tattoo that’s rich in culture & symbolic beliefs 

Cultural traditions of Bali varies and body art or body marking is merely one of them. For many Balinese, even today, tattoos are a symbol of masculinity. This fact is rather apparent as most Balinese that bore tattoos are men. As with everything concerning the Balinese, religious expressions is one of the main purposes of tattooing. 

tattoo artist bali

Tattoo Bali and religious purposes 

In ancient times, tattoo Bali was worn only by the elites; the religious elites as well as the nobles. Some leaders of Puri wear tattoos, as well as some Balinese priests. Like many cultures across the world, tattoos indicate social status. In Balinese, tattooing was called mencocoh (the act of stabbing). 

Bali tattoo designs with religious value 

Here are some of the most common bali tattoo designs with religious value: 

  • Barong tattoo 
  • Mantra tattoo. Sanskrit scripts 
  • Gods tattoo 
  • Mandala tattoo 
bali tattoo

Those are some of the most iconic designs if you’d like to get best Bali tattoo you could have. In modern times, people in the paradise island no longer associate these designs with status or with religion alone. Instead, it’s enjoyed in its most essential form; as an art. 

Tattoo in Indonesia at large 

The Indonesians are of Muslim majority, and people who bore tattoos are often looked down upon, or expected to be wary of. This is largely a result of a conservative society with a conservative religion at its backbone. However, Indonesia is nothing if not highly diverse. People who look down upon tattoos are mostly those living in Java (the most populated island in Indonesia and the centre of government affair as well) and parts of Sumatra. Things are considerably different for people outside of certain parts of Indonesia. And like many thing about Indonesia, Bali is an exception. 

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This is why in Indonesia, the best place to get a tattoo in Bali. You can find all kinds of tattoo studios in Bali – and most of them adhered to the international standards of tattooing. There are lots of tattoo places it’s difficult to pinpoint which one is the best tattoo shop in Bali – what you need to do is find one that suits you best. Make sure that you don’t settle for the cheap ones and only have professional best tattoo studio in Bali to do your tattoo. 

artist tattoo bali

Foreigners are an exception to this rule 

Foreigners, or rather, white-looking people (and people that looks like tourists and exhibiting behaviors of a tourist, basically) has always been an exception when it comes to perspective in Indonesia. Indonesia has been a tourist destination for decades. The locals would not be surprised or scared when they see tourists walking down the street with a full-body tattoo. Differences in conduct and appearance are expected. However, this would not be the case when it’s a local. 

Interesting Things to Do in Malang, Indonesia

Located in East Java of Indonesia, Malang is a popular travel destination among local travelers. However, it has started to gain attention from international tourists as well. It is something to be expected because there are many interesting points of Malang which makes it worth travelling for. This second largest city in East Java has historical significance which blend perfectly well with the city’s modern urbanity. Not to mention that there are particular spots with strong colonial vibes you can explore to. 

Unique, interesting things to do when travelling in Malang

Travelling in Malang won’t allow you to feel bored. In fact, you will think that you don’t have enough time to explore all interesting places in a day. Therefore, spend few days of your holiday in Malang to get around the city and do many interesting activities. Here are interesting things you can do when visit Malang:

It is highly recommended to wake early when you are in Malang. Enjoying fresh morning air is a great thing to start your day. When you are ready, take a walking tour of the Dutch colonial-style houses in the neighborhoods around Ijen street. This is where you can see unique, beautiful colonial structures. It is a great place to take memorable pictures. 

Malang is also a great place to get around with by Becak (pedicab). You can take a tour this old city during evening and enjoy the lively buzz of the locals. You can take a tour to Alun-Alun or the central town square of Malang. Then continue to the Jalan Basuki Rahmat. It is a quite busy street where you can see the locals mingling around especially on Sunday evening. 

If you want to know more about the local culture, visit the local market or local bird market. You will see various birds and pets in the market. Most people there speak Javanese or Bahasa so might as well hire a tour guide if you want to interact more with the locals or learn a thing or two about the culture. 

If you are into physical, outdoor activities, it is highly recommended to visit Mount Bromo, one of the most iconic travel destinations in Malang. You can take a ‘sunrise tour’ but it is highly suggested that you book it beforehand. The tour guide will guide you to visit the best part of Mount Bromo such as the sunrise and the Sea of Sand. If you feel adventurous, you can also rent a bike to drive through the roads leading to Mount Bromo and its main sights. However, it is not recommended for inexperienced motorbike drivers especially to drive before sunrise due to limit of visibility. 

Another interesting thing to do in Malang that you may not find in another place is volunteering in ProFauna Indonesia Organization. You will be assigned to tasks that suits your skills and experiences. This wildlife conservation is a great place to visit and volunteer. You will get to witness the beautiful nature while learning more about Indonesian cultures. 

Rent Bali Villas To Enjoy Stunning Outdoor Shower

Bali is famous as a world tourist destination that is visited by millions of tourists every year. Rows of bars, restaurants and even types of accommodation are uniquely designed to support the comfort of tourists. Call it one of the most famous hotels in Ubud, it is designed very naturally so that tourists can enjoy the cool and calm atmosphere of Ubud. The price is exorbitant and automatically the tourists must provide an extraordinary budget accommodation. Another alternative accommodation is Bali villas. What are the advantages of a villa compared to five-star hotels?

Bali Villas

Bali Villas With A Private Pool

The hotel does provide special facilities for its guests, but when you enter the villa area, you will be amazed. A private swimming pool will be seen when you set foot into the villa area. If you have to share the swimming pool area with other hotel guests, then in the villa, the pool is yours as a whole. You can freely enjoy the sunset or monitor the children who play in the pool area. A private pool is only one of the advantages that you can get if you live in Bali villas. Let’s look at other benefits.

Stunning Outdoor Shower

This is different from Bali Villas. Most villas are designed to be very unique and comfortable. This makes the villa very attractive to tourists, especially foreign tourists. Outdoor shower! The experience of enjoying an outdoor shower at Bali villas offers a different sensation when you stay at a five-star hotel. Even you will feel not in the bathroom area. Usually, outdoor showers are made for guests who want to cleanse their body after enjoying the swimming pool or returning from the beach.

Kitchen and equipment

If you can save money while on vacation, why not? Culinary to traditional markets offers a pleasant experience. You can taste many snacks and dishes typical of the island of the Gods. If you are bored with culinary adventures, you can combine it with enjoying a “home” style meal for the family. No need to worry because most exclusive Bali villas offer kitchens and equipment for guests. Relax in the villa and enjoy affordable food? Who doesn’t want to?

Spectacular View

If you want to enjoy the view off the coast, Indian Ocean or views of rice fields, then you must find the right Bali villas. There are many rows of villas with spectacular views, depending on how you find the perfect villa location.

Various Accommodation Types in Peru

Travelling around Peru can be a great experience for you especially when you seek for adventure. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Peru is Machu Picchu. However, it is not the only place you can visit during your trip. The Amazon are there to let you experience the rea wildlife. Also, there is a big city, Lima that is filled with modern and colonial architecture. All in all, Peru is a must-visit place you should include into your bucket list. As for accommodation, Peru provides many types of it you can choose according to your budget and preference. 

Options of accommodation to choose in Peru

Peru is a great country with great history of the oldest civilizations if the Inca. Staying at Peru for few days means you have to choose the perfect accommodation to keep you safe and comfortable. There are plenty of choices when it comes to accommodation in Peru, such as:

accommodation peru travel


They are pretty popular in Peru. Backpackers and travelers who want to get to know more about the Peruvian culture often use to stay at homestays. They are not as common as hotels in Peru but there are plenty of them provided by agencies. Thus, you can stay with one of the Peruvian families during your visit to Peru. Student who are on long-term abroad study programs also often stay in homestays because the price is relatively cheap. However, don’t expect luxury service because the standard is different. Most common homestay destinations in Peru are Lake Titicaca and Cusco.

Jungle Lodges

They are not always found in every country but you will definitely find them in Peru. If you plane to explore the wildlife of Peru, might as well consider staying at one of the jungle lodges. They are designed to accommodate travelers who want to get closer to the nature. The price can be very high, depending on the standard services and amenities they provide. However, it is truly worth it if you want to experience something new and different. 

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There are plenty of hotels in Peru you can book. You can choose budget hotels, mid-range hotels, or top-ends hotels. They provide different standard of service and amenities which affect the price. Spas, gyms, indoor swimming pool, and a movie theater are usually provided in top-ends hotels. Meanwhile, you need to be selected in choosing budget hotels because you should expect for poor service. As for mid-range hotels, they are in between. Most of them are characterless establishments to fit the preference of Peruvian. However, they provide relatively good service with amenities such as cable TV, a fan, a hot shower, etc. 


They are perfect for your accommodations if you bring your families or group of friends with you. They are usually a house containing 4 rooms or more aiming for relaxed and comfortable feel. You will receive informal service. It is usually provided according to the guests’ preferences or the owner’s. The price is reasonably cheap and the place is relatively safe especially if you bring kids to the trip.

Bali Catering Tips: What to Ask Your Caterers Before You Book

Booking a Bali catering that would fulfill all of your catering needs can be a tricky one. There are as many caterers in Bali as there are stars in the sky; the island is a wedding destination and a tourist magnet, after all. So while you’re planning an event, what should you look for before you make a deal and sign a contract with your catering Bali? What are some of the most essential things you should look for in your catering Denpasar before you book.

denpasar catering

Bali catering tip: how do you choose your ingredients? 

Going local is one of the requirements of the freshest ingredients you should expect from your Bali catering. Bali’s agricultural scene is still among the biggest industries on the island. So when you’re hosting an event in Bali, whether you opt for a buffet catering Bali or a plated meal, you can expect the freshest food planted and grown on the island; as long as you go local and seasonal. 

bali catering food ingredients

Know your catering menu options and what your caterers specialize in

It’s difficult to determine what caterer you’d hire for your big event if you don’t have any particular type of food and dishes specified. Determining what kind of food you’d like to have is one of the first things you should do. But if you’re open to options, make sure to ask yourself these types of questions: 

  • Does your Bali caterer specialize in local Balinese food? 
  • Do you prefer caterers specializing in Italian food?
  • What about food for entree, main dishes, and dessert? 

What if you’d like for a mix of dishes in your event (eg. You want both Japanese and Italian)? Should you get separate caterers to do it or is it okay to just order from the same vendor in Bali? This would highly depend on the caterers themselves; whether they’re one of those generalists. But as a rule of thumb, always book a professional Bali catering company that has some sort of a specialization, instead of an accept-all, do-all caterers. Not only it would guarantee that they will work on something they’re experts in, but it would also give your event an edge with unique, specialized food. 

indonesian food caterer

Does, your Bali catering company offer food tasting or samples? 

This is one rule you really should not underestimate before you actually book your Bali catering. You’re going to have to taste the food first before you book. No room for argument here. Some caterers provide free tasting, others will require you to pay a certain amount of fee. Some caterers that require you to pay sometimes offer much more varied menu options to ensure that you’ve tasted most things they have to offer. So it wouldn’t be a loss even though you end up not booking the caterer. 

In line with the earlier point mentioned; make sure that you get the best ingredients; fresh, locally sourced, and of high quality, you can start by finding out about caterers near you and whether they care about the importance of freshness and the sources of their ingredients. 

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Does your catering Bali has a liability insurance? 

This insurance protects the catering companies for injuries, whether it’s their employee or customers, and it’s one of the basic business insurances that caterers should have. If your chosen caterers have this covered, then it’s easier for you to be more at ease. 

fresh food bali catering

Is there any other services the caterers provide?

Some catering companies in Bali does not simply offer a catering service. Quite a few of them are in fact, wedding vendors as well. These caterers, aside from specializing in full-service catering, usually also offer decorations and flowers as well, depending on orders and requests of the clients. 

Things To Expect From Travelling in Petra, the Lost City

Petra is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and one of the most visited travel destinations as well. For those who like travelling to historical site, this one is highly recommended. It provides easy access even for international tourists. Petra was once an abandoned place before it was found by Swiss explorer and the name of the Lost City of Petra was come up. This Treasury is worth travelling for because you can discover many things you have never done before. You will get to experience the thrill of mysterious city by exploring the site. 

What to Expect from the Lost City of Petra

Travelling in Petra is relatively safe even if you plan to go solo travelling. Even though the site is the main attraction, you can expect for more. However, it is still important to stay alert to potential dangers or inconvenience during your visit. 

petra lost city travel

Bring enough cash

You must bring enough money if you are lucky to visit Petra. It can be considered as the most expensive tourist attraction in the region so you must prepare your finance. However, it is also important for you to stay alert of your money because major tourist attraction like Petra means there is always potential for theft. You have to keep track of your money all the time. Make sure to secure you belongings. If you wear a backpack, wear it at the front of your body so you can keep your eyes on it. 

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You might forget that Petra is located in the middle of the dessert. Thus, you should always bring your sunblock with high SPF to protect your skin from sunburn. The place can be extremely hot so you’d better wear comfortable clothes. Also, hot and dry weather means you are more prone to get dehydrated. Make sure to bring your own bottled water so you can stay hydrated throughout the tour. Also, don’t force yourself to keep going if you feel tired. Take your time while exploring by taking some breaks once in a while. There are places to eat or drink such as restaurants at the Visitor Center but they are not very regular. Thus, it’s better if you bring drink and snacks yourself. 

Have a map ready

Many visitors are curious whether or not there are toilets in Petra. Toilets are available in Petra but they not very regular either. That’s why you should check the map before touring so you can mark important area you might need to visit later including toilets. 

About the length of walking you will have to explore Petra, it depends on your pace. The site is pretty massive which covers 60 square kilometers. In reasonable pace, you can walk from the Visitor Center to the end of the site in two hours. It doesn’t include the detours and other things you might want to do. You may spend a full day to explore the entire site of Petra. There are 131 floors you can explore with 20 km walking distance. Prepare your fitness so you can explore without risking your health. 

Sailing on a Komodo Diving Liveaboard vs Resort Diving

Setting sail for Komodo diving liveaboard is no doubt one of the best experiences of a lifetime. However, going on a resort diving is a valid consideration as well. Both options have their own distinct differences as well as advantages when it comes to giving you access to diving. However, for most people, it’s also a matter of finding a balance between living their vacation as well as their diving activities. 

komodo diving liveaboard

Komodo diving liveaboard allows you to explore more of the sea 

A diving liveaboard is perfect for those whose primary concern is getting as much as dive time logged on as possible. Many professionals whose primary concern is their dive opt for a trip on a dive boat because of the access liveaboard offers. going on a liveaboard and living full-time on the sea will allow you to sail to places that are otherwise too far to reach on a day trip when you’re doing a resort diving. If Komodo is your destination, then choose your pick from the liveaboard Labuan Bajo options. 

labuan bajo cruise

Resort diving offers you the most comfort and convenience 

Most people dive and snorkel as a part of their holiday. And if you’re expecting leisure day where you can just stroll down the beach or go observe the lives of the locals around you, then going to a resort diving trip is your best option. Going on a Komodo diving liveaboard will not afford you such activities. 

A diving liveaboard gives you the most out of your diving trip 

Diving liveaboard gives you all the time needed to get to difficult to reach diving spots. It will also afford you to dive so much more compared to when you’re based on land. Having to go to your diving spots from lands already takes a portion of your day out for travel time. Then you’ll have to add the time required to reach the land back before the sun sets. You won’t have to worry about this if you’re living on a boat.

komodo diving cruise or resort diving

A liveaboard trip is not for everyone 

Living on the sea, waking up to the endless horizons and watching the gorgeous tropical Indonesian sunset unobstructed may not be as romantic as it sounds when you actually get to experience it. Remember that you’re going to live faraway from lands. That means you’re going to be cut off from everyday conveniences you may have taken for granted before you actually get to live fully on board.

komodo island diving

Rooms are often cramped. Even when you’re on a more upscale boat like a luxury liveaboard Komodo, don’t expect to have the luxury of abundant space unlike when you’re comfortably in the land. You’re also going to live with anywhere from at least 6 to 20 people onboard (think about the staff working as well). 

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Going full-time on a dive boat is perfect for: 

  • Intermediate and professional divers who’d like to add hours to record their time diving. Having a certain number of hours logged is often a requirement in getting license like the PADI certifications. 
  • Underwater photographers whose priority is to get the most out of their diving trips. A Komodo diving liveaboard is ideal if the quality of your pictures as well as the quantity matters big deal for you. 

Travel Can Help Improve Your Whole Being

It has been discussed even scientifically that travelling can benefit people in many ways. While it is true that travel can give you healing moments for your soul, it can also improve your whole being. In other words, travel can benefit you both physically and mentally. If you think travel is just about wasting money then you have to think twice because it is more than that. There are many positive things you can achieve through travelling. That’s why many travelers make travel as their routine. They travel frequently not because they want it but need it as well since it’s good for them.

Personal improvement through travelling

It is true that travelling can be exhausting. How can it not when you visit one place to another in limited period. However, it is great opportunities for you to learn many things that the schools didn’t teach you. Travel benefits your personal improvement through many ways such as different perspective, culture, language, and people. You are exposed to differences in various aspects which can help shape you both mentally and physically. 

Travel can help relieve your stress and improve personal growth. This is already a very well-known benefit of travel. It can be your stress reduction. Travel can take you out from your daily routine. It presents you different surroundings which can refresh your stress mind. Travel is the right time to reset your body. Even from the process of planning a trip, it gives positive impact to your body because it boosts your happiness. In return, your mental health is healed and improved. Your mind will be more culturally and globally aware by travelling which in turn can help sharpen your creativity and improve personal growth. 

Travel can help your body to stay in shape. Of course, it also depends in what kind of trip you have. If you travel to stay in the hotel and eat everything you can order from room service then it is not healthy for your body. It will only destroy your fitness. You can choose a type of trip that can help improve your wellbeing. Travelling itself requires you to move from one place to another which means you will become more active during the trip than staying at home or office doing all the works in your seat. You can also schedule physical or outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, snorkeling, and many more. 

Travel can also help improve your sleep patterns. It is common to find people with sleep difficulty which make their health more miserable. Lack of sleep or irregular sleep pattern is bad for your health. Travelling can help you shape your sleep pattern because you will have new routine which can be more organized. By having enough sleep, you can avoid having poor cognitive performance. For example, you can travel to Mediterranean destinations. There you will have opportunities to engage in an afternoon nap after lunch. The people call it Siesta. This can be good to regain your health so you will become healthier when return.