6 Aspects of Digital Marketing That Haven’t Been Changed

Ever since the digital millennium had been started years ago, right before that, the internet era had been begun as the main sign of how digital marketing is developing until today. But, for the years that had been passed, some aspects of internet marketing are no longer can be applied and some are just the same with before in the same or different formats with some improvements.

Today, you can’t really underestimate how powerful the digital marketing is to be part of your business online. If you need to increase your online presence and hoping that the more people are interacting with you, the easier you are going to offering your business to the people, the digital marketing strategy is the main answer.

And to do that, you can start to know about the essential parts or aspects of online marketing that haven’t been changed for years.

1. Build the better company or business site

Building the better website for digital marketing campaign

Before 1998 or even 2000, we might be possible to count on how many people or businesses that got their own website, a thing we are no longer possible to do today. Even, the price for a domain name for that time contained with only 4-5 letters won’t be as expensive as today.

But that’s one of the ways how digital marketing is working, those who had been started earlier will mostly had bigger chance to have successful online business.

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In a world where most of the internet users have been easier to access anything online as today, getting your business involving in by building its own site is a must.

Even today, companies and personal figures are competing on the same thing which is how to build their online trust for their customers. And all of that can be started by increasing the business online presence through building its own website as its main platform to reach the customers and more internet users.

No matter how small or big the business is, mostly building the better website can be the main priority for now or in the next days to come to gain more benefits of the digital marketing as a whole.

2. Social media is always better to be part of your digital marketing strategy

For the small businesses that are still struggling in getting the budgets, if you can’t really hire the website designer and developer as you are required, you can always make use of your internet connection that you are paying monthly by registering for the social media accounts and start optimizing them.

I know that it is hard not not to have a website as your main official business offer pages. In case you are truly have no idea how to buy a domain name and hosting that can’t even reach USD100 annually with the money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services, just use the free platform that you have been paid its internet connection monthly.

You can take social media today as for connecting with the people you have been knowing or finding the updated trending topics. Look, I am even scrolling down my Facebook feed and after numbers of posted status, I will mostly see the business offers (the ads).

Facebook itself have also been provided with the ability for you to create a business page or a group to be used for your business and so do the other social media accounts such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. You can make use them as your business platforms that will help improving your business in the future.

So, start using your social media now as part of how you are involving in a digital marketing world. You may will find that you are also possible to create and post various contents you haven’t been made before. Talking about that, you can see how creative and professional you are when getting ideas and creating the contents for your business social media accounts.

3. Email marketing

Beside telemarketing, another way to offering the customers about your business without have to meet them face to face is email marketing. This essential part seems have not been changed until today. We have only more tools and ways how to gaining more prospective databases.

Email as part of important aspects of digital marketing strategy

People can lost their phone and changes it with another one number. But mostly, people will keep on remembering their main email address and password they are using for years.

To start getting more email sign ups or subscribers so you can send your business offers to your audience, it is better you are showing the sign up letter box on your site as well as your social media pages.

Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies that have not been changed for years and many internet marketers are even still making use of it until today. Do the same for your business as well.

4. New forms of telemarketing in digital world (phone apps)

If you think that telemarketing have been forgotten, it is not! First reason, it is still being used until today. Even, many hotel accommodations still using this method as part of how they are promoting their packages or rooms. and events

The next reason is, telemarketing is getting more various form than before. Today, we are often communicating through WhatsApp, Line, etc by sending messages, voices and even video calling.

Social media like Facebook are even taking it any further where its Facebook Messenger can even be used the same like WA that they had been acquired before.

And even today, many of the business site are putting the WA button floating under the web on the right or left and so does the Facebook Messenger chat.

If you think that gathering more prospective phone numbers will be good for your business, website and social media can be the main platforms you can test for that. The more number you are getting, the more app users you are reaching as well.

If you are no longer trust the business offers from SMS since many scams are sending you the rubbish offers, then you can ensure that the new forms of telemarketing are also part of how you are marketing your business in digital world.

5. Celebrity and influencers endorsement

Haven’t I mentioned about how to reach more customers faster? Celebrity and online infulencers are capable to make your business offers seen by the people from any corners of the country.

It is also one of the oldest part of digital marketing even though online influencers that mostly will be the social media public figures or bloggers start involving in a bit late.

Even, being an influencer for certain digital platforms and start getting money have been a career path for many of people. The reliable the influencers you are hiring to post about your business, will mostly the information will get more exposure as well. It is simple, they have more followers than your business.

6. Online ads platforms

Make use of online ads platforms as part of digital marketing aspects

All of the above 5 essential aspects of digital marketing that have not been changed for years are useful in one thing your business will need. It is about how to reach more potential customers so you can start talking about the conversion rate and see which strategies that will be needed to be optimized and which aren’t.

And to get more traffics to your business’s social media accounts, website and all of your digital business offers and pages, you can also make use of the advertisement platforms that have been provided for years as well.

Even, the popular social media platforms we are using today have their own ads platform and so do the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Using ads platforms is even getting more important for many businesses since many of the platforms are even possible to start the business campaign for a dollar a day.

This will also a good way for the business to reach more customers faster than before since they are letting their users (customers) not to find them organically but through their behaviors such as how they are using social media, what keywords they are typing on Google, etc.

Of all the above essential aspects of digital marketing that have not been changed for years until today, do you have one or some that you are still using until today or did I missed something?

Find Out The Right Time to Fly

You must have known that airfare goes up and down like a turbulence during a flight. The ticket can be pricey today and significantly dropped the next day.

There are various factors complicated the occurrence such as demand, economic state, taxes, seasonality, as well as competition. Thus, it is nearly impossible to predict where the ticket prices will fall.

The right and best time to fly

However, there is nothing impossible these days especially when technology keeps advancing every day. With data collected and analysis, at least we can get rough ideas as to when you can have the best and worst days to fly. This way, you can plan your trip better.

Worst or best days to fly?

What you consider as the best time to fly is when the ticket prices fall down in a day given. When it happens, you have more options of what airlines to choose and what destination to pick. You have more opportunities to have better choices. You can also avoid having worst days to fly even through the rough prediction which will be elaborated in below section.

Christmas and New Year are considered as the worst days to fly and it is not a secret. Those are when demand and fares are very high. The two holidays are the peak days so it is not recommended to fly during those times unless you have no choice because you are included into those who celebrate it. The following days after are still considered as the worst time to fly. There is no way you can save your money if you fly during those times.

Another worst day to fly is during spring break. It may be varied by destination but it generally extends from late February through early April. It is because most colleges as well as universities have Spring break in March and school-age children also have Easter vacation in March and April. Thus, the fares tend to be higher during those times which makes it worst time to fly. It is highly recommended to avoid beaches as your destination during those times because that’s where most college and universities students are at.

Next worst days to fly is during summer. It is obvious because it is the time where most people are out to have fun. With high demand, the tickets plane gets more expensive as well. June, July and August are not the best time to fly if you want cheap fares. You can solve this issue by putting off your trip until mid-September when the fare has significantly fallen down. Or, you can go in May instead of June is you want to experience the buzz of summer vacation.

The best day to fly and have cheaper fares is winter, which is considered as low season. Due to the weather, not many people are willing to go outside of their warm house. Thus, the demand decreases. Therefore, having a trip during winter allows you to save your money from excessive spending. As for the cheapest travel days of the week are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

6 Simple Yet Useful Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners

To experience the better scuba diving, it will also means that you are going to dive longer under the water so you will have more times to spend your life in beautiful coral reefs and its surrounding. But, it won’t be an easy thing for the beginners and therefore I am here to share some simple yet useful tips and lessons.

Simple and useful scuba diving lessons and tips for beginners

Every beauty has its own price. Some scuba divers are even sacrificing their life just to meet with one or two rare underwater animals. Not to mention that they will also need more experiences and knowledge about the water and all its currents. Now, what if the beginners are also have the same temptation to experience the underwater beauty but have lost in lessons and experiences compared them to the professional dive masters?

If any of you are one of those scuba diver that still being the beginners, I have got the simple lessons and tips for you to help you out reaching your dream to spend longer time under the surface as well as to speed up your steps in getting to more depth environment.

1. Keep calm and don’t be rush while scuba diving

For the beginners, some of them are afraid to be left behind where they think that no body will “hear” them in case they met with the big current in a sudden. In reaching the coral spot, some of them are also in a rush as if they are catching by something.

Scuba diving should always be as calm as they need because the more calm the divers, the better way to think and the less oxygen they will be used as well. Scuba diving is far different with running, you are limited by the air in the breathing apparatus.

That’s why many of divers are keep on exercising back at home or go to the gym. It helps them to arrange their own breath and keep on thinking clearly no matter the situation is. That’s what the beginners will also do since scuba diving is also need your stamina and make sure that you are always keep on fit all the time. You can turn against the underwater current, so that you will need to keep calm and see what you can do if such situation is happening.

2. If you have been geared up yourself, do the double check!

We have been knowing that most of the scuba divers can’t bring more gears and items when diving. That’s make sense. Most of them will only need all the things that can really helpful and have a necessity to bring. If not, none of them want to burden their own back.

Scuba diving lessons for beginners may are interesting and that’s can be understood. But, no matter how exciting you are in submerging into the water, double check in case you have missed something.

Even, you will need to keep on thinking that you are missing some important gears so you will always do the check several times. There’s may none that can help you under so you’d better start help yourself right before jump down to the water.

3. What to do when you are getting Tinnitus? Swallow your spit!

For those who are interesting in scuba diving but still struggling in experiencing the Tinnitus (Ears Ringing) especially for the beginners, I will only have one important thing to say to you which is swallow your spit!

I don’t know if there have been many scuba divers are knowing about this, but it works especially when you are only one person to help you which is yourself.

Similar to ears ringing when you are in your first flight, swallowing the spit is truly a great way to deal with the Tinnitus. But in case that you can’t really handle it, try to to move your jaw up and down as well as to the left and right while opening up your mouth.

This is one of the lessons for the beginners that are actually have been practiced by many traditional tribes in the world.

4. Feel your body when reaching a certain depth

Right after you start submerging in the water, you better keep on identifying how your body is adapting. So do when you are reaching certain depth that can cause you to have the Tinnitus as before or else.

Check if your body is Ok and use your body to focus on sensing the underwater current as well to get more safer dive experience.

5. Underwater is magical, keep on close to the other divers

If there will be a magical place that is truly beautiful both in picture and in reality, I bet that what the scuba divers are seeing underwater can be on top option. It is truly the hidden gems of what have been there for so long.

And to be honest, that beauty will possible to make you forget about many things for a moment. At first, you may are admiring to what you see, the fished around you, the colourful corals, etc. But, where the others that are coming down with you?

Keep in mind that all of the beauty you will see through scuba diving can make you forget where you are at and even you have nothing to feel about the cold water. So that, make sure that you keep on closer to the others especially when you still becoming the beginners.

I have no idea what the perfect lessons for this case, but you’d better keep on reminding yourself that beauty is no more special than your safety.

6. Stay under the surface for a moment before you are completely ends your scuba diving session

Right before all the beginner scuba divers into the water, the dive master or even the tour operators are putting the floating diving flag as the sign that there are divers under that sign and can also be the sign for the divers itself to go up the surface more safely.

But, at the sea where there are many sea transportations are coming and go all the time, sometimes the flag is nothing and even underestimated especially for those who no nothing about scuba diving.

Some places are even got more injured divers and mostly the case is when the scuba divers are going up, the speed boats will be passed away.

Therefore, hold your breath for couple of minutes if you still got oxygen in your tube and pay attention to the surface condition. If you think that there have not been activities above the surface, keep on slowly to reach the the surface.

For my suggestion, when you are waiting and paying attention to the surface, it is better that your position is at least 5 meter under to avoid the big boat.

There may many of the useful and practical scuba diving lessons for beginners out there, but, those are what I’ve got for now and hopefully you can really be helped by those that I have been mentioned.

Be safe under the water and update the more references and information to make you the better and pro scuba diver in the future.

Best Places to Visit for Your Summer Vacation This Year

Summer vacation is always great because the weather is perfect and everything seems lovely and enjoyable. Of course, the crowd is also included into the perk of summer vacation since most people like to have it in this bright season.

Best places or countries to visit this summer vacation this year

Summer is considered as the busiest time and the highest travel season. No wonder that the ticket plane is more expensive during summer and the crowd is significantly more unbearable especially in travel destinations. June, July, and August are the time for summer vacation and you should prepare your budget for it if you plan to have one.

Summer vacation destinations for budget travellers

If you are planning to have summer vacation but your budget is limited, you need to find the right destinations. Some places tend to be cheaper than others so it is the best to do some research before.

Just because everything gets more expensive then you cannot fly to your dream vacation. Here are most recommended travel destinations you can venture to with lower budget:

1. St. Petersburg, Russia is a great destination for your summer vacation this year even if you have limited budget to begin with. June is the best time of the year to this place because of the perfect weather. You will get to enjoy the sunshine almost 24 hours per day.

Some nights the sun even never fully sets that the locals call as White Nights. You will also get to experience the buzz of The White Nights Festival Celebration, the local’s way to mark the phenomenon which held in mid-July.

2. Florence, Italy is city with peace and serenity. It may be hard to believe that you can spend cheap summer vacation in Italy since it is one of the most crowded travel destinations. However, Florence is truly something. The airfare has significantly dropped to 10 percent since 2018.

Thus, is possible for you to spend your summer vacation in this lovely city. The best weather happens between June and July. So prepare yourself to enjoy the beauty of this city through their architectures, arts, and culture.

3. London, United Kingdom is also one of the best choice for your cheap summer vacation. You may find it hard to believe that you can spend your summer in London with limited budget.

However, it is not impossible. The best time to make it happen is in August. Late summer is where the airfare goes down significantly which makes it possible for you to have cheap vacation in this city. Thus, it is recommended to visit London in mid-to late August.

4. Bangkok, Thailand is best destination for your cheap summer vacation. Bangkok is one of the most bustling cities in Thailand. However, you need to be a little more cautious with the heat.

If you visit Bangkok this summer, you have opportunities to experience the bustling of new King’s Birthday and Queen’s Birthday festivities. It occurs in July and August and you will get to see the sparks of coloured lights and flowers so you’d better start planning your vacation now.

3 Best Surf Destinations in Indonesia to Explore by Boat Charters

One of the best way to reach out more surfing spots in Indonesia is by surf boat charters. It will also the interesting way to experience the liveaboard at its best as it is offering the luxury on board and a sense of sea’s adventure.

Chartering the surf boat will also be as luxury as the three best Komodo Liveaboard for family adventure we have been talking before, even though the main purpose and location of both travel ideas could be different.

Best surf destinations in Indonesia to visit through boat charters

Through the boat you are going to rent for your surfing adventure in Indonesia, I have been prepared at least 3 best and recommended places I believe in to be visited by the surfers even the professional ones and why it is better to reached them by boat.

Read out the list below!

1. Never miss the surfing spots in Mentawai, Sumatra

If the only thing you are knowing about Indonesia is Bali alone, then when it comes to surfing, Mentawai should be on very top of your list. The place is at West Sumatra and it is truly famous for its waves and spots and the beauty of nature as well.

If you have been dreaming about surfing in a tropic island with super clear water, plus the waves that will never get you bored and even more challenges as well as warm, then Mentawai is what you need to visit.

The surfing spots are spread in different islands and that’s why they will need to be reached out through the surf boat charter. This Indonesia’s beautiful island is also so much popular for surfing even as if there’s no another first place to visit besides the Mentawai Islands.

2. Surf boat charters to West Sumbawa, Indonesia

The next surf destination to pay a visit by the surf boat charters Indonesia is heading your desire to the West Sumbawa. To go there, you can start to searching for the boat at Bali, Sumba or even Kupang.

The waves at West Sumbawa are the world class as in Mentawai Islands. If there will be any differences, I am sure that West Sumbawa may not as crowded as the other surf spots.

Still, there are so many hidden gems on its surf spots and you can even thinking that you are surfing in your own private island. Not only the waves, even the people are also not in the line-up to join surfing. In other hands, the more you are visiting, you may have chance to find your own surf spot as well.

3. Nusa Tenggara Timur/NTT (East Nusa Tenggara)

Anyway, West Sumbawa is at West Nusa Tenggara province and now you are going to heading to the east which is at the East Nusa Tenggara. The Komodo liveaboard I have mentioned before is at this province. So, you are possible to experience the meet with the dragon, scuba diving, as well as the surfing itself.

The main reason to book the surf charters Indonesia for NTT’s surfing destinations are clear, there are more islands to visit and the distance can be vary. Some can be accessed easily and some need more times.

One of the surf destination that is mostly recommended is to visit Sumba Island. Even though the island is wild and sometimes it getting windy, most of its surfing spots are getting the consistent groundswells, the tribal culture to watch, many empty top-class spots, etc.

Chartering a surf boat to Sumba is not a must if you are only thinking to get there. There have been an airport for the travellers. But when you are thinking about surfing, now let’s talk about what kind of boat you are actually need. Tribal culture and sea adventure is always an authentic way to spend the holiday. And that’s why the boat will be so important.

Beside that, Komodo Island is also the neighbouring island Sumbawa to the west and that will be closer to have more surf spots to visit when you are chartering the boat.

Tips to Travel Smoothly in Touristy Places

Travelling to the touristy places can be overwhelming especially when it is located overseas. However, it is like a magnet to visit a touristy place because of the hype and all. When people start gushing off a place, people flock around to see what the hype is about. However, sometimes it cause more hassles then fun when you have to stand in long lines and being stuck in the middle of the crowds. Sometimes, you think that it is worth sacrifice for. However, you can also make it more bearable even when you are travelling in touristy place.

Hassle-free travel in touristy place

What makes a travel destination too touristy can be varied. First is the crowd. If the crowd is overbearing and too many people at particular site then it can be considered as too touristy. The second is the timing. Sometime the site can be too touristy because of the timing. You may end up in too touristy place if you visit it in the wrong time. Here are some tips to enjoy travelling even in too touristy place:

Tips to Travel Smoothly in Touristy Places

You can choose touristy place as your next travel destination. However, you can choose the one with good accommodation and management to avoid hassles. This way, even the most too touristy place can still provide comfort for its visitors with the right staffs and management. Some places can be too touristy due to poor management.

Next tips is common but always effective, which is to avoid travelling during peak season. The timing is one of the most common factors causing even less touristy place to become too touristy. Try to plan your travel during off season so you can avoid being trapped in the crowds or long line.

Take your own pace when you visit too touristy place. There must be an urge to visit the site most people would like to see. However, it is important to set your own limit especially your physique. Standing in a long line for hours can ruin your body and you will end up suffering throughout your trip. Instead of standing in a long site to visit particular site, you can search the alternative and visit another less touristy site. You can visit the place later when the crowd or the line is lessen. Do not need to rush yourself when you are travelling in touristy place.

Instead of focusing on what site you want to visit, you can focus more on what activities you will enjoy the most. This can fill up quality time during your trip even when you are in too touristy place. You can also ask the local about activities they enjoy the most and try to engage with them more. Surely, it will create more memories. You also need to focus on the reason why you visit the place. It will make you enjoy the trip more than what you think. Too touristy place can turn your mood into sour due to the crowds and all. Thus, it is highly advised to build your patience.

Behaving in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo Party

Getting invited to Komodo cruises labuan bajo party? Here’s how to behave. 

We’ve heard about cruise party all the time. A special celebration with closets friends and relatives in the open sea. Toasting sparkling wine backdropped by gleaming sunset in the horizon. Today, cruise sailing parties are no longer concentrate on “big destinations” like the Caribbeans, the Mediterraneans, and Australia. People are craving for more authentic and closer-to-nature experience. Launching a private party surrounded by lush hills and undisturbed beaches sounds like a perfect idea.

A private party in Komodo, Flores, Indonesia, is not a huge thing yet—but that what makes it more special. More luxury yachts and Komodo cruises in Labuan Bajo, Komodo, starting to accommodate parties and private events. If you are one of the lucky one to be invited to a party in this beautiful frontier, don’t be worried. We have you covered on how to behave and, most importantly, to be invited again for another remote cruising party. 

Behaving in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo Party

Getting to Know Cruisers in Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

Before we got any further, we think it’s important for you to set realistic standard of what you will get. What kind of cruisers you would sail into and how would the nature in Flores be like. 

First, don’t think about huge cruisers you always see on travel magazines/ websites. These 200 passengers motherships couldn’t even pass in Flores. Yachts and cruisers in this remote destinations are the modernised versions of Indonesian wooden schoner, the phinisi boat. They are usually over 30 meters in length and multi-story decks which can house 8 – 20 passengers. As a guest, you would probably assigned into middle-class cabins which are located on the lower deck. Well, unless you are a VIP. 

What to Say and What Not in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

It’s a pride of your hosts to be able to invite you to their cruise party, so it’s better to show some appreciation. If you happen to hop on among top-tier Labuan Bajo cruise such as Prana, Ayana, and Alila Purnama, know that you are sailing on something special. Be sure that the hosts party are aware of your appreciation. You should say that they are among the best boat to sail the Komodo. If the boat happened to be of second and lower tier, don’t mention anything and just admire the boat. Don’t ever talk about other boats that seems to look more expensive. 

Regardless of the ship, it’s good to do some research of the boat prior to the departure. Knowing the designers or a little bit origin history of the boat could be a good conversation starter for you. If you don’t know anything to say, mention the exquisite interior or the comfort of the cabin you’re sleeping in. Appreciating the party themes and decorations could also boost your convo topics. The hosts spent lots of time and mind on this, so you would have quite a talk. 

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Whenever possible, do not start a topic related to environmental issues that especially related to fuel saving and yacht pollution. The hosts could see this as a strong critic to their party and find it offensive. If you should, limit the topic to sunscreen use and minimal disposable plastic use onboard. 

The Best Behaviour You Could Display

Getting seasick on Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo party is the worst thing you can have. Avoid seasickness with seasick pills, bands, essential oils, or tea—anything that can help you. Do your best to not throwing up in the deck, especially the party venue. If you don’t feel so good, excuse yourself to rest in the cabin or find some distractions. Remember to pack a light jacket to warm you up in the windy sea. 

But the most important thing to do is letting the hosts know that you are enjoying the party! Have a good time with other guests, participate on the games, and relish on the delights. Never litter—both on board and on Komodo land-based destinations. Happy sailing!

How to Immortalize Your Trip Based on Your Passion

It is true that a trip can be a good medicine for fatigue, stress, or boredom. Visiting new places to escape momentarily from your real life is a good thing to do. Distracting yourself to regain more positive energy is better than trying to survive with distressed mind and body. Taking a trip for few days is a good medicine so you can recharge your energy. Thus, you will be more motivated when you return. A trip is not something to forget about. It is something you need to remember because it holds many memories. That’s why you need to find the best thing to immortalize your memories during your trip and you can do it your way.

Use your passion to immortalize your trip

When you decide to take a trip, it means you are ready to make some memories. Those will be saved for later so you have something to remind you when you forget. Travelling to many interesting places needs to be immortalized. However, you can do it based on your own passion and interest.

If your passion is photography, you can immortalize your vacation with your camera. It doesn’t matter whether you use camera phone or professional camera. The point is, you immortalize the places, people, or things you find interesting during your trip through camera lens. Every experiences will be morphed into beautiful pictures or videos you can save. It is even better if you make it aesthetically pleasing so your pictures or videos will be album-worthy. You can set the mood yourself while taking the pictures so you can truly deliver the message. For example, you can play with the lighting, angle, saturation and all to create certain mood so the pictures can speak themselves.

How to Immortalize Your Trip Based on Your Passion

If your passion lies on writing, you can immortalize your travel experience using journal. You can use physical journal like pocket book or use digital journal on your phone or PC. When visiting interesting places or meet interesting people, you can write them right away on your journal so you won’t forget the memories even years later. You can also set the mood differently. You should use your writing style to make it truly you. You can spend some time to write during your trip such as before going to bed or when you enjoy the scenery.

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You can immortalize your travel experience to raw sketches if your passion is drawing, painting or sketching. You see, there is something beautiful about sketching, drawing, or painting spontaneously on the spots once you feel the mood. It can happen during your trip because you will encounter many interesting thing that can motivate you to draw. Therefore, don’t forget to bring your sketchbooks when you are going to travel so you can immortalize every beautiful memories throughout your trip. There are many things you can immortalize into drawing, be it people, scenery, or even your feel at the moment. Choose your own passion to immortalize your travel experience to make it more personal and unique.

Is Komodo Diving Liveaboard Trip Right For You?

The Komodo National Park, famous for its Jurassic-esque Komodo Dragons, barren undulating islands, and being one of the New 7 Wonder of Nature, has successfully draw million travelers from all around the world to embark on wild exploration. However, Komodo has other secrets that appeal to the most adventurous travelers; the rich, teeming marine life underneath its brilliant water. Komodo diving liveaboard emerge as one of the most popular belle among luxury yachts and tour-sailing boats in this frontier. With more than 30 dive sites to explore, the Komodo National Park is diver’s playground. If you are a diver, what’s the better way on exploring this  diving mecca of Indonesia than by spending a few days sailing in diving liveaboard?

Signs That Komodo Diving Liveaboard Suits Your Holiday Style

Before embarking the sailing trip, have you ever wondered whether the Komodo diving liveaboard is the right thing for you? Will it really give you the experience that you would appreciate?  

Is Komodo Diving Liveaboard Trip Right For You?

You Are Highly Experienced in Diving

We re sorry to break the news but diving in Komodo, albeit of its sous-marine beauty, is really high level. The aquatic richness is the result of the meeting of two currents, impacting on strong and unpredictable currents that could drag you hundred of miles away from your dive point. Resisting the currents also drain a lot of energy, which could be dangerous for any diver. Most of Komodo diving liveaboard will ask your certification before the embarkation—minimal Open Water certificate. Some of them apply minimum number or dive requirement to join onboard. If you have more than 30 dives under your belt, this shouldn’t be a problem.

You Have No Problem for Taking Shower Once A Day

Being in the middle of the sea, your life might not get as comfort as you would be back on the land. A few of the best Komodo liveaboard in the area do feature hotel-standard facility, but sometimes you need to sacrifice a few comfort. Like the opportunity to take a bath twice a day.

First, if your cabin is not an en-suite, you would have people lined up waiting for their turn to take a bath. You need to wait until your turn comes, and when it does, you can’t take long satisfying shower as other passengers are waiting behind. Given the availability of the fresh water and tight schedule, you might only able to take just once shower per day.

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You Don’t Mind Eating Indonesian Delicacy

During the whole sailing trip, the crews would take full responsibility for your entire meals. That means you would be having breakfast, lunch,  and dinner all in the Komodo diving liveaboard. Sometimes they would cook western food, but Indonesian delicacy would appear or most meal time. We hope you don’t really have issues with Indonesian food—or you’re going to have a bad time.

Common Problems When Travelling in Big Group

Travelling solo can be lonely sometime because you don’t have someone to talk to when you are on flight. There is no company when you eat which can make you feel even lonelier.

How to solve problems when travelling in big group

Thus, planning to have a trip with group of friends, families, or coworkers is good idea. You see, the more the merrier. Travelling in big group also has its perks such as constant happiness and contagious laughter throughout the journey. Thus, the trip will be lively and interesting.

Of course, travelling in big group also has its disadvantages. However, you can always find solution.

Potential problems when travelling in group

Travelling in group means you have constant companies. You also have others you can rely on. If anything happens, you have people ready at your back. Thus, you will feel safer throughout the trip. However, there are also potential problems you may encounter when travelling in big group. Now, let me tell you some of them and how to solve them.

Clashes in opinions are guaranteed when you travel in group because it consists of different people with different head and different wants. Clashing opinions are the most common problems of group travel.

To solve this, you can point a leader so whenever this thing happens, there is leader who can initiate the solution and decide wise decision. You can also use voting system to decide any decision regarding to the trip.

The needs of proper accommodation can be a hassle as well. That’s why it is highly suggested to book everything in advance when you are planning to travel in big group. You need to make sure that the hotel you are going to book can provide your group properly.

If you book everything on the spot, the process will take longer. You will only waste time. It is also good idea to rent an apartment or house for your vacation with your group. Thus, everything will be easier to organise. Not to mention that it is more cost-efficient than booking hotel rooms.

Travelling with big group of people will really test your patience. If you are more likely an impatient person, you will need to work harder with your tolerance and patience.

Every individual in your group travel has different personalities and tendencies. It will be challenging to tolerate other’s mistakes or be patient with their antics. The solution for this potential problem is to learn how to build patience and be more tolerable.

When you face others stubbornly, it will only leads to confrontation which can ruin the trip itself.

Constant noise is also one of the most common problems when travelling in big group. There must be some people in your group who like chatting all the time. You can deal with it by reminding them that you need to rest or tell them to turn down their volume of speaking.

Make sure to remind everyone in your group to respect each other. With mutual understanding, the more problems can be avoided so the trip will be more enjoyable for everyone.