Travel Can Help Improve Your Whole Being

It has been discussed even scientifically that travelling can benefit people in many ways. While it is true that travel can give you healing moments for your soul, it can also improve your whole being. In other words, travel can benefit you both physically and mentally. If you think travel is just about wasting money then you have to think twice because it is more than that. There are many positive things you can achieve through travelling. That’s why many travelers make travel as their routine. They travel frequently not because they want it but need it as well since it’s good for them.

Personal improvement through travelling

It is true that travelling can be exhausting. How can it not when you visit one place to another in limited period. However, it is great opportunities for you to learn many things that the schools didn’t teach you. Travel benefits your personal improvement through many ways such as different perspective, culture, language, and people. You are exposed to differences in various aspects which can help shape you both mentally and physically. 

Travel can help relieve your stress and improve personal growth. This is already a very well-known benefit of travel. It can be your stress reduction. Travel can take you out from your daily routine. It presents you different surroundings which can refresh your stress mind. Travel is the right time to reset your body. Even from the process of planning a trip, it gives positive impact to your body because it boosts your happiness. In return, your mental health is healed and improved. Your mind will be more culturally and globally aware by travelling which in turn can help sharpen your creativity and improve personal growth. 

Travel can help your body to stay in shape. Of course, it also depends in what kind of trip you have. If you travel to stay in the hotel and eat everything you can order from room service then it is not healthy for your body. It will only destroy your fitness. You can choose a type of trip that can help improve your wellbeing. Travelling itself requires you to move from one place to another which means you will become more active during the trip than staying at home or office doing all the works in your seat. You can also schedule physical or outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, snorkeling, and many more. 

Travel can also help improve your sleep patterns. It is common to find people with sleep difficulty which make their health more miserable. Lack of sleep or irregular sleep pattern is bad for your health. Travelling can help you shape your sleep pattern because you will have new routine which can be more organized. By having enough sleep, you can avoid having poor cognitive performance. For example, you can travel to Mediterranean destinations. There you will have opportunities to engage in an afternoon nap after lunch. The people call it Siesta. This can be good to regain your health so you will become healthier when return.

Bali Villas, Tips for Accelerating Investment Returns

Bali is a paradise for travelers and investors. The island of the gods has never been off the radar of local and international investors. When trying to surf the internet, almost all property listings display fantastic prices. Property especially Bali villas is very likely to add income to investors. In fact, Bali is indeed dominated by luxury homes and villas and is the location most sought after by premium property investment. Bali has proven not only to be popular on a national scale but as a strategic investment destination on an international scale.

Bali Villas

Rent Bali Villas, Accelerate Return on Investment

Renting out a villa is very tasteful as a promising business opportunity and provides regular income. With the increasing tourism sector on the Island of the Gods, Bali villas increasingly ogled as one of the perfect accommodations. When tourists need to spend time alone enjoying the pool, they can get it if they stay in the villa. Uniquely, most Bali villas are designed by combining modern and traditional elements. This is the reason that makes many tourists prefer Bali villas as a place to stay while on vacation.

The dark history when the Bali bombing tragedy did not make the property business climate decline. Bali’s award as the best island in the world is strong energy for the rise of property in Bali. There are many other reasons when Bali villas become a lucrative investment target.

Increased Bali occupancy rates

In 2007, the occupancy rate of rooms in hotels or villas reached an average of 60.8% while the length of time they stayed was around 3-4 days. Bali villas certainly accelerate the return on investment. The higher the increase in tourist arrivals, the higher the likelihood that they will look for alternative accommodations besides hotels. Especially when the high season, all competing to increase the price of rental rooms and villas have become the main alternative to save on accommodation costs.

A Stronger Business Property Climate

In business, profits are greatly influenced by the business climate. Especially property on the island of Gods, the number of property prices is very stable and tends to increase. Land price statistics show an amazing surge. The price has been predicted to double in the next 5 years. This brings a breath of fresh air for Bali villas, investors, to get multiple benefits.

Collaborate with Operators

Promos and advertisements are the most beneficial when marketing a villa. If necessary, you can hold local or international operators to promote villa rental rates. The advantages of the two operators will be very different. When you hold a local operator, they will help to keep the villa in good condition and well maintained. Surely this will affect the rental price. Holding international operators will be able to expand information and provide wider opportunities so that international tourists can get information and make reservations from their home countries.

Important Things For Fun And Easy Travel

People travel for fun or with specific purpose. It is all just fine. You can have the type of the trip that you truly want without following what others did. Travel can be overwhelming as well especially for the first-timers. However, it is important to remember that making travel fun and easy is what matters. This way, you will be able to to truly enjoy your trip no matter what mishaps happening in the middle of it. Travel is also thing you need to plan. Spontaneous travel is not impossible. However, taking precaution sometimes is necessary especially when you are going to travel abroad. 

How to make fun and easy travel

Fun and easy travel sounds simple. However, there are also travelers who suffer from stress and anxiety because they try too hard to create a perfect trip they have dreamt of. Having your own ideal trip is not wrong. However, being obsessed to create the trip as flawless as possible can be stressing instead. Here are several tips for you to have easy and fun travel.

Patience is the best virtue

During travel, it is possible for you to encounter various types of hassles from minor mishaps to major mistakes. However, it is best to maintain your cool and stay calm regardless of the situation. Sometimes, there are things you can’t control. Instead of stressing your mind out, it is best to stay patient. If you miss your bus, don’t overwork your mind and just wait for another one. Travel can be a great life lesson to build your patience. 

Avoid crowd by waking up earlier

Being stuck in the middle of the crowd while you are trying to enjoy the attraction of the city can ruin your mood during the trip. Thus, it is always best to rise earlier so that you can have the attractions all to yourself. Besides, morning provides the best lighting for taking album-worthy pictures of your vacation. You have also more chances to interact with the locals who are having their morning routines.

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Try to feel your surrounding deeper

Sometimes, it is easy to feel lost during your trip. One of the reasons is the lack of connection with the place you travel to. Thus, try spending a few hours to just sit and calmly observe your surroundings. You can try to feel connection with how daily life goes around you. This can make you feel closer to the place and increase the level of your comfort during your stay. 

Try to lessen your frown and smile more

Even if you happen to be involved in an embarrassing incident, you can just laugh it off. It doesn’t have to dampen your mood. In fact, it can be something that entertain yourself. Doing something stupid can stimulate your happy mood, so don’t be afraid to act silly sometimes during your trip. Not everything has to be taken seriously. It is also highly recommended to break your comfort zone and try something new during your trip. It might create unforgettable memory you can treasure for your life. 

Best Scuba Diving Gears to Buy for Beginners

Buying scuba gears is a big deal for rookies. It’s the next step. That means you have done testing the waters (quite literally), pass your try diving stage, and probably have done a few shallow water dive below your belt. For someone who just discover the world of diving, buying gears represent an unspoken commitments of many future visits to the underwater. But when you are just newly certified, you easily get overboard and end up buying things you don’t really need. Don’t be that rookie. Here’s our best guide on buying scuba diving equipments for beginners. 

Best Scuba Diving Gears to Buy for Beginners

The Best Basics for Diving Beginners

The Masks for Clearer Underwater Vision 

Best Scuba Diving Gears to Buy for Beginners

We don’t evolve to be able to see underwater. That’s why we need scuba mask, which primary function is giving proper space for our eyes to focus. Nowadays, masks are no longer created on one-panel oval masks—they are ancients! Most masks are two panels with nose pocket in between to equalise air pressures in the mask during the dive. Find one that watertight fit and feel comfortable even when you try it with regulators on. Masks comes in various size, shapes, and colours. They also come with prescription lenses! Spend some time to find the true fit mask that’ll give you the best beginners diving experience.

Protections Against Exposures: The Wetsuit

The next thing that will get you excited is the wetsuit. Know that there are five types of dive suit—each with different thickness. The shorty, the 3mm, the 5mm, the 7mm, and the dry wetsuit for below 0º water temperature. Know that as a beginner, you would probably spend most of your time in shallow and warm water. At least for the next three years. Unless you are doing mostly cold water diving, the 3 mm or the 5mm is the best bet for beginners in diving.  

Find a dive suit fit at every curve of your body. The one that keep the ocean water to enter the suit—which will steal your body heat. Regardless of the thickness, your dive suit should retain heat and provide tight insulation against the heat loss. Our favourite is the one that have seals around wrists, collar, and ankles and pre-bent arms and legs for more protection.  

The Snorkel

As a beginner, you would likely hold an Open Water Diver license and that means you can’t dive deeper than 12 meters. You don’t need a complex air system yet and snorkel can do the job just fine. You want to have a flexible snorkel tube for maximum manoeuvrability with great guard at the tip. As you walk down the snorkel aisle, the sheer amount of options and features to choose might bemuse you. Stay on the basic! All you need from a snorkel is that it feels good on your mouth, lets you breathe easily, and keep it dry underwater.  

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Okay. Now it’s the time to purchase your foot extension underwater. Fins help you to move through the water—just like the fishes! When you are buying fins, find one that fit snuggly to your feet. It shouldn’t pinch your toes or hurt your ankles. Large fins are not essentially better—size of the fins should be in proportion with your body. Also, you want a lightweight fins with great flexibility, good vented blades that allow you to wiggle easily. 

BCD of Your Own

Masks and wetsuit can be purchased even before you start your very first scuba diving lessons. However, no beginners are advised to buy their own diving BCD before getting their diver certification. It’s a complex equipment and we recommend you have a dozen dive experience and trying out several different BCDs to know what you really want. The right BCD will depend on your diving style. But if you want to buy a BCD, the most regular advice we can give is the size and its fitness to your body. Try it with your wetsuit for best judgement. The right BCD should fit into your body, especially when it’s inflated. It shouldn’t be too loose, too tight, or causing a trouble breathing. Make sure it’s right on the proportion of your body. All the straps, pockets. and adjustment should be easily accessible and within reach. 

Happy shopping!

Still Enjoy Yourself during Travel with Young Kids

Travelling with young kids is said to be the most challenging thing to do for parents. Your kids are the best present you have. When they come into your life, there are things you should adjust to make everything works including the way you usually travel. When you have your own little kids, it is impossible to not include them in everything you do. However, kids can be quite difficult during travel which can affect your travel mood as well. Sometimes, it is hard to truly enjoy yourself during travel when you bring along your kids. However, it is issue that can be fixed. 

Have enjoyable travel with your kids

The point of travel is to release some stress and have happy time especially when you go with your kids. Memorable experiences are what you expect. However, kids’ moods are like roller coasters. They also like a little fireball who never run out of energy, which in turn can drain your energy. In the end, you didn’t truly enjoy the vacation because your head is too full of stress thinking about your kids. Here are tips to have enjoyable travel with your young kids and you still enjoy yourself at best.

Still Enjoy Yourself during Travel with Young Kids

Try not to over plan your trip

Yes, preparation is important and it can can prevent hassles in the future. However, it can also put you in high tension and stress even before you leave your home. Vacation with family can be overwhelming. You don’t have to add it by over planning. Do not make a very tight schedule. In your itinerary, plan some breaks every once in a while by doing nothing or you can fill it as free time. Therefore, you and your kids don’t always have to move from one place to another during the trip because it will only wear you down. 

Do not be in a rush

Especially when you get to the airport. Instead of leaving home in the last minute, you can go to the airport a little bit earlier so you have time to arrange everything. Airport can be very stressful place during travel. Being in a crowd can stress you out. Your young kids are also a little harder to take care of in hectic situation. By coming early, you can take care of everything calmly without feeling in a rush. Your kids will also be calmer when they sense your peaceful mood. You can change your kid’s or feed them in the airport while waiting for your flight. 

Make sure to spare time for naps

Both for you and your kids. You might need it to recharge your energy. Or, you can use use napping time to do what you want during the trip. Another thing to have enjoyable travel with your kids is to see things through their eyes. When you understand what excites them, try to indulge their excitement. Also, try to spare time for entertainment for your kids and yourself. Not to mention that healthy snacks can also help to maintain the mood. 

Precautions You Should Watch Out on Scuba Diving Holiday for Beginners

There’s many reasons to go on scuba diving holiday for beginners. Some people go to challenge themselves, some want to uncover a whole new world of amazing creatures. Whatever the reasons is, having scuba diving trip for the first time gonna feel very exciting. Everything is new. You are going to prepare every scuba-related things and recheck your suitcase at least twenty times. You are going to spend some time on tropical waters (the warm water of tropical islands is usually most suitable for beginners, easier, and have richer marine life). However, you shouldn’t be too carried away with all the fun and excitement of scuba diving holiday. Because it’s your first time, it’s even more important to watch on dive holiday precaution. We all want everyone get back in one piece after a jollity in the sea. 

Precautions You Should Watch Out on Scuba Diving Holiday for Beginners

A Totally Fit Stamina Before Going Into the Water

This is a no joke. To go on scuba diving holiday, both beginners and professional should be physically fit. Diving is a demanding activity that needs a lot of energy and stamina. It’s basically an exercise of itself! Make sure you have plenty of rest and and eat well before the dive. Also, spare a day after your departure before embarking on the scuba holiday, especially if you take a long flight.  

Check Whether Your Gears for Scuba Diving Holiday for Beginners Are Proper

Whether you are buying your own gear or rent it from the dive centre that organise your trip, checking the decency of the gears before diving is very essential. Proper gears minimise accidents and panic attacks under the water. Make sure your dive suit has no tears, damage, or stuck zippers. Your mask should fit comfortably in your face and enclose the nose to avoid water leakage. The inlet screen should be clear, have no debris, and displays proper colour. Regulators and gauges should allow you to breathe well, and the fins should be flexible. Check for any damage in every equipments as result can be fatal. Learning how to run a pre-dive safety check guidelines is also an important thing to master in your scuba diving holiday for beginners!

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Be Mindful with the Marine Life

Do not expect that all the marine life will behave like what you see on the TV. Maybe the corals won’t be as abundant as you picture it be. The dolphins won’t be jumping around you and you might get only a glimpse of the gracious Manta Ray. Having high expectation kills. All the animals you are going to see on the dive trip is wild—they won’t behave like trained animals you’ve meet on zoo’s Marine World. Do a research of the site you’re are going to visit and have a set of realistic expectation of what you can see under. 

Beginners on Scuba Diving Holiday Should Have A Dive Buddy

Remember the famous divers’ proverb: “If you dive alone, you die alone.” Having a dive buddy is one of the biggest concerns for beginners in a scuba diving holiday. A dive buddy should be a diver with more experience than you. The one that can guide you underwater and help you in emergency situation. If you run a dive trip with dive company, they usually will provide a dive buddy in the package. 

Idea of Summer Vacation Home for Your Family

Travelling with family is a great idea because being outdoor every once in a while is healthy. You and your family deserve a worthy vacation which can make you all happy and satiated after dealing with schools and works. There are many things you can do for your family trip. If you have time to spare, might as well consider a long-weekend travel to a place where you and your kids will enjoy. The key is to book great accommodation that can provide variety of amenities you and your family need to truly enjoy the trip. And summer vacation home is one of the most wonderful ideas. 

Summer vacation home for family trip

Summer is the best time to go for a vacation. It is the time to chill and have fun. It is also the time you can strengthen the bond with your family through an enjoyable vacation. Summer vacation home is great choice of accommodation you can book because it is different from regular accommodation. It is usually equipped with incredible amenities, themed bedrooms, and extra features. Your kids will truly the concept of this accommodation for their trip. 

summer vacation home

Meeting you and your kids’ needs

Vacation rentals are many but summer vacation home is exceptionally great in providing what families want of well-deserved vacation. Kids are especially indulged with extra perks provided by the staff such as private pools for kids, in-home game room, video games, a movie theater, and fireplace. Those are how extra a summer vacation home can become. This way, you don’t have to worry about your kids feeling bored during the vacation. Aside from doing outdoor activities like exploring the travel destination, they will still be able to enjoy many things once they are in the vacation home. 

Room for everyone

Summer vacation home also provide incredible rooms for the whole family. Separate rooms are provided for adults and kids so everyone will be able to have good night’s sleep during the trip. Another perk of summer vacation home is the rooms are usually decorated in specific theme. This can excite your kids to be more comfortable during the stay so they can become less moody. 

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Good food

Summer vacation home provides good service for the matter of foods your family need. Breakfast, snacks and other meals are at ready so you don’t have to worry about letting your kiddos to starve. You and your family will be provided with enough foods and you can even make special orders to the staffs because in every home, there is always assigned chef who is ready to serve. 

Toddler friendly

Summer vacation home is also a safe place if you have babies in your family. Babies need different necessities which require plenty of room. Summer vacation home has everything your babies need. You will have room to attend to your babies such as for preparing bottles and their foods, napping, crawling, etc. While your babies’ necessities are provided, you will still enjoy your time as well because there are separate rooms as well to let the adults have their ‘me time’. 

Japanese Food Catering: Popular Festival Food in Japan

Ordering Japanese food to be featured in your event is certainly one way to make your event stand out. But aside from the iconic sushi and sashimi dish that’s suitable for any kind of event and gatherings you’d like to host, what are other favorite food that you may want to try? Have a look at some references before approaching your Japanese food catering and book them. 

sashimi catering bali

Japanese food catering: having takoyaki is a must for a casual event 

Takoyaki is definitely among the favorites of all ages. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party full of kids or a corporate events consisting of only adults, takoyaki is a delicious addition to your catering menu. Takoyaki is best served along in a snack bar or as a side dish. Having a snack bar that’s filled with this ball-shaped delight is certainly a great way to make your event stand out. Wants to go the extra mile? Have a takoyaki chef ready to take orders from your guests. Just like sushi, the process of cooking the takoyaki itself can be so entertaining to watch. 

japanese food catering

According to customs, the Japanese don’t condone standing while eating on the streets. However, when you’re the host, of course the meal format is all up to you. Having takoyaki among the menu of your Japanese food catering is a brilliant option for a casual time to network, or an in-between snack among the main dishes. 

Taiyaki: the delicious red bean dessert 

Taiyaki is among the classic festival food in Japan, made of batter similar to that of a waffle, with soft red bean filling inside. This snack is best eaten freshly baked, as the crispy batter will contrast with the super soft red bean makes it just perfect. 

taiyaki japanese snack

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Taiyaki is a perfect snack to order amongst the menu from your Japanese food catering if you invite parents whom you’re sure will bring their kids to your celebration. The sea beam shape is particularly attractive and the red bean paste filling is pleasantly sweet, a sure popular snack among the young ones. 

Have some Yakisoba

Your neighborhood’s favorite fried noodle, yakisoba is easily liked by many people. It’s usually served by bite-sized meat; chicken, pork, or whatever strikes your fancy. During festivals in Japan, yakisoba is often cooked right in front of you as you ordered the food from the stalls or booths during a festival. 

Ikayaki: a fun way to enjoy some squid 

This dish is perfect for squid lovers—it’s whole squid, in a skewer. The squid is usually seasoned by Japanese soy sauce. Having some ikayaki in your event’s catering is a sure way to make the menu you have prepared stood out. Ikayaki is a fun dish that is often treated much like a snack. Perfect to be eaten even while standing. This dish can keep a conversation going while encouraging your guests to move around. Most ikayaki is cooked as is, but some are cooked in batter. 

ikayaki japanese catering

Ringo Ame: the iconic candy apples!

The Ringo Ame is a favorite of kids and are often a nostalgic food for the Japanese adults. Most commonly, it’s a whole apple dipped in candy. This vibrant red candy is always present during summer festivals, sold by family food stalls. The appearance of these candy apples are highly attractive thanks to their deep and vibrant colors. Having some Japanese delicacies among your catering menu and especially this iconic sweet is a great way to spice up your event. 

Other Japanese festival food to note:

  • Kakigori 
  • Choco banana 
  • Okonomiyaki

Tips To Make Travel Itinerary

Itinerary is important for traveler because it help to make your travel free of hassles. At least, you can avoid predictable hassle as the unpredictable ones might still happen no matter how well you are with the preparation. Travel itinerary doesn’t have to be so detailed. Basically, every traveler can make itinerary in their own style. Some travelers like to go in-depth itinerary where everything is planned to details. However, there are also travelers who prefer to make itinerary contain of general things they need to do or have for their travel. So, the choice is yours to make. 

How to make itinerary?

Travel itinerary is important because it can be you guidelines to enjoy your travel to the fullest. It is like a map you need to guide you through your goal of travel. With itinerary, you also have more control and feel less anxious about your travel. To make perfect itinerary, you need to know what kind of itinerary you’d like to make that really fits you. Here are several tips to make travel itinerary.

Tips To Make Travel Itinerary

Set your budget

You can decide how much you can afford for the travel expense. This way, you know where to spend your money. You can prioritize things well. By knowing your budget, it is easier for you to pick destination or what type of trip you really want to experience. Keep in mind to estimate more than you might need.

Pick destination

Deciding where to go for a vacation can be challenging because there are so many options. Your budget can help you decide it easier. If you have bucket list then it’s better because you don’t have to do some researches just to pick destination. You can simply pick destination from your bucket list that meet your preference and budget. 

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Prepare your documents

Traveling means you need to prepare necessary documents such as passport, visa, credit card, ID, etc. Make sure your documents are still valid. It is also important to make copies of the documents you are going to need for safety measure. 

Booking accommodation and transportation – You need to book your flight early if you want to get the best deals. Avoid peak season because the ticket is usually at the highest price. If it’s possible, book your flight few months prior your trip. Then, start create raw itinerary since you already know where and when to go. Then, start searching for accommodation. Once you find it, book it. 

Make list of what to pack

It is easier for you to make list of things you should pack for the trip. Thus, you won’t miss any essentials. It is highly recommended to pack light so you won’t have to deal with huge luggage that is heavy to carry everywhere. Also, make sure to pack the right items that you definitely will need later. 

Also, it is important to set your expectation. You can anticipate your trip but don’t set unrealistic expectation because there is no perfect travel. The point is to get excited, free your mind, and enjoy every moment. 

Planning A Great Surfing Holidays!

Summer is almost identical with beach trip and, for ocean lover, it’s just a perfect timing to have an amazing surf holidays. Surfing is the perfect blend of adrenaline pumps, ocean rhythm, and warm radiating sun. This is that kind of sport that would bring you on adventure to best beaches all around the world and ride phenomenal waves. Through surfing holidays, you would also constantly meet new people, learn new cultures, and expand your horizon at every country you arrive. Just like any holiday, though, surf trip needs a thorough planning to ensure best experience. Here’s our complete guide on planning a fantastic surfing break! 

Planning A Great Surfing Holidays!

Pin the Map!

Where do you want to go for this surf holidays? Do you want to go on nearby surfing destination on your country that you’ve never try before? Or maybe you want to go abroad on countries with famous surfing break? Before you go, you might check the weather and surf forecast in your destination. Also, only pick up destination that match with your surfing skills. If you are a beginner, for example, you probably don’t want to head to Maui where the waves are among the heaviest.  

Plan Places on Destinations

Does your destination have more than one surf spot that you want to visit? Is there any interesting attraction or cultural show you want to see between surfing time? Plan the itinerary as clear as possible from now. Plan as you know what you want to do once you reach the destination but still leave some room for improvisation. 

Want to Stay at Surf Camp during Your Surf Holidays? 

If you are a beginner, going to surf camp during your surfing holidays is definitely recommended. They provide hostel-like accommodation with proper space to store your boards, are budget friendly, and usually serve good food with a twist of local cuisine. Most surf camps has tutor and surf class you can join to. You can also rent surfing equipment from them with a good price, in case you don’t bring your own. Surf camp is a good place to grow your confidence in surfing and meet new, likeminded friends!

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Protecting Your Surf Board

If you think you can’t surf without the comfort of your own gear, then you need to start planning on how to take your surf board safely. Know that flights can be long, and transit means having your board moved repeatedly by unknown hands. The safety of your board is at risk. Please provide board bag with padding at least 7mm – 10mm thick. Insert your wetsuit, some clothes, and towels between the board and the bag for extra protection. 

Conversely, you can just leave your board home and rent one at the destination. Many surf shops open rent board with bargain prices. In most popular surfing country like Australia, you can even buy a used board and sell it again before you leave. If you prefer much practical surf holidays, this option is a perfect solution. 

Think About Extra Accessories

Do you want to bring extra fins or leash string with you? It feels more convenient to know that you have spare parts handy in case something happen. However, this is not mandatory, as you can always buy a new one at the destination. Major surf brands usually have their branch on famous surfing destination, like Bali, Hawaii, Thailand, or Portugal. Unless you are travelling to more remote islands, this shouldn’t be a problem. Sometimes, you can also stumble into great local products—like wax—that you can’t find back in your home country.