Bali Real Estate Rental, A New Option for Expat and Traveler

Bali has its own charm for world residents traveling or settling for a long period. Traveling to the tropics and becoming an exotic part of the world can truly be a lifelong adventure. You will not easily leave the island immediately with white sand, blue waters and spectacular natural scenery like Bali. Plans for staying 1-2 weeks can be longer or even up to 1 month. There are many who make people addicted to return to Bali. The friendliness of the population, tradition, culture, art provides a valueless experience for travelers. Bali real estate rental is now a solution for travelers who want to stay long for various reasons. The location you can freely choose, whether in the paddy field area or close to the beach. Every Bali real estate rental has a high value near a tourist or activity center.

Every Bali real estate rental has a high value near a tourist or activity center

Bali real estate rental, a new option for a foreigner

Real estate in Bali has undergone a transformation in recent years. Travelers no longer have limited choices to get it at a high value that might be a bit far from shopping centers, restaurants, nightlife, or bars. A relatively expensive hotel room is no longer an option to save thousands of dollars while on vacation.

Bali real estate rent is a feasible way to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You can enjoy the real estate facilities without having to share with other travelers. Looking for Bali real estate for rent in a residential area would be a good idea. You can feel the activities of local residents and enjoy the cool air far from pollution.

A temporary shelter for the expat

Many foreigners who understand the beauty of the island of Bali. The photos shown may be very amazing, but you will see something more spectacular directly when you are in Bali. Expats and travelers blend in so it might be difficult to distinguish. Most expats decide to live in Bali real estate rentals while bringing their families along. Most of them are already proficient in using local languages and this is what distinguishes them from travelers.

2-3 years on average for expat employment contracts in Bali. Usually, they will try to find a way to live in Bali after the work period ends. Bali real estate rent has its own devotees with their respective goals. There are some who really rent to place, there are also those who take advantage of the opportunity to rent to other parties.

Public facilities such as international schools make it easy for expats to not hesitate to bring their families to Bali. Comfort and facilities are not like your own home, but the advantages and charm of Bali never stop tempting foreign workers and world travelers.

Bali real estate rent is an option that must be taken for expats or travelers who will stay long. Who does not want to save a budget of thousands of dollars for accommodation that you can get with complete and luxurious facilities like a hotel?

Tips To Make Your Kids’ First Trip Abroad Fun And Enjoyable 

Taking your kids to a trip abroad for the first time can be nerve-wrecking. There are so many things you are worried about including their safety and comfort throughout the journey. It can be more challenging when they are only 4 or 6 six years old. However, it is also important to remember that a trip abroad can bring many benefits for your kids. Through the trip, they can learn many things such as different cultures, foods, language, music, and more. It can help open their eyes build their personal growth. 

How to make your kids first trip abroad more enjoyable

How to make your kids first trip abroad more enjoyable 

When you think of any bad scenario playing in your head about your kids first trip abroad, remember that you can make it a success trip as well. Trials and errors are something to be expected because there is no such thing as perfect trip. What you can do is prepare the trip with necessary precautions so it can be as enjoyable as possible for your kids and yourself. 

Know your kids strength and weakness better

You are the one who is going to be responsible for their well-being throughout the trip abroad. Thus, you have to know everything about your kids. For example, you have to know what makes them feel less comfortable. What kind of situation that makes your kids feel unsafe, etc. It helps you make proper preparations for the trip. 

Don’t get too ambitious for the first trip abroad

The excitement to introduce your kids to different world might make you forget that it is your kids first trip abroad. Do not book a week trip abroad for your kids first time. It might overwhelm them to be in such a different place for too long. Instead, you can start with choosing a short trip to a place where they can still speak in their language. You don’t want to take your kids to a place where you yourself don’t know the people or the language they speak. Ease your kids up for their first trip abroad. 

Do not over plan the trip

You must get excited to let your kids have their adventure in a place they visit for the first time especially when it has so many things to explore. However, keep in mind that the journey itself can be exhausting or overwhelming for them. Long haul flight and tight schedule won’t make your kids enjoy the trip. Instead, they will get irritated easily and become moody. Thus, be more flexible with your agenda. Set the pace slower so your kids can familiarize themselves with the surroundings. 

Familiarize your kids with the local foods

There is possibility of your kids being picky. However, there is also a chance for them to love what they try. It is an easy way to introduce your kids to different culture. However, make sure that you know what the locals put into the foods. Make sure it won’t trigger any health problems your kids probably have. 

How Much Do We Need to Save for Komodo Liveaboard Budget Trip?

Okay, I guess by now everyone is already familiar with a liveaboard trip on Komodo National Park. Sailing on an exclusive boat supported with professional crews while exploring the beauty of Komodo is sure can make every traveler willing to give a try. That sounds amazing and all, but the real question is… how much will it cost? Do you have to be really wealthy to afford it? Well, this time I’m going to try to estimate Komodo Liveaboard Budget for you economical traveler!

Calculate your Komodo Liveaboard budget carefully before booking!

The most popular choice to join Komodo liveaboard on budget is by using open trip, this is because the more people joining the less you have to pay. Boat charters and trip organizer usually give different prices based on the yacht quality, trip duration and additional services. A private trip can cost you around 15 to 20 million Rupiah for up to 8 people, but with an open trip the cost is usually only 3 to 5 million per person depends on how many people joining.

How Much Do We Need to Save for Komodo Liveaboard Budget Trip?

For the boats, the most common for liveaboard is a Phinisi boat. Phinisi is Indonesian traditional sailing vessel originally made by Konjo Tribe in South Sulawesi. Used to be a cargo boat, many foreigners started investing on modifying it as a tourist boat. Depends on the size, to rent one boat for standard 3D2N trip is around 40 million to 200 million Rupiah. Wow, what a price right? That’s why only a handful of people didn’t join a trip and rent it directly instead.

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There’s plenty of option that suits your Komodo Liveaboard budget…

If you joined a trip, no more expense is needed because the fee already covers meals, snacks and drinks, entrance ticket and diving/snorkeling gears. For standard 3D2N, you will get about 7x meals with additional free drinks like tea or coffee 24 hours. So, you don’t need to worry about starving yourself after doing so many activities, although if you think that’s still not enough, you are allowed to bring extra food on board.

But if you rent the boat privately, it depends on the policy of the owner whether service is included or not. Well there you have it folks, if you worry about your Komodo liveaboard budget, there’s no reason not to join an open trip for the most cost-friendly option. Now pack your bags and start your adventure!  

Spending Your Romantic Vacation at Japanese Ryokans

Romantic travel is already a commodity so it is not hard today to find romantic travel destinations. There are many of them. You can even decide your romantic getaway in particular theme to fit your interest. Among so many places out there, Japan is one of the best travel destinations in the world including for romantic trip. There are various spots you and your partner can visit to spend your romantic vacation. One of them is ryokans. There are ryokans scattered around Japan you can just book. 

Best ryokans in Japan for romantic vacation

Ryokans are traditional Japanese inns. It is completed with a communal bath where the water comes from the underground hot springs. Japan is the perfect place to find thousands of ryokans. Here are most recommended ryokans you can book to spend your romantic vacation:


Myojinkan is ryokan located in Nagano, where there are other hundreds ryokans scattered around it. This particular ryokan doesn’t apply strict traditional design since it boasts comfortable western-style beds. Certain rooms even has an upholstered settee. You can enjoy various types on onsens provided by this ryokan. It is easy to reach Myojinkan since it’s only 30 minute away from Matsumoto City where you can find various attractions. The Matsumoto Castle is a must visit site there. 

ryokan japan travel

Asaba Ryokan

Asaba is a family-run ryokan owned by Asaba family since 1675. It is a classic ryokan located only 2 hours from Tokyo. It is situated in the town of Shizuoka and considered the most luxurious hot-springs inn. Asaba is a great place that provide soothing and serene setting. It is framed by a fish pond with a waterfall. You will also find a bamboo forest at the back of the inn. You can book one of the guest rooms overlooking the view of the bamboo forest. There is also an onsen in which men and women have different time to soak in. You can also rent a private onsen exclusively so you can use it with your partner anytime without concerning other guests. 

Kai Sengokuhara

Kai Sengokuhara is also recommended hot-springs ryokan located in Hakone. It is situated near the mountain giving off the tranquility. The interior design of this ryokan is full of artwork started from the gallery to the atelier made by resident artists. This ryokan has two indoor baths you can enjoy. One of them has hot temperature while the other is only above the body temperature. There is also outdoor bath overlooking beautiful, lush forest and garden. The guest rooms overlooking nature views have private onsen you can book so you can relax while enjoying the view. 

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Japanese are known to embrace modern technology but that doesn’t mean they don’t preserve their tradition and culture. It is shown by how ryokans are still there. Most of them are also family-run. Even though they are traditional inns, they still provide various touches of luxury to keep you comfortable during your stay. Not to mention that most ryokans strategically situated in the middle of beautiful nature.

Why Luxury Home Decor Yogyakarta is a Good Investment for Homeowners

Furnitures don’t come cheap. We all know that not everyone can afford luxury home decor Yogyakarta but when it comes to quality and durability, are those elements really something you can compromise on? Before you search for the cheapest home decor stores possible, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it’s worth it investing on quality luxury interior furniture. 

Luxury home decor Yogyakarta and furnitures last long 

When it comes to furniture, the rule that you get what you pay for usually applies. Materials and skillful craftsmanship often don’t translate to affordability for most people. While it sucks that most quality furnitures are probably way outside of the budget range that you care to pay for, do consider that your furniture is not something that will change often. Pieces of furniture are often timeless pieces in a house. When planning to purchase one, treat it as such. 

It’s actually entirely possible to search for home decor shops that sell high quality furnitures in acceptable price range. In Yogyakarta Indonesia especially, it’s entirely possible for you to find luxury home decor Yogyakarta that sell furnitures of quality and durability.

Furniture durability and quality are non-negotiable factors

Most department store furnitures would only last you several years. Most of the furnitures aren’t built for durability and longevity, but rather portability and affordability. Those furniture pieces aren’t something that are meant to last for a long time. Don’t be surprised if those furnitures fail on you. 

toko aksesoris rumah jogjakarta

When it comes to durability, some furnitures that you don’t use often might be okay and they’d last rather long. However when it comes to items you actually use everyday like the sofa and coffee tables, durability is something that you should seriously consider, and researching into luxury home decor Yogyakarta should be one of your priority todos.

Choosing quality items will save you money in the long run 

aksesoris rumah interior

It’s noteworthy that most home furnitures with upholstery that are sold within the low and middle price range are known to start loosing their shape during the first 3 years of everyday use. What’s even more staggering is that they may need to be replaced within 5 years—which was a big bummer for those who are actually looking to save. And that doesn’t really account for the damage those furnitures might accumulate along the way, such as spill and tear from home pets). 

Durable items don’t mean expensive furnitures

home interior colors

While it applies to most luxury home decor furniture pieces that durability translates to higher price, durable items sometimes doesn’t mean the more expensive option. The fillings of sofa is among the example. Down is generally more expensive than foam, as down feathers use animal feathers compared to the synthetic materials used on that of a foam couch. They did say that down feathers make some of the softest and most comfortable couch for living room furniture, however, because of their lack of durability, will the couch still be as comfortable years down the road?  

3 Things to Consider Before You Browse for Bali Freehold Property for Sale!

Ever wanted to get your own property in Bali without worrying about paying rent every single month or year? But you wonder how expensive it’s going to be? Well, it may or may not be true depending on where you look. Let me enlighten you a little about some of the tips to choose Bali freehold property for sale carefully, to maximize your profit:

Don’t rush your decision when picking Bali freehold property for sale!

Choose your agent carefully

Most of the land owner who intends to sell their lot by freehold would want to use the third party to help to manage the deal considering there’s a lot of money and process involved. So it would make sense searching for freehold land via real estate agent would be the best move.

The problem is there’s a lot of real estate agents in Bali and not all of them are trustworthy. Try to do research first like browsing their websites, checking the social media, read the testimonies or contact them directly and ask about their business.   

With agent help, looking for Bali freehold property for sale would be no sweat…

Pick the location that suits your need

When choosing your own property, location can be crucial because you certainly don’t want to invest a lot of funds to purchase a lot in the middle of nowhere. Contact the owner, make an appointment, and survey the lot for a couple of times first while discussing with the person in charge is a key to get the property that you desire.

Make sure you consider everything, like land conditions, nearby areas, and transportation access. It also a good idea to survey the lot at night time as well to see the condition when it goes dark.

Consider the price based on your budget

 So you got a solid agent and perfect location, should you close the deal? Well, take a look at your wallet first before you ask that. Although you‘re looking for sale property, depending on the location the price of freehold property in Bali can go up to 20 billion Rupiah. Unless you make a living by picking money from the trees, I suggest starting calculating your budget first.

Remember you also may need to make some adjustments later to the property so make sure you don’t blow your budget just by purchasing the freehold property.

So that was some tips to consider regarding choosing a freehold property in Bali. Bali freehold property for sale usually can be found on each real estate agent’s website so just take your time picking your dream property.

The Importance of Conducting Positive Behavior When Travelling 

It is known that tourism is one of the most important income for global economy. The role of it to the global economy has increased significantly throughout the years. Exposure of touristy places in social media is one of the reason the number of tourists keep increasing each year. Lots of hidden places now are open for visitors. While tourism has brought significant benefit to the global economy, it is also true that there is a cost to pay. Thee are many tourism-related transgression that has also raised concern globally.

The Importance of Conducting Positive Behavior When Travelling

Conducting positive behavior when travel

It is reported that tourist behavior has gotten worse over the time. There are several travel destinations that have become victims of tourists misconducts. Therefore, excessive tourism has gained strong protect from the locals to block the access of their places from tourists. Some places have even applied tourism tax to counteract some detrimental impacts of excessive tourism. 

Environmental effects

There are many bad impacts resulted from excessive tourism and tourist’s bad behavior. It includes water shortages, waste pollution, damaged sacred places, and more. Unruly behavior of tourists have been reportedly increased which results in what people call as toxic tourism. The environment has paid a quite price from travel industry. Thus, it is important to be aware of how to behave when travelling.

Code of conducts in travel destinations

The Importance of Conducting Positive Behavior When Travelling

Today, there are also travel destinations that start introducing guidelines for tourists such as Rome since it is also one of the most visited travel destinations. It is only one of few ways to preserve the places from tourists. Code of conducts are also considered necessary for today’s tourism since there are many problems associated with tourists. They include damaging camping practices, careless driving, as well as ignorance of safety in the outdoors.

Sometimes, it’s for your own’s protection

Keep in mind that conducting positive behavior during travelling is not only for the sake of preserving the place you visit. It is also a way to protect yourself from danger. There are many instances when tourists ignores the rules and warnings given by the authority of the place they visit. Most of them ended up badly. Lots of tourists also got injured due to their own ignorance and carelessness. Therefore, misbehaving when travel is not something to be proud of. There are many ways you can enjoy the place you travel to without damaging the place or putting yourself in danger. 

Disrespecting local cultures

There are also case of tourist misbehaving by disrespecting the local culture. For example, conducting activities that considered offensive to the local culture. There are also cases where tourists misbehave during their visit to sacred place preserve by the locals. It is our responsibility to be a responsible tourist or traveler. there are many tourists defend their bad behavior or misconduct as cultural misunderstandings. Well, it can actually be prevented by researching the place before visiting. Learning more the local culture can help avoid any misunderstanding. Keep in mind that tourism is meant to educate. We travel to different destination to understand more different cultures and how to adapt. Then we can return changed positively.

The Essentials of Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners

Scuba diving is that kind of recreational sport that requires extensive training before you can even enjoy a slice of marine wonderland everyone is so excited about. You need to master a handful knowledge of basic diving skills and techniques that’s necessary to survive below the surface. But before you finally able to take the plunge, you need to take the basic certification to assert your mastery on diving techniques and correct diving equipment operation. It may seems overwhelming at first, but once you got grasps of the basic, it’s just a matter of time until you can master it ll. These are the fundamentals of basic things you need to learn on scuba diving lessons for beginners.

 The Essentials of Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners

The Pre-Dive Equipment and Safety Check

This initial stage is one of the most crucial step for every diver. It’s one of the most essential skills a scuba diver need to master before completing their scuba diving lessons for beginners. No diver should commence diving without having thoroughly checking their scuba gears. The pre-dive security check covers examinations on every diver’s life support equipment—from mask, regulator, to fins. A scuba diver need to be able to spot leaks, distinguish misbehaviour on equipments, and many things else. 

Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners on Five Point Descent

Following the equipment check is the pre-dive safety procedure, called as the Five Point Descent. This procedure is necessary to confirm the that all members on the dive team is ready to descend safely. Once all member are in the water, you will perform the five point descent—signals, orientation, regulator, time, and descend.

The Essentials of Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners

The signals is signified by making a thumbs down sign, indicating readiness to descent. Orientation means taking a fixed object on the shore (or the sun) as direct orientation for a diver to themselves. You will learn many ways divers can orient themselves on the scuba diving lessons for beginners. The third step is making sure everyone has a regulator on their mouth before commencing the descend. Time means checking timing device and diver’s bottom time which begins at the descend. The final step is descent; when a diver finally deflate their BCD and begin to descend. 

How to Control Your Descent

Another basic essentials to learn on your scuba diving lessons for beginners is the controlled descent. This is very important as it makes diving much more comfortable and less stressful. You will lear to control your descent drift, to no land on the reefs, and to not stir the ocean floor. A controllable decent also makes it easier to equalise your ears. 

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How to Clear Your Mask

Oh, the panicking moment of many beginners! At some point, water will leaks into your scuba mask and when that moment happens, you need to stay calm and handle it correctly. During the open water course on your scuba diving lessons for beginners. You will practice on how to clear your mask in seconds even without changing your swimming positions!

Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners on Hand Signals

Communication is important and it become more crucial under the water—where you cannot speak. You will learn a universal hand signals for divers to communicate everything during the dive. From pointing out an interesting mimic octopus on the ocean floor to conveying ear problems. 

Controlling Your Time Consumption To Reach More Success 

There are many factors that can help you reach success in running your own business. Aside from having skills and passion, the way you spend your time daily can also decides what kind of future you will have. Everyone choose their own way of how they spend hours a day. Some of them choose to be sitting in the sofa and watching favorite shows all day. Some of them choose to do what they are most passionate about in their life forgetting the time. There are also those who focus on their goals in life. You may fall into one of the categories. What you choose can help predict the future you are going to hold. 

Controlling time consumption for more success

It is easy to lose time scrolling down social media or new portals. Even if you plan to just spend a few minutes on your social media, it can end up in a few hours instead. Keeping up to dated to your community around you is good so that you are not left behind. This way, you know what is happening in the world. However, don’t let time control you. In fact, you should be the one who have the control. 

time management

Time management

It is highly suggested to be more efficient and wise in spending your time on daily basis. You can spend your time doing more productive things such as checking emails, following up your customers, posting informational content for your followers, etc. Those activities will earn you many benefits. Thus, the time you spend will not go to waste. In fact, it will result in you getting closer to the success you have planned. 

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Running your own business needs dedication and commitment. It is not easy to do because life is full of temptation and distraction. It is easy to get side-tracked. Dedicating your time and committed to the business you run needs self-discipline and control. You may be able to do it effortlessly when it becomes habit. Building positive habits needs time. It is not something instant. However, the result will truly benefit you. 


You can even start from simple things such as writing down your daily schedule from waking up to going to bed. It may look so complicated in the beginning. You may feel like you don’t need it since you are an adult. However, it is effective step for the starter. When you manage to make it as habits, you don’t really have to look into your schedule. Your body will know already what to do. 


Instead of scrolling mindlessly through social media for hours, it is more productive to create great article you can post on your professional website. Compelling great content is a skill and art you need to make impact on your audience. The more you do it, the better you will do. You may need to refresh every once in awhile from your work by looking for entertainment. However, make sure you have control over it.

Bali Tattoo History & Tattoos in Indonesia

Bali tattoo and its history remains one of the most fascinating to explore. As one of the most popular tattoo destinations in the world today, Bali has its own history of this body art. One of the most well-known sources of the tattoo art in Indonesia is from Mentawai of West Sumatra. The tribe is one of the most famous ones in Indonesia, and among the reasons is their art of tattooing. It was an indigenous tradition that mark one’s membership as people of Mentawai. However, the tradition of this tribe in Indonesia is an exception rather than a norm. And among this exception, Bali is one of them. 

tattoo in indonesia

Bali tattoo that’s rich in culture & symbolic beliefs 

Cultural traditions of Bali varies and body art or body marking is merely one of them. For many Balinese, even today, tattoos are a symbol of masculinity. This fact is rather apparent as most Balinese that bore tattoos are men. As with everything concerning the Balinese, religious expressions is one of the main purposes of tattooing. 

tattoo artist bali

Tattoo Bali and religious purposes 

In ancient times, tattoo Bali was worn only by the elites; the religious elites as well as the nobles. Some leaders of Puri wear tattoos, as well as some Balinese priests. Like many cultures across the world, tattoos indicate social status. In Balinese, tattooing was called mencocoh (the act of stabbing). 

Bali tattoo designs with religious value 

Here are some of the most common bali tattoo designs with religious value: 

  • Barong tattoo 
  • Mantra tattoo. Sanskrit scripts 
  • Gods tattoo 
  • Mandala tattoo 
bali tattoo

Those are some of the most iconic designs if you’d like to get best Bali tattoo you could have. In modern times, people in the paradise island no longer associate these designs with status or with religion alone. Instead, it’s enjoyed in its most essential form; as an art. 

Tattoo in Indonesia at large 

The Indonesians are of Muslim majority, and people who bore tattoos are often looked down upon, or expected to be wary of. This is largely a result of a conservative society with a conservative religion at its backbone. However, Indonesia is nothing if not highly diverse. People who look down upon tattoos are mostly those living in Java (the most populated island in Indonesia and the centre of government affair as well) and parts of Sumatra. Things are considerably different for people outside of certain parts of Indonesia. And like many thing about Indonesia, Bali is an exception. 

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This is why in Indonesia, the best place to get a tattoo in Bali. You can find all kinds of tattoo studios in Bali – and most of them adhered to the international standards of tattooing. There are lots of tattoo places it’s difficult to pinpoint which one is the best tattoo shop in Bali – what you need to do is find one that suits you best. Make sure that you don’t settle for the cheap ones and only have professional best tattoo studio in Bali to do your tattoo. 

artist tattoo bali

Foreigners are an exception to this rule 

Foreigners, or rather, white-looking people (and people that looks like tourists and exhibiting behaviors of a tourist, basically) has always been an exception when it comes to perspective in Indonesia. Indonesia has been a tourist destination for decades. The locals would not be surprised or scared when they see tourists walking down the street with a full-body tattoo. Differences in conduct and appearance are expected. However, this would not be the case when it’s a local.