A trip can be exciting and stressing. Which one is more than another depends on individual. However, nobody can truly be freed from anxiety or wariness during travel because of various reasons. One of the most travel stress triggers is air travel. Lots of people are stress due to air travel for various reasons. Some people are stress because the feeling of being too high up in the sky. Some others are stress due to the cramp and packed situation in an airplane. Or, there are also those who are stress due to the airport situation when they have to involve in a long line.

How to deal with air travel stressor

Air travel is considered as the safest type of transportation. It is not only for a short commute but for a long haul journey as well. Most people take a flight for efficiency. However, there’s still a lot of people are afraid of air travel. Being trapped in a metal tube can trigger stress, headache, nausea, and other things for some people. If you are going to have a vacation using air travel, you need to deal with the stressor for a smooth flight. Here are some tips to reduce, if not remove air travel stress:

Find out the real reason of your air travel stress. Is it the feeling of being trapped? Is it security? Is it the food? Is it customs concerns? Those are some potential reason of anxiety experienced by some travelers when it comes to air travel. By knowing the cause, you will know better of what to do to deal with it.

Try to find a way to prevent the cause to happen. Or at least, try to find something that can distract you enough from those stressors. For example, if you feel like being suffocated during the flight, try to distract yourself by watching some movies, eating delicious foods, or wearing loose and comfortable outfits. Those at least can minimize the stress you have.

However, there are things which unavoidable like a line for security check, cramped space, etc. to deal with the inevitable, try to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Try to do something to help you relax such as inhaling aromatherapy oil, bringing your own pillow to sleep better, or enjoying the music you love the most.

Remember to pack your essentials and most valuable items in your carry-on. They include medication, important documents, money, IDs, etc. this can reduce the anxiety caused by the sense of safety of your belonging. This way, you will still have your essentials even if your luggage is lost or delayed. It gives you sense of security.

There is also air travel stress caused by the fear of flying. To deal with this stressor, you need to find out what makes you really afraid of flying. There are various possibilities include crashing, being trapped, germs, terrorist attack, etc. after finding out the real cause, try to find the solution to deal with it by doing your own research.

Dealing With Air Travel Stressor