What You Need To Know About Venice Before Paying A Visit

What You Need To Know About Venice Before Paying A Visit
Palazzo rava, Venice, Italy. Free public domain CC0 image.

Venice is without a doubt one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It can be put on the top five most visited places by tourists and travelers alike. It has that special charm that make people want to keep coming back. However, keep in mind that there is no such thing as perfect destination. Having good expectation is not wrong but make sure to always be prepared for the unexpected. 

Things about Venice to know about before visiting

Venice is surely a wonderful city to visit for a vacation with your lover, friends, or family members. This place is known for its beautiful canals, bridges, and charming neighborhoods. You can also see many iconic buildings around the place creating classic, romantic atmosphere. However, it is also important to do your research before visiting this lovely place. Set realistic expectations by learning more about Venice in advance.

Be ready with the crowd

When you hear the word ‘popular destination’ then you must be ready to be welcomed by the crowd. Venice is very crowded most of the time especially during peak season. Also, most of people walking down the street are tourists. Therefore, be prepared with the mass of people on the street when you visit this place. It’s best to avoid visiting during peak seasons such as late spring and summer, weekends, and carnival seasons. 

It can be costly

Expensive or not is relative because every individual’s financial situation might be different. However, travelling to Venice and spend some time vacationing there is considered expensive for general travelers. It makes sense because increased tourism brings increased prices. Hence, make sure to be ready with your travel budget to visit Venice. Also, the gondola ride is also pretty expensive which costs around 80 to 120 euros for a 30 minutes ride. You can avoid high prices by exploring more off beaten path or taking a vaporetto (water bus). 

Prepare your legs to walk a lot

Prepare your legs to walk a lot

Venice is crowded and it will be more efficient to explore by foot. Venice is also a maze of cobblestone streets, canals, and bridges and cars are not allowed anyway. You have no choice but walk to get around. It is not recommended to visit Venice if you or your travel companion need to use wheelchairs to get around because this place is crowded most of the time.

Bring enough cash

In Venice, you are likely to use cash more than credit or debit cards. Some shops and restaurant do not accept cards payment so you need to always have cash in your wallet. You can withdraw money through the affiliate bank in advance. 

Buy tickets in advance

If you plan on visiting some of tops attractions in Venice, make sure to buy the tickets in advance. Several top attractions in Venice include Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica. If you buy the tickets on the spots, you will likely to get stuck in the mass of people and in a very long line. 

Moving to Bali: What You Should Know About Private Villas

Moving to Bali- Renting Private Villas in The Island

Most people think of Bali when they picture a paradise island. However, for those who have experienced it, it is more than that. It’s understandable why so many people choose to find themselves on “the island of the Gods,” with its stunning beaches, clear oceans, and surfable waves, as well as its fascinating temples, local gourmet culture, and vibrant nightlife. Now, more digital nomads, armed with laptop and VPN, as well as business expats are moving to this island to live permanently. For the premise of swapping the cubicle wall with the view of rice terraces, living in gorgeous private Bali villas, and going for sunset in the beach post work hours, moving to Bali seems to be a good deal for many.

Why You Should Look for Private Villas in Bali

Well, you don’t want to spend 6 months in a hotel room, do you? If you are staying for 6 months or even years, it’s safe to say that you’ll be staying in Bali “permanently”. Fortunately this island is blessed with plethora of private villas to choose. 

Before Hunting for Houses in Bali

It is a good idea to obtain a sense of what to expect in terms of housing and residential areas before moving to Bali. You’ll find that the majority of Balinese reside in bungalows with enormous terraces that are shaded in order to avoid the intense daily heat.

There are many private villas with swimming pools in Bali that are available for those who prefer something more modern, and they often have caregivers. Be aware that you will pay more than you might anticipate for the standard of life if you go to Bali and intend to live in housing geared toward international residents.

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Try Out Some Villas in Bali Before Settling Down

Try Out Some Villas in Bali Before Settling Down

You should only reserve a spot for a few weeks if you need fast wifi for internet work. Then, while you are already in Bali, you can message other Airbnb hosts to see if they mind if you test their wifi before you book their accommodations.

You should also be aware that if you require really strong wifi, there are just a few areas on the island where you may live. WiFi is also spotty in Bali. We only suggest visiting Ubud, Kuta, or Canggu. With regard to wifi, Kuta is the best of the three.

Finding A Guesthouse

You will be provided with an overwhelming selection of housing possibilities, regardless of the area you select. There are options for every price range. Even though many establishments offer discounts for longer stays, you only need to reserve lodging for the first week because you’ll probably want to travel around. Just use the first week to explore your alternatives and learn the ropes.

Try to reserve a room at a family-run inn. If you do, you’ll be in a position to plan a reasonably priced airport transfer in advance and avert the mayhem that awaits travelers on the other side of Ngurah Rai’s immigration lines.

Maintaining A Good Relationship with the Guesthouse Owner

Family-run companies in Bali frequently work together, so even if you relocate across the island, your original host can help you with logistics like taxis, boats, luggage storage, and future accommodation. This is in addition to giving visitors a personal introduction to the island’s culture. You never really know who you’re talking to when dealing with a major company, but you can rely on a Balinese family.

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Purchasing Private Bali Villas for Investment

If you are moving to Bali for good, there’s nothing wrong for investing in private villas in Bali. When the expats both from Asian and the West are looking for a place to recharge, Bali is one of the top destinations. Luxury home prices rose by 15% from year to year, and the price of vacant land has soared at rates that haven’t been witnessed anywhere. Due to the unfavorable foreign ownership laws in the area, renting a villa is another popular choice.

Packing Efficiently With Only Your Carry-On To Sustain Your Trip 

Packing Efficiently With Only Your Carry-On To Sustain Your Trip
Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Travelling doesn’t have to be so complicated. You can be as simple as you can and still enjoy the trip to the fullest. One of the most daunting parts of travel for most people is packing. Choosing and packing the items you need for the trip is no so pleasant because it may take time. Sometimes, deciding what to pack itself is the real agony for some people. They often end up packing unnecessary things due to overthinking. 

Taking only carry-on for your trip? Pack it up!

If you consider for a short period, you can take only your carry-on. Keep in mind that most of the times you only pack what you think you need for the trip. It makes packing process not so efficient anymore with how much time wasted and how many unnecessary items being packed into numerous bags. Keep it simple by packing efficiently using your carry-on:

Choose the right size of your carry-on

Th TSA has their own policy regarding to the size of carry-on that are allowed into the cabin with you. Of course, each airline also has their own policies regarding to the size. General rule for it is that you are allow to bring carry-on not larger than 22” x 14” x 9”. you are also allowed to bring personal items that can fit under the seat in front of you. 

Pick to push or pull

Carry-on can be pushed or pulled. Depending on your preference, you can choose either. However, it is more recommended to pull your roll-aboard bag since it will be more comfortable for your body. It is more beneficial and practical. Not to mention that this kind of carry-on is often more useful. It is not recommended to pick ‘spinner’ bag since it tends to take up too much space for the exterior alone. Also, it is less comfortable to carry around, putting a strain more on your body. 

Pick wisely

You need to pick what items to be put into your carry-on carefully. Choose your clothes that are  in neutral shades. You may also pack one or two with splashes of color since they go well with accessories. It is recommended to lay out all your outfits and make sure that what pieces that will work well with the entire wardrobe. This way, you can make few pieces into so many outfits.

Don’t fold but roll

To pack more efficiently, choose rolling your wardrobe instead of folding them. The former method allows more spaces and minimize wrinkles. Your undergarments can be put into any open crevice. Also, wear the bulkiest outfits on the flight such as jacket, to free up some space in your carry-on. The cabin is pretty much freezing anyway so it will be useful for you. 

Pack useful items such as ziploc bag, bandages, small plastic sectioned container, reusable grocery tote, and travel umbrella. Also, you can consider sink washing then hang them dry to keep your items clean during your trip. 

Travelling to Nusa Dua Resorts for G20? Here’s How to Make It Comfy

Travelling to Nusa Dua Resorts for G20? Here’s How to Make It Comfy

Tourism businesses are leveraging the international attention the conference is generating by taking advantage of the fact that Bali is now on the international stage and that delegates from over 25 countries are arriving there. Delegates of the G20 will be staying at the exclusive, gated complex area in Nusa Dua, where five star resorts dot along the golden sand beach. However, travelling for international G20 conference can be quite hefty especially if you are one of the officers. With all the tasks and busy schedule, getting a good night sleep at the resort could be quite a trouble—even when you got the beachfront suite. 

Sometimes, this is brought on by a change in time zones or a full schedule. We can, however, also mess with our sleep-wake cycle by simply staying in a hotel or another strange location. Don’t let your sleep schedule suffers and stay fresh every morning for the G20 conference.

Minimise the Light During the Night

A naturally occurring hormone that is regulated by light aids in the beginning of sleep. We produce less melatonin when we are exposed to sunlight, which enables us to remain awake and attentive during the day. However, melatonin releases in the body as the sun sets and we are exposed to less light, making us feel drowsy and ready for bed. Sleeping may be hampered if your room is overly bright or if tiny flecks of light enter your bedroom. You can rely that all the Nusa Dua resorts have blackout drapes to block out outside light. It’s possible that some light sources will nonetheless get into your hotel room.

Hacks: Pack an eye mask and use extra paper clip to bind the drape together, minimising any light that might seeps in. 

Keep Noise to Minimum

According to experts, noise levels in bedrooms should not exceed 30 decibels, or about the volume of a whisper, and anything over 40 decibels may have a negative impact on one’s health. That is less than the volume of a bird call and somewhat on par with library sound levels. Some hotels provide white noise machines upon request or provide sound machine/alarm clock combinations in the room to block out obtrusive noise. 

Hacks: Pack earplugs just in case to deal with erratic noises like rowdy neighbors.

Ask for A Strategic Room When Booking the Nusa Dua Resorts

Ask for A Strategic Room When Booking the Nusa Dua Resorts

Sometimes what you really need from a resort during a G20 conference in Nusa Dua is not the beachfront room (though it’s really nice to have). Rather, it’s a room that can guarantee a good rest. Reserve a room halfway down the hall. Due to its distance from the ice and vending machines, guest laundry rooms, entrances, cleaning closets, and other potential noise-producing areas, this area of the floor is typically the quietest. If the hotel offers a concierge or suite level, request one. Those rooms occasionally feature higher ceilings, providing you a little more breathing room from those above you. Ask for a room far from the pool. You don’t want to hear the sound of loud water splashing and people shouting when you are trying to sleep.

Hacks: When choosing room at Nusa Dua beach resorts Bali, ask for a room in the hallway and a suite with higher ceiling, if any. Avoid room facing the pool. 

Adapt to Indonesian Time Zone After Your Flight

Make every effort to swiftly adjust to the local time in Bali. Increase your sun exposure and activity level if it is daylight when you land to stay awake. Even though it is not your usual bedtime, once it is time for bed in your new location, reduce your light exposure and try to unwind and sleep as much as you can.

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Adjust the Sleeping Habit to Your Regulars

When staying at a hotel, make the bed feel as comfortable as your own. If feasible, try to reserve a room with a queen bed if you often sleep on a queen-sized mattress. Ask the front desk for additional pillows if you generally sleep on your side and use a body pillow. If there is room, bringing your own pillow or pillowcase will make you feel more comfortable and at home.

Planning Last Minute Vacation Without So Much Hassles

Planning Last Minute Vacation Without So Much Hassles

A vacation is more ideal if you plan it in advance. Hence, you know what you want to do and what to expect. However, the global pandemic has taught us that sometimes unpredictable things still happen. Planning a trip in advance might sound a bad idea now because you don’t really know what will happen. Hence, more people are now interested in last minute vacation to avoid risk of the unexpected. The downside is that it is typically higher budget and more stressful. 

How to plan for a last minute vacation

Planning for a last minute vacation can be challenging especially for those who are not used to travel a lot. You may end up paying higher than normally. So here are several tips to help you plan for  last minute vacation that is less-stressful and somehow not too expensive:

Set aside a budget

Travel can be costly so being financially prepared is a must. If you have to plan for a last minute vacation, make sure to set aside a budget for each expenses. If you bring your famili along with you, set aside a budget for every family member. This is helpful to prevent impulsive expenditure and unnecessary clashes.

Learn more about your destination

Learn more about your destination

Even if it is last minute vacation you are planning for, make sure to learn more about your destination prior. Find out more about the local transport, popular sites, safe area for accommodation, climate, etc. You can even print out information that you think the most important so you can always see it when you need it. 

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Find out currency conversion rate of your destination

It is important to be aware oft he exchange rate of your intended destination. It is even more recommended to convert your currency prior the trip. You can also do it at the airport or tourist resorts but the interest rates are usually higher, increasing your travel budget. 

Find last minute vacation deals

Find last minute vacation deals

Most airlines and hotels advertise various discount packages on their official websites. Hence, you can find them by surfing on the internet. Even if it is last minute plan, make sure to make comparison from multiple travel agencies so you get to choose the best deals. 

Get instant alerts

You can sign up for price drop alerts from various online travel agencies to get instant notification when airfares or hotel bookings drop below certain place. 

Consider all-inclusive packages

For a last minute vacation, it is recommended to opt for a stay at single accommodation. This way, you can choose all-inclusive vacation packages that tend to be more affordable and hassle-free. Your airfare, accommodation, and meals are usually taken care of in this type of deal. 

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Be flexible with your options

Try to be more flexible when planning for a last minute vacation. You may not get a seat you want or that the events you want to attend won’t align with the date of your arrival. Compromise on your preference if it rewards you with a good deal on other things. 

10 Tips to Maintain Your Beachfront Villa in Nusa Dua Bali

10 Tips to Maintain Your Beachfront Villa in Nusa Dua Bali

With strips of white sands and quiet neighbourhood, the Nusa Dua is one of the prettiest coastal region in Bali. No wonder that resorts and vacation house alike dotted this region. The oceanfront villa in Nusa Dua Bali is ideal living, and there’s nothing like breathing fresh air and falling asleep to the sound of waves. However, despite all of the benefits of living by the sea, there is a downside: the salty, coastal air can be harsh on your belongings. You might be mourning the rust on your patio table or the extra mildew in your bathroom, and you might be wondering if you can live by the sea and keep your property looking nice.

If you don’t take a proper care of your beach villa, the finish on your patio furniture, window frames, and other items can suffer greatly by the ocean air. Practicing some preventative care and maintaining a regular maintenance schedule will pay off when your furnitures don’t need to be replaced every couple of years because of the harsh coastal wind. Here are a few guidelines to keep your home looking new for years to come. 

Avoid Using Metal Frames for Doors and Windows

Avoid Using Metal Frames for Doors and Windows

Because salt can corrode metal components, it’s best to utilize fiberglass framed doors and windows and eliminate metal components as much as possible. Window frames can also be made of vinyl or aluminum, although these materials aren’t as corrosion-resistant as fiberglass. When using metal, hot-dipped metal galvanized or stainless steel fasteners are the finest options.

Clean your windows frequently and rinse with fresh water to “unstick” salt particles that have accumulated on them. Cleaning all of the external surfaces at your villa Nusa Dua Bali on a regular basis can help release the salty residue that builds up and eats away at the surfaces. Just keep in mind that the longer something is moist, the more corrosion it will develop.

Apply silicone spray on metal window fasteners, hinges, and other metal hardware to prevent corrosion and pitting. Metal parts may also benefit from salt neutralizers, so they can last longer.

Prevent Mold Buildup in Your Villa Nusa Dua Bali

Mold thrives in moist coastal environments and may grow on just about anything, including wood, carpet, and ceilings. Make sure you evaluate any places of your property where water spray can leak inside to avoid mold. Then, halt the leak, use fans or fresh air to circulate the air in your home, clean and dry your carpets and other fabric surfaces, and vacuum. If mold or mildew is discovered in the shower corners, scrub the area with a light detergent, dry, and then apply a solution of 1/4 cup bleach to one quart of water. Regularly use antifungal cleansers, bathroom caulking should be inspected and repaired, and shower doors should be squeegeed after each use.

Regularly Oil the Deck

If you have a deck, use your water blaster to clean the floor and any railings, then scrub with your wire brush. Then, to protect the wood from filth and mildew and to keep it looking its best for longer, apply some decking oil.

Keep the Furniture in Outdoor Patio Nice and Inviting

Keep the Furniture in Outdoor Patio Nice and Inviting

A nice outdoor space is one of the appeal of living in Nusa Dua beach villa Bali. However, patio furniture takes the brunt of the damage from the salty air and constant dampness. Covering your furniture when not in use and overnight is one of the greatest ways to safeguard it. Rinse your furniture frequently (monthly is advised) and dry it with a soft cloth to remove salt buildup. Harsh cleansers should be avoided at all times; however, a mild wash with dishwashing soap can be used. Applying a coat of vehicle wax or another polishing product every couple of months can provide further protection.

Taking care of rattan furniture: When exposed to the outdoors, rattan, bamboo, and other materials do not fare well. In a seaside scene, wicker furniture should be avoided unless it is in an enclosed area. To build up the weather-resistant treatment, clean it with a mild soapy solution and apply paste wax.

Taking care of teak furniture: Teak is a highly durable wood that, if left untreated, will weather to a silvery gray. Go for it if you like the look. However, if you want to keep the reddish-brown color, you’ll need to treat the furniture with a special oil and stain on a regular basis. To prevent water intrusion, use paint, sealer, or other treatments.

Taking care of pillows, pad covers, and overall fabric: Fabric are one of the most common furniture material in most beachfront villas in Bali, whether in Nusa Dua or not! However, fabric fades very fast under the sun and get dirty faster. Use polyester, vinyl, or acrylic to accent your furniture because they dry rapidly and resist mildew. Keep your fabric components as much as possible inside, as even the most durable will eventually deteriorate in the elements.

Although the lovely benefits of living by the sea in your Nusa Dua vacation house much outweigh the extra maintenance, it’s still vital to consider them, especially since most home maintenance and repair charges run from 1.5 to 4% of the home’s initial cost. Taking a nice and thorough maintenance can make your property value increase for he years to come!

Transport Options To Get Around Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most popular travel destinations full of natural wonders and charms. You may have known a lot about various travel destinations in Asia. However, Indonesia itself seems like it is separate continent to exist. This country is made up of more than 17,000 islands. This is also one of the largest countries with a very diverse culture. Hopping from one place to another in the country feels like teleporting to another side of the world. Therefore, visiting Indonesia will never be boring. 

How to get around Indonesia

It is very possible for you to plan your own tour to travel around Indonesia, jumping from one place to another. However, you will meet kilometers of open sea separating major provinces. You need to plan your trip so you know how to get from point A to point B and so on. And here are some useful tips to help you get around Indonesia smoothly:

Air transportation of Indonesia

Travelling to Indonesia is considered one of the most affordable and so is its air transportation. There are many popular low-cost carries operating in Indonesia such as Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Citilink, Air Asia Indonesia, etc.  You won’t get any rickety feeling when flying to and around Indonesia. Popular airports in Indonesia with international flights including Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Jakarta, Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali, and Juanda International Airport in Surabaya. 

Indonesia’s trains

You can also get around Indonesia using train. It is also one of the most favorite transports the locals like to use. Taking train is also perfect if you want travel through Java island. You can take Gambir Train Station near the Monas in Central Jakarta as your starting point. From Gambir, your can go almost to every destination around Java island such as Bandung, Yogyakarta, etc. Train tickets in Indonesia are relatively affordable as well. 

Travel by bus

bus station in indonesia
source : beritatrans.com

Bus is also popular choice of transport in Indonesia. Its is relatively cheap and there are many options of bus type to choose along with various routes. It also offers more departure times that the train and many top tourist destinations are accessible by bus. You can directly go to the bus station to book your trip. 

Ferry for sea travel

Ferry is also pretty popular transport in Indonesia especially for sea travel from one province to another. You can reach many seaside cities and towns by taking ferry. There are different class you may choose from economy to business ranging different prices. It takes days to reach destinations and the trips are scheduled far apart. If you miss it, you may have to wait until a few days before being able to book the trip again. 

Online transportation service

In Indonesia, you can also use various online transport service such as Go-Jek, Grab, Maxim, etc. There are two main transport options; motorcycle and car. You can download the app and order a ride to any destination especially around big cities. The price is relatively affordable as well depending on the distance. 

Liveaboard Komodo island trip, A MUST for your next vacation

International tourists can already start coming to Indonesia because the border is opening already. There are many places that you must visit on your trip, but we would like to recommend a liveabard trip to Komodo Island as your next destination in your next vacation trip. Here’s the thing you’ll find and will enjoy on the trip.  

one of the phinisi styled boat that is sailing to komodo island
Source : helloflores.com

Take the trip to Komodo Island with phinisi styled boat

The only way to go about and appreciate the splendor that lies between Flores and Komodo is to take a Komodo cruise. Cruising on a modern take of the Indonesian Phinisi, is the best method to cruise the archipelago and surely will give you a more real sailing experience.

There are so many boats to choose from, from the luxury that will give the best experience, to the simple kind of boat that only has the essentials for your trips. With all of them providing the greatest and safest experience for you to explore the wonders of komodo island.

Magnificent komodo dragon, keepers of the island

picture of a komodo dragon
source : unsplash

You’ll encounter the Komodo dragons that’s protected by the government. Komodo dragons are the world’s largest lizards. The world’s largest Komodo was almost 3 meters (10 feet) long and weighed 166 kilograms (366 lb). These giants, on average, stand 6 feet (1.8 meters) high for females and 8 to 9 feet (2.4 to 2.7 meters) tall for males. Their enormous size is a result to the fact that they are the apex predator on the islands where they live, with no predators of their own to fight with. Komodo have a unique way of hunting with their tongue. They can taste the air to locate their prey. After they find their prey, komodo can use their venomous saliva to paralyze and kill their prey in a day.

Beautiful landscape untouch by the civilization

Komodo National Park has many islands that have beautiful over or underwater scenery. One of them is Padar Island. This island is a small, uninhabited island in the midst of the strait between Rinca and Komodo Islands. This location has a totally unique ambiance, with steep and dry hills, cliffs plunging straight into the ocean, sea eagles swooping around, massive bays with beautiful waters, and many unknown pink-sand beaches. A one-hour hike to the peak of Padar Kecil will reward you with a stunning view over Komodo National Park. The greatest times to go trekking are during the sunrise and sunset because you got to enjoy the colourful sky.

Wonderful diving experience waiting to be seen

If you’re taking a liveaboard trip to Komodo Island, diving is a massively recommended activity to do. Many diving spots and beautiful fauna await to be discover. You’ll meet colorful corals, big schools of fishes, stingrays like mantas and eagle ray, predators like reef sharks, giant trevally and a barracuda. If you’re lucky you can meet dugong or even whales. Also, you don’t have to worry about the diving gears because the crew already takes care of it for you. It’s as easy as dive and enjoy. There are many beautiful diving spots like Castle rock, Batu Tiga, Batu Bolong, Crystal rock, Mauan, and many others. Because theres so many spots, either you are a beginner, or an expert there are diving spots for everyone.

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Get To Know Bintan As Your Next Travel Destination

Indonesia has one of the biggest archipelagos on Earth, making up for over 17,000 islands. Hence, it is not difficult to find recommendations for perfect travel destinations since they are scattered across the country. You will not be running out of ideas when it comes to attractions in Indonesia. Among so many breathtaking places, Bintan island is one of the most recommended and should be on the top list. This is a well-known tourist destination located in Riau. It offers you large variety of activities to do during your getaway from stylish trip to adrenaline-pumping adventure. 

Get To Know Bintan As Your Next Travel Destination

Bintan for your next travel destination

Bintan is considered the biggest island in Riau which has around 3,000 islands in total. Over 300,000 tourists come visit Bintan each year just proving how this island manage to attract tourists well. There are many reasons why Bintan has become such a magnet of tourism in Indonesia. One of the reasons is that Bintan is declared to be one of the best world-class sport-tourism destinations attracting tourists from all over the world. This is where you get to witness competition of marathons, triathlons, extreme sports, as well as golf challenges. 

Where to stay

Accommodations in Bintan are easy to spot. You can find hotels, villas, and resorts scattered around the island. You can choose the one that fits your preference and budget. As for more specific areas to stay in, there are several recommendations for you. You can stay at Bintan Resort which is one of the most popular accommodation for tourists. 

Or, you can also stay at Penyengat Island which is the restored palace of Sultan full of historical monuments and relics. You may also choose to stay at one of the hotels around Trikora beach since there are plenty many of them. Lastly, you can opt for Senggarang and Sebung Village to stay at if you aim for more peaceful environment, away from the hustle and bustle. 

Access to Bintan Island

To get to Bintan Island, you can take ferries or a flight. You can enter Bintan Island from Singapore or Johor Bahru in Malaysia via ferry. This island is situated only a ferry ride away from those two neighboring countries of Indonesia. Hence, it offers easy access visa ferry. If you plan on taking a flight, you can get to Bintan Island via Bintan’s airport Raja Haji Fisabilillah. However, you may have to depart from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta or Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali to reach Bintan’s airport Raja Haji Fisabilillah since this airport doesn’t cater international flights. 

How to get around

It is relatively easy for you to navigate yourself around Bintan Island. There are taxis and car rentals available at the airports, ferry terminals, and resorts. You can also opt for online driver services such as Go-jek and Grab available around the city. Another alternative to travel around the island is by renting a scooter. Or, you can also blend in with the locals by taking bus or mini bus.

Private Boat Charter Bali, Get Special Price During Pandemic

The allowance for traveling during the pandemic is getting looser. Bali is a tourist destination that frees foreign tourists who come without quarantine with strict health protocols. This good news is an opportunity for you to visit the natural habitat of the popular Komodo dragon. Komodo National Park is not only famous for its iconic largest lizard but also spectacular underwater scenery with its manta points. Private boat charter Bali is the perfect one to explore Bali and its surroundings and visit Komodo Island National Park.

Private Boat Charter Bali, Get Special Price During Pandemic

Private boat charter Bali exploring Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is one of the must-see destinations on your cruise. Nusa Penida is still limping in managing the tourism sector. This is because there is no close synergy between the government, businessmen, and local residents. The readiness of human resources and infrastructure are two crucial problems on this island which is nicknamed “Blue Heaven”.

The coastal areas and waters of Nusa Penida are known to have a high diversity of marine life. White sand beaches with perfect clear water and colorful coral reefs live in the waters of Nusa Penida. The waters of Nusa Penida are known to have prominent dive sites including Crystal Bay, Manta Point, and Toyapakeh. The dive site presents underwater beauty with various biota such as Manta, coral reefs with colorful fish, various types of sharks, Mola-mola Fish (appears at certain times), cuttlefish, octopus, and many more.

Trekking, canoeing, watching the sunrise and sunset, snorkel, diving is an activity that you can do while during private boat charter Bali.

Komodo cruise boat tour

This time your Bali private boat charter trip will go to Komodo island. Komodo Island is the largest native habitat for endangered animals in the world. This endemic animal only lives on four islands, namely Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island and Motang Island. The largest reptiles in the world, which live in open nature such as savanna meadows, white sandy beaches and tropical rain forests. Komodo looks scary with a large body like an ancient animal, sharp nails, scaly skin and a forked tongue that always sticks out.

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To get around or trekking, you must be accompanied by a ranger, namely the guide and handler of the Komodo dragon. Rangers will provide tourists with a stick with a forked end, which is made of one type of tree as a ‘weapon’ to weaken the Komodo dragon. If the Komodo dragon attacks, the end of the forked stick is used to press the dragon’s neck, so that in a short time the Komodo dragon will weaken and stop attacking.

Most of the dive spots in Komodo have currents, but don’t be afraid there are also calm ones.

Manta Point

It’s known for swarms of up to 100 manta rays! Makassar is a lengthy drift dive with a calm current. Despite the fact that the bottom is mostly coral rubble, it is studded with vibrant coral gardens. Mantas and other huge fish can be spotted hanging around at these “cleaning stations,” where the little fish provide a cleaning service. Manta mating trains are common at certain times of the year, and we occasionally witness the mantas feasting on their preferred diet, zooplankton. Bamboo sharks, marble rays, eagle rays, bumphead parrot fish, and unicorn fish are among the other prevalent aquatic fauna. It’s a dive you won’t want to miss!

Siaba Besar

This dive location is located within a tranquil harbor and features a large hard coral reef that is home to many green turtles, sting rays, sweet lips, and starry pufferfish. Because of its sheltered location, the reef serves as a nursery for numerous juvenile species. Look for baby bumphead parrot fish and Napoleon wrasse.

Dugongs do come to this place on occasion, so keep a watch on your surroundings. This is a fantastic snorkeling spot as well as an interesting night dive. Siaba Besar is an excellent diving location for all levels of divers, particularly beginners and courses.

Makassar Reef

Makasar Reef, also known as Karang Makasar or Manta Point, is one of the greatest places to see manta rays. At Makasar Reef, diving takes place in shallow waters of 10-15 meters on a sandy bottom with broken corals and small stones. Divers usually swim with the current, surrounded by manta rays on their way to the cleaning station. Divers can also see sharks, eagle rays, bumphead parrot fish, turtles, and smaller fish like gobies and flasher wrasses in addition to manta rays. Due to its depth and low currents, this drift dive is excellent for divers of all levels.

Batu Bolong

One of the best dive locations in the world. Due to its powerful currents, it is best suited for advanced and experienced divers. In the depths of Batu Bolong, there are large schools of fish, many pelagic fish, and many shark species.

On the surface, the Batu Bolong site appears to be a little rock, but it is actually a massive boulder that extends deep into the blue to a depth of 70 meters. The rock is home to a diverse array of marine life as well as some spectacular hard and soft corals. Batu Bolong is accessible all year.

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