Meeting People While Solo Travelling

Meeting People While Solo Travelling

Not many people are fans of solo travel. The most common reasons for people refusing to go travelling alone is because of loneliness. At some points, many people decide to travel solo because they want to escape from the buzz and crowd in their daily lives. However, loneliness sometimes can be felt too intense during a solo trip especially because it is in such an unfamiliar. You can overcome this by meeting more people during your solo trip and find companionship from them. 

Ways to meet people during your solo trip

Not all travelers are outgoing or social butterfly. It can make it harder for those non-extroverts travelers to meet and interact with new people they encounter during their solo trip. However, there are so many benefits you can get from socializing and interacting with more people during your solo trip aside from getting rid of your loneliness. Yo may learn amazing lessons about life, learn more about new culture, listen to interesting stories, etc. And here are ways you can meet people during your solo trip to find companionship:

Join a group tour

Join a group tour

Solo travel is liberating because you can decide everything on your own. However, sometimes you feel like you want to let go and let the other decide for you. Hence, it is recommended that you join a group travel. Also, there are benefits such as easier transport access, reduce potential language barrier, and socialize with new people from different backgrounds. 

Volunteer yourself in local communities

It is such a great opportunity if you can volunteer while having an adventure. It makes your travel more meaningful because you give back to the community. Also, you create memories through fun experiences. There are many voluntary work you can partake such as teaching English, music, art, etc. It is a chance for you to meet the locals, learning more about their ways of life, or helping with your research. 

Take part in activities you like

If you enjoy dancing, then might as well take a part in local activities such as take a dance class. It allows you to meet like-minded people. Not only can you learn new skills, you will also be able to meet amazing people while building your self confidence as solo traveler. If you don’t really have particular hobby, you can challenge yourself to take part in any activity you find interesting. Learning something new is always exciting because you get to socialize more during your lonely trip.

Travel community-friendly accommodation

Instead of staying in a hotel, it is more recommended that you decide to stay in hostel. It is such a great accommodation that is offered to the travelling community. Even if you stay in a single room, you still get to meet and socialize other travelers. If you like it, you may also consider sharing a room with fellow traveler. You may meet amazing people who share the same interest and build a new friendship. Or, you can just have a room for yourself and hang out with others in common areas.

Vacationing at Nusa Dua Family Resorts with Kids: What to Know & to Do!

Vacationing at Nusa Dua Family Resorts with Kids: What to Know & to Do!

When it comes to organizing an ideal tropical holiday, there are several factors to consider. One of the most important variables in determining the epicness of your vacation is where you stay. Especially when you come to Bali with kids and staying in Nusa Dua family resorts. You’ll want to maximise everything you can enjoy from the resort and this is what you need to do. 

Sign the Kids Up for Kids Club at the Nusa Dua Family Resorts Upon Arrival

Because the signup procedure involves paperwork, it’s preferable to complete it as soon as possible so you may drop it off whenever you need to. Make a note of when the daycare and camp are closed so that you don’t plan stuff during that time. If you require child care after business hours, there are nannies that charge by the hour. Kids under 12 years old will definitely love all the fun activities they can do in the kids club. All the while, you can enjoy some adult time for pampering or just quality time with your spouse. 

Sign the Kids Up for Kids Club Upon Arrival

Sign Up for Classes and Activities Early On

There are a lot of fun family things to do in this Bali family resort, like Canang Sari (Balinese traditional offering basket) making class, Balinese Cooking Class, and many more! They also have other classes like yoga, fruit carving, and other fun activities. Sadly, not all of them are available everyday. So if there’s something special you want—or your kids want to do—make sure to plan it ahead. The Nusa Dua hotel staffs are on hand to assist. You can speak with the concierge upon arrival and give them your to-do list, and they can help you plan a schedule to fit everything in without stress.

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No Need for Reservations at the Restaurants of This Nusa Dua Family Resorts

Reservations are not required at any of the restaurants in the area. You can stroll inside any restaurant during service hours. Certain dishes require ahead planning, so if you have your heart set on lobster, be sure to check with the reservations desk. Plus, you can make these arrangements when you check in, so everything is taken care of ahead of time.

Do Not Miss the Cultural Activities

Do Not Miss the Cultural Activities

Forget all the fear of cultural appropriation at this Nusa Dua family resorts — because you won’t appropriating anything! On the contrary, the Balinese wants you to know them on deeper level; not just the beaches and all the superficial things. They want you to get to know their local culture better. So don’t worry and join the cultural activities held in Holiday Inn Bali Benoa. Try the Balinese gorgeous traditional clothes—they have it in kids size, too! If you’re lucky, sometimes the resort hold Melukat ceremony for cleansing and blessing as well as Balinese music and dance performance. Don’t hesitate to participate or enjoy the cultural moments!

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Bring Kid-Friendly Activities to the Resort Vacation

Find a method to include whatever your child’s favorite pastime is into your vacation. The kids will stay focused on the aircraft trip thanks to coloring books, movies, and games on your mobile device, and you’ll be grateful for a moment of (short) silence.

Carry Small Amounts of Money

Keep your cash small for gift shop purchases or vending machine use; otherwise, the all-inclusive resort will take care of your issues.

Must Things To Do For A Smooth Road Trip

Lots of people say that a road trip is the most convenient type of travel. You can go anytime to anywhere without so many restrictions. You can do it even spontaneously when you want it. However, it is not entirely true.  Regardless of your destination, a road trip needs preparation in order for it to go smoothly. You don’t want to end up in an unknown place with burst wheels or broken gear. Hence, always make some preparation to ensure your safety for the road trip. 

Get an amazing road trip experience with these tips

Getting the most of your experience of a road trip, you need a little bit more preparation. Although the elements of surprise can be exciting, nothing can beat a wonderful feeling when everything goes according to your plan. Although it is impossible to have such a flawless, perfect road trip experience, these tips can help you avoid unnecessary troubles:

Preparing your vehicle

 It is a must to do because your vehicle is like your companion and partner for the trip. If you are too focused on yourself and forgetting your car, you might end up suffering yourself during the trip. Hence, always check your vehicle prior the trip. Take it to the professional to ensure everything is in good condition. 

Get your vehicle cleaned prior the trip

It is also essential to have your car clean for the trip. You don’t want to ride with a bunch of trash inside your car. It may get smelly later which is not a good situation to enjoy at all. Also, clean the inside of your car during the trip regularly. At least, throw away the trash in every stop you make so you won’t pile them up unconsciously. Put some car freshener if needed to keep your car smell nice throughout the trip. 

Have your routes planned ahead

Determine your destination and choose your routes. It is highly recommended that you have alternatives just in case and avoid trouble spots. Depending on what you want to see during the road trip, you may plan your own routes. Just make sure that every route you take is safe enough to pass through. You can also download the route and have it saved on your phone so you can use it even when you are offline. 

Pack your entertainment sources

A road trip is more fun when you have some sources of entertainment with you such as playlist of your favorite songs. Make sure your phone also has back-up battery. You can also fill your phone with other types of entertainment aside from music such as podcasts or audiobooks. 

Travel with companion

If you have companions with you for the road trip, division the labor so everyone has their own responsibilities to hold throughout the ride. For example, one person is responsible for taking care of foods, while others are responsible for helping with the navigation. Hence, everyone will get to experience a smooth road trip without so much hassle to deal with.

Papua Tour, Get To Know the Korowai Tribe Up Close

Papua tour usually take you to explore many large and small islands to enjoy snorkeling and diving spots. In fact, Papua still has indigenous tribes that have unique and interesting life. To the south of Papua there is an area flanked by two large rivers and mountains from the north side, namely the indigenous Papuan interior tribe known as the Korowai tribe.

Papua Tour, Get To Know the Korowai Tribe Up Close
Image Resource: akurat

Papua tour, explore the traditional house of the Korowai tribe

The Korowai tribe is a unique tribe on the southern coast of Papua. This tribe lives in tropical rain forests, with houses built on trees with a height of about 12 to 35 meters from ground level.

The astonishing treehouse was clearly abnormally tall, as the winds could quickly destroy it. The higher the treehouse, the safer the family living in it from the threat of head hunters, wild animals, and unreachable malaria mosquitoes.

Papua tour takes you to find out why the Korowai tribe build houses with abnormal heights. The main reason a treehouse is built so high is the Korowai people’s fear of being attacked by ‘laleo’ or cruel demons. Creatures that walk like undead roam the night, looking for their relatives.

Apart from these factors, the Korowai tribe holds their forefathers in high regard. As a result, they see the lofty home as a legacy from their forefathers that must be carried out in order for them to feel comfortable and protected even if they must struggle to climb a tall tree.

The Korowai tribe did not choose trees carelessly when building this treehouse. They will choose large, robust trees for the basis of their house, then shave the tops of the trees to make their dwellings.

This tribe still follows the practices of their forefathers, the construction of this tree house can take up to seven days. To fend off evil spirits, the Korowai tribe will first perform a nightly ritual before constructing the house. Because their treehouse is made entirely of natural materials, it usually only lasts three years.

Animals such as pigs and coyotes are maintained as pets by the Korowai people, who use the deep forest as their means of life. Pigs have social worth to them and are only killed during rituals and special occasions, whereas their dogs are utilized as hunting animals.

Until about 1975, the Korowai only knew each other among themselves and had almost no contact with the outside world. The Papua trip will introduce you to the Korowai tribe who have a balanced life, where they maintain the relationship between humans and nature.

Papua Boat Charter

Aliikai voyage papua trip

Actually, there are no cruise ships with the aim of visiting the Korowai tribe. To be able to reach it, you have to rent a private boat and determine your adventure. The budget that you have to prepare will certainly be higher than the Papua tour package. Boat charters give you the freedom to explore many destinations that are not included in the Papua trip package. Papua is like a hidden paradise where there will be many surprises

Ideas For Earning Money While Travelling The World

Travel can cost a lot especially when it is an international trip. You need to save a  lot to be able to visit different countries in your travel plan. Of course, with how accessible the travel industry today is, it is not impossible for you to budget your travel. However, travel abroad still costs a lot since you may need to take multiple flights, book different accommodations from one place to another, etc. Hence, it seems a good idea to try earning money while traveling the world. And there have been many travelers who proved they could do it. 

Having side income while exploring the world

Money is one of the most important factors for your trip. Without it, you won’t be able to travel comfortably and safely. Many people choose savings as their method to afford a trip. However, you can also consider some viable approaches which are to earn money while you are traveling around the world, such as:

Try online freelance jobs

Today, there are so many freelance jobs you can look for on the internet. There are a bunch of them that freelancers, full timers, even students and housewives can take. The benefit of an online freelance job is that you can do it literally from anywhere. You can do it from home or do it during your travel endeavors. Make sure that the job you choose fits your skills so you already understand of what you have to do and you know that you are capable of fulfilling the tasks given. You just need to find good internet to send your work during your trip. You can also do it during your free time such as in the morning before exploring your destination. 

Consider sharing your stories through a blog

Blogging is so common today that you can literally find any information through blogs. More importantly, you can share your stories by blogging and earn money at the same time. It is possible and many travelers have been doing it for years already. In your blog, you can talk about anything you like but it is better if you talk about what you are most passionate about. You can even talk about your trip and share your experience with your readers. With time you will gain readership and slowly you can monetize your blog through Adsense for example. 

Online teaching

If you have some skills in certain areas such as language or arts, you can actually make money out of it through online teaching. For example, if you have good comprehension of both written and spoken English or any other languages then you can open an online course. There are so many options available on the internet you can look for. Your skills and passions can be your source of money that you can use during or for travel. Online teaching usually doesn’t require much time. You can teach for about two to three hours max a day. You can have it arranged with your travel plan so they won’t disrupt each other. 

Komodo Rinca Tour, New Adventure Overnight on Board

Rinca Island is one of the three major islands that make up Indonesia’s UNESCO-listed Komodo National Park. Apart from the three largest and most well-known islands, Rinca, Padar, and Komodo, the National Park consists of 26 more islands. The world-famous Komodo dragon is what makes this illustrious archipelago unique and intriguing to visitors. The Komodo dragon is the world’s largest lizard and a native of this group of islands in the Indian Ocean. The mighty Komodo dragon reigns supreme on Rinca Island, despite the fact that it does not live on all of the islands inside the Komodo National Park. Rinca Island is a small island in Indonesia with only 123 square miles of dense forest, grassy fields, very small beaches, and few fishing settlements. Rinca Island rewards intrepid travelers with panoramic views and an overall unique experience. This island is also the largest area to see Komodo dragons in their natural habitat. Komodo Rinca tour takes you to explore islands full of uniqueness and stunning views.

Komodo Rinca Tour, New Adventure Overnight on Board - samara liveaboard

Exploring Komodo Island, Komodo Rinca Tour

Komodo dragons are the world’s largest lizards, reaching lengths of up to three meters. As if their size wasn’t enough, the reptiles can run at speeds of up to 20 kilometers per hour. They’re also capable of swimming, climbing trees, and hunting creatures twice their size. Toxic proteins are secreted by two glands in the lower jaws of Komodo dragons. Humans are killed by their bites. Rangers will accompany your Komodo tour to ensure tourists are safe from large and aggressive rare reptiles.

On four Indonesian islands, the whole Komodo Dragon population dwells. During an overnight boat cruise to the UNESCO-recognized Komodo National Park, you can see two of these islands: Komodo and Rinca.

Rinca Island Tour

Between the larger islands of Sumbawa and Flores sits Rinca Island. Hundreds of free-roaming Komodo dragons live on the island’s rugged topography, which is border by mangroves and carpeted in palm-speckled savannah.

Komodo Rinca tour started start journey with the help of a guide brandishing a flimsy-looking two-pronged stick. The journey proceeded alongside a palm-studded mountain ridge, following a forested route through a thicket of trees. You need kept eyes and ears open for even the tiniest rustle or blurred movement during the trek.

Komodo island vs Rinca Island

Komodo Island, named after its dragon population, is significantly more popular among travelers looking to see the lizards. Apart from being home to dragons, Komodo Island is the largest of the Komodo National Park’s island group, providing visitors with more intriguing views and adventures. As a result, Komodo Island is frequently congested, and tourists are less likely to observe the dragon in regions where they pass due to its larger size.

Rinca Island, with its more varied landscape, is less well-known and hence less visit, allowing for better viewing of Komodo dragons in their natural habitat, which is largely unaffected by tourists and other human residents. Visitors planning a vacation to Indonesia to see the endangered Komodo dragon should definitely include Rinca Island in your Komodo tour itinerary.

How To Stay Digitally Connected While Travelling

Travelling is something fun that you can do by yourself or with other companions such as friends, families, or lovers. There are travel styles you can choose that suits to your liking. One of the most fun about travelling is when you can see many beautiful things and share it with your loved ones. Travelling doesn’t have to keep you away from your loved ones at home. In fact, you can stay connected via various digital technologies you can use during travel. 

Staying digitally connected with your loved ones during travel

Sometimes, you want or have to travel alone and leave your dear friends or families at home. However, you can keep in touch with each other  by having regular video calls, phone calls, text messages, emails, etc. However, sometimes it is difficult for you to stay connected with them for various reasons such as lack of internet access. And here are some of useful tips for you to stay digitally connected with your loved ones at home while travelling around world:

Free WiFi

Today, internet access is not rare anymore. Almost every big city has WiFi available to be used by public for free. When you visit restaurants, public libraries, hotels, shops, cafes, they usually provide free WiFi for the guests. Hence, you can use free WiFi to stay connected with your family at home. There are also private companies who offer free wireless internet. You can compensate them by a purchase or drop some coins in a tip jar. 

However, it is also strongly suggested that you are being careful when using browser or anything with free WiFi. If you have private information, make sure to secure it before accessing free WiFi so there won’t be no one who can access your personal information. 

Use tethering from phone

If you travel with a group of people or with a travel companion, you can share internet connection with each other. It can save alot of money because you no longer have to pay extra expense for internet data. If you need to use your laptop and need internet connection, you can turn on the hotspot or tethering option from your phone. This is more efficient and money-saving. If you plan to use your phone for tethering, make sure to set the password first so it cannot be easily accessed by other people you don’t want to share with. To prevent excessive use of your own internet data, turn on Airplane Mode when you are not using your phone. 

Use Google Maps to find nearby networks

If you are exploring new places and unfamiliar with your surroundings, you can always rely on your Google Maps. If you have limited internet data left, you can use your Google Maps to detect nearby networks such as free WiFi. Hence, you can find solution for your network problem. Once you find the access for internet data, you can turn off your mobile data and use WiFi. Then, you can do everything you need to stay connected with your loved.

Closer to Asmat Papua and Its Civilization

Asmat, the name of the tribe in Papua and is the name of one of the districts in Papua Province. This district has an area of 23,746 km2 with a population of 110,105 people in 2020. The Asmat Papua are indigenous people who live on the coast and inland. People on the coast and inland have different ways of life, social structures, and rituals.

The discovery of the Papuan Asmat

In 1770, British explorer James Cook landed in a bay in Asmat. Suddenly hundreds of black men appeared who were smeared with white, red, and black colors and then attacked and killed several of James Cook’s men.

In 1904, this event took place again, but this time there was communication between the two parties. Using sign language, they exchanged goods and from now on people began to flock to the area that became known as Asmat.

Stories About Asmat Papua

The Asmat tribe is one of the largest tribes in Papua. The Asmat Papua people believe that they come from the creator (Fumeripits). According to their belief, Fumeripits washed up on the beach dying and was rescued by a flock of birds.

Feeling lonely, Fumeripits built a house and filled it with wooden statues of his own carved wood. Then Fumeripits beats tifa every day and suddenly the statues move to the rhythm of tifa, and turn into humans. Since then, Fumeripits wandered and built long houses and made humans into the Asmat tribe as they are today.

Papuan Asmat and Death Rituals

According to the Asmat Papua tribe, the death of a person is not natural but there is an evil spirit that interferes with it. It is believed that when their relatives are sick, a fence must be made of palm tree branches so that evil spirits cannot approach. When the sick person died, they would scramble to hug his body and roll his body into the mud.

The body is then placed on woven bamboo until it rots. They put their bones on a wooden tree, while their skulls were used as pillows as a symbol of affection for deceased relatives. They also make measurements of people who died, which they call mbis.

Sago Caterpillar Satay

If you go to Papua to meet the Asmat tribe, you must try a unique culinary, namely sago caterpillar satay. The Asmat tribe wraps sago caterpillars using palm leaves, then they are sprinkled with sago and baked. Sago caterpillar satay is a combination of salty, savory, and sweet with a hard outside texture and soft inside.

Can you Make Business Trip Taste Like A Vacation?

Most of the time, business trip is not something about having business party, exclusive dinner at high-end restaurant, or luxurious hotel suites. What many business travelers think about the trip is exhaustion, fatigue, and stress. Many business travelers are unable to enjoy the trip more comfortable due to demanding schedule and the goals of meeting deadlines. However, it is also possible that you have a business trip that taste like a vacation. 

Business trip taste like a vacation

Most people are envious to those who can travel frequently because the opportunity of visiting new places and finding many exciting, new things. However, business travel is more about spending time in conference rooms and airports rather than exploring historical museums or sunbathing on an exotic beach. But you can make your business trip feels a lot more like a vacation to make it more enjoyable, meaningful, and memorable by following these useful tips for your next travel plan:

Set a schedule to fully enjoy your day for leisure trip

At the front or the back of your demanding business schedule, put a schedule where you can spend the rest of the day resting, exploring the city, or simply enjoying your time with relaxing activities. If you put it at the front, it means you have to schedule your trip earlier. If you put it at the end of your business trip, you can treat is a reward for your hardwork meeting deadlines. Vow yourself that you would do something fun every time you go for a business travel. This can help you feel more motivated to finish your work. 

Take a break

No matter how demanding your schedule is, taking a break from time to time is important. Having a marathon schedule for a day can be so dreadful, making you more stress about facing tomorrow and the rest of your business trip. Hence, always allow break during your busy schedule by doing simple things that makes you relax. You can just step out of the meeting room and see beautiful view of the cities from the balcony. Or, take a break from business talk and fully enjoy the meals in front of you. If you have few hours break, you may also consider visiting a bookshop, or any other places that can lift up your mood. 

Make the most of hotel amenities 

Choose a hotel that provide various amenities you can enjoy to the fullest. There are many hotels offering amenities that can make their guests feel like they are on a vacation even if they don’t leave the hotel. This kind of accommodation will be helpful  alot in relieving your stress during business trip, enabling you to enjoy other activities that you love even without taking hours to drive somewhere far from where you stay. You deserve a break from time to time and you can make the most of business trip to meet deadlines and pamper yourself. If you can get both during a business trip then why not?

Best Dive Trip With Liveaboard Indonesia

Navigating the sea by fast boat or ferry is common. How about exploring the Indonesian archipelago on a luxury phinisi boat? Liveaboard Indonesia is designed to be very great, such as moving five-star hotel facilities onto a ship. The thrill of sailing on a luxury phinisi ship takes you to discover the ocean and spectacular views.

Lamima Liveaboard Indonesia - yoga on board activity

Dive Cruise Liveaboard Indonesia

There are no doubts about Indonesia’s dive spots, from Komodo National Park to Papua Raja Ampat. The most popular and easily accessible liveaboard Indonesian route with a trip time of 4-5 days is exploring the Komodo National Park. The dive cruise Indonesia route to Komodo National Park is actually quite popular among foreign tourists, especially European tourists.

Dive cruise liveaboard Indonesia enthusiasts are not only backpackers but also groups or families. Actually, many liveaboard operators offer dive packages to several points on the island of Komodo. When you reach Labuan Bajo you can look for dive cruise package information.

Luxury Liveaboard Indonesia

liveaboard indonesia facility - main cabin

There are many advantages to deciding to dive using an Indonesian dive cruise. One of them, you don’t have to worry about renting a boat to get to the dive spot. There is also no need to bother looking for lodging during your dive trip. Luxury liveaboard Indonesia provides all the necessities for the comfort of your dive cruise.

Cruises are always selling well for diving lovers and adventurers. Passengers get a classy meal cooked directly on board. There are even several Indonesian luxury liveaboards that provide spa and massage services.

The phinisi boat will take you to dive spots with spectacular views. If you go on a cruise with a group or family, you can choose at any time to do the cruise.

Dive Cruise Budget

Liveaboard Indonesia prices vary widely according to the facilities and length of your dive cruise. The dive liveaboard prices range from $2000 – $4000 and maybe more expensive at the end of the year.  Choose a phinisi boat that suits the number of passengers who will be on vacation and the facilities that you think are comfortable enough for your diving trip.

Vacations with friends or family and staying onboard offer a very memorable vacation and adventure sensation. Your trip will be more private when you decide to rent a phinisi boat. Liveaboard Indonesia brings you to discover many dive spots and many diverse underwater animals.