What To Do When Checking A Bag At The Airport

Checking your valuable items in your bag doesn’t guarantee they will be safe through the entire flight. There have been thousands cases of damaged or lost items file at various airports. Surprisingly, 40% of the files were denied. Checking a bag is crucial part when it comes to travel. There are many pitfalls that might happen to you when checking your bag so you need to make sure your luggage arrive in one piece. 

What To Do When Checking A Bag At The Airport

How to ensure your bag will arrive safely in one piece?

The very obvious thing to do is to not pack your valuables in your checked bag. There have been many travelers who still keep their valuables in their checked bags such as watches, cameras, golden rings, iPads, etc. Those are expensive and have been reported being stolen from traveler’s luggage. Hence, do not pack them in your checked bag but in your carry-on or backpack. If you buy pricey souvenirs from your trip, pack them in your carry-on or ship them if they are too large or heavy. 

Do not pack items that are on the list of prohibited items on the TSA. It is important what items you should and should not pack in your bag be it carry-on or suitcase. For example, lithium batteries used in cameras should be packed in your carry-on. To ensure that you pack properly, double-check the TSA’s list of prohibited items before checking your bag. 

Use only TSA-approved lock to secure your bag. If you use non-TSA approved one then it will be ripped off your bag. It is as simple as that so make sure to follow the rule. It is easy to find lock that is approved by TSA. Therefore, it will be easier for the security officers to open the lock with their master key. It makes checking process goes smoothly as well. 

Avoid getting your belonging spilled or leaked from your checked bag. Always double-check your bag from home and when it is going to be checked at the airport security. Also, do not put liquid in a bad spot. At least cushion your liquids to avoid leak or spill incidents. Make sure every pocket and compartment is zipped and fastened securely. It is strongly suggested to not leave anything hanging outside of your bag. Dangling items can get caught easily on the conveyor belt at the airport. It can end up with your bag damaged or your items lost. 

It is best to avoid booking  a tight connecting flight. It is too risky because with such short time, there is bigger chance your bag won’t make it to the final destination with you. Shorter layover can cause you anxiety because you keep worrying whether or not your bag will make it. Hence, it is best to avoid booking tight connection. At least book connecting flights with two hours transfer period. This way you can reclaim and recheck your bag before getting into your next flight without hassle.  

Best Places To Visit For An Epic Komodo Tour

If you’re looking for a beautiful tropical paradise with a chilled-out island vibe, then look no further than Komodo Island. The island has an exceptional climate with warm and sunny days year-round. Komodo Island is full of entertainment from the giant lizard, unique history, and more. Not to mention the jaw-dropping islands nearby and beautiful beaches and will make you instantly want to add this island to your Komodo tour itinerary. Whether you are backpacking, young people who love adventures, or families with children. Komodo Island is a real travel highlight and offers something unique for everyone. Let’s discover the must see sight in Komodo Island that’s unique and will make your holiday unforgettable.

Komodo tour, the five best places to visit!

Komodo tour - Trekking in Padar Island | Hello Flores

Padar Island 

One of the best things to do on Komodo is a visit to Padar Island. The idyllic scenery on Padar Island is second to none. Padar Island is the perfect place for a scenic hike.  A hike up the main peak of this mountain will approximately take about 2 hours. Once you reach the top, you can see some of the most incredible landscapes in the world. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and apply some sunscreen because the sun can be very hot.

Join komodo tour and watch manta rays at manta point | Hello Flores

See manta rays at manta point

On Komodo Island, exploring the underwater world is a must. Moreover, swimming with manta rays in the wild is one of the popular things to do on the Island.  Manta Point is the perfect place to see manta rays in their real habitat. If you jump in, you can swim with the manta and also spot some of the stunning corals that have made the diving spots here famous. A fantastic experience to do in Komodo!

Visit pink beach | Komodo tour | Hello Flores

Pink beach 

There are dozens of beautiful beaches on Komodo Island, but Pink beach is an incredibly beautiful place to visit on Komodo Island.  Apart from its striking color, Pink beach offers a serene ambiance and a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. The panoramic views of the lush green hills, pink sand, pristine turquoise waters, and blue skies will surely take your breath away. Pink beach is also home to hundreds of species of hard and soft corals with various species of marine life.

Gili Lawa Darat is the most photogenic spot on Komodo Island | Hello Flores

Gili Lawa Darat

Gili Lawa Darat is the most photogenic spot on Komodo Island.  The main attraction of this place is the beautiful scenic view that awaits travelers as they trek and reach the peak. Its strategic location is perfect for capturing stunning beaches or light-emitting hills.

The Komodo Tour to Komodo Island National Park | Hello Flores

The Komodo Tour to Komodo Island National Park is a must!

A visit to Komodo National Park is almost a must on every Komodo tour. The National Park is the only place in the world where you can see the unique and rare Komodo Dragons up close in the wild. No trip to Komodo Island would really be complete without seeing the massive reptiles. Besides the dragons, the seas around the national park offer vibrant colors of coral reefs and beautiful marine life.

Urban Attractions And Landmarks In Seoul Worth Traveling For

Seoul, South Korea is one of the top lists when it comes to dazzling city around the world. It has various skylines with impressive height. There is a wide range of contemporary and modern architecture. Also, it is hard to get bored when you visit Seoul. Through Seoul, you can actually feel the culture of South Korea. Seoul is where nature and tradition is still embraced strongly while letting the futuristic elements blend into the landscape. 

Where to go when you visit Seoul

There are many things to see when you visit Seoul. Of course, you are not going to just see but fully enjoy the experience of visiting various landmarks and attractions if you come to Seoul. K-pop or K-drama are not the only things you get to explore when it comes to Seoul because the city is beyond. And here are several amazing places worth traveling for:

N Seoul Tower is said to be the place for romance. This iconic landmark is like a must-visit place. It stands atop the scenic Nam Mountain. It was originally built for broadcasting tower but then opened for public too. On the tower, you will get to see the mountain and clouds in 360 degree view. It is highly recommended to come to this tower towards late afternoon to catch beautiful sunset. 

Lotte World Tower is the tallest building in South Korea while fifth place in the world. It stands on 1,800 feet with 123 floors. The most interesting part about its design is that it looks like a rocket ready to launch to the sky. The inside is like the embodiment of paradise. There are many things such as apartments, five start hotel, corporate offices, mall complex, museum, and many more. There is also Seoul Sky, the observation deck of the building where you get to see the best panorama on a glass skywalk. 

Seocho Garak Tower East has one of the most impressive design. When you look at it during the day, it looks like  wave of liquid metal dancing towards the blue sky. It is a very eye-catching tower located in Gangnam district. It is said that the design was inspired by the delicate shape prevalent in Korean pottery. The glass panels themselves provide solar electricity and insulation. 

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art is also an urban landmark you should not miss when visit Seoul. It is located in Itaewon neighborhood. There are three building complex. The first one is museum full of traditional Korean art, the second is for contemporary and modern art, and the third is for education centre. The spiral staircase in the Museum 1 catches the eye the most. 

Dongdaemun Design Plaza is a cultural complex featuring Neo-futuristic style with sleek aluminum facade and eccentric shape. The interiors are experimental and diverse. More interestingly, the building transform into an animated light show at night. This building serves various purpose such as conferences, exhibitions, and fashion shows. The retail stores open for 24 hours and you can also explore design-centric museums and rooftop parks.  

Capture Your Romantic Experience at Villa Ubud

Have you experienced the magical romantic of Ubud? Ubud is pretty much without question one of the most romantic places in Bali. There is so much to see and experience in Ubud. A magical blend of people, nature, nightlife, weather, culinary delights, and beautiful accommodations. When looking for your perfect romantic holiday, be sure to include a few night’s stays in Villa Ubud. You can’t leave Bali without living the magical experience of Ubud. So, what is special about staying in Ubud villa?

Villa Ubud KClub The smart choice to invest

A romantic vibe in villa Ubud

If you want to chill and relax in the authentic romantic atmosphere of Ubud, Villa Ubud is a lovely home for you. Having your own Ubud villa on holiday allows you to retreat from crowds after a full day of exploring the Ubud and enjoy your own personal space. You can look for a private villa with one bedroom so that it is comfortable as long as you stay. Most Ubud villas offer great amenities from a private bar, jaw-dropping decor, 24 hours butler services, and an alluring outdoor bathtub. You can spend your romantic holiday lazing together in a private pool. Soak up the sun on the pool chairs. Go for a swim in the morning and everything is just perfect!

What to do when staying in a villa?

Indulge in a relaxing spa massage

Drench yourself in an array of spa massage at your villa. To add up to the romantic experience, having a massage at your villa by the pool is definitely unbeatable. With the natural landscape surrounding and the ultimate privacy, massage treatment will give one incredible relaxation. Booking a spa treatment is a great way to get back your energy. It is also great to calm yourself from the overwhelming feeling of traveling to these great places. After that, you can choose to have a flower bath.

Yoga retreat

Ubud is yogi heaven in Bali. Starting your day in the morning with a yoga class is a great way to get into the relaxed. This is more than just dining or watching good movies. A yoga retreat is a different kind of romantic holiday that you’ll both be talking about for years. Enrich your body, mind, and soul, make your romantic holiday unforgettable. So, increase your flexibility and well-being on this unique holiday and return home feeling completely re-energized.

Romantic Dinner

Don’t pass your holiday in villa Ubud by having a romantic dinner. Surprise your partner with a magical romantic dinner.  Let’s celebrate your romantic getaway with beautiful decorations around your table. Dine surrounded by flowers and candles at the poolside under a million stars during your romantic dinner. Feel the light air and nature’s symphony of chirping crickets underneath the starlight while enjoying the delicious menus! 

Handy Tips You Need To Travel To Bangkok Safely

Handy Tips You Need To Travel To Bangkok Safely

Bangkok, Thailand is located in Asia and one of the most popular destinations for tourists and travelers alike. The capital of Thailand is relatively safe for any kind of travelers be it solo or female travelers. Bangkok is also relatively pleasant and enjoyable. It is rare for travelers who stayed experiencing much troubles. In fact, most of visitors experienced joy and happiness along with being safe throughout their trip. 

Tips to travel Bangkok safely

Regardless of how safe Bangkok is, there will always be risks and threats you need to consider such as theft, scams, traffic, political encounter, etc. So here are handy tips you can use to travel to Bangkok safely:

As for now, the government of Thailand has restricted foreign visitors from entering the country with only few exception. What to be cautious of when visiting Thailand aside from the covid-19 is ongoing political tension showed by sporadic demonstrations. If you plan to visit Bangkok in the near time be mindful with the whether because it is rainy season there. 

Handy Tips You Need To Travel To Bangkok Safely

As for safety concern, Bangkok is considered low threat location for crime. The most common crimes happened to tourists are snatch theft, jewelry scheme, tourists fraud, and other non-confrontational street crimes. Those crimes often take place in crowded areas or tourist-heavy areas so be mindful with where you are going. Be careful when visiting Bangkok’s markets, tourist stops, and shopping malls. 

Bangkok is also considered safe destination for solo travelers. Mostly bad things that happened to tourists is because the tourists are drunk or high. It can be because they are too aggressive to the locals. So unless you are doing those things then you will be just fine travelling around Bangkok. Keep in mind that any recreational drugs are still illegal in Thailand so don’t bring any if you don’t want to get in trouble. Avoid getting drunk because you will not make good decision and end up in trouble. 

Bangkok is also relatively safe for female travelers. The case of rape or assault to female travelers is so rare but you still have to take precautions. For example, do not flaunt your valuables such as jewelry or expensive electronics. Avoid travelling alone or taking taxi late at night. Limit your alcohol consumption to avoid getting drunk. Do not go into dark, suspicious alleys and other red-light districts if you travel alone. Do not leave your drinks unattended to avoid the risk of it being spiked when you are not looking. 

Bangkok is safe from BIPOC travelers as well since they welcome all travelers of all ethnicity. Black travelers will find no trouble travelling around Bangkok even though lighter skin is associated by Thais with privilege historically. However, Black may get some awkward comment or curious look occasionally from the locals. There won’t be any race-based assault or harassment to Black tourists or POC travelers. The most important thing to do to stay safe is to be nice and respect the locals.

Why Cendrawasih Bay for Your Scuba Diving Holiday?

Why Cendrawasih Bay for Your Scuba Diving Holiday?

The underwater world, with its explosion of colors and rich marine biodiversity, is a whole new world. Diving in Cendrawasih Bay will probably be the highlight of your West Papua adventure. This stunning bay is located in Indonesia’s Papua province, on the opposite side of the Bird’s Head Peninsula to Raja Ampat. Whether you’re a complete newbie or vastly experienced, diving at Cendrawasih will have something for you. The highlight attraction in this bay is the resident whale sharks that are found year-round. Therefore, diving is one of those experiences that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. Here are some reasons why you need to visit this bay for a scuba diving holiday!

Cendrawasih Bay is Indonesia’s hidden gem!

Cendrawasih Bay is without a doubt Indonesia’s hidden gem. This remote bay in Indonesia is scuba diving heaven. There’s no place quite like it for diving and is top on the most diver dream bucket lists! 150 species of colorful coral have been founded in this bay. Including numerous colorful soft corals, black and blue hard corals. Moreover, this bay is a home for over 200 species of fish. For instance, schooling of damselfish, butterflyfish, and brightly colored parrotfish.

Experience world-class diving without the crowds

One of the best reasons to visit this bay is to experience pristine diving without any crowds. Diving here promises majestic sharks, stunning visibility, and breathtaking hard corals. This bay is still off most peoples’ radar. Therefore, don’t miss it for the chance to enjoy peaceful scuba diving before the rest of the world catches on!

Sharks encounters

Diving in Cendrawasih Bay is a unique experience, with an incredible number of whale sharks who frequently visit in large groups. Here, you can find several species of sharks. Including blacktip reef sharks and oceanic whitetip. Rhincodon typus or whale sharks reach between 9–12 meters long and weigh up to 12,500 kg. Making them the largest fish in the world. The number of whale sharks tends to be in an area near Kwatisore village along a peninsula on the bay’s southwest edge.

The whale sharks around this area are the only non-migratory whale sharks in the world. They are also present in Cendrawasih year-round. Due to the fisherman always feeding them, keeping them around. Besides the sharks, four species of turtle are also present in this bay. Including, leatherback, hawksbill, green, and pacific ridley. On shallower sites, you also have the chance to meet the incredibly endangered dugong. While further out to the blue sea, the mighty blue whales and even dolphins can be spotted. Let’s imagine several whale sharks in your field of vision. From a little juvenile to a mature adult. Isn’t it spectacular?

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Discover Wildlife Along the Kri Island

About Overtourism and How To Travel Responsibly

The impact of overtourism and ways to travel responsibly

Travelling is an amazing experience and that is why you have your own bucket list of amazing destinations to visit someday. However, you cannot deny about the negative impact of your travels somehow. So many tourist attractions around the world have been damaged or changed due to the overcrowd. Famous attractions draw attention from people all over the world. When you arrive at this kind of famous attraction, the first thing you notice is the crown not the place. 

The impact of overtourism and ways to travel responsibly

Some famous attractions often make some adjustment or or develop new facilities to welcome large numbers of visitors. It changes the destinations sometimes in a bad way. The problem becomes bigger when the number of visitors is higher than the destination can cope with. Also, there have reports about the damage of facilities in some famous attraction all over the world due to overtourism. It causes rage from the locals that even some of destinations close or limit the number of visitors. 

The danger of over-tourism 

Overtourism is dangerous because it exceeds the physical, social, ecological, economic, and political or psychological limit. A tourist attraction may be full but that doesn’t always mean it suffers from overtourism. It happens only when the massive presence of visitors threatens the economy, culture, and nature of the destination.

The change of life of the locals

About Overtourism and How To Travel Responsibly

Overtourism is when the behaviour of tourists change the life of the locals. Sacred places are treated poorly just for the same of photos to post on Instagram. It not a responsible behavior. When overtourism continues, the consequences will become even bigger. It can wipe out historic sites, ancient cultures, as well as native species. 

Minimise the impact of your travel

It is possible to minimize the impact of our travel hence overtourism can be avoided. One of the ways is to become a responsible travelers. You may have seen many news about unruly tourists who offended the locals. Hence, it is important to travel responsibly and show respect to the locals and their environment, as well as culture. Social media plays huge role to overtourism because influencers who post their visit to their social media make their followers want to experience the same thing. 

It’s the responsible of everyone

Solving the problem of overtourism is the responsibility of everyone. Solely blame the traveler is not right either because they also contribute to the increased income gained by the local economy. Stop travelling is not the solution. What travelers can do is to travel responsibly. It means travelling while respecting the rules and do not be a burden both to the locals and the environment. The local authority of tourist attractions can also create rules to protect the place such as limiting the number of visitor daily and proceed regular maintenance to the place. 

Simple ways of responsible travelling

Travelling responsibly can be done in simple ways such as bringing reusable water bottle, travelling by bus or train instead of plane, travel in low season, encouraging small family businesses by acting like locals and eating like locals, avoiding attractions that use animals for human entertainment, and never leave trash especially when visiting nature reserves. 

Komodo Trip: Six Simple Ways for More Sustainable Travelling!

Komodo Trip: Four Simple Ways for More Sustainable Travelling!

Hopping to Komodo trip is an incredible way to get closer to nature. This remote frontier offers the best getaway from the hustles and bustles of crowded world. The pristine Komodo is where nature grows as it best, away from the touch of modern civilization and the toxicities of big cities. Here’s where we should play our part. We come to Komodo for its stunning wildlife—it’s our responsibility to keep the Komodo clean and healthy. Here’s six simple ways to become a more responsible travelers upon visiting the wild and wondrous Komodo. 

Less Plastic on Your Komodo Trip

The number one rule that you should start applying in every aspect of your life. Less plastic wastage. However, travelling usually force us to spend more plastic than we used to—and we don’t even realise it. Think about the individually wrapped candies and small munchkins we bring for travelling. The travel-friendly sachets drinks. Those water bottle packages for drink. You can start to bring reusable water bottle to use in Komodo trip, bringing bulk of snacks in container, and preparing your own eat utensils to avoid using the plastic ones.

Keep A Respectful Distance with Wildlife

Keep A Respectful Distance with Wildlife

Komodo is first and best known for its wildlife; the impressive Komodo dragons that’s been living in the wilderness of Komodo Island since million years ago and the brilliant underwater life are incomparable. With that in mind, we want to do everything needed to keep the animals as wild as possible. Not coming close with the dragon is the main rule—especially if you want to keep your limbs intact after the Komodo trip. Do not chase or scare the wild deers that roams around the islands. Never touch a Manta when you snorkel with these majestic giants. Basically keep your hands off every wild living thing in Komodo. 

Reef-Friendly Sunscreen for the Komodo Trip

We could never stress it enough. The danger of oxybenzone that is commonly found in sunscreen is real to the health of coral reefs. Accumulated oxybenzone in the water can impair the growth of green algae, induce bleaching and damaging the DNA of coral reefs, induce defection in young muscles, as well as damaging immune and reproductive system in sea urchins and fishes. Start using marine-friendly sunscreen from now. 

Likewise, Choose Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Soap

Likewise, Choose Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Soap in Your Komodo Trip

Surfactants in shampoo and soaps make the water “wetter”, and that’s toxic for the marine life. It’s time to switch to SLS-free shampoo and soap, preferably the bar ones to reduce plastic packaging. The chemical you use to clean your body becomes an important matter especially as you are taking the Komodo trip in a sailing boat. Everything you use in the bathroom directly impact the water below. Generally, you want to avoid sunscreen, shampoo, soap, and any beauty products that contain the following ingredient:

Oxybenzone, Benzophenone-1, Benzophenone-8, OD-PABA, 4-Methylbenzylidene camphor, 3-Benzylidene camphor, nano-Titanium dioxide, nano-Zinc oxide, Octinoxate, Octocrylene.

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What’s NOT to Do While Visiting Komodo Island

Keep Noise Pollution Into A Minimum on Your Komodo Trip

You don’t want to disturb the underwater life by boasting loud party music in the liveaboard. The loud engine from the ship is enough already. Rather than blasting EDM music, try to slow down and enjoy the quiet surrounding. It’s the essence of going to the remote and idyllic Komodo, after all. 

Do Not Do Negative Diving Habits

If you dive the Komodo out of the love of underwater, you know what it takes to keep the marine life healthy. Do not touch corals or hold any fishes for photos. Never “hunt” or chase any wild animal, this will scare them and leave traumatic impact. Do not feed any marine life with your human food. Actually, do not feed the fishes with anything in the first place—this will change the fish’s natural behaviour. They might lose their ability to hunt and start relying on human for food. Komodo’s stunning marine life is not just for us to enjoy; it’s our responsible as well to keep the environment like it should be. 

Making Sure Your Cruise To Not End Prematurely

You might think only drug dealers and smugglers who will be escorted down the gangway. However, it is not entirely true. Yes the will be kicked off from the cruise if they are caught. However, even ordinary people have the risk to experience being escorted down from the cruise as well. Hence, know what things that can cause that unpleasant experience to happen to you so you can get the best cruise experience instead. 

Things that can end your cruise prematurely

There are many factors that cause ordinary people to be escorted down from the cruise and here are some of them:

A serious injury or sickness. If you are just experiencing seasickness, you can go to the on-board doctor and get some medicine to treat it. However, if you get seriously sick or injured, you will booted off more quickly than what you planned. You will be taken to nearest hospital at the next port to get immediate treatment. If you have particular health condition, make sure that you do a checkup to your doctor prior our cruise to prevent the unwanted thing to happen. 

Bringing drugs and other illegal items to the cruise will put you in so much trouble. Also, be careful if there is someone approaching you before you get to the ship to sell something to you. Even if you are not planning to buy anything from them, let alone illegal things, you will be taken to the police station if you are caught in the middle of the transaction. 

Skipping the muster drill can cause you to be dropped off from the cruise. It is important to attend muster drill as it is precaution to keep you safe and alive in emergency situation. Even if you have known the drill already, doesn’t mean you can skip it. There has been case where a couple were kicked off the cruise from failing to attend the second muster drill. 

Before the cruise is sailing, you will have to go through screening. It is part of pre-embarkation security check every passengers should follow through. Fail to do that and you will not be allowed to board. Always comply with the security requirements if you want a smooth sailing cruise experience. 

Making a job about anything related to terrorism topic will cause you in trouble. You will be warned or worse, kicked off of the cruise. For example, you jokingly say you are going to blow up the ship or releasing toxic poison or viruses into the swimming pool. The security will get you booted off of the ship immediately and you don’t get to expect any refund because it is your own dumb action. 

Disobey the rules in any form may potentially get you booted off of the ship such as giving a minor a drink, engaging in disorderly conduct, or failing to show correct documents. Hence, always follow the rules and it is better to learn it in advance so you know not to cross the line. 

Thinking of Buying Seminyak Villas in Bali?

Seminyak is one of the best destinations in Bali for holiday villas or retirement living places. The gorgeous beaches and world-class services make Seminyak remarkable worldwide, especially in the Seminyak villas market. Buying a property in Seminyak ought to be a profit-filled experience. Therefore, you have to make sure that you’re doing things right. Here are things to know before buying a villa in Seminyak.

Thinking of Buying Seminyak Villas in Bali?

Know what you want for Seminyak Villas

There is something for everyone in the Seminyak property market. From a one-bedroom villa in the busy party areas to five-bedrooms villas. Each villa offers something different. Once you decide that buying Seminyak villas is the right option for you. Then you need to start thinking about narrowing down what you want. So, you need to ask yourself why are you buying in Seminyak? How many bedrooms do you want? Do you want a private pool? Since purchasing villas is a big deal, you cannot make it in a single day. Make sure that the villa you want to buy offers the basic amenities you would like to enjoy. Therefore, you have to do proper research!

Hire experienced real estate agent

The important thing when you are buying a villa is to make sure to use a reputable agent. Never be afraid to seek out an agent from the area you are buying in. For instance, if you are thinking of buying a villa in Seminyak, an agent will be in possession of all knowledge you could ever need about the Seminyak area.  In Bali, you can find many property agencies. However, when it comes to buying a villa, it is important to choose an agent in order to be well advised. One like Kibarer Development, that has years of experience and knowledge as well as one that knows the local markets.

What makes Kibarer Development different from the other property agencies?

When it comes to Bali property agencies, Kibarer Development has been one of the best for more than a decade. Kibarer is the only company with ISO9001 certification. They also have an international design team and a unique concept for each project. Which means more value for renting and selling. The Kibarer team will advise and support you in the rental, purchase, management, and investment.

What kind of Seminyak villas are on offer?

Project Seminyak Petitenget is located in the most fashionable coastal region in Bali. The villa built on 2 are of land size and 145 sqm of building size. This 2-story pool villa comes with two bedrooms.  On the ground level, you will find a spacious living room. There is also a dining area and fully-equipped kitchen. The living area boasts a glass wall and sliding doors opening out to the private swimming pool. All two comfortable bedrooms are located on the upper level and have an ensuite bathroom. This modern villa is ideal as a long-term residence or as a vacation villa.