Avoid unnecessary hotel fees during your stay

Planning on staycation in the near future? Make sure to find out information about the fees thoroughly. During this pandemic, staycation can be a safer choice especially when you book hotel that follows the health and safety guidelines well. Staying in a hotel for few days can cost a lot especially when you are being unaware of the fees being charged. There are unfortunately many irritating fees that many guests are not aware of until their time to pay comes. 

Avoid unnecessary hotel fees during your stay

It is possible for you to avoid some of unnecessary fees being charged to you. Hotels fees can be more annoying than airline fees because getting detailed information is not so easy. You need to call the front desk to ask proactively if you don’t want to be charged with amenities you don’t even use or need. And here are some of annoying hotel fees you can avoid during your stay:

Fee for checking in too early or late

Some hotels charge you extra fee if you check in too early or late. You can avoid this fee by checking on time. Make sure you plan our arrival and departure times carefully. It may sound ridiculous that you are being charged for checking too early especially when it is just within few minutes or hours. However, some hotels do charge their guests like this. It’d better if you find more information about this fee from the hotel you are planning on booking beforehand.

Fee for early departure

It sounds indeed annoying for guests to pay extra when they have a change of plan and need to leave earlier than what have been decided at the beginning. Some hotels indeed charge fee if you leave earlier. It is best to ask about this before or during booking process. Hence, you can inform them about your possible changes of plan to them and see if there is any solution to it.

Fee for the minibar

Minibar is often part of the hotel room’s furnishing. However, it is there not for free. Whatever you take, you need to pay for it accordingly. If you don’t plan on taking anything from the minibar, you can notify the staff in advance. Or, simply do not touch anything inside the minibar if you don’t want to get charged by extra fee. Keep in mind that minibar are often equipped with sensor which can detect a motion. So when you touch something from the minibar, the sensor will get activated, automatically adding the fee to your bill even if you don’t consume anything. 

Fee for room safe

Some hotels also charge guests for room safe fee to their bills. The fee can vary depending on the hotels’ regulations and terms. This fee is difficult to notice by guests. You have to talk tot he reservation clerk to know about this fee. You can notify the clerk if you don’t plan to use the safe. They will take this fee out your of bills right away. 

Hotel Fees You Can Avoid During Your Staycation