Papua tour usually take you to explore many large and small islands to enjoy snorkeling and diving spots. In fact, Papua still has indigenous tribes that have unique and interesting life. To the south of Papua there is an area flanked by two large rivers and mountains from the north side, namely the indigenous Papuan interior tribe known as the Korowai tribe.

Papua Tour, Get To Know the Korowai Tribe Up Close
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Papua tour, explore the traditional house of the Korowai tribe

The Korowai tribe is a unique tribe on the southern coast of Papua. This tribe lives in tropical rain forests, with houses built on trees with a height of about 12 to 35 meters from ground level.

The astonishing treehouse was clearly abnormally tall, as the winds could quickly destroy it. The higher the treehouse, the safer the family living in it from the threat of head hunters, wild animals, and unreachable malaria mosquitoes.

Papua tour takes you to find out why the Korowai tribe build houses with abnormal heights. The main reason a treehouse is built so high is the Korowai people’s fear of being attacked by ‘laleo’ or cruel demons. Creatures that walk like undead roam the night, looking for their relatives.

Apart from these factors, the Korowai tribe holds their forefathers in high regard. As a result, they see the lofty home as a legacy from their forefathers that must be carried out in order for them to feel comfortable and protected even if they must struggle to climb a tall tree.

The Korowai tribe did not choose trees carelessly when building this treehouse. They will choose large, robust trees for the basis of their house, then shave the tops of the trees to make their dwellings.

This tribe still follows the practices of their forefathers, the construction of this tree house can take up to seven days. To fend off evil spirits, the Korowai tribe will first perform a nightly ritual before constructing the house. Because their treehouse is made entirely of natural materials, it usually only lasts three years.

Animals such as pigs and coyotes are maintained as pets by the Korowai people, who use the deep forest as their means of life. Pigs have social worth to them and are only killed during rituals and special occasions, whereas their dogs are utilized as hunting animals.

Until about 1975, the Korowai only knew each other among themselves and had almost no contact with the outside world. The Papua trip will introduce you to the Korowai tribe who have a balanced life, where they maintain the relationship between humans and nature.

Papua Boat Charter

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Actually, there are no cruise ships with the aim of visiting the Korowai tribe. To be able to reach it, you have to rent a private boat and determine your adventure. The budget that you have to prepare will certainly be higher than the Papua tour package. Boat charters give you the freedom to explore many destinations that are not included in the Papua trip package. Papua is like a hidden paradise where there will be many surprises

Papua Tour, Get To Know the Korowai Tribe Up Close