One of the best way to reach out more surfing spots in Indonesia is by surf boat charters. It will also the interesting way to experience the liveaboard at its best as it is offering the luxury on board and a sense of sea’s adventure.

Chartering the surf boat will also be as luxury as the three best Komodo Liveaboard for family adventure we have been talking before, even though the main purpose and location of both travel ideas could be different.

Best surf destinations in Indonesia to visit through boat charters

Through the boat you are going to rent for your surfing adventure in Indonesia, I have been prepared at least 3 best and recommended places I believe in to be visited by the surfers even the professional ones and why it is better to reached them by boat.

Read out the list below!

1. Never miss the surfing spots in Mentawai, Sumatra

If the only thing you are knowing about Indonesia is Bali alone, then when it comes to surfing, Mentawai should be on very top of your list. The place is at West Sumatra and it is truly famous for its waves and spots and the beauty of nature as well.

If you have been dreaming about surfing in a tropic island with super clear water, plus the waves that will never get you bored and even more challenges as well as warm, then Mentawai is what you need to visit.

The surfing spots are spread in different islands and that’s why they will need to be reached out through the surf boat charter. This Indonesia’s beautiful island is also so much popular for surfing even as if there’s no another first place to visit besides the Mentawai Islands.

2. Surf boat charters to West Sumbawa, Indonesia

The next surf destination to pay a visit by the surf boat charters Indonesia is heading your desire to the West Sumbawa. To go there, you can start to searching for the boat at Bali, Sumba or even Kupang.

The waves at West Sumbawa are the world class as in Mentawai Islands. If there will be any differences, I am sure that West Sumbawa may not as crowded as the other surf spots.

Still, there are so many hidden gems on its surf spots and you can even thinking that you are surfing in your own private island. Not only the waves, even the people are also not in the line-up to join surfing. In other hands, the more you are visiting, you may have chance to find your own surf spot as well.

3. Nusa Tenggara Timur/NTT (East Nusa Tenggara)

Anyway, West Sumbawa is at West Nusa Tenggara province and now you are going to heading to the east which is at the East Nusa Tenggara. The Komodo liveaboard I have mentioned before is at this province. So, you are possible to experience the meet with the dragon, scuba diving, as well as the surfing itself.

The main reason to book the surf charters Indonesia for NTT’s surfing destinations are clear, there are more islands to visit and the distance can be vary. Some can be accessed easily and some need more times.

One of the surf destination that is mostly recommended is to visit Sumba Island. Even though the island is wild and sometimes it getting windy, most of its surfing spots are getting the consistent groundswells, the tribal culture to watch, many empty top-class spots, etc.

Chartering a surf boat to Sumba is not a must if you are only thinking to get there. There have been an airport for the travellers. But when you are thinking about surfing, now let’s talk about what kind of boat you are actually need. Tribal culture and sea adventure is always an authentic way to spend the holiday. And that’s why the boat will be so important.

Beside that, Komodo Island is also the neighbouring island Sumbawa to the west and that will be closer to have more surf spots to visit when you are chartering the boat.

3 Best Surf Destinations in Indonesia to Explore by Boat Charters