Ever wanted to get your own property in Bali without worrying about paying rent every single month or year? But you wonder how expensive it’s going to be? Well, it may or may not be true depending on where you look. Let me enlighten you a little about some of the tips to choose Bali freehold property for sale carefully, to maximize your profit:

Don’t rush your decision when picking Bali freehold property for sale!

Choose your agent carefully

Most of the land owner who intends to sell their lot by freehold would want to use the third party to help to manage the deal considering there’s a lot of money and process involved. So it would make sense searching for freehold land via real estate agent would be the best move.

The problem is there’s a lot of real estate agents in Bali and not all of them are trustworthy. Try to do research first like browsing their websites, checking the social media, read the testimonies or contact them directly and ask about their business.   

With agent help, looking for Bali freehold property for sale would be no sweat…

Pick the location that suits your need

When choosing your own property, location can be crucial because you certainly don’t want to invest a lot of funds to purchase a lot in the middle of nowhere. Contact the owner, make an appointment, and survey the lot for a couple of times first while discussing with the person in charge is a key to get the property that you desire.

Make sure you consider everything, like land conditions, nearby areas, and transportation access. It also a good idea to survey the lot at night time as well to see the condition when it goes dark.

Consider the price based on your budget

 So you got a solid agent and perfect location, should you close the deal? Well, take a look at your wallet first before you ask that. Although you‘re looking for sale property, depending on the location the price of freehold property in Bali can go up to 20 billion Rupiah. Unless you make a living by picking money from the trees, I suggest starting calculating your budget first.

Remember you also may need to make some adjustments later to the property so make sure you don’t blow your budget just by purchasing the freehold property.

So that was some tips to consider regarding choosing a freehold property in Bali. Bali freehold property for sale usually can be found on each real estate agent’s website so just take your time picking your dream property.

3 Things to Consider Before You Browse for Bali Freehold Property for Sale!