Getting invited to Komodo cruises labuan bajo party? Here’s how to behave. 

We’ve heard about cruise party all the time. A special celebration with closets friends and relatives in the open sea. Toasting sparkling wine backdropped by gleaming sunset in the horizon. Today, cruise sailing parties are no longer concentrate on “big destinations” like the Caribbeans, the Mediterraneans, and Australia. People are craving for more authentic and closer-to-nature experience. Launching a private party surrounded by lush hills and undisturbed beaches sounds like a perfect idea.

A private party in Komodo, Flores, Indonesia, is not a huge thing yet—but that what makes it more special. More luxury yachts and Komodo cruises in Labuan Bajo, Komodo, starting to accommodate parties and private events. If you are one of the lucky one to be invited to a party in this beautiful frontier, don’t be worried. We have you covered on how to behave and, most importantly, to be invited again for another remote cruising party. 

Behaving in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo Party

Getting to Know Cruisers in Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

Before we got any further, we think it’s important for you to set realistic standard of what you will get. What kind of cruisers you would sail into and how would the nature in Flores be like. 

First, don’t think about huge cruisers you always see on travel magazines/ websites. These 200 passengers motherships couldn’t even pass in Flores. Yachts and cruisers in this remote destinations are the modernised versions of Indonesian wooden schoner, the phinisi boat. They are usually over 30 meters in length and multi-story decks which can house 8 – 20 passengers. As a guest, you would probably assigned into middle-class cabins which are located on the lower deck. Well, unless you are a VIP. 

What to Say and What Not in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo

It’s a pride of your hosts to be able to invite you to their cruise party, so it’s better to show some appreciation. If you happen to hop on among top-tier Labuan Bajo cruise such as Prana, Ayana, and Alila Purnama, know that you are sailing on something special. Be sure that the hosts party are aware of your appreciation. You should say that they are among the best boat to sail the Komodo. If the boat happened to be of second and lower tier, don’t mention anything and just admire the boat. Don’t ever talk about other boats that seems to look more expensive. 

Regardless of the ship, it’s good to do some research of the boat prior to the departure. Knowing the designers or a little bit origin history of the boat could be a good conversation starter for you. If you don’t know anything to say, mention the exquisite interior or the comfort of the cabin you’re sleeping in. Appreciating the party themes and decorations could also boost your convo topics. The hosts spent lots of time and mind on this, so you would have quite a talk. 

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Whenever possible, do not start a topic related to environmental issues that especially related to fuel saving and yacht pollution. The hosts could see this as a strong critic to their party and find it offensive. If you should, limit the topic to sunscreen use and minimal disposable plastic use onboard. 

The Best Behaviour You Could Display

Getting seasick on Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo party is the worst thing you can have. Avoid seasickness with seasick pills, bands, essential oils, or tea—anything that can help you. Do your best to not throwing up in the deck, especially the party venue. If you don’t feel so good, excuse yourself to rest in the cabin or find some distractions. Remember to pack a light jacket to warm you up in the windy sea. 

But the most important thing to do is letting the hosts know that you are enjoying the party! Have a good time with other guests, participate on the games, and relish on the delights. Never litter—both on board and on Komodo land-based destinations. Happy sailing!

Behaving in Komodo Cruises Labuan Bajo Party