Navigating the sea by fast boat or ferry is common. How about exploring the Indonesian archipelago on a luxury phinisi boat? Liveaboard Indonesia is designed to be very great, such as moving five-star hotel facilities onto a ship. The thrill of sailing on a luxury phinisi ship takes you to discover the ocean and spectacular views.

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Dive Cruise Liveaboard Indonesia

There are no doubts about Indonesia’s dive spots, from Komodo National Park to Papua Raja Ampat. The most popular and easily accessible liveaboard Indonesian route with a trip time of 4-5 days is exploring the Komodo National Park. The dive cruise Indonesia route to Komodo National Park is actually quite popular among foreign tourists, especially European tourists.

Dive cruise liveaboard Indonesia enthusiasts are not only backpackers but also groups or families. Actually, many liveaboard operators offer dive packages to several points on the island of Komodo. When you reach Labuan Bajo you can look for dive cruise package information.

Luxury Liveaboard Indonesia

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There are many advantages to deciding to dive using an Indonesian dive cruise. One of them, you don’t have to worry about renting a boat to get to the dive spot. There is also no need to bother looking for lodging during your dive trip. Luxury liveaboard Indonesia provides all the necessities for the comfort of your dive cruise.

Cruises are always selling well for diving lovers and adventurers. Passengers get a classy meal cooked directly on board. There are even several Indonesian luxury liveaboards that provide spa and massage services.

The phinisi boat will take you to dive spots with spectacular views. If you go on a cruise with a group or family, you can choose at any time to do the cruise.

Dive Cruise Budget

Liveaboard Indonesia prices vary widely according to the facilities and length of your dive cruise. The dive liveaboard prices range from $2000 – $4000 and maybe more expensive at the end of the year.  Choose a phinisi boat that suits the number of passengers who will be on vacation and the facilities that you think are comfortable enough for your diving trip.

Vacations with friends or family and staying onboard offer a very memorable vacation and adventure sensation. Your trip will be more private when you decide to rent a phinisi boat. Liveaboard Indonesia brings you to discover many dive spots and many diverse underwater animals.

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