Buying scuba gears is a big deal for rookies. It’s the next step. That means you have done testing the waters (quite literally), pass your try diving stage, and probably have done a few shallow water dive below your belt. For someone who just discover the world of diving, buying gears represent an unspoken commitments of many future visits to the underwater. But when you are just newly certified, you easily get overboard and end up buying things you don’t really need. Don’t be that rookie. Here’s our best guide on buying scuba diving equipments for beginners. 

Best Scuba Diving Gears to Buy for Beginners

The Best Basics for Diving Beginners

The Masks for Clearer Underwater Vision 

Best Scuba Diving Gears to Buy for Beginners

We don’t evolve to be able to see underwater. That’s why we need scuba mask, which primary function is giving proper space for our eyes to focus. Nowadays, masks are no longer created on one-panel oval masks—they are ancients! Most masks are two panels with nose pocket in between to equalise air pressures in the mask during the dive. Find one that watertight fit and feel comfortable even when you try it with regulators on. Masks comes in various size, shapes, and colours. They also come with prescription lenses! Spend some time to find the true fit mask that’ll give you the best beginners diving experience.

Protections Against Exposures: The Wetsuit

The next thing that will get you excited is the wetsuit. Know that there are five types of dive suit—each with different thickness. The shorty, the 3mm, the 5mm, the 7mm, and the dry wetsuit for below 0º water temperature. Know that as a beginner, you would probably spend most of your time in shallow and warm water. At least for the next three years. Unless you are doing mostly cold water diving, the 3 mm or the 5mm is the best bet for beginners in diving.  

Find a dive suit fit at every curve of your body. The one that keep the ocean water to enter the suit—which will steal your body heat. Regardless of the thickness, your dive suit should retain heat and provide tight insulation against the heat loss. Our favourite is the one that have seals around wrists, collar, and ankles and pre-bent arms and legs for more protection.  

The Snorkel

As a beginner, you would likely hold an Open Water Diver license and that means you can’t dive deeper than 12 meters. You don’t need a complex air system yet and snorkel can do the job just fine. You want to have a flexible snorkel tube for maximum manoeuvrability with great guard at the tip. As you walk down the snorkel aisle, the sheer amount of options and features to choose might bemuse you. Stay on the basic! All you need from a snorkel is that it feels good on your mouth, lets you breathe easily, and keep it dry underwater.  

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Okay. Now it’s the time to purchase your foot extension underwater. Fins help you to move through the water—just like the fishes! When you are buying fins, find one that fit snuggly to your feet. It shouldn’t pinch your toes or hurt your ankles. Large fins are not essentially better—size of the fins should be in proportion with your body. Also, you want a lightweight fins with great flexibility, good vented blades that allow you to wiggle easily. 

BCD of Your Own

Masks and wetsuit can be purchased even before you start your very first scuba diving lessons. However, no beginners are advised to buy their own diving BCD before getting their diver certification. It’s a complex equipment and we recommend you have a dozen dive experience and trying out several different BCDs to know what you really want. The right BCD will depend on your diving style. But if you want to buy a BCD, the most regular advice we can give is the size and its fitness to your body. Try it with your wetsuit for best judgement. The right BCD should fit into your body, especially when it’s inflated. It shouldn’t be too loose, too tight, or causing a trouble breathing. Make sure it’s right on the proportion of your body. All the straps, pockets. and adjustment should be easily accessible and within reach. 

Happy shopping!

Best Scuba Diving Gears to Buy for Beginners