Bali as one of the most visited retreats offers many things to visitors. It is not a secret that the beauty of Bali is beyond imagination. You can truly know it when you experience it. If you are planning to have enjoyable getaway in this paradise, might as well book one of Canggu Bali villas. Of course, there are many parts of Bali where you can choose to stay in during your holidays such as Seminyak, Ubud, Denpasar, etc. however, Canggu is perfect for those who are craving for peaceful and serene retreats. This particular area of Bali is already known for its laid-back atmosphere.

Canggu Bali villas to book

It is said that Canggu is hipster spot. It doesn’t offer luxurious interests like Ubud or Kuta. However, it offers affordability and open access for any type of travelers. You can find high-end restaurant as easy as finding affordable villa to book. Relaxation time in Bali, proximately Canggu will even be better when you stay in comfortable villa. Here are some recommended ones:

  • The Chalina Estate – If you are looking for rural retreat, this is the right place to stay in for your holiday in Bali. This has six main bedroom with additional two others to accommodate you and your group while you are in Bali. This villa is fully staffed so everything you need will be provided started from attending to your basic needs like daily meals, grocery shopping, to bigger things such as organizing an event like wedding or birthday party. This villa is also equipped with a 35-metre long pool to let you relax during your stay. Proximity to the places of interests are also only few minutes’ walk away.
  • Villa Zellie – This villa is rich with Balinese traditional vibe. The interior and general architecture are well attuned to the surrounding nature. It gives you serene vibe and easier to relax. This is the best place to release all your stress and hectic thoughts. The villa is furnished mostly in wooden materials. It has five bedrooms and already has in-house staffs to attend to your needs. It also features huge garden where you can bask in fresh air. There is a 20-metre pool you can enjoy. Besides. The beach is also only within short walk.
  • Villa Mako – This luxury villa is contradictive to its rent rates. It is affordable villa you can book for your stay in Bali with affordable price to pay for the rent. It has three bedrooms to accommodate you and your travel buddies. It is equipped with a private pool as well as welcoming staffs to serve you. The villa is situated right next to the rice field and only five km away from Canggu beaches.
  • Villa Canggu North – This is one of affordable Canggu Bali villas you can book for your holiday. It has only two bedroom. However, the architecture is well designed with more fashionable sense. It is located only 100 meter away from the beach. There is also private pool and adjoining rooms to attend to your family needs.
Canggu Bali Villas to Accommodate Your Holidays in Bali