Basically, a trip is what makes people get excited because they expect to have some fun along the way and get recharged afterward. However, sometimes travel can put you in distress instead. Thus, the trip doesn’t make them feel relaxed but quite the opposite. If you often feel that way, you need to start searching for the solution because as fun as it is to go on travelling, being in distress is not a pleasant thing to experience.

What makes you stress about the trip?

Basically, every individual has different trait. Some people are more carefree with things happen in their life. Some others are over-worrying almost everything even for minor things. As about stressful trip, lots of factors contributing to this situation. Of course, being anxious of something is common. However, being overly anxious to the point you are getting more stress than fun is disconcerting. A trip is supposed to give you some enjoyment at some points, right? Before dealing with stress over trip, it is better to find out first the factors that can cause it.

Financial related problems – This type of problem is quite common. Money is one of the most important supports you need to have comfortable and safe trip. If your trip requires lots of money, it is common to feel anxious. Travelers dealing with financial problems focus more on how to save up money for the trip instead of enjoying the trip itself.

High expectation – Lots of people travel thinking that it will somehow solve their problems. However, it is not true. A trip can make you stay away from your problem but it is only temporary. After a trip, your problem still exists. Travel is not a solution. With this high expectation of travel, people are stress when they find out the trip doesn’t make their problems go away.

Too much to plan – Planning is one of the most stressful part of travelling. Lots of people get stuck in planning their trip to make it as perfect as possible. The stress can lead to poor planning management. In the end, planning feels overwhelming rather than comforting. The purpose of planning is to reduce anxiety due to the lack of preparation not to add your stress.

Safety concern – Lots of people get stress because they worry about their safety especially when their destination has potential of terrorism, tourist kidnappings, or armed conflicts. It is important to have precaution over your own safety. However, there is no place that is totally free from potential danger.


There’s a lot more factors that can put you in a lot of stress about your trip. The best solution is to do your own research to decide safe destination. You also need to make sure that your travel plan fit your financial limit. It is better to have realistic expectation because sometimes your travel destination is not as romantic or enjoyable as you thought before. Then, instead of hoping the trip to solve your problem, you should enjoy the travel experience to the fullest.

Factors to Put You in Distress about Your Trip