One of the recommended country for spending the surfing holidays is Portugal. Its popular beaches and stunning waves for surfing have been attracting many beginners as well as the professional surfers in the world. And you know what, don’t you think that there will also many people especially the businessmen who are thinking that offering the surf school course in Portugal will also be the best choice for their living?

This October of 2019 itself, there will be a “Big Wave Tour Event” located at Portugal after the 2019’s “Longboard Pro Espinho” in the last 5-7 April ago. We have more reasons to make Portugal as one of the best place for surfing activities which those reasons will also be the best reasons why you have to find the surf school at Portugal.

How important the surf school at Portugal that teach you base on your surfing level

It is our nature that everyone of us is special and unique. In surfing itself—just like the level ability in any other fields—surely there will always be the first timers (beginner surfers). Just imagine if you are the kids and you have been told to drive a Lamborghini to somewhere. At first, it may sounds interesting and challenging, but you know what? It is actually sounds dangerous for you and the others.

So does the surf school at Portugal, you will need to finds one that will check or test your surfing level ability so you can really start learning surfing from the right level and the right lessons. That’s how the professionals were doing before and that’s why they are as the pros now. That’s how important it is.

Find a surf camp at Portugal that check and test your surf level

Besides that, each person have also the different weight and height, and that can be starts on how to surfing properly using the right wetsuit and surfboard (equipment).

All of it is to ensure that you aren’t learning to surf through too advanced equipment where that will be an obstacle in mastering the surfing and I am afraid that they will contribute in slowing down your progression. So that, make sure that you are going to ask the surf school Portugal whether or not the surf class provider is checking and testing your ability level.

A short intro to “what is my surf level?”

Mostly, there are 3 main levels in surfing which are the beginner, intermediate and advanced (pro). But the funny thing is, even the beginner level have some other sub-levels such as;

  1. Totally a beginner surfer where you are even will be introduced to the basic surfing equipment, paddling techniques, surf etiquette, and all the basic lessons.
  2. Beginner with not so many or limited experiences where you will be reviewed how your progression in the first level above and how to improve more of your skills. This level is basically telling yourself that you have been learning and trying to surf before some couple of times but until now you are still struggling in (for example) paddling, etc.
  3. Have you been heard about the beginner with experiences before? This level is for real. You are still being a beginner. But, you have more decent control on the surfboard and the waves. The thing is that, you will still need more experiences because if you are in this level, then you have some useful experiences but still need a help of an assistance just to stand up and go riding the wave.

The above beginner surfer levels are existing and they can tell you in what level of surfing are you if you are the first timer.

But, the above 3 levels won’t work on intermediate and advanced level. Both are simply just the way they have been called. No sub levels at all so far except the transition from being an intermediate surfer to be the advanced one. I am telling you this so you won’t be misguided by the surf school at Portugal that don’t care at all about your level where in the other hands it is so important for you.

Finding Surf School Portugal Base on Your Surfing Ability