There are many unwanted events in the world of diving. Some events such as divers who disappear, decompression sickness to those who die of congenital disease. This is important and needs to be highlighted that all divers, both those who will start training and professional divers, must have a special medical exam. Medical check-ups need to be done regularly for professional divers who often do dives. In some countries such as Australia, medical check-ups are mandatory and the requirements for taking diving training. How about in Bali?

Check Up Before Do Scuba Diving Bali

Basically the requirements for being able to get a certificate are the same, according to the requirements of the world diving organization. Although in the end, many diving training institutions took the middle way in the form of a questionnaire with a statement “Yes” from the doctor. This still requires a diving permit from the results of the consultation and medical check-up from your personal doctor.

Based on a survey many scuba diving Bali participants did not fill out questionnaires regarding medical care and felt that they did not need a doctor’s permission. In fact more than 25% of divers are injured and even more serious are deaths.

Diving means you are in a condition that is different from the normal temperature on land. When our body is accustomed because it has air pressure from normal conditions and then enters different temperatures, it allows many unwanted events related to the health of divers. Changes in pressure at depth will affect the body. But this will have a very small impact on the body of a healthy diver. For divers with certain diseases and conditions, it will worsen when the body responds to these changes.

Who Not Allowed to Do Scuba Diving in Bali?

Medical studies have determined the condition of prospective divers who are not allowed to do dives. Or, a treatment that needs to be done if there are professional divers who in the process have certain diseases. Some diseases are considered to be at serious risk and require a doctor’s permission to do dives.

  • Heart surgery
  • Drugs addicted
  • Diabetes that requires insulin
  • Lung disease
  • Asthma
  • Epilepsy and seizures

Some conditions that can disqualify you from training until the next medical examination

  • Mental or psychological problems
  • Obesity
  • Past decompression
  • High blood pressure or taking medication to control it
  • Sinus surgery
  • Frequent colds, fever or allergies
  • Aneurysm

Many scuba diving Bali participants do not pay attention to health conditions and many dive operators who do not care about regulations that should be obeyed. Don’t be afraid to do a medical check-up because in many cases it allows doctors to give permission to dive. Scuba diving Bali is not only about fun and stressful activities but also how divers know health conditions for diving safety.

Medical Check Up And Scuba Diving Bali