Travelling is something fun that you can do by yourself or with other companions such as friends, families, or lovers. There are travel styles you can choose that suits to your liking. One of the most fun about travelling is when you can see many beautiful things and share it with your loved ones. Travelling doesn’t have to keep you away from your loved ones at home. In fact, you can stay connected via various digital technologies you can use during travel. 

Staying digitally connected with your loved ones during travel

Sometimes, you want or have to travel alone and leave your dear friends or families at home. However, you can keep in touch with each other  by having regular video calls, phone calls, text messages, emails, etc. However, sometimes it is difficult for you to stay connected with them for various reasons such as lack of internet access. And here are some of useful tips for you to stay digitally connected with your loved ones at home while travelling around world:

Free WiFi

Today, internet access is not rare anymore. Almost every big city has WiFi available to be used by public for free. When you visit restaurants, public libraries, hotels, shops, cafes, they usually provide free WiFi for the guests. Hence, you can use free WiFi to stay connected with your family at home. There are also private companies who offer free wireless internet. You can compensate them by a purchase or drop some coins in a tip jar. 

However, it is also strongly suggested that you are being careful when using browser or anything with free WiFi. If you have private information, make sure to secure it before accessing free WiFi so there won’t be no one who can access your personal information. 

Use tethering from phone

If you travel with a group of people or with a travel companion, you can share internet connection with each other. It can save alot of money because you no longer have to pay extra expense for internet data. If you need to use your laptop and need internet connection, you can turn on the hotspot or tethering option from your phone. This is more efficient and money-saving. If you plan to use your phone for tethering, make sure to set the password first so it cannot be easily accessed by other people you don’t want to share with. To prevent excessive use of your own internet data, turn on Airplane Mode when you are not using your phone. 

Use Google Maps to find nearby networks

If you are exploring new places and unfamiliar with your surroundings, you can always rely on your Google Maps. If you have limited internet data left, you can use your Google Maps to detect nearby networks such as free WiFi. Hence, you can find solution for your network problem. Once you find the access for internet data, you can turn off your mobile data and use WiFi. Then, you can do everything you need to stay connected with your loved.

How To Stay Digitally Connected While Travelling