Company culture is not only about having lavish office for you and your team. It is more about how the company operates. It is also about creating healthy work environment regardless of where the office is located. Especially with the current situation that force many businesses to work from home, company culture is more important than ever. Working remotely means there are no fun perks your teams usually find in the office to keep them engaged and motivated. 

Company Culture

How to improve company culture for the better

It is possible to change the culture at work regardless of the location. The way you and your team operate need to be as effective and efficient as possible especially during difficult times like now. However, changing the culture is not so easy because you need to understand what it is that needs to be changed first. 

It will helpful for you to change company culture by tackling down detrimental issues first. You can do it by having a tough conversation with your teams and staffs. Do not shy away from talking about the big issues in the workplace. This detrimental issues are harder to find during remote work. However, the issues are still needed to be voiced. Once you know the issue, you can make plan on how to take the best action to rectify it. Direct conversation like this can be uncomfortable because not everyone is able to speak openly. However, it is important to be able to address the issue. 

Find a way to connect with each other. When in the office, you can build and maintain connection within team members quite easily because you see each other almost everyday. Remote work can create disconnection which can result in misunderstanding and failed teamwork. Create casual setting where your teams can reconnect so everyone can blow of a little steam. It doesn’t have to be extraordinary activities. You can just open zoom for 15 minutes and let your teams have casual conversations outside work matters. 

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Always encourage everyone of your team to speak up and voice their thoughts. You should give the same opportunity for everyone to share their ideas and opinions. You can try many things to spark their courage to speak up such as making a special section to let your team members give their feedback, or, you can hold a 15 minutes conference to have a chat with your teams. Next, you can also provide an open line for your team members to share their thoughts with you privately. 

Company culture can be changed and improved effectively if the leaders lead by example. It means that you need to model the practices you want to see. Company culture should act according to the standard they expect from their team members. If you ask your team to follow the standards you make but you yourself don’t, they won’t see you as a good leader. And of course, company culture will be even harder to improve because it needs everyone’s participation and commitment.

Improving Company Culture Effectively