Leasing a property is often more popular than freehold because of the reduced cost and simpler method. You may not own the property, but you are still free to do whatever you want within reason. Nut sometimes, this advantage is used by irresponsible people to abuse their rights to the house. This is happening a lot on leasing property in Bali case.

leasing property in bali, a good choice for short and long term stay

Problem on Leasing Property in Bali  

Tenants are meant to obey the rules that have been agreed by both parties, or an additional third party as well depending on the landlord. But that doesn’t mean that every tenant is going to be a good boy or girl throughout the lease period. After a couple of months, most people usually tend to be laxer and start to do something behind the landlord’s back.

Just a heads up, I’m not exactly saying that every tenant has the potential to break rules and do whatever they wanted to the property, just that there’s a lot of cases where this happened. So it’s best that as a landlord, you should do some of these things to make sure that your tenant won’t do something unwanted.

Check the Property Regularly

Just like kids in school, people tend to do whatever they want when there are no people watching. That’s why to avoid your tenant’s misbehavior, try to check up your property regularly. There are a lot of cases where the landlord hardly ever checks their property and when they finally did, many things have been changed by the tenant.

Have a Good Relationship with the Tenant

A dislike of a person is the source of trouble. That’s why if you wanted to lease your property to a good tenant, try to maintain a good term with them. With a good relationship, the tenant will hesitate when they want to do something that might go against the property rules. And another plus side is you will have a friend out of this.

Don’t Be Afraid to Act Strict

My house… my rules! That’s basically what you are trying to say to your tenant but in the nicest way possible. Although you have a good relationship with your tenant, they may become spoiled if you keep being nice with them. Especially when they do something that displeased you.

That’s why you should show some authority to keep your tenant’s behavior in check from time to time. Show them that even though you both are close, there is still a barrier in the form of landlord and tenant that should be respected.

A relationship between the landlord and the tenant can be complicated. They will have to respect each other in order to be able to have a healthy leasing process. Leasing property in Bali is no different, so remember to keep in contact with your tenant when you decide to lease a property.

Leasing Property in Bali: Dealing with Difficult Tenants