You might think only drug dealers and smugglers who will be escorted down the gangway. However, it is not entirely true. Yes the will be kicked off from the cruise if they are caught. However, even ordinary people have the risk to experience being escorted down from the cruise as well. Hence, know what things that can cause that unpleasant experience to happen to you so you can get the best cruise experience instead. 

Things that can end your cruise prematurely

There are many factors that cause ordinary people to be escorted down from the cruise and here are some of them:

A serious injury or sickness. If you are just experiencing seasickness, you can go to the on-board doctor and get some medicine to treat it. However, if you get seriously sick or injured, you will booted off more quickly than what you planned. You will be taken to nearest hospital at the next port to get immediate treatment. If you have particular health condition, make sure that you do a checkup to your doctor prior our cruise to prevent the unwanted thing to happen. 

Bringing drugs and other illegal items to the cruise will put you in so much trouble. Also, be careful if there is someone approaching you before you get to the ship to sell something to you. Even if you are not planning to buy anything from them, let alone illegal things, you will be taken to the police station if you are caught in the middle of the transaction. 

Skipping the muster drill can cause you to be dropped off from the cruise. It is important to attend muster drill as it is precaution to keep you safe and alive in emergency situation. Even if you have known the drill already, doesn’t mean you can skip it. There has been case where a couple were kicked off the cruise from failing to attend the second muster drill. 

Before the cruise is sailing, you will have to go through screening. It is part of pre-embarkation security check every passengers should follow through. Fail to do that and you will not be allowed to board. Always comply with the security requirements if you want a smooth sailing cruise experience. 

Making a job about anything related to terrorism topic will cause you in trouble. You will be warned or worse, kicked off of the cruise. For example, you jokingly say you are going to blow up the ship or releasing toxic poison or viruses into the swimming pool. The security will get you booted off of the ship immediately and you don’t get to expect any refund because it is your own dumb action. 

Disobey the rules in any form may potentially get you booted off of the ship such as giving a minor a drink, engaging in disorderly conduct, or failing to show correct documents. Hence, always follow the rules and it is better to learn it in advance so you know not to cross the line. 

Making Sure Your Cruise To Not End Prematurely