Most Recommended Wellness Spots Around the World

Wellness retreats are one of the most desired travel types. It is because this kind of travel brings so much benefits. For example, you will receive healing properties both emotionally and physically. Hence, you feel refreshed and recharged after the trip instead of feeling exhausted. Splurging your money on your health and wellness is good form of self-care, which is important. Having a wellness retreat is like a good way to disconnect with the buzz and madness of your everyday life. It is time for you to reconnect with yourself.

Best places for wellness retreats

Wellness retreats usually include activities such as yoga, fitness and spa getaways, a visit to holistic treatment center, etc. Here are the most recommended places where you can get everything of the best wellness retreats:

Bali, Indonesia is probably one of the most desired wellness spots to visit by many people all around the world. It has everything you need for a well-deserved getaway. Bali is already known as a wellness haven for many travelers especially for novice yogis and serious practitioners alike. Bali has everything from lush jungle to exotic coastline. Not to mention that the locals are very friendly and welcoming to tourists. The culture in Bali is also very distinctive. Lots of sacred and quiet places you can visit during your trip.

India is such an underrated place for a great wellness spot. However, it is the birthplace of yoga and many spiritual practices. Thus, India is like the oasis for a wellness hunters. You can find tranquility in the southern beaches, and many more interesting places to visit. However, it is true that India is not that very easy country to deal with during a trip. You need to bring extra patience. It is best destination for adventure travelers who are devoted to seek out the worthy oasis for wellness.

Most Recommended Wellness Spots Around the World

California or often called Cali is also recommended spot for wellness seekers. It is because California is a hub for many modern day spiritual movements. In California, you will find yourself in relaxed-pace. Most of the people there are health-conscious, making it cozier for you to enjoy a luxury spa visit or yoga practice. In California, everything you need for your wellness such as nutrition, fitness, and spiritual energy are there to welcome you. Esalen in Big Sur is one of the most recommended places in California to seek a wellness retreat.

Morocco is located in Northern Africa and often becomes most desired place for a wellness getaway. It has many ideal spots for wellness from beaches to dessert. Lots of people who visit Morocco also love luxury Glamping. It brings new experience of camping in a luxurious way. For adventure seeker, Morocco offers surfing retreat as well. Morocco is also a great place for practicing yoga since there are so many beautiful spots to use. This place also have many wellness resorts you can book during your visit. Last but not least is Moroccan spa worth trying for. It is a spa that features ornate baths and argan oil treatments.

Most Recommended Wellness Spots Around the World