Kri Island

Kri island is located in Meos Mansar District. The stunning island has always been known to its traditional owners as Little Mansuar. There are hundreds of lookouts and incredible viewpoints to explore this stunning island. The island has everything from beautiful lush rainforest, excellent coral reef, long white beaches with a vast abundance of marine biodiversity. Aside from the spectacular nature, the diversity of wildlife in Kri is extraordinary. Here, you have the chance to see many of the world’s most iconic birds and marine life. It’s no wonder Kri has is one of the most visited islands in Raja Ampat.

Kri Island Forest

Take a walk in the Kri Island jungle to spot wildlife. Amaze yourself by the wide variety of wildlife on land. The forest is swarming with exotic birdlife, fauna, and lush jungle foliage. Several species, including lorikeets, parrots, kingfishers, egrets, fish eagles, and pigeons. Birdwatching is an exciting activity to do on the island. Read more to find information about the ones that will make your ears rejoice. 

Paradise Kingfisher – Glossy-mantled Manucode is a species of bird in paradise with around 42 cm long. It is blue, green, and purple-black with a red iris, black bill, and long graduated tail. Flowers, worms, grasshoppers, beetles, caterpillars, snails, centipedes and fruits, and sometimes lizards are part of their diet. The birds used to move alone or in pairs, but not often, the birds in groups. It is easier to hear their high-pitched sounds than to observe these birds directly.

Kri Island

Willie Wagtail – The Willie Wagtail is not a common blackbird since it has white belly and whisker masks. Willie Wagtail has a white eyebrow that can expand to show its emotional condition, so the bird’s eyebrow changes from being almost invisible to being conspicuous. You can find the Willie in open habitats or around houses. They have many distinct and melodic sounds, but the most-recognized one seems an alarm call. Which it does to ward off potential threats.

Flying foxes – Flying foxes is one of the largest bats, with a body of about 40 and a wingspan up to 1.5 meters. Plants, insects, and other fruits are part of their diet.  Even though they are vulnerable to hunting in other places. The flying foxes assist in regenerating Kri forests via seed dispersal and help the ecosystems by pollinating plants, which positively affects humans and the earth.

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Marine life

Being part of the coral triangle, Kri Island possesses the richest stunning coral reef. You can find many bump head parrotfish traverse the coral reef and banging coral free bites as they feed. Schools of tuna can sometimes be so dense at Kri. Macro underwater enthusiasts often catch a glimpse of a pygmy seahorse in the strong current. Large fish species have also been sighted here, including giant groupers, napoleon wrasse, and whitetip reef sharks. These are scattered all over those diving sites so that you can explore them easily! 

Discover Wildlife Along the Kri Island