Recommended Remote Spa To Have Peaceful Retreat

It is often that we get even more exhausted during and after a vacation. There are many reasons it happens so such as piled up stress, fatigue, and too-tight itinerary. There are also many ways you can make yourself relaxed which is visiting a remote spa. Sightseeing and walking around to explore the place you visit is a must-activity. However, don’t forget to allow yourself to relax through  well-deserved spa located in more remote are so you get the peace you wanted.

List of remote spa for relaxation during a trip

You can save the list for future plan since now is not possible and encouraged to travel especially abroad. And here are the most recommended places for a remote spa getaway:

Dipiu is located at hotel Giardiano in Ascona, Switzerland. If you are planning to travel to Switzerland after it is deemed safe to do so, pay a visit to this remote spa that is situated where the Alps meet Italy’s remote trees. You will be welcomed with various facilities such as indoor pool and treatment rooms. You can book a spa reservation without staying at the hotel. You still can enjoy peaceful atmosphere from relaxing spa. 

Maya Spa is located at Azulik in Tulum, Mexico. You might think that Mexico and peaceful retreat are not supposed to be put in the same frame. However, it is possible to have a relaxing, peaceful spa getaway even in Mexico. Located on a secluded beach in Tulum, this spa facility offers treatments meant to recharge and rejuvenate your mind and body. This spa facility is located at the adults-only resort of Azulik, which is also eco-friendly. 

Recommended Remote Spa To Have Peaceful Retreat

The Arctic Bath is located in Harads, Sweden. If you have Sweden in your bucket list, put this spa getaway on it as well. This spa facility is trendy with its floating spa. The building itself is so unique with timber and ice-inspired architecture. There are facilities such as outdoor showers, saunas, pool, overnight lodging, etc. 

Six Senses is located in Qing Cheng Mountain in Chengdu, China. The mountain itself is already majestic and being able to enjoy a spa just add to your enjoyment during your getaway. This decadent spa also has beautiful villas and suites. The architecture of the spa facilities itself is pure art. It truly matches the surrounding beauty. You will get to enjoy Taoism-incorporated treatment and holistic therapies personalized for your needs. 

KurSpa is located at the Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon, British Columbia. This place is located remotely but not stray too far so you still get the peaceful atmosphere without worrying too much about it. This is one of the most luxurious spa getaways you can get owned by the Swarovsky family. Hence, you will get to see stunning crystal everywhere you look. There are basic spa treatments available for you. You can also pay a visit to their Wellness Clinic so you can get the right treatment, customized for your condition or health issue such as inflammation or chronic pain. 

Recommended Remote Spa To Have Peaceful Retreat