Bali is famous as a world tourist destination that is visited by millions of tourists every year. Rows of bars, restaurants and even types of accommodation are uniquely designed to support the comfort of tourists. Call it one of the most famous hotels in Ubud, it is designed very naturally so that tourists can enjoy the cool and calm atmosphere of Ubud. The price is exorbitant and automatically the tourists must provide an extraordinary budget accommodation. Another alternative accommodation is Bali villas. What are the advantages of a villa compared to five-star hotels?

Bali Villas

Bali Villas With A Private Pool

The hotel does provide special facilities for its guests, but when you enter the villa area, you will be amazed. A private swimming pool will be seen when you set foot into the villa area. If you have to share the swimming pool area with other hotel guests, then in the villa, the pool is yours as a whole. You can freely enjoy the sunset or monitor the children who play in the pool area. A private pool is only one of the advantages that you can get if you live in Bali villas. Let’s look at other benefits.

Stunning Outdoor Shower

This is different from Bali Villas. Most villas are designed to be very unique and comfortable. This makes the villa very attractive to tourists, especially foreign tourists. Outdoor shower! The experience of enjoying an outdoor shower at Bali villas offers a different sensation when you stay at a five-star hotel. Even you will feel not in the bathroom area. Usually, outdoor showers are made for guests who want to cleanse their body after enjoying the swimming pool or returning from the beach.

Kitchen and equipment

If you can save money while on vacation, why not? Culinary to traditional markets offers a pleasant experience. You can taste many snacks and dishes typical of the island of the Gods. If you are bored with culinary adventures, you can combine it with enjoying a “home” style meal for the family. No need to worry because most exclusive Bali villas offer kitchens and equipment for guests. Relax in the villa and enjoy affordable food? Who doesn’t want to?

Spectacular View

If you want to enjoy the view off the coast, Indian Ocean or views of rice fields, then you must find the right Bali villas. There are many rows of villas with spectacular views, depending on how you find the perfect villa location.

Rent Bali Villas To Enjoy Stunning Outdoor Shower