Seafood Bali is undoubtedly a very famous delicacy in the island—maybe just second to the phenomenal suckling pig (babi guling). Prawn, lobster, mussels, calamari, and variety of fishes are served fresh, seasoned in Indonesian, Western, Greek, or whatever style you wished for. Seafood is so easy to find thorough the island. From family-run food stalls (the warungs), seaside seafood restaurants, funky seafood restaurants, to fine dining establishment, you would always find good and fresh seafood to savour in. Today, we won’t be talking about where to seafood in Bali. We reckon that, since seafood is largely available anywhere in Bali, we need to get prepared on how to identify a good seafood Bali restaurant that worth our recommendation to future holiday makers. 

Only the Freshest Ingredients

Eating seafood come with number one rule: the fresher, the better. You want the fish to be caught in the same day. You want the shrimp as simple as possible, tasting its fresh meat without any heavy seasons to mask something terrible. If you can see the marine creatures alive in the tank just right before it’s cooked for you, it would be better. The fresher seafood is, the better it taste.

Varied Menu, Not Only Fried Stuffs

Be alarmed if, the allegedly seafood restaurant turns out to only sell fish and chips, fried calamari, and any fried seafood, heavily breaded and sauced on the menu. It has high probability that the seafood come in frozen. Without any necessity to cook something un-fried, the restaurant doesnt have to go to fish market every morning. They might buy a bulk of fishes and other seafoods in a bulk every week, and let them frozen in the fridge. So whenever you are doing a research about seafood Bali, look for one that have large variety of menu. There should be a balance for grilled, boiled, toasted, baked, and stir-fry sea foods. 

The Restaurant Has Variety of Seafood

One of the signs of good seafood Bali restaurant is the availability of fresh-shucked oysters, clams, mussels, and shellfish dishes in the menu. These ingredients needs minimal preparation (and sometimes even served raw), and it says that the restaurant is treating their seafood great. Again, this indicate the freshness of the seafood in that restaurant. It’s even better if you can find unpopular seafood dish like sea urchin or sea cucumber in the menu—that shows how committed this restaurant is to seafood. Anything that comes in live and has to processed and served in short time frame—basically like any seafood mentioned in this paragraph—shows a high-caliber seafood restaurant. Probably show high turnover of customers too (which is good) cause these items can’t stay raw for long. Avoid a “seafood” restaurant that only serve fishes like tuna, cod, bass, and salmon; again, they often come in frozen and could stay frozen for a long time.

Signs You Have Walked in Good Seafood Bali Restaurant