Although it has often been heralded for gender equality, still, creatures that must get protection is the woman, rather than man, especially in terms of solo traveling for beginner woman. Nowadays, many female travelers who don’t worry too much about the things they perceive can actually hinder their curiosity for the wider world and their desire to explore many places in many countries. For those of you women who want to travel long distances to visit cities or other countries, there are things that can be used as a reason why traveling can be done by anyone and not gender-bound, as below.

Solo Traveling Tips for Beginner Woman

Before You Depart

  • Send photos of your identity and important documents such as your passport, ID card, license card, and insurance card to your own e-mail account and a family member. If your passport, bag or cellphone is lost, the photos will be very helpful.
  • Notify the city of destination, place of residence and schedule of your visit to the best friend and keep in touch.
  • Do research on clothing and footwear that is usually worn by local people. Avoid flashy, too open, or expensive-looking outfits.
  • Check out news about the city and country to visit so you can prevent visits to areas that are experiencing conflict or extreme weather.

When you arrive

  • Get to know the receptionist or the owner of your hostel and chat with him. You can get a map and input about favorite places to eat, including areas that should be avoided and scams that are often done if there are any.
  • Bring your business card where you go. Many hostels and hotels have similar names that you can forget.
  • Override the security guard at the station and ask about the most trusted taxi brands and average rates.
  • Walk confidently as you have a goal and you know what is being done.
  • Check maps, lines and bus schedules before you exit the highway. If you forget, go to a shop or restaurant – the important thing is, don’t do it on a street where many people can see that you are a solo traveler.
  • Before boarding a public vehicle, empty the back pocket of your pants, close the zipper of the bag tightly, and remember to remain alert to the surroundings.
  • Introduce yourself to the bus driver and tell your destination. If lucky, he can call your name when the bus arrives at the destination.
  • Avoid using earphones that will make you less sensitive and more vulnerable when walking.
  • Dress according to local culture. How to dress also reflects the way you communicate with people around. In fact, clothes can also reflect a person’s personality. This will also affect the interaction with the local population, especially when you need help from them.

There is no reason to be afraid to walk alone. The solo traveling for beginner woman will definitely be an interesting story in the future. Don’t forget to always be vigilant and be careful when traveling, girls!

Solo Traveling Tips for Beginner Woman