It is known that tourism is one of the most important income for global economy. The role of it to the global economy has increased significantly throughout the years. Exposure of touristy places in social media is one of the reason the number of tourists keep increasing each year. Lots of hidden places now are open for visitors. While tourism has brought significant benefit to the global economy, it is also true that there is a cost to pay. Thee are many tourism-related transgression that has also raised concern globally.

The Importance of Conducting Positive Behavior When Travelling

Conducting positive behavior when travel

It is reported that tourist behavior has gotten worse over the time. There are several travel destinations that have become victims of tourists misconducts. Therefore, excessive tourism has gained strong protect from the locals to block the access of their places from tourists. Some places have even applied tourism tax to counteract some detrimental impacts of excessive tourism. 

Environmental effects

There are many bad impacts resulted from excessive tourism and tourist’s bad behavior. It includes water shortages, waste pollution, damaged sacred places, and more. Unruly behavior of tourists have been reportedly increased which results in what people call as toxic tourism. The environment has paid a quite price from travel industry. Thus, it is important to be aware of how to behave when travelling.

Code of conducts in travel destinations

The Importance of Conducting Positive Behavior When Travelling

Today, there are also travel destinations that start introducing guidelines for tourists such as Rome since it is also one of the most visited travel destinations. It is only one of few ways to preserve the places from tourists. Code of conducts are also considered necessary for today’s tourism since there are many problems associated with tourists. They include damaging camping practices, careless driving, as well as ignorance of safety in the outdoors.

Sometimes, it’s for your own’s protection

Keep in mind that conducting positive behavior during travelling is not only for the sake of preserving the place you visit. It is also a way to protect yourself from danger. There are many instances when tourists ignores the rules and warnings given by the authority of the place they visit. Most of them ended up badly. Lots of tourists also got injured due to their own ignorance and carelessness. Therefore, misbehaving when travel is not something to be proud of. There are many ways you can enjoy the place you travel to without damaging the place or putting yourself in danger. 

Disrespecting local cultures

There are also case of tourist misbehaving by disrespecting the local culture. For example, conducting activities that considered offensive to the local culture. There are also cases where tourists misbehave during their visit to sacred place preserve by the locals. It is our responsibility to be a responsible tourist or traveler. there are many tourists defend their bad behavior or misconduct as cultural misunderstandings. Well, it can actually be prevented by researching the place before visiting. Learning more the local culture can help avoid any misunderstanding. Keep in mind that tourism is meant to educate. We travel to different destination to understand more different cultures and how to adapt. Then we can return changed positively.

The Importance of Conducting Positive Behavior When Travelling