Top 5 Indonesian Food You Must Eat

Indonesian dishes appreciated by many people in the diversity of Indonesian culture also gives rise to a variety of Indonesian specialties. Each region has its own characteristics and makes the culinary richness of the country more colorful and known to many people, not only in the country but also abroad. Indonesian cuisine has even become global. Many foreigners also love Indonesian cuisine because of its rich and spicy taste. In fact, some of them have been used as business models for some people. So here below are the typical Indonesian dishes that you can taste during your visit to Indonesia.

Rendang (Beef with spices)

In recent years, the world has designated rendang as the most delicious food in the world. This meat dish rich in spices has managed to make everyone fall in love with it. In fact, its flavor is also recognized by people all over the world. Rendang is a dish that originated from the Minangkabau ethnic group in Indonesia and is now consumed throughout the country and in Malaysia

Mixed vegetables with peanut sauce (Gado – gado)

This food, which is known for its variety of vegetables and a touch of tasty peanut sauce, once made Indonesia famous abroad. The reason is that this food won the international cooking competition held in Naples in 2010. At that time, Paula Astrid Unu was named the first winner in the category of serving displays with her messy kitchen. The popularity of the hodgepodge has also traveled everywhere, including several countries around the world such as the United States, France, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. In general, this food is sold by typical Indonesian culinary restaurants. Gado-gado is an Indonesian culinary specialty, consisting of a salad of crisp vegetables topped with a peanut sauce.

Chicken of Satay (Sate ayam)

This chicken satay snack wrapped in peanut sauce has been around for a long time. Its flavour has even been recognized by many people around the world. It is a dish that originated in Sumatra and Java, Indonesia, and is also very popular in other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Thailand, as well as in China, the Netherlands, due to the Dutch colonies.

Beef soup (Sop buntut)

In addition to being enjoyed by most Indonesians, oxtail soup is also popular with Spaniards! They have loved this food since the first time the Indonesian embassy in Italy introduced the diversity of our specialties, the Spaniards love beef dishes with this oxtail soup.


This food made from young jackfruit cooked with coconut milk has attracted the attention of Indonesians, even in international circles. The reason for this is that many countries want to import it in canned form. So after we know the list of Indonesian cuisine, which dish do you like?

Top 5 Indonesian Food You Must Eat