Bali is one of the most popular travel destination especially among international travelers. Following the situation with covid-19 that is getting better, many travelers wonder whether or not it is a good time to visit Bali. The number of covid-19 cases in Bali keeps decreasing while the number of people who have been fully vaccinated keep increasing, which is over 80 percent of the population of the island. The government of Indonesia has already allowed international travel to recommence to the island. However,only travelers from 19 specified countries who are allowed to visit Bali, while it is still followed by several travel restrictions. 

About domestic flights

There are several domestic flights schedules operated by a few local airlines, which means domestic flights are operating just fine. If you are Indonesian citizen living in Indonesia and want to visit Bali, it is possible to do it now. Some airlines such as Garuda Indonesia, Air Asia, Lion Air, Batik Air, CitiLink And Sriwijaya Air are operating multiple flights on daily basis. 

About international flights

As for international flights, Bali has opened its airports for international arrivals. However, only visitors from specified 19 countries are allowed to enter Bali with several procedures. The permitted countries include the United Emirates Arab, Sweden, Spain, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Portugal, Poland, Norway, New Zealand, Liechtenstein, Kuwait, Japan, Italy, India, Hungary, France, China, and Bahrain. These countries were chosen based on data that showed low positivity rates of covid-19. Other international tourists are still not allowed to visit Bali by Indonesia Government. 

Preparation to visit Bali for domestic travelers

For domestic travelers who are planning to visit Bali one of these days, there are several preparation you need to go through. For example, you need to get a vaccine card which confirms that you are already vaccinated at least for the first dose. Then, you also need to show a negative PCR test that is valid for 48 hours. You also need a negative antigen test that is valid for 24 hours. Then, you need certificate of a negative RT-PCR/Rapid Antigen test result and it should be incorporated in a barcode. 

Preparation to visit Bali for international travelers

As for international travelers, there are also requirements you need to fulfill. For example, you need to be fully vaccinated to the second dose at least 14 days prior your visit to Bali. You have to posses a valid insurance plan that covers covid-19 treatment that is worth at least USD 100,000. Travelers will also be subjected to five days quarantine period while the cost of it will be covered by the travelers. 

Bali reopening for tourists

Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airports are already operating for international tourists from 19 countries to visit the island. However, the flights have not been seen yet. It is predicted that the international arrivals will start pouring in November. Bali is now in level 2 of of Community Activities Restrictions Enforcement, so it is safe to visit Bali now as long as you keep following the protocols.

Travel Updates To Bali You Need To Know Before Paying A Visit