Komodo is one of the most beautiful summer destinations in Indonesia, and it is gradually catching up to its bigger sister, Bali. Every year, thousands of tourists go to the region in pursuit of the world’s last dragons, which are fiercely protected by UNESCO and proudly stand as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Komodo is brimming with a wide range of adventure opportunities, and you may choose which one is right for you. Several liveaboard boats sail between the surreal-looking islets and translucent blue sea, taking you to fascinating destinations. Among these liveaboard tours is a private boat charter that you can rent solely for yourself. Sail only with your close friends, family, or loved one without any stranger interrupting the trip.

sundeck - Better Vacation to Dragon Habitat with Private Boat Charter

If you like your own independence and solitude, a private liveaboard would be ideal for you. Here are some of the benefits of sailing on a private liveaboard vacation to Komodo with no one else on board:

Getting Secluded in the Bliss of Private Boat charter

Do you know how to get the most out of a vacation? A chance to get away from people and be completely immersed in Mother Nature’s gorgeous creations, shutting down “reality” on the other side of the planet and become completely alone in blissful seclusion. Is it possible to achieve “blissful isolation” with a dozen other individuals there (not to mention the fact that most of them would be strangers)?

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Now, imagine the bliss of sailing in a private 3 days Phinisi boat tour from Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island. You and your chosen companions are the only ones on the boat. They could be your significant other, family, or close pals. This sailing tour can be an opportunity to perfectly dwell on exquisite gateway while enjoying quality alone time with your companion, with wide open seas, Komodo’s stunning landscape, and nobody else around.

No Need to Please Everyone

While an open journey might be uplifting, it also implies that numerous demands must be met. Sometimes the tour organizers must reach a hasty decision about which island to visit for the first time the next morning. In a Komodo boat charter, however, you (and your travel companion) will be the only passengers, so there will be no unneeded hassle or argument to resolve.

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Do you wish to see the dawn in Gili Lawa at 5 a.m.? Do you have a hankering for a gluten-free, carb-free seafood treat for dinner? Need to spend a little more time in beautiful Padar for some photography? Just go ahead and speak with your team! When you book a private boat charter in Labuan Bajo, the crews will put your needs first.

The Best Vacation is Kept Under Wraps

The best way to see Komodo is to go on your own personalized trip. However, if you’re going on an open excursion, it’ll be challenging. Operators frequently construct a cookie-cutter vacation schedule that will fit practically everyone’s needs to prevent conflicts.

When it comes down to personal preference, the open trip’s itinerary that’s designed for everyone might not satisfy your desire. You might still want to stay on the pink beach a little longer, go to Rinca after Komodo Island only to view more dragons, or forgo the day’s dive simply because you don’t feel like it.

The only time you can have a custom trip is if you rent the liveaboard exclusively for yourself.

Better Vacation to Dragon Habitat with Private Boat Charter