It is understandable if you have already lost your interest to travel especially if you travel quite a lot. You may have experienced various types of trips that you feel like you have tried everything. You feel like another trip is something boring you don’t have to experience because you have been there done that. However, travelling is unlimited though. Thus, it is always possible to find another new travel experience that you want to try. Lots of people sometime didn’t hesitate to try bizarre travel experience just to see if it was what they like. Well, experimenting never hurts anyway.

Trying unique travel experiences

It is true that globalization makes everything today looks more accessible and affordable. You don’t have to go to US just to eat friend chicken or some burgers when the same brand you are craving for is around your neighborhood. However, travelling is more than that. It is the experience that matters. Thus, here are some unique travel experiences some people have tried that you may be interested to try someday:

  • Watching football with Argentinian. Well, watching football sounds cliché especially for boys. However, watching football match with Argentinian provide the sheer of mania that you couldn’t get in another place. The fans do everything whole-heartedly during the match, they sing, cheer, dance, and even scream to their hearts contents that you can positively feel the energy radiating. In addition, the fireworks, trumpets, drums, and other music companions just add the sparks of the euphoria of the match. Doing this in one of your travel agenda is truly worth it.
  • Joining Brazilian festivals is such a great idea if you are already bored with similar vacation. Brazil is one of the countries full of carnival, festival, and celebrations you can enjoy the most. They are diverse and colorful. You can’t miss the culture of samba in every festival. There are also dance battles, unique customs that fit the themes, and of course the enthusiastic vibes of Brazilians. This kind of experience is priceless. You can feel the buzz through every little detail.
  • Have you ever tried attending Oktoberfest? Well, it is not truly a new thing since almost every city in the world has their own Oktoberfest anyway. However, there is Oktoberfest in Munich that you can attend. It gives you different experience. It is more than a simple festival when you drink and enjoy music. It is where you can experience the real party. Thus, attending an Oktoberfest in Munich is worth travelling for.
  • Food hunting in Singapore. Amongst many countries, Singapore is one of the most diverse places where various cultures blend together creating new experience for every visitors. One of the best things to experience in Singapore is food hunting. If you are food enthusiast, Singapore is your heaven. You will find various foods in every stand you visit. Indulge yourself with authentic foods. You can even watch how the cooks make your foods like a show. Aside from high quality, the foods are more affordable.
Unique Travel Experiences You May Want to Try