As Seminyak and Petitenget in Bali has been popular among the local and foreign travelers, there are many accommodation options that are offered. It is even believed that both of the locations are dominated by the special villa offers where tourists can even get the 5 bedroom villas in both area.

If you have ever wondering about why people are renting the 5 bedroom villas at Seminyak, then the first answer for that is because there are more people are staying in. but you don’t actually need to wondering about how many bedrooms the villa can get, you can even find dozens of bedroom villas at both area ever since they are perfect for that.

I was even thinking that the best place to build the villa accommodations in Bali should learn how the Seminyak area has been developed.

What you will need when staying in 5 bedroom villas at Seminyak or Petitenget?

When the more people are residing in temporarily in a 5 bedroom villas at Seminyak, then they must be on a family vacation or simply just want to travel in a friends getaway experience. There might also be a chance for company’s outing but i think that will be the rare thing to meet.

What to look for when renting the 5 bedroom villas at Seminyak or Petitenget?

Ever since we are renting or reserving the accommodation not only for resting or sleeping in, we need to know the ins and outs what we are going to rent. It is because you are going to spend the money for not only to take a rest and a place to keep your travel’s luggage. You need more than that no matter how affordable the villas are and the other accommodations as the whole.

When you are going to rent the 5 bedroom villas Seminyak, there are some other things and aspects you have to find out first. Those are as below:

  1. How many beds are available and what about their sizes? Asking this question is important since you can then adjusting on how many people will stay in. The size of the beds are also important since there are many villas with only 1 King size bed and the rest are using the Queen size beds. Sometimes, the in a bedroom there will be two queen size beds for travelers if possible.
  2. Ask the management about the 5 bedroom villa’s facilities and amenities. Does the villa at Seminyak you will need to rent has a restaurant? What about the bar? Do they providing you free soaps? Wait! Is there a private pool inside?
  3. Cleaning service. Many accommodations are limiting their cleaning service by rooms. Many times, the swimming pool may get cleaned every single day in the morning but how about the kitchen or bathroom, etc? Knowing the information will be useful if you are staying for a week since it will be a long vacation or even more than that.
  4. Cost for the rooms upgrade. I am assuming that you will need more bedroom then what you have been reported before. What about the cost and what if there will be your new members staying there as long as you are there? And what if you want to change from the 5 bedroom villas to the 6 bedroom? or what if there will be a sudden event when you have to move to another available villa with the same number of bedrooms?
  5. Make sure that the villas are closer to the beach and surrounded by the business centers you might need. Seminyak and Petitenget are the seaside villages. You are doing it wrong when you are renting the villas away of the shoreline because you won’t experience the most of the tropical vibes of Bali. There are so many 5 bedroom villas at Seminyak and Petitenget where you can even get the beachfront view and surrounded by tasteful restaurants and bars, shopping centers and many more.

What to Look For of 5 Bedroom Villas Seminyak – Petitenget, Bali?