12 Secret Tips for Better Vacation in Nusa Dua Luxury Resorts

The Nusa Dua Bali tourism area is distinct from the rest of Bali’s tourist areas. The difference is Nusa Dua’s seclusion from the rest of the community. The road at the ITDC Nusa Dua portion is relatively broad, and it is properly maintained. Aside from a well-kept motorway, there is a tourist-friendly walking trail and a well-kept garden area. There are also just resorts, villas, and luxury hotels within ITDC Nusa Dua. All of the above features entice travellers seeking elegance, comfort, and safety while on vacation in Bali to stay in the Nusa Dua tourism sector.

Save Budget by Preparing Snacks & Quick Meal Before Coming to Nusa Dua Resorts

Once you get into the comfort of hotel & resort bubble in Nusa Dua, you will feel too lazy to get dressed for a quick trip to a convenience store. The gated ITDC complex where these 5 star Nusa Dua beach resorts reside is the epitome of luxurious neighbourhood with no small convenience store in sight. 

Save Budget by Preparing Snacks & Quick Meal Before Coming to Nusa Dua Resorts

Prepare ahead by stocking up some snacks you can munch on anytime. In the meanwhile, you might also want to stock on some Indonesian instant pot noodles. They’re quick easy meal you can whip in the room just with hot water and they actually taste delicious! Believe us—instant pot noodles have saved us million times on vacation. 

Bring Lots of Water 

You cannot drink raw tap water in Indonesia—unless you want to spend 3 days on continuous bathroom trip. The resort will give you two bottled water each day, but you’ll need more than that. So, don’t forget to buy couples of 1,5L bottled water during your snack-stocking trip to save you from dehydration.

Our tips: put all of your snacks, water, & instant foods inside a small suitcase or bag for easy carry. 

Boil Tap Water for Tea & Instant Food 

Now you know how precious water can be during your stay in a secluded resort, save more water by boiling tap water for tea and instant food. You will find water boiler in your room—once you boil the water, it’s good to consume. 

Google-Map Research for Nearby Eat-Out in the Area

We’re all too familiar with how pricey meals can be when dining out, let alone while on vacation. Three meals every day, especially when you eat up in the resort’s restaurants all the time, can quickly mount up. Research restaurants and eateries around Benoa & Nusa Dua you can visit for cheaper lunch and dinner. 

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Use Online Meal Delivery Service 

Don’t want to walk out from the comfort of the Nusa Dua beach resort Bali? Download Indonesia’s Gojek & Grab application (similar to Uber) and browse the vast selection of food—from fast food to Indonesian delicacies from hundreds of restaurants—you can order from there. 

Know the Schedule for Pools, Spa, Kids Clubs, & Other Places in the Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Max out your Nusa dua resort hotel vacation time by knowing exactly at what time facilities are opened. Some resorts, for example, opened the pool by 8 am but facilities like hot jacuzzi and pool slides will only be activated from 10.00 to 16.00. Don’t miss anything. 

Check Out the Schedule for Yoga & Other Activities

Check Out the Schedule for Yoga & Other Activities

Do you know that you can join a morning yoga class in a Benoa resort in Bali? Ask the receptionist or read your resort guide to know every details of activity schedule in the resort!

Research the Resort Restaurants

Although you may not consider eating to be a part of your agenda, one of the finest aspects of resort life is the variety of food alternatives available. If you look into the resort’s possibilities ahead of time, you’ll be able to get a reservation at a popular restaurant and pick the best time to fit it in amongst your other activities.

Add Pool & Beach Time to Your Itinerary

Add Pool & Beach Time to Your Itinerary

You might not think to check ahead of time to see what pools are available, but most resorts have a variety of options, from adult-only to kid-friendly pools, wave pools to splashpads, and even lazy rivers. By planning ahead of time the pools you wish to visit, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on anything throughout your vacation.

Also, remember one thing when you want to spend a day in the Nusa dua beach in the resort. The early bird gets the worm. If you get early to the beach, you’ll be able to obtain a prime spot for sand and sun. If you plan on spending the entire day at the beach or pool, book a cabana if one is available. This will provide you with a spot to relax and store your items when you are away from the sun.

Time the Spa Day

Spa regulars know that getting your spa day just right is half the battle. Do you want to start your vacation with a pleasant massage or wait until after an excursion to relax? When choosing a day and time for your appointment, be strategic. In any case, set aside some time before and after your appointment to rest and enjoy the spa’s services.

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Do Not be Too Ambitious on Itinerary Schedule

Relax, you are staying in a resort! Give plenty of free time in your schedule and allow yourself to just enjoy the resort. Don’t jam-packed your itinerary or you’ll come back to the resort feeling tired and not able to enjoy anything at all. Also, keep in mind that it takes time to get from point “A” to point “B”. Especially if you put Bali’s traffic into the equation. 

Our recommendation: set at least one and half slow day to just relax, swim, and lounge around the resort.

12 Secret Tips for Better Vacation in Nusa Dua Luxury Resorts