Meeting People While Solo Travelling

Not many people are fans of solo travel. The most common reasons for people refusing to go travelling alone is because of loneliness. At some points, many people decide to travel solo because they want to escape from the buzz and crowd in their daily lives. However, loneliness sometimes can be felt too intense during a solo trip especially because it is in such an unfamiliar. You can overcome this by meeting more people during your solo trip and find companionship from them. 

Ways to meet people during your solo trip

Not all travelers are outgoing or social butterfly. It can make it harder for those non-extroverts travelers to meet and interact with new people they encounter during their solo trip. However, there are so many benefits you can get from socializing and interacting with more people during your solo trip aside from getting rid of your loneliness. Yo may learn amazing lessons about life, learn more about new culture, listen to interesting stories, etc. And here are ways you can meet people during your solo trip to find companionship:

Join a group tour

Join a group tour

Solo travel is liberating because you can decide everything on your own. However, sometimes you feel like you want to let go and let the other decide for you. Hence, it is recommended that you join a group travel. Also, there are benefits such as easier transport access, reduce potential language barrier, and socialize with new people from different backgrounds. 

Volunteer yourself in local communities

It is such a great opportunity if you can volunteer while having an adventure. It makes your travel more meaningful because you give back to the community. Also, you create memories through fun experiences. There are many voluntary work you can partake such as teaching English, music, art, etc. It is a chance for you to meet the locals, learning more about their ways of life, or helping with your research. 

Take part in activities you like

If you enjoy dancing, then might as well take a part in local activities such as take a dance class. It allows you to meet like-minded people. Not only can you learn new skills, you will also be able to meet amazing people while building your self confidence as solo traveler. If you don’t really have particular hobby, you can challenge yourself to take part in any activity you find interesting. Learning something new is always exciting because you get to socialize more during your lonely trip.

Travel community-friendly accommodation

Instead of staying in a hotel, it is more recommended that you decide to stay in hostel. It is such a great accommodation that is offered to the travelling community. Even if you stay in a single room, you still get to meet and socialize other travelers. If you like it, you may also consider sharing a room with fellow traveler. You may meet amazing people who share the same interest and build a new friendship. Or, you can just have a room for yourself and hang out with others in common areas.

Meeting People While Solo Travelling