Ever since the digital millennium had been started years ago, right before that, the internet era had been begun as the main sign of how digital marketing is developing until today. But, for the years that had been passed, some aspects of internet marketing are no longer can be applied and some are just the same with before in the same or different formats with some improvements.

Today, you can’t really underestimate how powerful the digital marketing is to be part of your business online. If you need to increase your online presence and hoping that the more people are interacting with you, the easier you are going to offering your business to the people, the digital marketing strategy is the main answer.

And to do that, you can start to know about the essential parts or aspects of online marketing that haven’t been changed for years.

1. Build the better company or business site

Building the better website for digital marketing campaign

Before 1998 or even 2000, we might be possible to count on how many people or businesses that got their own website, a thing we are no longer possible to do today. Even, the price for a domain name for that time contained with only 4-5 letters won’t be as expensive as today.

But that’s one of the ways how digital marketing is working, those who had been started earlier will mostly had bigger chance to have successful online business.

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In a world where most of the internet users have been easier to access anything online as today, getting your business involving in by building its own site is a must.

Even today, companies and personal figures are competing on the same thing which is how to build their online trust for their customers. And all of that can be started by increasing the business online presence through building its own website as its main platform to reach the customers and more internet users.

No matter how small or big the business is, mostly building the better website can be the main priority for now or in the next days to come to gain more benefits of the digital marketing as a whole.

2. Social media is always better to be part of your digital marketing strategy

For the small businesses that are still struggling in getting the budgets, if you can’t really hire the website designer and developer as you are required, you can always make use of your internet connection that you are paying monthly by registering for the social media accounts and start optimizing them.

I know that it is hard not not to have a website as your main official business offer pages. In case you are truly have no idea how to buy a domain name and hosting that can’t even reach USD100 annually with the money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services, just use the free platform that you have been paid its internet connection monthly.

You can take social media today as for connecting with the people you have been knowing or finding the updated trending topics. Look, I am even scrolling down my Facebook feed and after numbers of posted status, I will mostly see the business offers (the ads).

Facebook itself have also been provided with the ability for you to create a business page or a group to be used for your business and so do the other social media accounts such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. You can make use them as your business platforms that will help improving your business in the future.

So, start using your social media now as part of how you are involving in a digital marketing world. You may will find that you are also possible to create and post various contents you haven’t been made before. Talking about that, you can see how creative and professional you are when getting ideas and creating the contents for your business social media accounts.

3. Email marketing

Beside telemarketing, another way to offering the customers about your business without have to meet them face to face is email marketing. This essential part seems have not been changed until today. We have only more tools and ways how to gaining more prospective databases.

Email as part of important aspects of digital marketing strategy

People can lost their phone and changes it with another one number. But mostly, people will keep on remembering their main email address and password they are using for years.

To start getting more email sign ups or subscribers so you can send your business offers to your audience, it is better you are showing the sign up letter box on your site as well as your social media pages.

Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing strategies that have not been changed for years and many internet marketers are even still making use of it until today. Do the same for your business as well.

4. New forms of telemarketing in digital world (phone apps)

If you think that telemarketing have been forgotten, it is not! First reason, it is still being used until today. Even, many hotel accommodations still using this method as part of how they are promoting their packages or rooms. and events

The next reason is, telemarketing is getting more various form than before. Today, we are often communicating through WhatsApp, Line, etc by sending messages, voices and even video calling.

Social media like Facebook are even taking it any further where its Facebook Messenger can even be used the same like WA that they had been acquired before.

And even today, many of the business site are putting the WA button floating under the web on the right or left and so does the Facebook Messenger chat.

If you think that gathering more prospective phone numbers will be good for your business, website and social media can be the main platforms you can test for that. The more number you are getting, the more app users you are reaching as well.

If you are no longer trust the business offers from SMS since many scams are sending you the rubbish offers, then you can ensure that the new forms of telemarketing are also part of how you are marketing your business in digital world.

5. Celebrity and influencers endorsement

Haven’t I mentioned about how to reach more customers faster? Celebrity and online infulencers are capable to make your business offers seen by the people from any corners of the country.

It is also one of the oldest part of digital marketing even though online influencers that mostly will be the social media public figures or bloggers start involving in a bit late.

Even, being an influencer for certain digital platforms and start getting money have been a career path for many of people. The reliable the influencers you are hiring to post about your business, will mostly the information will get more exposure as well. It is simple, they have more followers than your business.

6. Online ads platforms

Make use of online ads platforms as part of digital marketing aspects

All of the above 5 essential aspects of digital marketing that have not been changed for years are useful in one thing your business will need. It is about how to reach more potential customers so you can start talking about the conversion rate and see which strategies that will be needed to be optimized and which aren’t.

And to get more traffics to your business’s social media accounts, website and all of your digital business offers and pages, you can also make use of the advertisement platforms that have been provided for years as well.

Even, the popular social media platforms we are using today have their own ads platform and so do the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Using ads platforms is even getting more important for many businesses since many of the platforms are even possible to start the business campaign for a dollar a day.

This will also a good way for the business to reach more customers faster than before since they are letting their users (customers) not to find them organically but through their behaviors such as how they are using social media, what keywords they are typing on Google, etc.

Of all the above essential aspects of digital marketing that have not been changed for years until today, do you have one or some that you are still using until today or did I missed something?

6 Aspects of Digital Marketing That Haven’t Been Changed