What You Need To Know About Venice Before Paying A Visit
Palazzo rava, Venice, Italy. Free public domain CC0 image.

Venice is without a doubt one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It can be put on the top five most visited places by tourists and travelers alike. It has that special charm that make people want to keep coming back. However, keep in mind that there is no such thing as perfect destination. Having good expectation is not wrong but make sure to always be prepared for the unexpected. 

Things about Venice to know about before visiting

Venice is surely a wonderful city to visit for a vacation with your lover, friends, or family members. This place is known for its beautiful canals, bridges, and charming neighborhoods. You can also see many iconic buildings around the place creating classic, romantic atmosphere. However, it is also important to do your research before visiting this lovely place. Set realistic expectations by learning more about Venice in advance.

Be ready with the crowd

When you hear the word ‘popular destination’ then you must be ready to be welcomed by the crowd. Venice is very crowded most of the time especially during peak season. Also, most of people walking down the street are tourists. Therefore, be prepared with the mass of people on the street when you visit this place. It’s best to avoid visiting during peak seasons such as late spring and summer, weekends, and carnival seasons. 

It can be costly

Expensive or not is relative because every individual’s financial situation might be different. However, travelling to Venice and spend some time vacationing there is considered expensive for general travelers. It makes sense because increased tourism brings increased prices. Hence, make sure to be ready with your travel budget to visit Venice. Also, the gondola ride is also pretty expensive which costs around 80 to 120 euros for a 30 minutes ride. You can avoid high prices by exploring more off beaten path or taking a vaporetto (water bus). 

Prepare your legs to walk a lot

Prepare your legs to walk a lot

Venice is crowded and it will be more efficient to explore by foot. Venice is also a maze of cobblestone streets, canals, and bridges and cars are not allowed anyway. You have no choice but walk to get around. It is not recommended to visit Venice if you or your travel companion need to use wheelchairs to get around because this place is crowded most of the time.

Bring enough cash

In Venice, you are likely to use cash more than credit or debit cards. Some shops and restaurant do not accept cards payment so you need to always have cash in your wallet. You can withdraw money through the affiliate bank in advance. 

Buy tickets in advance

If you plan on visiting some of tops attractions in Venice, make sure to buy the tickets in advance. Several top attractions in Venice include Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica. If you buy the tickets on the spots, you will likely to get stuck in the mass of people and in a very long line. 

What You Need To Know About Venice Before Paying A Visit