The impact of overtourism and ways to travel responsibly

Travelling is an amazing experience and that is why you have your own bucket list of amazing destinations to visit someday. However, you cannot deny about the negative impact of your travels somehow. So many tourist attractions around the world have been damaged or changed due to the overcrowd. Famous attractions draw attention from people all over the world. When you arrive at this kind of famous attraction, the first thing you notice is the crown not the place. 

The impact of overtourism and ways to travel responsibly

Some famous attractions often make some adjustment or or develop new facilities to welcome large numbers of visitors. It changes the destinations sometimes in a bad way. The problem becomes bigger when the number of visitors is higher than the destination can cope with. Also, there have reports about the damage of facilities in some famous attraction all over the world due to overtourism. It causes rage from the locals that even some of destinations close or limit the number of visitors. 

The danger of over-tourism 

Overtourism is dangerous because it exceeds the physical, social, ecological, economic, and political or psychological limit. A tourist attraction may be full but that doesn’t always mean it suffers from overtourism. It happens only when the massive presence of visitors threatens the economy, culture, and nature of the destination.

The change of life of the locals

About Overtourism and How To Travel Responsibly

Overtourism is when the behaviour of tourists change the life of the locals. Sacred places are treated poorly just for the same of photos to post on Instagram. It not a responsible behavior. When overtourism continues, the consequences will become even bigger. It can wipe out historic sites, ancient cultures, as well as native species. 

Minimise the impact of your travel

It is possible to minimize the impact of our travel hence overtourism can be avoided. One of the ways is to become a responsible travelers. You may have seen many news about unruly tourists who offended the locals. Hence, it is important to travel responsibly and show respect to the locals and their environment, as well as culture. Social media plays huge role to overtourism because influencers who post their visit to their social media make their followers want to experience the same thing. 

It’s the responsible of everyone

Solving the problem of overtourism is the responsibility of everyone. Solely blame the traveler is not right either because they also contribute to the increased income gained by the local economy. Stop travelling is not the solution. What travelers can do is to travel responsibly. It means travelling while respecting the rules and do not be a burden both to the locals and the environment. The local authority of tourist attractions can also create rules to protect the place such as limiting the number of visitor daily and proceed regular maintenance to the place. 

Simple ways of responsible travelling

Travelling responsibly can be done in simple ways such as bringing reusable water bottle, travelling by bus or train instead of plane, travel in low season, encouraging small family businesses by acting like locals and eating like locals, avoiding attractions that use animals for human entertainment, and never leave trash especially when visiting nature reserves. 

About Overtourism and How To Travel Responsibly