Why Cendrawasih Bay for Your Scuba Diving Holiday?

The underwater world, with its explosion of colors and rich marine biodiversity, is a whole new world. Diving in Cendrawasih Bay will probably be the highlight of your West Papua adventure. This stunning bay is located in Indonesia’s Papua province, on the opposite side of the Bird’s Head Peninsula to Raja Ampat. Whether you’re a complete newbie or vastly experienced, diving at Cendrawasih will have something for you. The highlight attraction in this bay is the resident whale sharks that are found year-round. Therefore, diving is one of those experiences that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. Here are some reasons why you need to visit this bay for a scuba diving holiday!

Cendrawasih Bay is Indonesia’s hidden gem!

Cendrawasih Bay is without a doubt Indonesia’s hidden gem. This remote bay in Indonesia is scuba diving heaven. There’s no place quite like it for diving and is top on the most diver dream bucket lists! 150 species of colorful coral have been founded in this bay. Including numerous colorful soft corals, black and blue hard corals. Moreover, this bay is a home for over 200 species of fish. For instance, schooling of damselfish, butterflyfish, and brightly colored parrotfish.

Experience world-class diving without the crowds

One of the best reasons to visit this bay is to experience pristine diving without any crowds. Diving here promises majestic sharks, stunning visibility, and breathtaking hard corals. This bay is still off most peoples’ radar. Therefore, don’t miss it for the chance to enjoy peaceful scuba diving before the rest of the world catches on!

Sharks encounters

Diving in Cendrawasih Bay is a unique experience, with an incredible number of whale sharks who frequently visit in large groups. Here, you can find several species of sharks. Including blacktip reef sharks and oceanic whitetip. Rhincodon typus or whale sharks reach between 9–12 meters long and weigh up to 12,500 kg. Making them the largest fish in the world. The number of whale sharks tends to be in an area near Kwatisore village along a peninsula on the bay’s southwest edge.

The whale sharks around this area are the only non-migratory whale sharks in the world. They are also present in Cendrawasih year-round. Due to the fisherman always feeding them, keeping them around. Besides the sharks, four species of turtle are also present in this bay. Including, leatherback, hawksbill, green, and pacific ridley. On shallower sites, you also have the chance to meet the incredibly endangered dugong. While further out to the blue sea, the mighty blue whales and even dolphins can be spotted. Let’s imagine several whale sharks in your field of vision. From a little juvenile to a mature adult. Isn’t it spectacular?

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Why Cendrawasih Bay for Your Scuba Diving Holiday?