Handy Tips You Need To Travel To Bangkok Safely

Bangkok, Thailand is located in Asia and one of the most popular destinations for tourists and travelers alike. The capital of Thailand is relatively safe for any kind of travelers be it solo or female travelers. Bangkok is also relatively pleasant and enjoyable. It is rare for travelers who stayed experiencing much troubles. In fact, most of visitors experienced joy and happiness along with being safe throughout their trip. 

Tips to travel Bangkok safely

Regardless of how safe Bangkok is, there will always be risks and threats you need to consider such as theft, scams, traffic, political encounter, etc. So here are handy tips you can use to travel to Bangkok safely:

As for now, the government of Thailand has restricted foreign visitors from entering the country with only few exception. What to be cautious of when visiting Thailand aside from the covid-19 is ongoing political tension showed by sporadic demonstrations. If you plan to visit Bangkok in the near time be mindful with the whether because it is rainy season there. 

Handy Tips You Need To Travel To Bangkok Safely

As for safety concern, Bangkok is considered low threat location for crime. The most common crimes happened to tourists are snatch theft, jewelry scheme, tourists fraud, and other non-confrontational street crimes. Those crimes often take place in crowded areas or tourist-heavy areas so be mindful with where you are going. Be careful when visiting Bangkok’s markets, tourist stops, and shopping malls. 

Bangkok is also considered safe destination for solo travelers. Mostly bad things that happened to tourists is because the tourists are drunk or high. It can be because they are too aggressive to the locals. So unless you are doing those things then you will be just fine travelling around Bangkok. Keep in mind that any recreational drugs are still illegal in Thailand so don’t bring any if you don’t want to get in trouble. Avoid getting drunk because you will not make good decision and end up in trouble. 

Bangkok is also relatively safe for female travelers. The case of rape or assault to female travelers is so rare but you still have to take precautions. For example, do not flaunt your valuables such as jewelry or expensive electronics. Avoid travelling alone or taking taxi late at night. Limit your alcohol consumption to avoid getting drunk. Do not go into dark, suspicious alleys and other red-light districts if you travel alone. Do not leave your drinks unattended to avoid the risk of it being spiked when you are not looking. 

Bangkok is safe from BIPOC travelers as well since they welcome all travelers of all ethnicity. Black travelers will find no trouble travelling around Bangkok even though lighter skin is associated by Thais with privilege historically. However, Black may get some awkward comment or curious look occasionally from the locals. There won’t be any race-based assault or harassment to Black tourists or POC travelers. The most important thing to do to stay safe is to be nice and respect the locals.

Handy Tips You Need To Travel To Bangkok Safely