What Kind Of Shoes That Are Good For Travel

Basically, choosing shoes for your daily use needs more considerations. Some people sometime choose style over comfort when buying their shoes. However, wearing the wrong shoes for a long time can damage our health. As for travel, you need to be even more considerate especially when you don’t really know the condition of your destination. During travel, you have more opportunity to walk so packing the right pair is necessary. 

Shoes that good for travel

When it comes to travel, many people want to look fit, stylish, and fresh. Some of travelers even pack several pair of shoes so they can always look attractive. However, it is okay if you pack only one pair or two of your shoes if they can protect and support your feet. 


According to physician and pediatric, the bets travel shoes for travel should have arch support, thicker sole, and shock absorption. It is even better if the fabric is breathable. These are criteria of ideal shows for daily including for travelling. Sneakers can be a good choice for travelling because they fit the criteria. You can just pack a pair of your casual sneaker. Those will make your walk more enjoyable because your feet won’t get sore so easily. 

Open toe sandals

Open toe sandals

If you are not really a fan of shoes, you can choose the one with open toe. However, it is recommended to avoid flip flops because they are not supportive to your feet. Instead, you can pack a pair of supportive sandal. It should be something thicker with arch support and a depression in the heel. It will be comfortable to wear during your leisure walk down to the beach. 

Flexible shoes

If you don’t think you have the right kind of shoes for travelling now, you can start your searching. There are several factors you need to consider such as choosing shoes that cannot be folded completely in half. It is important to choose shoes with flexibility in the toes but don’t choose the one whose the front of the shoe touch the back of the shoe. The heel cup of good shoes for travel should be firm and not collapse when you squeeze it. It is even better if you can buy a pair of shoes with removable arch support. This kind of shoe allows you to slide your additional arch support in when needed. 

Shoes with slight curvature

The very basic factor when it comes to choosing the best shoes is comfort and adequate support. It is best to choose shoes that are light enough so not to weigh down your feet while walking but still provide great support and cushioning. Shoes with slight curvature in the front and back help a lot in taking some stress off of the middle of the foot when you walk for long. 


If you don’t like packing too many shoes, pack one pair of adequate shoes and supportive sandal. They will be enough for you to go through the entire trip without feeling extreme sore feet. 

What Kind Of Shoes That Are Good For Travel?