Summer vacation is always great because the weather is perfect and everything seems lovely and enjoyable. Of course, the crowd is also included into the perk of summer vacation since most people like to have it in this bright season.

Best places or countries to visit this summer vacation this year

Summer is considered as the busiest time and the highest travel season. No wonder that the ticket plane is more expensive during summer and the crowd is significantly more unbearable especially in travel destinations. June, July, and August are the time for summer vacation and you should prepare your budget for it if you plan to have one.

Summer vacation destinations for budget travellers

If you are planning to have summer vacation but your budget is limited, you need to find the right destinations. Some places tend to be cheaper than others so it is the best to do some research before.

Just because everything gets more expensive then you cannot fly to your dream vacation. Here are most recommended travel destinations you can venture to with lower budget:

1. St. Petersburg, Russia is a great destination for your summer vacation this year even if you have limited budget to begin with. June is the best time of the year to this place because of the perfect weather. You will get to enjoy the sunshine almost 24 hours per day.

Some nights the sun even never fully sets that the locals call as White Nights. You will also get to experience the buzz of The White Nights Festival Celebration, the local’s way to mark the phenomenon which held in mid-July.

2. Florence, Italy is city with peace and serenity. It may be hard to believe that you can spend cheap summer vacation in Italy since it is one of the most crowded travel destinations. However, Florence is truly something. The airfare has significantly dropped to 10 percent since 2018.

Thus, is possible for you to spend your summer vacation in this lovely city. The best weather happens between June and July. So prepare yourself to enjoy the beauty of this city through their architectures, arts, and culture.

3. London, United Kingdom is also one of the best choice for your cheap summer vacation. You may find it hard to believe that you can spend your summer in London with limited budget.

However, it is not impossible. The best time to make it happen is in August. Late summer is where the airfare goes down significantly which makes it possible for you to have cheap vacation in this city. Thus, it is recommended to visit London in mid-to late August.

4. Bangkok, Thailand is best destination for your cheap summer vacation. Bangkok is one of the most bustling cities in Thailand. However, you need to be a little more cautious with the heat.

If you visit Bangkok this summer, you have opportunities to experience the bustling of new King’s Birthday and Queen’s Birthday festivities. It occurs in July and August and you will get to see the sparks of coloured lights and flowers so you’d better start planning your vacation now.

Best Places to Visit for Your Summer Vacation This Year