To experience the better scuba diving, it will also means that you are going to dive longer under the water so you will have more times to spend your life in beautiful coral reefs and its surrounding. But, it won’t be an easy thing for the beginners and therefore I am here to share some simple yet useful tips and lessons.

Simple and useful scuba diving lessons and tips for beginners

Every beauty has its own price. Some scuba divers are even sacrificing their life just to meet with one or two rare underwater animals. Not to mention that they will also need more experiences and knowledge about the water and all its currents. Now, what if the beginners are also have the same temptation to experience the underwater beauty but have lost in lessons and experiences compared them to the professional dive masters?

If any of you are one of those scuba diver that still being the beginners, I have got the simple lessons and tips for you to help you out reaching your dream to spend longer time under the surface as well as to speed up your steps in getting to more depth environment.

1. Keep calm and don’t be rush while scuba diving

For the beginners, some of them are afraid to be left behind where they think that no body will “hear” them in case they met with the big current in a sudden. In reaching the coral spot, some of them are also in a rush as if they are catching by something.

Scuba diving should always be as calm as they need because the more calm the divers, the better way to think and the less oxygen they will be used as well. Scuba diving is far different with running, you are limited by the air in the breathing apparatus.

That’s why many of divers are keep on exercising back at home or go to the gym. It helps them to arrange their own breath and keep on thinking clearly no matter the situation is. That’s what the beginners will also do since scuba diving is also need your stamina and make sure that you are always keep on fit all the time. You can turn against the underwater current, so that you will need to keep calm and see what you can do if such situation is happening.

2. If you have been geared up yourself, do the double check!

We have been knowing that most of the scuba divers can’t bring more gears and items when diving. That’s make sense. Most of them will only need all the things that can really helpful and have a necessity to bring. If not, none of them want to burden their own back.

Scuba diving lessons for beginners may are interesting and that’s can be understood. But, no matter how exciting you are in submerging into the water, double check in case you have missed something.

Even, you will need to keep on thinking that you are missing some important gears so you will always do the check several times. There’s may none that can help you under so you’d better start help yourself right before jump down to the water.

3. What to do when you are getting Tinnitus? Swallow your spit!

For those who are interesting in scuba diving but still struggling in experiencing the Tinnitus (Ears Ringing) especially for the beginners, I will only have one important thing to say to you which is swallow your spit!

I don’t know if there have been many scuba divers are knowing about this, but it works especially when you are only one person to help you which is yourself.

Similar to ears ringing when you are in your first flight, swallowing the spit is truly a great way to deal with the Tinnitus. But in case that you can’t really handle it, try to to move your jaw up and down as well as to the left and right while opening up your mouth.

This is one of the lessons for the beginners that are actually have been practiced by many traditional tribes in the world.

4. Feel your body when reaching a certain depth

Right after you start submerging in the water, you better keep on identifying how your body is adapting. So do when you are reaching certain depth that can cause you to have the Tinnitus as before or else.

Check if your body is Ok and use your body to focus on sensing the underwater current as well to get more safer dive experience.

5. Underwater is magical, keep on close to the other divers

If there will be a magical place that is truly beautiful both in picture and in reality, I bet that what the scuba divers are seeing underwater can be on top option. It is truly the hidden gems of what have been there for so long.

And to be honest, that beauty will possible to make you forget about many things for a moment. At first, you may are admiring to what you see, the fished around you, the colourful corals, etc. But, where the others that are coming down with you?

Keep in mind that all of the beauty you will see through scuba diving can make you forget where you are at and even you have nothing to feel about the cold water. So that, make sure that you keep on closer to the others especially when you still becoming the beginners.

I have no idea what the perfect lessons for this case, but you’d better keep on reminding yourself that beauty is no more special than your safety.

6. Stay under the surface for a moment before you are completely ends your scuba diving session

Right before all the beginner scuba divers into the water, the dive master or even the tour operators are putting the floating diving flag as the sign that there are divers under that sign and can also be the sign for the divers itself to go up the surface more safely.

But, at the sea where there are many sea transportations are coming and go all the time, sometimes the flag is nothing and even underestimated especially for those who no nothing about scuba diving.

Some places are even got more injured divers and mostly the case is when the scuba divers are going up, the speed boats will be passed away.

Therefore, hold your breath for couple of minutes if you still got oxygen in your tube and pay attention to the surface condition. If you think that there have not been activities above the surface, keep on slowly to reach the the surface.

For my suggestion, when you are waiting and paying attention to the surface, it is better that your position is at least 5 meter under to avoid the big boat.

There may many of the useful and practical scuba diving lessons for beginners out there, but, those are what I’ve got for now and hopefully you can really be helped by those that I have been mentioned.

Be safe under the water and update the more references and information to make you the better and pro scuba diver in the future.

6 Simple Yet Useful Scuba Diving Lessons for Beginners