You must have known that airfare goes up and down like a turbulence during a flight. The ticket can be pricey today and significantly dropped the next day.

There are various factors complicated the occurrence such as demand, economic state, taxes, seasonality, as well as competition. Thus, it is nearly impossible to predict where the ticket prices will fall.

The right and best time to fly

However, there is nothing impossible these days especially when technology keeps advancing every day. With data collected and analysis, at least we can get rough ideas as to when you can have the best and worst days to fly. This way, you can plan your trip better.

Worst or best days to fly?

What you consider as the best time to fly is when the ticket prices fall down in a day given. When it happens, you have more options of what airlines to choose and what destination to pick. You have more opportunities to have better choices. You can also avoid having worst days to fly even through the rough prediction which will be elaborated in below section.

Christmas and New Year are considered as the worst days to fly and it is not a secret. Those are when demand and fares are very high. The two holidays are the peak days so it is not recommended to fly during those times unless you have no choice because you are included into those who celebrate it. The following days after are still considered as the worst time to fly. There is no way you can save your money if you fly during those times.

Another worst day to fly is during spring break. It may be varied by destination but it generally extends from late February through early April. It is because most colleges as well as universities have Spring break in March and school-age children also have Easter vacation in March and April. Thus, the fares tend to be higher during those times which makes it worst time to fly. It is highly recommended to avoid beaches as your destination during those times because that’s where most college and universities students are at.

Next worst days to fly is during summer. It is obvious because it is the time where most people are out to have fun. With high demand, the tickets plane gets more expensive as well. June, July and August are not the best time to fly if you want cheap fares. You can solve this issue by putting off your trip until mid-September when the fare has significantly fallen down. Or, you can go in May instead of June is you want to experience the buzz of summer vacation.

The best day to fly and have cheaper fares is winter, which is considered as low season. Due to the weather, not many people are willing to go outside of their warm house. Thus, the demand decreases. Therefore, having a trip during winter allows you to save your money from excessive spending. As for the cheapest travel days of the week are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Find Out The Right Time to Fly