Colorful Cities Around The World Worth Travelling For
Burano, Venice

Travelling can be a way for you to cheer up yourself from a bad day, bad breakup, or bad mood in general. It allows you to experience and see things you may have never imagined before and that can lift up your soul. There are many options and recommendations of great places to visit. Choose the one that align with your travel purpose. 

Best cities around the world full of color

If you plan a travel that can make you feel brighter and cheerful, might as well choose the right destinations. There are cities around the world that look bright and colorful. Those cities can help cheer you up while enjoying other interesting about the places. And here are some of the most beautiful cities full of color and brightness you can put in your travel list:

Panama City, Panama

Panama City is a great mix of modern, old, and ancient sight which makes it such an interesting place to visit. Not to mention that it’s bright and colorful which can help cheer you up in an instant. This city is a gateway to a country full of wildlife and wonderful habitats of humans, as well as flora and fauna. Pay a visit to colorful Casco Viejo or the bright Frank Gehry-designed Bio Museum. Also, explore beautiful beaches and islands off the coast to indulge yourself.

Burano, Venice, Italy

Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon which is only forty five minutes Vaporetto ride from St. Mark’s Square. It’s considered one of the most stunning places in Europe. Not to mention that the island is so colorful, making it look even more beautiful. Not one house left unpainted here it brings you that certain kind of joy to see such colorful residents. Enjoy your time sipping coffee at the cafe terrace while looking at colorful sight. 

Charleston, South Carolina

This city is such a gorgeous place with superb architecture and foods. Adding to that, Charleston is home to International African American Museum examining its slavery history and highlighting Black artists. It’s also a place of the festival of Houses and Gardens which allow you to peek behind the scene of some Charleston’s stunning addresses. During your visit, indulge yourself by enjoying the food, music, and wine. 

Procida, Italy

This is a colorful island in Italy that has attracted so many visitors from all over the world. It’s only forty minutes drive away southwest of Naples. You can enjoy many things here include contemporary art exhibitions, performances, and festivals to encourage responsible travel. Visit Palazzo d’Avalos, a former palace turned prison that will open as new cultural venue and green space. 


Singapore is a small country that is full of charms. The city-state Singapore is full of colorful, historic neighborhoods worth exploring for. With an offering of more sustainable travel to align with its goal toward more sustainable city, Singapore has enough reason to be the place to visit. Visit ABC Water at Jurong Lake to see manmade wetlands you can explore by foot. 

Colorful Cities Around the World Worth Travelling For