Four Things to Inspect When You Come to Home Décor Stores

Filling a home with furniture the one of the most exciting parts of having home. With just few touch here and there, finally your brand new house will start to look like an actual home—that’s actually meant for living. Now, everyone has their own taste when it comes to decorating their homes and we cannot really intervene when it comes to preference. But we know one thing for certain; good quality furniture makes a good home, no matter whether you are an urban modernist or if you’re inclined more to Victorian gothic. Here’s some key notice you should do every time you walk into any home décor stores. Pen’s out, it’s time to jot down all the key information.

Prioritise Furnitures on Home Décor Stores that Suits Your Lifestyle

It’s easy to get distracted by beautiful cushions, lamps, and drawers of all shapes and colours when you get inside home décor stores. This is why you should have identified your lifestyle even before you pick a furniture. Get a concept of living and buy furniture that match. Do you love to roll up in the warmth of fluffy sofa in front of your TV? Do you travel a lot and need something that won’t easily catch mould?

Four Things to Inspect When You Come to Home Décor Stores

Also, buy a furniture that can last the dwellers of the house. White carpet or couch with pure cotton fabric is probably not the best when you have little children. Consider pets as well—furniture lined with suede, silk, velvet, or loose  weave fabrics would probably just last a day in a home with active dogs or cats.

Know the Woods You Want to Use

So here comes the wood. The basic of all furniture. Now, any furniture hunter should know three basic categories of wood.

  • Solid wood: Very durable, looks good, can last for more than a decade, but typically is more expensive and susceptible to scratches.
  • Veneers: Environmentally friendly, typically Is more affordable, generally more stable, and look more expensive than it is. However, it’s not of the best quality as solid is.
  • Composite wood: The cheapest and most lightweight wood, but not very sturdy nor durable.

Now, most people would say that solid wood is the best, but it can really depend on the usage. If you live in a rental apartment and don’t plan to use the furniture in a very long term, veneers and composite wood can actually make a decent furniture. For more heavy-duty item like wardrobe and dining table, you would want it made by strong and durable materials like a good quality solid wood.

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Four Things to Inspect When You Come to Home Décor Stores

You want your furniture to function normally when you use it. When it’s time to buy drawers or cabinet from home décor store, please check them thoroughly. Make sure the doors open and close smoothly, the drawers pull all the way out, and everything latches and shuts properly. See if the handles and knobs are in tight fits.

Avoid Wood Glue and Nails

Another thing you should do when inspecting your future furniture in a home décor stores is how it’s assembled. You want all woods jointed to the frame of the furniture, not glued or nailed in. Jointed pieces are studier and can take more weights, while glued or nailed one are more susceptible to break.

Four Things to Inspect When You Come to Home Décor Stores