It is true that Budapest is a great travel destination to enjoy scenic nature and fine arts. However, traveling in Budapest allows you to do many things other than sightseeing or soaking in one of the thermal baths. Budapest also has many spots for shopping. Therefore, you won’t leave the place until you get what you want. Shopping opportunities in Budapest are high. You can visit high-end shops or local markets. Shopping venues are not hard to find in Budapest. 

Shopping venues to visit in Budapest, Hungary

When you travel in Budapest, visiting shopping venues is a must activity to spend your day. There are many things you can buy. You can also bargains to get the best deals. Here are most popular and recommended shopping venues in Budapest:

Szputnyik shop is a heaven for vintage clothing enthusiasts. This is where you can vintage clothing in Hungarian style. Inspired by a Japanese novel, Sputnik Sweetheart, this place is best place for shopping especially for travelers and tourists alike. There are many styles of clothing you can find here including retro and funky vibe. Aside the clothes, other things displayed in this shop include backpacks, eyeglasses, watches, and many more. 

Great Market Hall is a must place during your shopping endeavor in Budapest. This place is often called the Central Market Hall as well. This is a fantastic local market which has attracted tourists and travelers alike. However, this is also favorite place for daily shopping for the locals. Almost everything can be found here especially fresh produces with relatively low price. This place is perfect for watching people and picking up ware since it is well managed and clean.

MesterPorta is where you can find great works of Hungary’s folk artisans. This is where you can find pieces of wool, clay, felt, glass, and thread. This place offers a great selection of high-quality folk art. In every products sold in this shop, you can see clearly the Hungarian folk style through the motifs, colors, and design. Each product has label with the name of the artisan who made it. 

Falk Miksa Utca is a place for antique lovers. This is a three-lined street located only two blocks away from the Danube. This place is perfect for strolling around. There are many antique shops you can visit throughout the street. Not to mentions that there are also galleries in which you can visit to see the collections of arts. Paintings, statues, rustic furniture, furnishing, rugs, and more can be found in this shopping venue. 

Ecseri Flea Market is located in the outskirt of Budapest. However, it is worth visiting for because it is a perfect place for leisure walk. Not to mention that it is one of the biggest flea markets in Budapest. Using public transportation, you will reach the market in 40 minutes. There are many things to discover in this market including secondhand books, old jewelry, antique cameras, and more. This is also a great place to experience a slice of Hungarian life. 

Spots In Budapest For Shopping Endeavor