Travel is a great learning method because you are exposed to many new and different things. You will be able to learn about yourself, learn how to respect others, learn new skills, learn how to preserve nature, and more. It helps your own self-growth and improvement. Not only that, travel is a great way to promote the economy of the locals in the host destinations. However, there are many kind of travels in tourism. They are not always positively impactful both to human or the environment. some types of travels in tourism can be as damaging as it’s empowering. 

Types of Earth-Friendly Travel You Need To Know

Earth-friendly travel types in tourism

The choice to decide what kind of travel you want to do is personal. Every individual may have different vision of their own ideal travel. The thing is, travelling is supposed to give positive impacts but the reality is often the opposite. Leaving footprints when travel is such a common thing in this 21st tourism. Therefore, it is important to know the types of travel in tourism so you know what kind of travel you really want and what purpose you want to achieve from it. 

Sustainable travel

Types of Earth-Friendly Travel You Need To Know

Sustainable travel is quite common and often promoted for eco-friendly tourism. It refers to a travel that maintains high level of tourist satisfaction. It is also a travel to ensure that the tourists gain meaningful experience from the travel. Sustainable travel is also a way to raise awareness about sustainability issues. Thus, sustainable practices are often encouraged. 

Responsible travel

Responsible travel is almost similar to sustainable travel but it is also different in a sense. This term is also easier to understand by tourists and travelers alike. It is a type of travel where tourists and travelers are encouraged to act and behave responsibly throughout the journey. The purpose of responsible travel is to reduce negative economic, social, and environmental impacts. Responsible travel is also often referred to the positive and actions of tourists and travelers which are more preserving/protecting rather than damaging. 


Types of Earth-Friendly Travel You Need To Know

Eco-travel in tourism is also popular now. It can be said that eco-travel is also a form of sustainable travel because it involves responsible behavior to the environment and natural areas. The purpose of eco-travel is also to minimize the negative impacts of over-tourism. In eco-travel low visitor rate is preferred to reduce the impact and possible footprints. The activities and practices during eco-travel are considered very active in providing great benefits to the socio-economic aspects of local populations.

Geo-travel and voluntourism

There are also other interesting types of travel such as ‘geo-travel and voluntourism’. Geo-travel is more focused on the sense of place in an area instead of the industry. It has similar concept with the sustainable travel. Meanwhile voluntourism is type of travel with meaningful purpose. The travel works on particular projects with the purpose to give back to the community. The travelers themselves volunteer to take part in the project. Make 

Types of Earth-Friendly Travel You Need To Know