First time visiting Komodo Island? Aside from the beautiful landscape and exciting adventure, this prehistoric-looking island has a couple of things that should be avoided when visiting. Some of this might be obvious but there are other small things like gestures that people tend to not aware could be dangerous for them. Here are some of them.

Komodo Island, beautiful but can be deadly if not careful

What’s NOT to Do While Visiting Komodo Island

Walk alone or stray from the group

Traveling the island by yourself can be really dangerous considering the Komodo is roam freely without any cages and will hostile to you on sight. Always stay with the group and make sure to obey the ranger’s instructions.

Approaching the Komodo carelessly

Like I mentioned before, Komodo on the island is the real threat that all people should be wary of. Trying to get close with the Komodo without ranger’s consent can make the animal attack suddenly. Although look slow, Komodo can move faster than humans and have an amazing reflex as well so it’s really best to steer clear around 3-5 meters away from them

Always keep in mind of your surroundings!

Running and screaming

Make an unnecessary loud noise around the island can also bring bad news. A disturbing noise can make the Komodo feel uncomfortable and will attack the source of the voice. Also, running spontaneously can make Komodo think that you’re their prey so if you don’t want to get chased by them, just walk normally.

Flailing or swinging your belongings

I see some people have a habit of doing this occasionally when traveling, well you are free to do it anywhere else but certainly not on Komodo island. Just like running moving things repeatedly can also gain attention from Komodo. Again, they would think that it’s their prey and well, they will attack you. So yeah, don’t do that.

What’s NOT to Do While Visiting Komodo Island

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Don’t make sudden moves and provoke the Komodo!

Feeding the animals

Just like animals in a zoo, feeding an animal may seem like a sweet gesture but can bring trouble along the way. This is because after you feed them the animals tend to attach to you expecting you to feed them more, now if a deer from the zoo can get you into trouble imagine a Komodo.

Visiting while on period

Now for the ladies, it may sound ridiculous but please schedule your Komodo Island trip outside your period time. The reason is that Komodo has a sensitive nose and can smell blood from miles away, turning them aggressive. It is still acceptable though in case you didn’t know and already on the island, just notify your ranger about it so they can offer extra protection.

What’s NOT to Do While Visiting Komodo Island