So you have heard about the exceptional beauty of Komodo National Park and its otherworldly diving sites. The Komodo, which gets famous for its gigantic terrestrial predator the Komodo Dragons, might seems dry and rugged on its surface. However, the everything changes to blooms of shapes and colours once you submerge into the underwater. The ocean floor is bursting with life—hard and soft sponges competes for spaces, colourful anemones and sea fans swaying with the currents, and million of fishes darting round and about. The Komodo lies conveniently at meeting points between two currents, driving plenty of planktons which the marine life feeds and thrives. Komodo diving is very popular among visitors—lots of professional divers and diving enthusiast purposefully embark to a trip to this remote destination just to relish on its underwater showcase. Here are five safety tips you should follow if you plan to visit this lovely destination in your next holiday. 

What to Do If You Plan for Diving in Komodo

Make Sure You Book Diving Tour in Komodo

Here’s the thing. There is basically three types of trip to Komodo. The non diving trip, the exclusively diving trip, and the hybrid of both. If you have diving as the main intention, make to book a diving tour company in Komodo. Decide how much you want to dive. Do you want to spend the whole trip exploring the nooks and cranny of the remotest dive sites in Komodo? Or do you want to visit some of the phenomenal islands around the park? Book the trip according to your need. 

Make Sure You are Qualified to Dive in Komodo

What to Do If You Plan for Diving in Komodo

Despite of its exceptional underwater beauty, Komodo is not exactly available for all divers. Most dive sites lie at 20m depth and sometimes deeper. The currents are often strong and should be handled only by trained and experienced divers. Some sites are shallow and have weak current which suits beginners, such as Siaba Besar and Manta Alley. Before you go, check the requirement for diving in Komodo and make sure your license qualify yourself for it. 

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Check the Diving Rental Equipments on Board 

As a diver, you should be trained to check diving equipments anytime before you dive. As you would likely diving with diving liveaboard in Komodo and rent the gear from the boat, you shouldn’t forget the basic equipment check. Inspect the age and maintenance status. Don’t take old-looking equipments that seems to break anytime. Make sure their equipment merge smoothly with your own. And lastly, don’t skip equipment check on your own private gears, too. 

Choose Diving Site Komodo that Suits Your Comfort Level 

If you have the money to charter your own boat, you have the liberty to arrange your own diving itinerary. Do a thorough research of each dive sites in Komodo and its characteristic. List which one you want to dive and are qualified to do so, and which one you don’t. If you are joining an open trip, consult with the dive instructor about which sites you join to visit. Decide what to do in sites you can’t dive or look for alternatives. You should not forget that diving is basically an extreme and risky sport. Know your limit. Don’t push yourself in areas you haven’t been trained before. 

What to Do If You Plan for Diving in Komodo