Sailing with Komodo liveaboard embodies tropical vacation dream. On a wooden phinisi (Indonesian schooner), you are gong to sail across deep blue ocean, gradually graded to light turquoise around dozens of stunning islets. Line of soft sandy beaches encircle each undisturbed islands—some are starkly white, some are black, and few of them glisten in rare pink. From phinisi’s deck, you are going to see undulating hills of each small islands in the Komodo National Park carpeted by bright, yellowish savannah hills, radiating strong “Jurassic Park” vibe. With magnificent landscape all around and the comfort of hotel, your life in Komodo liveaboard could be perfect. Only if you don’t do these stupid mistakes. 

Mistakes to Not Do on Komodo Liveaboard Sailing

Going Cashless on Komodo Liveaboard

We know it. The modern cashless society and all the trouble within. Nobody could be brainless enough to go to Labuan Bajo without having a bulk of Indonesian Rupiah ready in cash. Remember, there’s very few international ATM in Labuan Bajo and fewer trusty money changer with good rate. And once you hop on Komodo liveaboard, you’ll practically be away from any ATM until the end of the journey.

Don’t take just “enough” money. Always go extra and have extra cash in case of unexpected things. Maybe your prearranged port transfer didn’t show up and you need to take a taxi to the port. Maybe you want to buy some souvenir in Komodo Island. Or maybe you want to buy something from the a la carte menu on the ship. We never knows.

Booking Plane with Tight Schedule

Once you make Komodo liveaboard booking, they will give you the schedule and itinerary details. They will tell you the departure schedule (mind you, it’s a rough estimation). Whatever you do, don’t book flights in tight schedule! Always have a night between the arrival of the plane with the departure, and vice versa. You won’t know if you’re going to miss the plane, got delayed, got moved to another flight, and (god forbid), got cancelled. The same apply for returning plane. What could ensure you that the ship would be back in the port exactly like the schedule? Who would guarantee your loss if you’re late to catch the returning flight? 

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Rushing on Ginger

Ginger is widely known as a natural health remedy for seasickness. Nobody want to get seasick in their Komodo cruise. Some prefer to manually cut and brew their ginger in hot water, while others opt for ginger candies. Be careful though—too many ginger could lead you to painful stomachache for the rest of the night! You could always try seasick pills, acupressure bands, or essential oils. 

Not Checking the Target Market of Komodo Liveaboard 

You might think that this is a trivial things, but joining the wrong boat tour could greatly decrease your mood for holiday. See, there’s huge difference between trips that intended for young travelers, families, and the elders. Family trip is where everything is design with child safety in mind, and activities are planned for the whole family to enjoy. The elder trip usually skip on challenging spots or the off beaten paths. It largely focus on sightseeing and souvenir shopping. If you are young and  loves to explore by your own, choose a liveaboard tour with high flexibility in their schedule. That way, you can be free to hike the secluded hills, finding new spots, snorkel on the gorgeous shore, and overall enjoying the Komodo on mostly your own pace. 

Mistakes to Not Do on Komodo Liveaboard Sailing