It is hard to find people who dislike chocolate. It is like everyone’s favourite. It is there in our daily foods, drinks, and even in our skin care routine products. Chocolate is everywhere which makes it easier for you to enjoy it in different form.

Country destinations for chocolate enthusiasts

If you are chocolate lovers, might as well stat planning a travel to several destinations where chocolate is their main signature. Travelling with chocolate as the main theme of your journey will create unforgettable memories for you to keep.

Recommended places for chocolate lovers to travel to

It is time for you to travel driven by your passion. Chocolate drives people crazy as it is addictive in some ways. If you are craving on chocolate, might as well plan a travel to visit destinations where you can truly enjoy chocolate at its finest. Here are several recommended places you can put into your bucket list:

  • Turin, Italy – This city is famous for its chocolate especially because it has been ingrained deeply in the history of the city since the 17th Century. One of the most famous chocolate signature is hot chocolate called Bicerin. It is hot beverage combined with espresso and chocolate, as well as milk. The recipe is authentic and you can enjoy this special beverage in almost every café in this city. If you are planning to travel to Italy, don’t forget to pay this city a visit and try out the Bicerin so you can indulge your passion in high quality chocolate drink.
  • Switzerland – Well, this is one of the most iconic when it comes to chocolate. It is one of the top countries of producing the best chocolate in the world. Maison Cailler is the perfect example of Switzerland’s most renowned and oldest chocolate factory. This factory looks like a house from the outside surrounded by lush meadows. You will be able to witness the making of chocolate and you can even taste fresh-made chocolate.
  • Vienna, Austria – This is also highly recommended travel destination for chocolate lovers. The Vienna Hotel Sacher is one of the must-visit places if you are craving on chocolate. Sachertorte is the velvety chocolate cake you must try when you visit this city. This chocolate cake boasts an apricot jam filling. It is often served with whipped cream. This is one the most popular desserts. Vienna itself is one of the most visited travel destinations in the world. If you have this place already in your bucket list, might as well book a room in this hotel and order the velvety chocolate cake that will melt your mouth.
  • Costa Rica – Chocolate has or precisely cacao has such a long-standing history in this exotic travel destination. Cacao beans were used as their currency in Pre-Columbian times. High quality cacao mostly comes from Caribbean coast. If you are chocolate lover, you can visit a traditional chocolate plantation in the Tirimbina Biological Reserve. You will have an unforgettable adventure through a rainforest. Most importantly, you will get to know how the local treat cacao beans into fresh-made chocolate.
Travel Destinations for Chocolate Enthusiasts